SLDH Ch. 64.1: Instant Noodle Pig

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In the living room of Mi’s old house, Mi Wan kept walking, and went back to the bedroom on the second floor through the living room like the wind.

“…” Butler Ye, who was about to greet her, touched his chin thoughtfully, “Miss is not in the right state.”

“And her face is very red.” Aunt Zhang, who was carrying a midnight snack, added.

“I’ll ask the guard who sent the lady back.” Butler Ye straightened his face and rushed to ask the guard in a hurry.

Mrs. Zhang shook her head and went back to her room with the midnight snack. She knew that the young lady probably wouldn’t want to eat tonight.

Running back to the room, the first thing Mi Wan did was not to take off her coat, change her slippers, or sit down to rest, but rush to the window, pull the curtains with a brush, and then lean her back against the wall to let out a sigh of relief.

Wait, why did I feel a sense of security after I closed the curtains?

Mi Wan hugged her head, and the more she thought about it, the more guilty she became, and the more she thought about it, the more annoyed she became. In the end, she couldn’t help but bang her forehead against the wall, trying to forget this strange emotion.

“Chichi~~” In the tree house on the table next to it, the little squirrel Songzi who was sleeping soundly was woken up. It climbed to the top of the tree with its sleepy eyes open, and stared at Mi Wan suspiciously, as if to ask again: At night, even if you don’t sleep, why are you banging your head against the wall?

“What are you looking at, don’t look at me.” Mi Wan yelled at the little squirrel “ferociously”.

“Chichi~~” the little squirrel called twice, flicked its big tail, and jumped back into the tree house.

Seeing that the little squirrel was so sensible, Mi Wan felt a little better. She looked at the curtain next to her, then sneaked over, carefully opened a corner of the curtain, and sneaked a peek out of the window. The room next door was pitch black, hadn’t Fan Chen entered the room yet?

Just as she was thinking about it, the lights in the yard next door flicked on, and Mi Wan was so frightened that she shrank back and stood upright tightly against the wall.

“Chichi~~” The little squirrel Songzi somehow crawled out again. At this time, it was fully awake, even holding a nut in its hand. It turned out that it didn’t run down obediently just now but was hungry and went to the tree house to move a nut.

“In addition to sleeping, you just eat. When will you be able to cultivate into a demon?” Mi Wan suddenly felt that the little squirrel was not pleasing to the eye. She walked quickly to the tree house and began to criticize. After speaking, she was puzzled, and even poked the little squirrel’s tail with her finger.

“Chichi~~” (I’ve been practicing.)

The little squirrel replied, but unfortunately Mi Wan couldn’t understand what it said.

“How old are you? Have you ever been in a relationship?” Mi Wan asked suddenly, she couldn’t help it, she really needed someone to talk to at this time, but Fan Chen’s special status meant that she couldn’t find anyone to discuss with her at will, so she could only talk to a little squirrel who couldn’t speak. Anyway, the little squirrel couldn’t speak, and it couldn’t spread the word even if it was told. Thinking of this, Mi Wan felt more at ease.

“Chichi~~” (Yes, I am still very popular in our group.)

The little squirrel replied, of course, Mi Wan still couldn’t understand.

“If a human likes you and wants to fall in love with you, will you agree?” Mi Wan asked self-consciously.

“Chichi!!” (What, I don’t want to fall in love with humans.)

The little squirrel shook his head frantically, his wave of movements too easy to understand.

“That’s right, you wouldn’t agree either. Let me just say, how could Fan Chen like me all of a sudden?” Mi Wan looked like she had found a confidant, “I treat him as a friend, but he actually wants to pick on me, it’s too much…”

“Chi Chi!!” (What, the grown-up next door has taken a fancy to you, is he blind?)

The little squirrel dropped all the nuts in its arms in shock.

“Yes, you also think he is wrong.” Mi Wan continued to ask.

“Chichi!” (Of course, very wrong.)

The little squirrel nodded frantically.

Seeing the little squirrel nodding its head in approval, Mi Wan suddenly felt a little uncomfortable: “Actually, if he was a human being, it’s actually… also… okay.”

“Chichi!” (You think so!)

The little squirrel had never seen such a delusional human being, how could such a powerful person be a human being.

After one person and one squirrel finished talking, Mi Wan’s mood improved a lot. She planned to go to sleep and pretend that nothing happened. Afterwards, she did a series of preparations before going to bed, washing, changing pajamas, going to bed, turning off the lights, and finally going to bed~~

The little squirrel was woken up mid-sleep. So, on the tree house, it slowly became sleepy again, and after a while, it also fell asleep leaning against the branch with its eyes wide open.

“Ah~~~~ Can’t sleep!”

Suddenly, a high-pitched female voice rang out in the darkness, and the half-asleep, half-awake little squirrel was frightened and fell to the table.

“Chichi~~~~” the little squirrel roared angrily.

The next day, Mi Wan sat at the breakfast table weakly with a pair of huge dark circles under her eyes. What’s rare was that neither Mrs. Zhang nor Butler Ye asked what was wrong with her, they just quietly brought her a bowl of sweet pumpkin porridge, with distressed expressions on their faces.

“Auntie Zhang, weren’t you afraid that I will get fat again, so you won’t let me eat such a sweet thing?” Mi Wan took a sip of the porridge and found that the pumpkin porridge was too sweet, so she couldn’t help asking.

“It’s okay, eating sweets once in a while can make people feel better. Miss, eat more.” Aunt Zhang said pitifully.

“Oh~~” Mi Wan wanted to say that this was too sweet, but seeing Mrs. Zhang’s concerned expression, Mi Wan didn’t say anything after all, and put it down after drinking half a bowl.

