LGHIHW Ch. 16: Arc 1.12

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Zhuang Li put down his briefcase and walked towards the dining table.

Zhuang Dahai shook his hand: “Go away, you haven’t washed your hands!” His voice was full of disgust, but his chubby face had a doting smile on it.

Zhuang Li turned his toes and immediately walked into the kitchen to wash his hands.

7480 was still playing tricks in his mind, high-frequency noise, low-frequency noise, and even infrasound waves that could drive people crazy, alternately and endlessly.

He frowned patiently, but washed his hands carefully, without any haste or sloppiness, and then returned to the dining table.

“Xiao Li, eat quickly.” Zhuang Dahai immediately handed the bowl and chopsticks into his hands and rubbed his curly and soft hair.

Zhuang Li put on disposable gloves and took a big bite. The Huaguo delicacy that could only be eaten in his dreams made him lose his posture, and he let out a howling sound like a little wolf dog as he gnawed on it.

Zhuang Li’s ears burned, and his whole body froze immediately.

On the contrary, Zhuang Dahai laughed loudly: “Dad knows that this is your favorite! Don’t worry, there is still a big pot here. If you like it, we will cook it tomorrow so that you can eat enough.” He slapped him on the back while saying this, the old man looked rough, but the strength was extraordinarily gentle.

Zhuang Li’s embarrassment was quickly relieved, and he held the sauced trotters in both hands and gnawed slowly.

Chang Hui said angrily, “Eating trotters every day, where did you get the money?”

“My monthly salary is more than 8,000, which is not enough for my son to eat meat for meals?” Zhuang Dahai poured a glass of white wine, feeling satisfied, he took a sip tastefully.

“With a salary of 8,000, you don’t have to pay utility bills, buy daily necessities, spend, or take favors. You just buy meat for your son, and you don’t care about your family?” Chang Hui held back her temper.

“My son is my family.” Zhuang Dahai put down his glass and said confidently.

“Okay, okay, you still treat Dongming and me as outsiders, right? What do you eat, haven’t you eaten meat in eight lifetimes?” Chang Hui slapped the trotter in Zhuang Li’s hand, and said in a shrill voice, “Dongming hasn’t come back yet, and neither of you want to ask about him?”

Zhuang Li put the dirty sauced trotter aside, and took another one from the basin, with a flat face and no anger.

Zhuang Dahai patted the table and replied: “I’m asking a fart! You spent my money to buy roast chicken and roast duck for yourself and Chang Dongming, why didn’t you remember that we are a family when you hid and ate it? If it weren’t for you and Chang Dongming always eating alone, and only feeding my son vegetables and tofu, how can my son grow so short?”

Zhuang Li, who was 183 cm tall, felt that he had been shot by an arrow for no reason. But Zhuang Dahai was a strong man of 1.9 meters, and even Chang Dongming was 1.88 meters. It was reasonable for him to describe him as short.

Chang Hui was completely blown up: “What’s the matter with us eating alone? It’s better than you selling the whole house for Zhuang Li to go abroad to study at a pheasant university! Calculate how much money you have lost for him! My Dongming is going to get married, yet you don’t even want to take three million as a down payment! You don’t feel bad for him to spend five million in one go!”

“My son wants to spend money, why should I feel bad? Don’t stare at my house, when my wife passed away, all these houses have been transferred to my son, it is his personal property, he can handle it as he likes, I don’t even ask, can you, as a stepmother, take care of it?” Zhuang Dahai slammed his wine glass loudly.

Chang Hui covered her heart and gasped, “Okay, okay, go with your son, I won’t go with you! You only regard Dongming and me as your servants…”

Zhuang Dahai immediately interrupted her: “Go ahead. When you married, Chang Dongming was eighteen years old and an adult. According to the law, I had no obligation to support him. But I paid for him to finish college and graduate. Gave him living expenses of 2,500 yuan, new mobile phones and new computers were replaced every two to three months, and you can calculate how much it cost me to train him! Which servant has this kind of treatment?”

