SLDH Ch. 64.2: Instant Noodles Pig

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That’s right, the pig father in front of her was the instant noodle pig. He was the first demon that Mi Wan met after waking up, so she felt he was particularly impressive. She had just woken up at that time, and her understanding of demons was still stuck at five hundred years ago. When she met the instant noodle pig that day, if she hadn’t hesitated because of the crowds in the convenience store, she might have directly killed the instant noodle pig. Later, she saw that the pig demon was strange. Not only did he not run away, he even invited her to eat instant noodles. Only then did she realize that she gave him a yard, but only verbally frightened him.

Afterwards, after Mi Wan understood the relationship between human beings and demons in this era, whenever she recalled this incident, she always felt that the pig demon was actually quite unlucky. She met him inexplicably and he almost lost his life.

“It’s me, Master Mi…remember me?” Instant Noodle Pig smiled awkwardly. In fact, he was still a little afraid of Mi Wan. After all, when they first met, Mi Wan’s killing intent was so obvious.

“Of course I remember, you invited me to eat instant noodles.” Mi Wan smiled and asked, “Are you here to treat your little piggy?”

“Yes.” The instant noodle pig nodded.

“Which one?” The two children of the instant noodle pig, one could transform into a human form, but the limbs were still pig’s feet, and the other was completely in the shape of a pig.


“Doctor, please treat my brother first.” Before the instant noodle pig could speak, the little boy with pig’s trotters suddenly spoke first, “Zhuang Zhuang can transform into a human form, but my brother can’t. So doctor, treat my younger brother first.”

Mi Wan was taken aback, so this little piggy didn’t lose its temper and refuse to transform into a human form, but it couldn’t transform into human form? She turned her head and glanced at the sparrow spirit, and the sparrow immediately came over and explained in a low voice: “The money they gave was only enough to treat one brother.”

Mi Wan suddenly realized, no wonder the two piglets were sick, but the sparrow only mentioned one brother’s illness.

“Zhuang Zhuang…” The instant noodle pig’s voice was hoarse, he wanted to say something but he didn’t say it, he just turned around suddenly, walked a little far away with the younger brother in his arms, and then lowered his head to the little piglet in his arms, and whispered in his ear, “Fatty, I’m sorry, Dad’s money is only enough to treat your brother first. Let’s get your brother treatedfirst today, okay?”

He yelled: “Hmph…” (How much does it cost to get me treated?)

“Your situation is the same as that of Guan Tong from the cat family. Guan Li spent 30 million to cure her.” Instant Noodle Pig didn’t want to tell his son the cruel reality, but he really didn’t have so much money.

Little Piggy went silent. During this period of time, his father had been working hard to raise money. He even sold the house in his hometown and managed to raise one million with great difficulty. It always thought it would be used to treat its own illness, because its own condition was more serious. After all, although the elder brother could not completely transform, he had not completely degenerated. But it had been a piglet since it was born, and it had not become a human for a day, so it was too eager to be cured. Therefore, after knowing that the money was for the treatment of his brother, the little piggy climbed the tree angrily, because it felt that its father was being eccentric.

It didn’t know until now that it wasn’t that his father was partial to his elder brother, but that his treatment fee was too expensive.

“Hmph~~” Little Piggy stopped being awkward, but he was still sad, that he could only bury his head in his father’s arms in frustration.

The instant noodle pig sighed, carried the little piggy back to Mi Wan again, and said, “Treat Zhuang Zhuang first.”

“Dad, brother…”

“Your brother also agreed.” Instant noodle Pig comforted his eldest son.

Zhuang Zhuang looked at his younger brother in disbelief, only to find that the younger brother who had been losing his temper had suddenly calmed down at this moment, obviously agreeing.

“But… I still want to get my brother cured first.” Zhuang Zhuang said sincerely, “I always want to know if my brother will look exactly like me when he becomes a human. We are twins after all.” The last sentence, Zhuang Zhuang said to Mi Wan.

Mi Wan was taken aback, and she subconsciously glanced at the instant noodle pig.

Instant Noodle Pig’s eyes were a little red, but he smiled at Mi Wan embarrassedly, and said, “Don’t listen to the children.”

Mi Wan was silent for a moment, and said, “Let’s go in first.”

After entering the house in the backyard, Mi Wan also started the pre-treatment examination. This inspection also led Mi Wan to an unexpected discovery: “Are you half-demons?”

Yes, the two little piggies were half-demons, and Mi Wan was surprised because the demon power on their bodies was particularly mellow, and their situation was somewhat similar to that of the little white fox, because the blood of the demon race in their bodies had the upper hand. But the difference was that because the level of the pig demon was not high, it didn’t cause damage to the two little piggies like the little white fox.

“Yes.” Instant Noodle Pig nodded.

“Show me this one in your arms, too.” Mi Wan reached out to the instant noodle pig.

The instant noodle pig was taken aback and said stupidly: “I…my money is only enough to treat one child.”

“I didn’t say I would take your money.” Mi Wan said lightly, “This one, just treat it as returning the money you paid for that bowl of instant noodles back then.”

The Instant Noodle Pig felt even more stupid now, he couldn’t believe what he heard just now, once the sparrow spirit on the side saw it, he stretched out his hand to snatch the little piglet from the Instant Noodle Pig’s arms and handed it directly to Mi Wan.

