TK Ch. 24: Deduction

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Nezha and Donghua had also returned. Donghua was distributing the gilt beads brought in from Jin Wu to the children. This kind of gilt bead was originally a stone from the Far East. Because it was washed by the sun’s rays all year round, most of it was burned, and what remained were round and clear golden stones like pebbles. Jin Wu often used these round stones to decorate the sun chariot, and he named it Liuzhu.

Yang Jian tugged at the Tiangou’s ears, motioning him to put himself down. “Woo!”

Tiangou responded, threw his master down, turned himself into his beast form, and followed the little master to join in the fun.

“What are you playing with?” Erlang Shen put his hands behind his back, scratched the ground with his little feet, then raised his head and squeezed in very forcefully.

“Erlang?” Laojun immediately recognized the person coming. Yue Lao was a little afraid of the Tiangou and shrank behind Emperor Donghua. Li Jing was not afraid at all, he just rushed over and pushed Erlang Shen: “What are you doing with the weapon? Do you want to fight?”

Erlang Shen was annoyed at being pushed, so he grabbed Li Jing and hit him. Normally, Li Jing would definitely not be able to defeat Erlang Shen, but now, everyone was short-handed and had no magic power, so they should still have the power to fight… right?

Bai Ze was a little worried, but Tiangou wasn’t worried at all, he squatted leisurely on the side, kicking his neck with his hind paws. Seeing Bai Ze looking this way, Tiangou immediately stood up excitedly, and ran to Bai Ze’s side to circle around. “Hey, don’t you want to look at your master…?”

Bai Ze patted the dog’s head, but before he finished speaking, he looked up again, and saw that Li Jing had been thrown to the ground by Erlang Shen. Then the little Erlang Shen rode on Li Jing and beat him hard with his small fists.

Bai Ze: “…”

In the end, it was Tianzun who made a move to calm down the group of children, and they sat together obediently to play with Liuzhu. Only then was Bai Ze able to pull Nezha to ask about the situation.

Jin Wu’s answer was completely consistent with what Tiangou said. It was okay for the sun to come out from the west, but disasters were bound to happen to the world, so this problem must be solved.

“The backflow of the river will inevitably kill many people. This is absolutely impossible.” Nezha frowned.

Bai Ze was also helpless. Although he knew a lot, he had never seen the reversal of the sun and the moon, and it was difficult to predict what consequences it would cause.

“Actually, it’s not that serious.” Tiangou turned into a human again and sat with Bai Ze and Nezha. Now in Yuqing Palace, there were only three of them adults, although two were animals and one was a lotus root.

“Only at the moment when the sun and the moon alternate, it will not flood the whole world, so only the people living near the rivers will be affected.

“As for flying sand and rolling stones, let’s choose a day and tell the people to close their doors.” Nezha nodded in agreement.

Bai Ze frowned, asking all the people in the world to close their doors on the same day, how could it be that simple?

“Wang?” The young man in black tilted his head, “That’s right, the common people will come out to beat gongs and drums when they see me eating the moon.” They would definitely not take the initiative to avoid it.

Bai Ze lowered his head and remained silent for a long time.

The world was now ruled by an emperor. As long as the emperor gave an order and set a date, the people near the river would temporarily relocate, and all the people would also stay at home, which could be realized. With his status as an auspicious animal, it should not be difficult to persuade the emperor in the world to do what he said. But they didn’t know how far they had to move and how many places would be affected, so how could they convince the emperor of the world?

“I can figure it out.” A soft voice sounded from behind, Bai Ze turned his head, and saw the little Fu Li standing behind him with his hands behind his back.


In the nine heavens and ten earths, in terms of deduction skills, no one could compare with Tianzun Fuli. He was a person who knew the mysteries of the Wordless Heavenly Book, and nothing in the world could be hidden from his calculations.

Two beasts and one lotus root immediately looked at him with sparkling eyes!

Tianzun needed to watch the stars at night, and Bai Ze had to help. This night, the task of taking care of the children was given to Tiangou.

“Woof!” Tiangou didn’t mean to refuse at all and agreed very quickly.

When the moon was in the middle of the sky, Tiangou changed to his beast form, and drove a group of children to the inner room of Yuqing Palace, leaving the courtyard to Tianzun. In the inner room, Bai Ze had laid out a huge cushion for the children to sleep on.

“I don’t want to sleep!” Li Jing, who still wanted to play for a while, was unwilling to go on the cushion and ran back and forth around the cushion.

“Woo…” The Tiangou jumped over, blocked Li Jing’s way, glared at him viciously, slowly bared its fangs, and let out a low growl.

Li Jing was frightened immediately.

Seeing Tiangou being so cute in front of Bai Ze during the day made everyone forget how vicious this guy was usually. Seeing that these guys were scared by his own dog, Erlang Shen immediately became proud, and he stood beside Tiangou and said, “Tonight, you all have to listen to me.”

“Why?” Emperor Donghua was a little unhappy.

As soon as the words were finished, the Tiangou was already moving, holding the clothes on Li Jing’s back in its mouth, and flicking its head, he threw the child onto the middle of the cushion. Then he ran around the house and threw the children scattered in every corner of the room onto the cushion one by one.