“It’s good for him. For so many years, he hasn’t called me a father, and he hasn’t said a good word about me. He still wants me to pay him the down payment, and I’ll give him a hammer!” He gnawed the trotters very deeply and changed it to throwing wine bottles.

Chang Hui screamed: “You said Dongming never called you dad, did Zhuang Li ever call me mom?”

Zhuang Li immediately raised his head, “Mom.”

Chang Hui: “…”

I can’t have this cheap son!

Zhuang Dahai pointed at his son and shouted triumphantly: “Look, look, how polite my son is!”

Chang Hui: “…”

She was so angry that she wanted to cry!

“Stop arguing, let’s get a divorce!” A calm voice suddenly came from outside the door.

Chang Hui and Zhuang Dahai turned their heads to look, only to see Chang Dongming standing upright at the door, with many neighbors hiding behind him.

“Mom, pack up, let’s go, and go through divorce procedures with Zhuang Dahai tomorrow. I took out a loan to buy a house outside, with your name written on it, and we won’t have to depend on others anymore.” Chang Dongming deliberately raised his voice.

So the neighbors outside the door began to discuss: “Dongming has only worked for a few years, and now he bought a house, he is really promising!”

“He is a top student from Tsinghua University, of course he is promising! His own son only knows about being a prodigal, and he sells his flesh and blood to make endless sacrifices. His stepson is so promising, but he ignores him. There will be times when he regrets it in the future!”

“Yeah, what can he do with his family, Hua Qian is the first, and Zhuang Dahai will have no place to cry in the future.”

Chang Dongming turned his body sideways, letting everyone admire Zhuang Li’s stupid face covered in oil, and felt inexplicably happy.

Zhuang Dahai was annoyed and went to the door and waved his arms: “Go, go, go, my Zhuang Li works in Haiming Group, and he is much more promising than your children!”

Chang Dongming leaned against the door frame, pretending to be concerned, but in fact mocked: “Uncle, I forgot to tell you that the fact that you spent money to buy exam answers for Zhuang Li was exposed, and the company will soon fire Zhuang Li. I will tell you my suggestion is to quickly sell this house and buy him another job.”

“My God, Zhuang Dahai is so willing! In order to get his son into Haiming, he actually sold a house! I even said that Zhuang Li had no future in his childhood, so why did he suddenly find such a good job! So that’s what happened!” The neighbors were overjoyed.

“Zhuang Dahai, don’t pay for your promising son. You pay for a good-for-nothing who only knows how to gnaw on the old. What will you do when you get old! Don’t be reduced to begging on the street.” Someone gloated outside the door call.

“Your son is a waste, and your whole family is a waste!”

Zhuang Dahai squeezed to the door and roared: “My son will definitely have a great future, just wait and see! Chang Dongming, take your mother and get out! Don’t think that I don’t know what kind of idea you two are planning. You married into my house because of the few houses I got from the demolition. You know that the house is in my son’s name, so you can’t stay anymore, right? Divorce, then the divorce is settled!”

Chang Dongming’s eyes flickered, and he sneered, “Uncle, how can I be inferior to Zhuang Li? Do you really look down on me? If you support me, I will repay you sooner or later. He might as well have a dog.”

“Get out of here! I have raised you for so many years, and you have never bought me anything since you have started working and earning money. I know, you are a white-eyed wolf. I am willing to raise my son for the rest of my life, can you control it?” Zhuang Dahai repeatedly pushed Chang Dongming.

He was very big, his fat face trembled when he was angry, and he looked very difficult to mess with.

Chang Dongming was so angry that he didn’t dare to do anything, he could only shout at the top of his voice: “Mom, hurry up, I’ll wait for you outside.”

“Hey, mom is here.” Chang Hui ran out with big and small bags from her bedroom.