Mi Wan didn’t say a word and started to inspect the little piggy’s black eyes with spiritual energy. She found that the demon core of this little piggy that couldn’t transform was not damaged, but the meridians in the body were blocked by the demon poison. Although the treatment was more troublesome than its brother’s, the problem was not too big. Moreover, this little piggy had surprisingly good aptitude, its meridians were blocked like this, but its body was still absorbing demonic power.

“Instant noodles…only five yuan.” The instant noodle pig finally came to his senses, but the first thing he said after he came to his senses was that the sparrow spirit was so angry that he wanted to open his head to see if there was anything but mush inside.

“Unsatisfied with this reward? How about… I will pay you back five yuan?” Mi Wan said speechlessly.


“Me, me. Boss, I don’t want to disturb your treatment. I’ll take him out first.” Fearing that the instant noodle pig would be stupid again, the Sparrow Spirit yanked the instant noodle pig out of a dazed state.

Outside the door, the sparrow spirit scolded the instant noodle pig: “Are you stupid? My boss said she will cure your son. Why do you ask for five yuan? Don’t care how much the bowl of instant noodles is worth. My boss is willing to pay for it. If she wants to eat 30 million yuan worth, let her eat it.”

“…” Little sparrow, you will be fired if you bend your elbow outward like this.

But in the end, Mi Wan still pretended not to hear, and concentrated on treating the instant noodle pig’s two little piglets seriously. Because there was one more sick demon, the treatment time was more than doubled than expected. After Mi Wan cleaned up the poison in the little piglet’s body, it was already three o’clock in the afternoon. Because she didn’t have lunch, Mi Wan was already hungry at this time. If the two little piglets in front of her were not already in human form, she would really want to go up and have a bite.

“Come in.” Mi Wan turned her head and called out the door, she knew that the instant noodle pig was right outside the door.

Sure enough, the next second, the Instant Noodle Pig rushed in excitedly. Instant Noodle Pig originally wanted to thank Mi Wan first, but when he saw the two children sleeping soundly on the bed, he couldn’t say a word. He stared closely at the two sons on the bed, especially the fat young son who had just turned into human form.

“This is fatty, he doesn’t look like Zhuang Zhuang, he looks like his mother.” The instant noodle pig said tremblingly.

At this time, Mi Wan was lowering her head to let the sparrow spirit order food for her. Hearing what the instant noodle pig said, she couldn’t help but look over, and suddenly realize a problem: “Your son should have been in the form of a piglet since he was born. Right.”

“Yes.” Instant Noodle Pig nodded.

“Then his mother… how did your wife react at that time?” These two little piggies were half-demons, so their mother must be human. Under normal circumstances, the birth state of a half-demon was mostly following the mother’s body, that was to say, if the mother was a human, then the form of a half-demon after birth was a human, and vice versa with a demon. But this little piggy in front of her was in a special situation, it was born in its original form. Just imagine a human mother who found out that the child she gave birth to was a pig. The scene… Mi Wan couldn’t even imagine.

The Instant Noodle Pig gave a wry smile, and replied, “She was terrified.”

That’s why she said that the combination of a demon and a human is risky.

“Then how is your relationship now?” Mi Wan was not a gossipy person, but today she didn’t know why she was suddenly very curious about other people’s husband and wife relationship.

“We’ve been divorced a long time ago.” Instant Noodle Pig gave another wry smile, “After giving birth, we divorced.”


Mi Wan was a little surprised, but after thinking about it, it was very reasonable, “She didn’t know beforehand that you were a demon, then that scene at that time is understandable.”

“She knew.” Instant Noodle Pig said something that surprised Mi Wan.

“Can you reveal your identities in front of ordinary people?”

“Yes.” Instant Noodle Pig explained, “If we demons are sure that we want to spend a lifetime with our partners and have a deep relationship, we can tell them our identities. Of course, it is up to you to choose whether to inform or not, but at that time, I chose to tell my wife.”

“So your wife knew you were a pig demon before giving birth?” Mi Wan was surprised.

“She knew it before we got married.” Instant Noodle Pig sighed faintly, “but in the end…she still couldn’t face the fact that she was pregnant for ten months and gave birth to a piglet. She could accept that I am a pig demon, but she couldn’t face that her child is a pig. She was in pain at the time, so I could only seal her memory and divorce her.”

From the tone of Instant Noodle Pig, Mi Wan could feel that Instant Noodle Pig still had feelings for his wife.

“Actually, I don’t blame her.” Instant Noodle Pig explained for his wife, “Even within us demons, cubs that can’t transform after degeneration are unacceptable, let alone when she is just an ordinary person.”

“I’m sorry Ah~~” Mi Wan couldn’t help feeling a little guilty.

“It’s okay.” Instant Noodle Pig waved his hand nonchalantly, “You’re curious about what happens after a human and a demon get married.”

“Yeah.” Mi Wan nodded shyly, she was indeed curious.

“Haha~~ Don’t feel sorry.” Instant Noodle Pig said with a free and easy smile, “What are you? Regarding this issue, the Demon King has promulgated many related regulations. Therefore, in fact, when a human and a demon marry, except that the child born is a half-demon, other aspects are no different from intermarriage within the clan.”

Demon King? Fan Chen, this guy, even legalized inter-clan marriage?

The author has something to say:

Fan Chen: As a king, I still have some privileges.

Mi Wan: …

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