TBVSR Ch. 93.2: Bikini

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Jiang Yu put on the summer cool little daisy two-piece swimsuit, walked to the beach, stepped on the soft sand and stretched her waist, it was really warm.

The little white snake was hanging around her neck. If you didn’t look carefully, you might think it was a white necklace.

Liu Yibai also followed her every step of the way. The little handsome guy was worthy of being an idol. His skin was milky and white, and his smile was particularly sunny.

“Xiao Yu, can you swim?”


“Then let’s compare later.”

“Okay! If you lose, please drink more tonight.”

“No problem.”

Cheng Ye and Jiang Manyi put on their swimsuits and came out.

Jiang Yu saw Jiang Manyi’s one-piece swimsuit and said with a smile, “Mom, you look too old-fashioned in this swimsuit!”

“I’m a mother, how can I compare with you young people?”

“I thought father would let you wear a sexy bikini.” Jiang Yu winked and smirked: “My mother has such a good figure, it would be a waste not to wear a bikini, but my father didn’t prepare for it, bad review.”

Cheng Ye turned around, and Jiang Yu saw that there were two balls of paper stuck in his nose: “Dad, what’s wrong with you?”

The flush on his cheeks had not faded, while avoiding Jiang Yu’s gaze, he said unnaturally: “I hit the wall just now.”


On the side, Jiang Manyi set up a parasol, laid out the beach blanket, and sat on the beach to apply sunscreen to herself: “Baby, come here and mommy will apply some for you.” Before Jiang Yu could walk to her, Cheng Ye ran past her, then he lay on her lap and asked her to apply sunscreen for him.

“My mother is calling me!” Jiang Yu said dissatisfiedly: “Dad, you are so annoying!”

“Go to the side, don’t disturb our two-person world.”

“Your husband is too annoying!”

Cheng Ye put sunscreen on her fair back, and his movements were gentle and meticulous.

Jiang Yu looked at these two people, apart from other things, just judging by their figure and appearance, they were still very compatible.

Cheng Ye deserved to be a man who was an idol. He had the figure of a fitness freak, with plump and beautiful muscles. Not to mention her mother, she still had the body of a young girl as if she had never given birth.

“Manman, give me a kiss.”

Cheng Ye raised his head and asked her for a kiss. Jiang Manyi glanced at Jiang Yu and ignored him.

“Quick, I want to kiss.”

Jiang Manyi could only make do with rubbing his lips: “Calm down, the baby is here.”

“Baby, go to the sea with Xiao Bai and leave some time for me and your mother.”

Jiang Yu really couldn’t stand the show of affection, Cheng Ye, this childish ghost, how could he have the slightest stability to be a father! Far worse than Xie Yuan!

She rolled her eyes and threw the little white snake on Cheng Ye’s back: “Help me keep A Li.”


Cheng Ye jumped up in fright and shook the little white snake to the ground: “Don’t let it get close to me! I’m afraid to die!”

“You hurt A Li!” Jiang Yu picked up the little white snake distressedly, and hung it around Jiang Manyi’s neck: “Be gentle.”

“What kind of obsession is it to raise such a thing? I’m so disgusted.”

Cheng Ye was extremely disgusted: “If you really think so, go find someone and make a snake your boyfriend…”

Seeing Jiang Yu’s smile disappear, Jiang Manyi kicked Cheng Ye: “Shut up.”

Jiang Yu put on waterproof goggles and got into the water.

“Don’t swim too far!” Jiang Manyi greeted anxiously: “Xiao Bai, watch her!”

“Don’t worry, auntie.”

Jiang Yu jumped into the sea directly, swimming towards the depths like a fish, Liu Yibai also quickly chased after her.

Her swimming skills were very good, remembering the last time the car overturned, she was at the riverside, when she saw Qiu Li jumping into the river, and wanted to go down to save him, but unexpectedly the current was too fast, the whirlpool directly swept her away, and instead, Qiu Li had to save her.

Those memories flashed back and forth in her mind frame by frame, so clear that she should be missing him very much, but this kind of missing thoughts seemed to be blocked by a wall.

It felt very congested and stuffy.

Jiang Yu shook his thoughts out of her mind and swam towards the coral group.

The sea water here was exceptionally clear. Wearing waterproof glasses, you could clearly see the beautiful coral groups and colorful tropical fish on the not-so deep seabed.

However, when Jiang Yu continued to swim forward, she suddenly saw a young man opposite her, it was Qiu Li, who was also wearing waterproof glasses, swimming towards her.

After the two looked at each other underwater, Jiang Yu saw his handsome facial features clearly.

Just like the boy in her memory, ah!

Both of them were wearing waterproof glasses, and their underwater vision was not very good, so Jiang Yu didn’t see it too clearly. When she was about to take a closer look, she was caught off guard and choked on her saliva.

Liu Yibai was by her side, seeing her choking on water, he immediately pulled her out of the water, and asked worriedly, “Are you okay?”

The water surface was very calm, and the boy under the water did not show his head. Jiang Yu took a few breaths, then put on the waterproof glasses again, and swam into the water.

There were strange faces around, but the boy was never seen again.

It seemed that the fleeting glimpse just now were just hallucinations.

“Xiao bai, I’m a little tired, let’s go ashore first.”

After saying this, Jiang Yu swam back to the beach, sat alone on the beach, picked up the little white snake and started playing with it.

