TK Ch. 25: The Emperor

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“Well…” Bai Ze froze in place stupidly, allowing Fu Li to bully him. The scene in front of him coincided with the vague memory from many, many years ago. Among the broken rocks, there was a cyan figure, and there was a warm touch that was slowly lingering (deceived?). His eyes were hurt and he couldn’t see, so he put Fu Li in front of him into that imaginary picture and everything suddenly became clear.

Fu Li hugged the foolish Bai Ze into his arms and breathed a breath of immortal energy to him firmly. The sun and moon essence that had just been absorbed into the veins was fed back to Bai Ze in this way, the full sun and moon essence flowed all over his body, making Bai Ze moan softly in comfort, and then… just because he inhaled too fast and forgot to breathe, he just fell asleep like this.

As the sun rose, Bai Ze opened his eyes in a daze. He felt the body temperature around him. He subconsciously drew his arms and looked down. It was Fu Li who had shrunk, and was curled up in his arms, sleeping soundly.

The events of last night whizzed past in his mind, Bai Ze’s breath stopped, and he suddenly felt that what he was hugging was not Tianzun, but a piece of burning coal! Fu Li actually, actually treated him like that! What’s even more frightening was that instead of resisting, he was a little happy in his heart!

He stretched out his hand silently and covered his face. Fortunately, the marriage line had been untied. From now on… wait!

Bai Ze stared blankly at his wrist, the marriage thread that he had personally witnessed snapping, was now completely tied to his wrist again.

“What… what’s going on?” Bai Ze couldn’t help exclaiming.

“Huh?” Fu Li rubbed his eyes, glanced at the panicked Bai Ze, yawned gracefully, smacked his lips, and continued to sleep.

“Don’t go to sleep, tell me clearly.” Bai Ze propped himself up, hugged Fu Li in his arms and shook him.

Fu Li frowned, opened a pair of misty eyes, looking very tired. Thinking about it, Fu Li must have felt tired after deducing the star map late last night and transferring the remaining essence of the sun and moon to Bai Ze.

Seeing Fu Li like this, Bai Ze felt distressed again.

The children all woke up, and Donghua came out first, raised his delicate face, and breathed in the aura of the morning. Yue Lao seemed to be drowsy, but because he was afraid of falling, he pulled Donghua’s clothes, staggered to the door, and couldn’t help but yawn: “Ha woo…”

“Did you not sleep well last night? “Bai Ze coughed lightly, in order to avoid embarrassment, he stopped looking at Fu Li and turned to care about other children.

“Tianzun called me out in the middle of the night to renew the red line for you two, and I wasn’t able to sleep when I went back.” Yue Lao flattened his mouth a little bit aggrieved and yawned again.

As soon as this remark was made, everyone, including the dog, looked at them together, and Laojun gave a long “oh” with a look of “I understand”.

Bai Ze: “…” The atmosphere seemed to be even more embarrassing.

The place where the rivers would flow backwards had already been deduced, and as an auspicious beast, the work of persuading the emperor of the world undoubtedly falls on Bai Ze’s head. Telling Tiangou to take good care of the house, Bai Ze went to the mortal world alone.

The thirty-three floors of Heaven, and the ninety-nine floors were silent. After getting used to the excitement during this time, the tranquility suddenly returned. Bai Ze was still a little unaccustomed to it, standing on the clouds overlooking the lower realm, he felt a little lost for no reason.

He had lived for too long, and had become indifferent to many things. He shook his head, intending to get rid of those disturbing thoughts.

A warm hand stretched out and grabbed his wrist, Bai Ze turned around and saw Fu Li in adult form. The cyan fairy clothes swayed in the wind, and the two cyan silk ribbons on the crown fluttered in the wind, blending with the thousands of auras.

“Be careful.” Fu Li said softly, pulling him over and hugging him.

“Chirp—” A colorful phoenix flew past the place where Bai Ze was standing just now, and the divine fire on its feathers dyed the surrounding clouds the color of red sand.

“What are you doing here?” Bai Ze’s face turned red when he bumped into Tianzun’s chest.

“The rotation of the sun and the moon still needs my protection. If you are far away from me, the essence of the sun and the moon will be gone.” Fu Li tapped the red line between the two with his finger.

“Oh.” Bai Ze stood up straight and straightened his clothes.

“Bai Ze,” Fu Li called softly, and slowly took Bai Ze’s hand, “Last night, I was not teasing you.” Bai Ze didn’t look back at Fu Li again, but his ears slowly turned to agate color. Such a serious Tianzun would never tease people, he must be serious in whatever he wanted to do, Bai Ze had always known this.

Seeing that Bai Ze didn’t shake off his hand, Fu Li gradually had a smile in his eyes.

The heaven and the earth were interconnected. In the first hundred years, there were no major events in the heaven, and the world was safe and happy. Recently, under the influence of the power of reincarnation, the world had gradually become chaotic.

Bai Ze hugged Fu Li and walked on the streets of the capital. There were few shops on the streets, and the people were all in a hurry, looking unhappy. Squinting to look at the dragon aura above the palace, it looked faintly dilapidated.

Hiding their auras, the two came to the palace, and followed the dragon’s breath to find the current emperor.

