YYGMC Ch. 90: Three Cuties March into the Department

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Xiao Wen looked forward and said with a smile in his voice: “How funny.”

Guiying licked his fingers and looked at Xiao Hong and Xiao Huang with envy.

He was ugly, but he had a heart that longed for beauty and warmth. The ghost baby snorted, turned around and threw himself into Sun Xiaoquan’s arms.

Sun Xiaoquan was flattered.

Mo Gungun had entered the military headquarters for the first time, so looking left and right, his little head seemed to be spinning around.

Because Xiao Huang was once a cup with a lowered head, the world he knew was dark and bloody. It wasn’t until he saw the ignorant Xiao Hong being born that his cold heart was gradually moved. He was able to detect if there was something related to the curse around him.

And Xiao Hong’s small nose was considered a gift.

He could smell the evil things that even Xiao Huang couldn’t catch up with, making those evil spirits unable to hide.

Xiao Huang had nothing to say about this.

The reason why he entered the military headquarters was because Lu Xiaoqi guessed that the person who cursed him was from the military. On the other hand, he also hoped to capture the puppets of the interstellar Zerg hidden under the human skin. Unlike the human corpses, the Zerg living corpses retained their own consciousness. And these interstellar insect puppets were completely humanoid insect hearts.

Sitting in the marshal’s arms, Mo Gungun’s small back was constantly feeling the warm heat.

“Hello, Marshal.”

They collided head-on with a row of soldiers who were training. The soldier immediately stood at attention and shouted out.

The sound was like a tiger roaring in the forest, and Mo Gungun was startled.

Lu Xiaoqi nodded slightly and continued to move forward.

The row of soldiers stood upright, as if waiting for review. They were full of energy, with their chests and heads held high.

It wasn’t until Lu Xiaoqi was far away that the leader of the row of soldiers shouted again, and the group advanced in unison.

Mo Gungun listened to the loud trumpet and couldn’t help but turn his little head to look.

Xiao Hong looked surprised and clucked his tongue: “It’s so neat, it seems like someone planned it out.”

Mo Gungun nodded and agreed.

Xiao Hong smiled strangely, “Xiao Huang, let’s give it a try too.”

Xiao Huang: “…”

He touched Xiao Hong’s head: “Okay, wait until we finish the business, okay.”

Xiao Hong nodded vigorously, this could be regarded as being easily fooled.

Mo Gungun heard this and said: “Then I will shout slogans for you.”

Xiao Hong exclaimed excitedly: “Okay, okay.”

Xiao Huang: “….”

Xiao Huang looked at the two people who had put their heads together and thought about how to deal with this imposing scene and sighed silently.

He raised his head and looked at the expressionless marshal, secretly admiring him in his heart.

Xiao Hong raised his hand: “We can wear the same clothes, it will make us look more handsome.”

Mo Gungun nodded in agreement: “Yeah.”

Mo Gungun’s wet eyes suddenly lit up: “You and Xiao Huang will look tidier next to each other.”

Xiao Hong tilted his head and thought about it, and he agreed very much.

While the two little guys were discussing this, Lu Xiaoqi’s mouth twitched in amusement and helplessness.

It was good that his little one had learned the essence of military spirit.

Instead of worrying about the little guy being attracted by these men, he just let the little guy toss around his little meaty army as he pleased.

Lu Xiaoqi walked slowly into the military headquarters, looking at the soldiers training not far away, who were shouting.

Lu Xiaoqi glanced at the row of figures over there and narrowed his eyes.

Xiao Hong was about to say something, when suddenly he covered his nose and frowned: “It stinks.”

Lu Xiaoqi’s eyes narrowed.

Xiao Huang’s calm expression turned stern: “Xiao Hong, find out who it is.”

Xiao Hong hummed. He spread out his delicate little wings and flew out in a flash, circling the entire venue, expelling the stench. After the guy remembered it in his mind, he covered his nose and rushed back with tears in his eyes.

Xiao Hong: “Qaq, ah, I’m suffocating.”

Xiao Huang hurriedly comforted him, and waited until the person was no longer aggrieved before asking: “Who is it, do you remember?”

Mo Gungun and Lu Xiaoqi were also very concerned.

Lu Xiaoqi’s pupils were dark, and his deep eyes were unfathomable.

Xiao Hong nodded vigorously. He had a place where he could be used. He opened his mouth happily, but suddenly he choked on a mouthful of water.

Mo Gungun: “Speak slowly, don’t be in a hurry.”

Xiao Hong said calmly: “There are several.”

Lu Xiaoqi’s face turned serious.

It was more than he expected. If calculated in proportion, this would be a terrifying figure.

Xiao Hong pointed at three of them.

“The tall one stinks the most, then the one with the long face, and the long round one over there, too. They all stink.”

Lu Xiaoqi glanced at the three of them, his eyes becoming more and more obscure.

But the next second, Xiao Hong said: “The smell on the round-faced guy is different from the others. His smell comes from the armpits. It’s so strong. Let me think about it. It’s different from the full-faced one. It’s like the fruit of the awl.”