The little white snake lay obediently by her hand.

Seeing Jiang Yu coming back alone, Cheng Ye was in high spirits. He asked, “What’s wrong, did Yibai make you unhappy?”

“No, I just choked on the water and I don’t want to swim anymore.”

She said: “Come on, come and swim with your dad.”

“No dad, I really don’t want to swim anymore.”

Cheng Ye no longer forced her into the water.

Jiang Yu looked at the little white snake beside her, and felt that if she continued like this, she might have to see a psychiatrist.

There was always a voice in her mind, constantly reminding her: she has let go.

But she always felt blocked.

On the edge of the reef, Qiu Li went ashore with his whole body wet, lying on the rock, looking at the distant golden beach.

There were many colourful figures on the beach, and he could no longer find the girl.

Qiu Li was lying on the black reef, looking at the blue sky, as he closed his eyes, feeling uneasy.

Seeing him again, she should be very disappointed, if she knew what she had been doing all this time…

Shameless goodbye.

Qiu Li took a deep breath, as if he could smell the faint smell of sea salt in the air, breathing the same air with her, he already felt satisfied, and he dared not expect anything else.

At this moment, his mobile phone rang, and it was an unfamiliar number from China, “Where are you?” The man’s voice was very low.

“Overseas, on vacation with my tutor.”

“It’s very leisurely.”

“The tutor doubts me.”

“When will you come back.”

“As soon as possible.”

“I’ll contact you immediately when you get back.”

Qiu Li hung up the phone.

In the evening, the family went to the famous local bar street and entered a very lively bar.

Cheng Ye went directly to the stage with his electric guitar in his arms and sang a few songs, bringing the atmosphere of the scene to a climax.

Jiang Manyi in the audience looked at him, watching him playing rock and roll, as if she had returned to many years ago, and she also looked at that elusive man on the stage with such admiration as well.

Time was like running water, passing by in a hurry.

The former teenager was still a teenager on stage, but she was no longer that innocent girl off stage.

Jiang Manyi approached Jiang Yu, and whispered in her ear: “When you are young, really don’t give up lightly, because if you give up, you will spend your whole life regretting it.”

Jiang Yu looked back at Jiang Manyi and saw that she really meant something.

These days, Jiang Yu thought that she buried her thoughts well, and greeted people with a smile every day, happily.

But in fact, anyone could see that she was missing that boy, thinking about him like crazy.

Otherwise, why would such a good girl, not have a boyfriend, and refused all pursuits, while being inseparable from a broken snake all day long.

“Mom, it’s not that I want to give up, it’s that I can’t do anything.”

Jiang Yu lowered her eyes and played with the mojito glass in her hand: “He’s doing well now, and finally someone other than me likes him, how great it is, I shouldn’t disturb his life anymore because I can’t let go…”

Perhaps, this was the last thing she could do for him.

“If he is really doing as well as you said, you should let it go.” Jiang Manyi said persuasively: “You should also date better people, I think Xiao Bai is very good.”

Jiang Yu laughed: “You asked Dad to call Liu Yibai, you can’t just give me a blind date.”

“Why, did we still wrong you?”

“That’s not true.” Jiang Yu joked: “But his grades are not as good as your ex-son-in-law, is that ok?”

“Look, you still can’t do without him in a few words, and you said you let it go.”

“Just let it go.”

Jiang Yu was angry, no longer wanting to chat with Jiang Manyi: “I’m going out for a stroll.”

Jiang Manyi hurriedly asked Liu Yibai to follow her, in a foreign country… don’t get lost when the little girl was alone.

Walking out of the bar, the air outside was cloudy and hot, and the Bar Street was crowded with people. Many young and handsome men and women stood on the street to solicit business and introduced themselves to tourists in broken English.

In this country, the sex industry seemed to be legalized.

In the distance, Liu Yibai seemed to be recognized by several female tourist fans, who were clamouring for autographs and group photos.

Jiang Yu waved to him, telling him to do his own work and leave her alone.

She was a little confused, standing by the street, she took out a lady’s cigarette from her bag, and lit one to clear her mind.

Immediately, a handsome young man came over to light the fire for her.

The handsome guy had an Asian face. He looked delicate and handsome, with slightly protruding browbones and deep eye sockets.

Jiang Yu felt that she was probably drunk and in a daze, and everyone looked like Qiu Li now.

Seeing Jiang Yu staring at him intently, the handsome guy smiled subtly, handed her a business card, took out his medical examination form and business license, and introduced himself in English.

Jiang Yu heard from his words that he was in the “service industry”. She smiled and asked in fluent English: “Can you drink with me? Only drink.”

The handsome guy readily agreed: “No problem.”

Jiang Yu turned to look at Liu Yibai, he seemed to have more and more fans, and the fans had blocked him enthusiastically, and he might not be able to come out for a while.

The two went straight to a quiet tavern on the side, and sat at a small table in the garden with a very romantic atmosphere in the outfield.

The handsome guy went to the bar to order wine, but at this moment, a man came over and handed him a large dollar bill, telling him to leave.

The handsome guy looked at the girl in the garden, then at the dollar bills in front of him, hesitatingly saying that this was not good.

Seeing this situation, Qiu Li gave him three more notes.

The handsome boy looked at him in disbelief, readily agreed, and was about to take the money and leave when Qiu Li said flatly—

“I’ll buy the clothes that you’re wearing.”

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