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“Cheng Shao, are you sure you will win against ‘Jun Tongchen’ in the next test?” Qin Jun graciously poured a glass of wine for the handsome alpha in front of him.

This alpha had short blond hair, blue eyes, and was wearing a custom-made dress that outlined his good figure with wide shoulders and narrow waist, which made this mech manufacturing genius with countless fans look very imposing.

Let me ask, who could refuse a mecha manufacturing genius who was noble, talented, extraordinary in appearance, and polite?

If Qin Jun hadn’t played with Omegas with this Mr. Cheng and developed a deep friendship, he wouldn’t have believed that Mr. Cheng was no different from him in essence.

Apart from his better family background and looks, the character and talent that fans boasted about were all packaged by the Cheng family in order to send this Mr. Cheng to Parliament in the future.

Even this mecha manufacturing competition was just a gilding trip for Cheng Yangbin. The Cheng family bribed the two judges, and what they used to bribe the judges was the top-quality energy spar handed over by their Qin family.

When mecha makers researched advanced mechas, there was a huge demand for high-end energy spars. The Cheng family spent a lot of money on it. Under the temptation of box after box of energy spars, the two judges who had no background let go and agreed. But they said that only a maximum of nine points could be given.

Coupled with the high quality of the mecha design blueprints bought by the Cheng family, it should have been a surefire first place in the preliminary round, but it turned out that someone else broke out halfway.

Cheng Yangbin shook his wine glass and said calmly: “I can’t lose.”

“A first level mecha maker and I have analyzed the pros and cons of the ‘Jun Tongchen’ mecha, and the biggest advantage of that mecha,” the blue eyes flashed with a trace of contempt, “It just lowers the threshold for mecha manipulation, so that those useless omegas can also use this mecha.”

“Bai Zhi isn’t going to participate in the scoring, what is that ‘Jun Tongchen’ going to fight me with? Is it cuteness?” Cheng Yangbin raised his glass and after drinking it all, he lazily leaned on the sofa and said to Qin Jun: “This time the navy you bought was a good deal.”

The large area of black reviews and black hot searches on the Internet were all bought by Qin Jun. Qin Jun worked hard for a long time, what he got in return was Cheng Yangbin’s light praise, which made Qin Jun, who was also being praised outside, hold his breath, “It’s as long as Cheng Shao is satisfied, and I will toast to Cheng Shao’s first place in the preliminary round!”


“Brother Xie, you should know about Jun Tongchen, I want to ask for your help.”

Xie Ruheng, who was angrily condemning the website lock text in the reader group: “…?!” He hurried at the beginning, then he looked to see if it was the wrong number.

“Brother Xie, can you help me test the mecha?” Tang Bai said, gasping for breath, “I promised the official mecha manufacturing competition to participate in a public evaluation, and I want you to be the evaluator, because my mecha system’s free combat mode is very special, and I think only you, Brother Xie, can fully utilize its advantages.”

Xie Ruheng breathed a sigh of relief: “Of course.”

Tang Bai said happily: “Great! I love you so much! The mecha is at my house, and my grandfather and I are still busy testing the mecha, so we don’t have time to come pick you up. This is my home address, Brother Xie, is it convenient for you to come over now?”

Xie Ruheng: “!!!”

Xie Ruheng’s pupils trembled: “This, will this be too sudden? I’m not ready yet.”

Tang Bai: “?”

Tang Bai: “Do you need to get warmed up first before manipulating mechas? It’s okay, I’m not in a hurry now, Brother Xie, you can come later, just come to my house for dinner, by the way, Brother Xie, what do you like to eat, I’ll tell my mom and let her make it for you, my mother’s cooking is better than mine!”

Xie Ruheng’s heart was full of the panic of an ugly daughter-in-law who still had to see her in-laws, so he said in a panic: “I can eat anything, don’t bother my aunt.”

Tang Bai: “That’s good, that’s it, we’ll see you at dinner time, I’m going to test the mecha now, so I won’t talk~”

Xie Ruheng: “!!!!!!”

Wait! The first time I came to the house, what should I bring, what to wear, what to say, why did you leave before we even discussed it!!!

Feeling that the world was about to collapse, Xie Ruheng glanced at the time, and was horrified to find that it was already four o’clock!!!

He stood up abruptly, opened the closet and saw that it was full of tofu cubes that he couldn’t get his hands on!

Maybe it was the habit of the slums, but Xie Ruheng was not used to buying too good clothes, because expensive clothes were easy to be spotted by people, which would cause unnecessary trouble.

He usually wore a military uniform at school, and no one cared about him wearing ripped jeans in the slums. The white shirt and black trousers he wore last time when he went out with Tang Bai were one of the few suits he could afford, but this kind of dress seemed a little too casual.

Should you dress formally when visiting your partner’s house for the first time in high society?

No, he had to hurry to the store to buy a suit and presents, at least three copies, for each of Tang Bai’s three elders.

Xie Ruheng hurried downstairs, forgetting to put on her gloves.

“Brother Xiao Xie!” “Brother Xiao Xie, where are you going~” “Brother Xiao Xie, wait a minute!”

Xie Ruheng stopped and saw Lu Xiaoshan walking over with two red fruits in his hands, “Brother Xiao Xie, this is a fruit grown by our family. My dad picked the two most beautiful ones and wants to give them to you and brother Tang Tang. This is to thank him for helping my dad find a doctor.”

“And my flowers, this one is for you and for Brother Tang Tang, as thank you for the biscuits he gave me last time.” Jiang Quan said holding a bouquet of wildflowers that he didn’t know he picked from.

“I also have something for Brother Tang Tang!” A child carefully took out an egg from his arms: “This is for Brother Tang Tang.”

“I have it too!” “I have it too.” “This is for Brother Tang Tang.”


A group of children surrounded Xie Ruheng, Xie Ruheng was stunned for a moment, he even saw that the gift of a child was a beautiful stone.

“You have so many things, brother Xie, how can you get them, here?” Mr. Ling walked up with the bag, “Mr. Xie, are you going out now?”

“Yes, I’m going to Tang Bai’s house.” Xie Ruheng was in a hurry so he randomly threw out: “But I don’t know what to wear or what gifts to bring to the door.”

Mr. Ling saw this always calm alpha showing a restlessness that matched his age for the first time. He smiled and said: “It’s too late for clothes now, I have a brand-new suit at home, it should fit Mr. Xie’s body type, as for presents, I have a jar of precious golden buds…”

As soon as Tang Bai heard the doorbell, he stepped on his slippers and ran to open the door with Snowball, he opened the door and saw Xie Ruheng in a suit and leather shoes, carrying big and small bags, with a serious face visiting the door.

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