Mrs. Zhang felt even more distressed: Miss must be very sad, that’s why she couldn’t even eat such a sweet pumpkin porridge.

“Miss.” Butler Ye suddenly said meaningfully, “You are still young, many things do not necessarily have to be successful or have results, as long as you have experienced it, it will be a good memory in your life.”

“Uncle Ye, what are you talking about?” Mi Wan was confused.

Poor lady, you still have to pretend to be strong when you are broken in love. Looking at those black circles, you must have been up all night, maybe you even cried secretly. Thinking that Miss might have cried secretly under the covers, Butler Ye felt distressed again. But their young lady’s vision was too high, and she actually fell in love with Mr. Fan next door. That was the president of the Wanwu Group, the land king Fan Chen, who was the dream lover of so many famous ladies, it was really hard to chase.

That’s right, Butler Ye went to ask the guard last night. According to the guard’s report, it was Mr. Fan next door who sent the lady back last night. In the morning, the lady sprayed perfume uncharacteristically, and went out excitedly. He knew that there was something wrong with the lady. When she came back in the evening, the lady ran into the room with a face full of shame and anger, without any trace of joy in the morning. Thinking back and forth, Butler Ye still understood something.

My lady, she must have lost in love!

“It’s okay, miss, is there anything you want to buy these two days, eat, use, drink, or go on a trip?” Butler Ye asked again attentively.

“Uh…I don’t have anything I want to buy recently.” Butler Ye was really strange today.

“Then how about we decorate the garden?” Butler Ye said again, “Didn’t Miss tell Xiao Wang that she wanted to plant some flowers in the garden two days ago? Why don’t we design the garden? What kind of arrangement does Miss want?”


Two days ago, Mi Wan really wanted to plant the garden full of flowers and plants, but this suggestion was completely resisted by Butler Ye and Xiao Wang. The two of them agreed that a tasteful courtyard should not be too cluttered but must have a sense of design. Mi Wan thought it made sense. When Butler Ye asked her this question today, she couldn’t think of a good way to arrange it, so she said, “Just do it like the yard next door, it’s almost fine.”

Butler Ye’s eyelids trembled, and he almost burst into tears: “It’s so distressing, their young lady is so infatuated, her confession was rejected, but she still wanted to create a courtyard exactly like Mr. Fan’s.”

As a qualified housekeeper, Butler Ye must not let his young lady sink into emotional pain, so he said, “I think, I’ll get it done.”

“Okay.” Mi Wan relaxed.

After dinner, Mi Wan took the car to the pet hospital. When the car passed by the gate next door, she subconsciously took a second look. Even though she knew that Fan Chen was definitely not at home at this time, she still couldn’t help but want to look over.

She was really bewitched, she found that since Fan Chen confessed to her, now she would involuntarily pay attention whenever she saw or thought of anything related to the other party.

Don’t think about it, don’t look at it, be normal~~~~

Mi Wan covered her head and kept hinting to herself.

Xiao Zhang, who was driving, glanced at Mi Wan in the back seat through the rearview mirror without any trace. Seeing his lady holding her head in her hands, with a painful expression on her face, he couldn’t help sighing quietly: First love always hurts.

That’s right, the story of Mi Wan being lovelorn had spread throughout the old house, cough… Of course, except for herself.

Soon, the car arrived at the pet hospital. Mi Wan got out of the car and entered the store with a yawn.

When the sparrow spirit saw Mi Wan’s face, he immediately teased: “It seems that the friendship meeting went well yesterday, did you get up late?”

“Where is today’s patient?”

“It’s in the backyard, it’s a little piglet.” The sparrow spirit sensed that her boss’s mood didn’t seem to be very good, so he obediently didn’t continue the topic of friendship meeting, and secretly sent a reminder message to the sick demon in the backyard: My boss is in a bad mood, so be careful what you say later.

“Is the disease troublesome?” Mi Wan hadn’t had time to check the information of today’s sick demon.

“No trouble, it’s just that the pig’s trotters can’t be transformed.” Sparrow spirit reported.

Trotters? Mi Wan, who was not full because the breakfast being too sweet, suddenly felt a little hungry. Well, after a while, I’ll go eat pig’s trotters.

“Understood.” Mi Wan nodded, turned and walked to the backyard.

The sparrow spirit thought for a while and followed behind.

In order to prevent the situation inside from being noticed by Xu Zhuang outside or other ordinary customers in the store, Mi Wan installed a door with excellent sound insulation between the backyard and the front hall. At this time, as soon as she pushed the door open, she immediately heard the noise in the yard.

“Brother, come down, come down quickly.” A clear child’s voice shouted loudly.

“Huh~~hum~~” This was a pig’s cry.

“Fatty, come down.”

This should be a family of three pigs. The little pig had lost his temper, and the other two pigs were desperately trying to coax him. It should be the angry pig who had come to get his illness treated.

Mi Wan looked at the condescending little white pig climbing on a high tree trunk, and her face gradually turned dark: I’m in a bad mood today, where did you come from.

When the sparrow spirit saw that his boss’s face had changed, and she was in a bad mood, he quickly grew wings, flew into the sky with a swish, and hugged the little pig who didn’t know how to climb up the tree. The little pig was not happy. Seeing that he was caught, he immediately let out a cry like a pig being slaughtered.

The chubby pig father ran over quickly, hugged his son in his arms, and coaxed: “This time, let’s treat the brother first, and wait for Dad to save enough money before treating you.”

Mi Wan realized. So, it’s not this brat that has to be cured, but another one. And both piggies had problems.

“My boss is here.” Sparrow Spirit reminded Daddy Pig in a low voice.

Daddy Pig quickly looked up at Mi Wan, and Mi Wan raised her eyebrows in surprise the moment she saw Daddy Pig: “Instant noodle pig?”

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