Only then did Zhuang Li hold a greasy trotter, walked to the door, and said to Zhuang Dahai: “Dad, I will earn you 400 million yuan tomorrow, and you wait for my call at home.”

Zhuang Dahai had long been used to his son running the train with his mouth full, but he still happily responded.

The neighbors hiding in the corridor shook their heads and sighed, “Zhuang Dahai is so blind, there is really no hope.”

Chang Dongming took Chang Hui’s luggage and turned around and said, “Uncle, you should sell this house as soon as possible. Otherwise, Zhuang Li’s job can’t be kept.”

Zhuang Dahai spat at his back, went home, closed the door, and immediately asked in a low voice: “Son, is what he said true? Are you really fired?”

“No, I’ll be promoted to be a minister tomorrow.” Zhuang Li picked up a trotter, hesitated for a while, and then called out, “Dad, you eat too.”

“You’re going to be a minister? Is it true?” Zhuang Li Dahai hugged the big food bowl, feeling dizzy.

“Well, the head of the R&D department. Tomorrow, you pack up the things at home and wait to live in the villa allocated by the company.” Zhuang Li ordered earnestly.

“Hey, good.” Zhuang Dahai agreed in a trance but thought in his heart: My son’s bragging is a bit big this time! It’s still worse than when he said he was admitted to Princeton!

That night, Zhuang Li couldn’t fall asleep. 7480 was right. Noise could indeed kill people. It was a serious mental torture, and no one could stand it after a long time.

But the next morning, he came to work at the company on time. Except for a little bruise, everything else was normal. No one could guess what kind of torture he was suffering.

Liao Kaiping met him in the elevator, and immediately whistled and said, “Hey, Preston’s top student is here.”

There were snickers in the elevator.

7480 immediately broadcasted: “Host, there are thirteen people in the elevator, but their favorability for you is below -10. You are such a loser!”

Zhuang Li looked up at the elevator counter with a very flat expression. Just some bluffing mindless monsters, don’t worry about it.

Liao Kaiping said a few more provocative words, seeing that Zhuang Li didn’t even frown, he felt even more annoyed. When he got off the elevator, he deliberately raised his voice: “I advise you to hand in your resignation letter, don’t wait for your minister to kick you out, that would be too ugly.”

Zhuang Li bypassed him and walked straight away. His way of dealing with mindless monsters had always been to ignore them.

After entering the office, the people who came first all looked up at him with sympathy, ridicule, or contempt. It seemed that something happened without his knowing.

And the answer was slowly coming to him.

The head of the administration department threw a stamped resignation form on his desk and ordered: “Fill out the form, then pack up and leave immediately.”

“Why?” Zhuang Li put down his briefcase and took out the laptop.

“Because you falsified your academic qualifications.”

“Wait a minute, I’ll go to the president’s office to get a reward first, and I’ll come back to talk to you later.” Zhuang Li straightened his curly hair on his forehead and straightened his tie, while facing the computer screen, then he got up and left.

His ignoring attitude made the Minister of Administration so angry that he chased him out and shouted, “You will die even worse if you go to President Xuan! Wait until you are blocked by the industry, you idiot!”

Zhuang Li pretended not to hear, walked into the elevator, and got off on the top floor. He originally thought that he would have to go through a lot of trouble to meet Xuan Ming, but unexpectedly, he just explained his purpose, and the people from the secretariat brought him into the president’s office.

When Zhuang Li entered the door, he found Xuan Ming hurriedly pressing his half-smoked cigar into the ashtray.

7480 suddenly exclaimed: “Host, why did Xuan Ming’s initial favorability for you be higher than your father’s, and it even reached 180? The full value of ordinary people’s favorability is only 100. Your father is already full, and there is no room for improvement. Xuan Ming can still break the watch? What on earth did you do to him!”

Zhuang Li paused slightly.

Xuan Ming who hastily pressed out the cigar: ???

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