“Master Immortal, this is the third prince of mine. Look, does he have the appearance of an emperor?” The emperor in the world was a middle-aged man with a big belly, wearing a bright yellow dragon robe, leaning on the dragon chair, holding a small incense burner. There was smoke rising from the incense burner, the emperor leaned over and took a deep breath, enjoying it very much.

Standing beside him was a Taoist priest wearing a white robe and holding a dust whisk in his hand, and there was another person kneeling under the seat, dressed in a dark yellow prince’s suit, who looked to be only in his teens.

The Taoist looked at him, closed his eyes and calculated, and murmured, the emperor and prince didn’t dare to disturb him. After a long time, the man opened his eyes, and said with a big smile, “The fate of the third prince is that of the golden dragon, it is the destiny of heaven.”

The third prince had a look of surprise, and couldn’t help showing a little complacency, and the emperor was also very happy: “Come on, pass down the decree, make the third prince the crown prince, and choose an auspicious day to announce it to the world.”

Bai Ze frowned, the third prince was not a golden dragon at all, but had the fate of Qianyuan’s evil dragon, if he was allowed to ascend the throne as the emperor, the world would inevitably be in chaos. Without an enlightened master who responded to everything, it would be difficult for him to move the people and let them stay in their households.

“Before the old emperor dies, tell him to take care of this matter first.” Fu Li tugged on Bai Ze’s lapel.

Bai Ze shook his head: “I only assist benevolent kings and wise masters. Such stupid people are not worthy of talking to me.” The beast had the pride of a beast.

Fu Li nodded, glanced at the three people in the hall again, said no more, and was carried by Bai Ze to other palace rooms.

In this corner of the palace, there was the aura of the golden dragon hovering, but the aura was weak and would disappear in a short time.

“Your Highness, it’s time for you to drink your medicine.” The eunuch’s sharp voice came from outside the curtain, making the originally peaceful afternoon agitated for no reason.

A thin and clear hand stretched out from the curtain and waved lightly: “Leave it alone.” The hand was really good-looking, but it was too thin, and one could clearly see the blue blood vessels in the thin winding under the skin.

“That can’t be done, the imperial doctor said, let you drink it while it’s hot, don’t embarrass us slaves, drink it quickly, or I’ll go back and get the emperor’s order.” The eunuch didn’t have the slightest intention of retreating and kept standing where he was.

There was a moment of silence inside the curtain, and then he slowly said: “Bring it up.”

The eunuch smiled complacently, opened the curtain, and brought the medicine bowl over. The thick and yellowed medicine juice was in the white porcelain bowl. Shaking in the air, like yellow spring water urging people to die, drinking bowl after bowl was just killing people.

Gu Zhengyun leaned against the head of the bed, watching the eunuch with a sharp mouth and monkey cheeks pass the medicine bowl in front of him, with no respect at all on his face. He slowly clenched the brocade quilt on his body, his chest was churning with monstrous anger, so he raised his hand, slapped the medicine bowl over, and splashed it firmly on the eunuch’s face.

He was originally the crown prince of the country, and he was extremely intelligent since he was a child. He has abided by filial piety for many years, worked hard for the country and the people, and never made any mistakes. But ever since that demon entered the palace, he suddenly fell ill, his health was getting worse day by day, and his subordinates also made mistakes one after another. He was deposed as the crown prince and thrown into this remote palace.

“Ah—” the eunuch who was scalded by the concoction yelled in horror, and several young eunuchs who followed came forward to see the injury of the elder eunuch, but no one came to care about the prince on the bed.

“Your Highness doesn’t like this medicine, so I will ask them to cook another bowl.” The eunuch squeezed his scalded hand, gritted his teeth and said coldly.

“Eunuch Zhang, tell me, what is the difference between the prince who died of illness and the prince who was tortured to death by eunuchs?” Gu Zhengyun said casually, picked up the broken porcelain piece from the bedside, and slowly pressed it against the palm of his hand, blood immediately flowing down his arm.

The group of eunuchs were frightened, and quickly knelt down to kowtow to him. Gu Zhengyun might not live for a few more days, but after his death, the clan would naturally come for an autopsy. If the prince was physically injured and they did not report it, they would be regarded as a slave who deceived the master, and the slave who deceived the master would be killed and his nine generations would be implicated. After the eunuchs finished confessing their sins, they ran out in a panic to ask for the imperial doctor. Only then did they realize that even this deposed prince was not someone they could bully.

“Get out! Get out of here!” Gu Zhengyun slapped the headboard and roared angrily. After everyone left, he lay down on the bed, staring blankly at the ceiling. This dynasty began to decline a long time ago, and he also thought about his own ending, either working hard for the country and dying young, or fighting for the shroud of horse leather on the battlefield. He never thought that he would die of a weak illness in a remote palace.

This way of death was too useless, he was really not reconciled!

Perhaps this unwillingness was too strong and the sky heard his prayer, so a warm and pleasant voice suddenly rang in his ears: “Do you want to live?” In the hazy white light, a figure gradually appeared, and at the same time, Gu Zhengyun seemed to hear the roar of the auspicious beast, and the lingering sound from ancient times lifted people’s spirits.

“I think, I want to live, there are still many things waiting for me to do!”

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