Xiao Huang’s eyes flashed: “Durian.”

Xiao Hong clapped his hands: “Yes, that’s the one, it tastes very similar to that one.”

As he said, he pointed to the person next to the round face: “Look ah, they were all smoked away by him.”

He nodded seriously as he spoke, indicating that what he said was true.

Lu Xiaoqi: “….”

Xiao Huang: “….”

Mo Gungun: “Yeah.”

Xiao Hong looked at the three people around him, one was confused and two were speechless. He scratched his head in confusion: “What’s wrong with what I said?”

Xiao Huang suppressed the twitching of the corner of his mouth. Feeling the urge, he sighed in embarrassment: “Xiao Hong did a good job.”

Xiao Hong nodded immediately, held out his chest and raised his head to show that he was particularly capable.

Mo Gungun didn’t quite understand, but seeing Xiao Huang’s attitude, he nodded along with the crowd: “That’s great.”

Xiao Hong shook his head coyly: “Hehehe.”

Lu Xiaoqi said: “…”

Xiao Huang raised his head and Lu Xiaoqi and him looked at each other and clearly saw the helplessness in each other’s eyes.

It was smelly, but not the same as what they needed.

That was obviously body odor.

Without knowing it, Round Face was almost harmed by the stench on his body.

Lu Xiaoqi swept his cold eyes around deeply, then turned and left. He had secretly informed Cheng Feng of the two people and after Cheng Feng confirmed their identities, they would be divided into several major military regions, so there would be no monsters in the headquarters.

Lu Xiaoqi thought of something, and his pupils became darker and deeper.

Along the way, Xiao Hong found two more people with stinky bodies. After Xiao Huang confirmed, there was no such weird misunderstanding about body odor. Xiao Hong patted his chest and said that he would do his best to help find the murderer.

Even though he didn’t understand the connection between the murderer and the smelly soldiers.

Entering the military headquarters, Mo Gungun and the three cute little creatures were shocked by the towering building. The towering building was majestic, and the pieces of metal diamonds exuded strange colors. This was the military headquarters of the Celta Star Territory.

The islands floating above seemed to be protecting the tall buildings.

Taken together, this scene was extremely breathtaking.

Mo Gungun held his head high and stared at the building blankly. His heart was shocked.

“Oh my god.” Mo Gungun breathed out in a low voice.

He never knew that the place where the big monster worked every day was here. He thought of the floating island of his school, however he never imagined that the world of the big monster would be like this. Mo Gungun licked his furry little lips, his eyes filled with deep yearning and a touch of inferiority.

The two round black ears drooped down, and the moist pupils with dark circles under his eyes were misty, as if he could cry at any time.

The two elves were still shocked. They had never seen such a building in their short lives.

In fact, the two elves, like Mo Gungun, had not seen much of the world.

The three cute little bumpkins held their heads high, and their three pairs of eyes were wide-eyed. Finally Xiao Hong reacted: “It’s really tall.”

Xiao Huang nodded with sadness.

If this divine creature gave birth to a spiritual creature, how powerful would it be.

Lu Xiaoqi had been paying attention to the little guy. He was sensitive to Gungun’s uneasiness and loss after looking at the screen. Stretching out his hand and caressing the panda’s head, Lu Xiaoqi felt extremely distressed. The little guy’s ears were twitching, as if he was feeling uncomfortable.

Lu Xiaoqi said patiently: “What’s wrong?”

Mo Gungun gently rubbed the finger he touched: “Hmm~”

Lu Xiaoqi’s pupils flashed slightly and his brows furrowed slightly: “Don’t you like it here?”

Mo Gungun shook his head vigorously, as he looked up at the magnificent building and shouted “Hmm”.

It was not that he didn’t like it, it was just that he had never known this side of the big monster. He really wanted to know everything about the big monster, but when he saw this, he realized that he didn’t know much about the big monster, which made him very disappointed. In other places, the big monster had other images and different social circles.

That was something he couldn’t get into.

Mo Gungun was a little worried, but also felt a little yearning. He wanted to know what the place where the big monster worked every day was like.

The little guy hummed immaturely and spoke almost incoherently, but Lu Xiaoqi extracted some useful information from it.

He was stunned for a moment, then pinched his forehead helplessly and amusedly.

Lu Xiaoqi: “Then I will bring you here every day, and we can be together all day.”

In fact, Lu Xiaoqi was extremely moved by this proposal.

Mo Gungun was stunned for a moment. Then he scratched his little face and said, “Yeah.”

There was a smile in Lu Xiaoqi’s eyes: “Of course, nothing will happen.”

Mo Gungun nodded heavily.

At this moment, he finally regained his energy and couldn’t help but look around again, looking very pitiful.

Most of the people who could enter the headquarters had military ranks, but compared with marshals, they were still only soldiers. As Lu Xiaoqi walked along, he received looks of genuine or fake admiration.

Xiao Hong covered his nose.

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