“Hmph, just relying on our family…” Erlang Shen said triumphantly, but before he could finish speaking, he was picked up by his own dog and thrown into the cushion as well.

“Ouch! You stupid dog!” Erlang Shen knocked his head on Li Jing’s armor, grinning his teeth in pain.

“Yang Jian, you dog doesn’t seem to listen to you…” Yue Lao grabbed Donghua Emperor’s shoulder, showing half of his head, and whispered.

“Hahahaha…” Laojun finally couldn’t hold back anymore and laughed loudly while lying on the cushion.

Bai Ze didn’t know what kind of misery the children in the kindergarten were experiencing right now. He was sitting in the yard with Tianzun, waiting for Fu Li’s deduction technique.

Pouring himself a glass of Tianjun wine, Bai Ze scratched his head, he really didn’t want to drink this wine, he would make a fool of himself if he got drunk.

“The technique of deduction does not require much mana, just drink less.” Fu Li said lightly.

Bai Ze nodded, picked up his wine glass and drank it down in one gulp. After the ray of light passed, the slender, handsome Tianzun Fuli appeared.

“Drink another glass.” Fu Li raised his hand, poured another glass of wine, and handed it to Bai Ze’s mouth.

It was said that people looked beautiful under the moon, and Fu Li, who was coated with a layer of soft light by the moon, was more beautiful than ever. Bai Ze looked at him, bit the rim of the cup stupidly, and gulped down the wine.

Fu Li moved away the wine glass and saw a drop of wine hanging from the corner of Bai Ze’s mouth, so he stretched out his hand and gently wiped it away with his fingertips. The soft and moist lips were slightly cool with water vapor, Fu Li’s eyes could not help but darken, brushing over those lips without any trace.

The warm touch lingered on his lips, and Bai Ze stiffened slightly. Seeing Fu Li withdrawing his hand as if nothing had happened and lowering his head to fiddle with the heavenly book, a strange feeling came to his mind again.

The wordless book turned into the size of a millstone, spread out floating in front of Fu Li, gently undulating with the night wind.

With the palms of both hands facing the sky, slowly spread out, he waved the sleeves wide open and closed, as if collecting stars into the sleeves. Then it brushed over the book, and the stars in the sky were reflected on the white pages of the book. The pages gradually turned a deep sapphire blue, becoming miniatures of the star curtain.

With fingers as beautiful as jade bamboo, he lightly tapped on the page, and the dots of starlight on it moved with Fu Li’s fingertips, this was the method of star deduction.

Bai Ze had never seen Fu Li perform deduction before, so he found it very strange, and kept moving his eyes over the beautiful fingertips.

Sensing Bai Ze’s focused gaze, Fu Li’s lips showed a slight smile, and the speed of deduction increased even more. With ten fingers together, he flew over the dark blue star screen, with an elegant and steady posture, full of majesty, as if he was not deducing a star map, but playing a piece of ancient music on the piano under the moon.

“Have another drink.” Fu Li deduced for half an hour before saying something softly.

The stunned Bai Ze finally came back to his senses, and quickly drank a glass of wine. In this way, after pushing for a while, having a drink, and going on for three hours, it was finally time to stop.

Fu Li took out a blue veil and attached it to the heavenly book, the starlight on the book suddenly brightened and then disappeared. The Wordless Heavenly Book returned to its former appearance without any words, fluttering up into mid-air, and staying there quietly. The blue veil had turned into a three-foot-long and one-foot-wide silk cloth. On the blue cloth, a map of the world was clearly displayed, on which about eighteen rivers were marked.

Bai Ze took the silk cloth, put it away with great care, breathed a sigh of relief, and shook his dizzy head. Fortunately, he didn’t have to drink too much tonight, he only drank half a jug of wine, and he was able to withstand it.

“Drunk?” Fu Li stretched out his hand to support him and lowered his head in front of Bai Ze.

The deep and melodious voice echoed in his ears, and Bai Ze’s ears couldn’t help turning red: “It’s…not bad…”

“Do you want immortal energy?” Fu Li asked without changing his expression.

“No… huh?” Bai Ze was about to shake his head, but suddenly froze, and slowly raised his head to look at the beauty in front of him, “Fu, Fu Li, you, you, you…” He drank too much that night, and he had a vague impression that he was pestering him and Fu Li asked him to get rid of the immortal energy, so Fu Li really… let him get rid of it. When he woke up, he found that Fu Li’s expression was normal, he thought he was having a spring dream, but looking at his current appearance, could it be true?!

“Huh?” Fu Li leaned forward a little, completely covering Bai Ze, so close that he could smell the sweet water vapor from Bai Ze’s body.

“Don’t!” Bai Ze put one hand behind Fu Li’s chest to prevent him from getting closer, but his fingertips couldn’t help trembling, “You are confused by the marriage line, calm down!” In fact, he himself blushed and had a heartbeat. He especially wanted to taste the taste of the light-colored thin lips. This must be caused by the marriage line…

“Marriage line?” Fu Li squeezed the hand on his chest, on the white wrist, the bright red marriage line was very eye-catching, and suddenly broke under the touch of Tianzun’s slender fingers.

“You, can you solve the marriage line?” Bai Ze’s eyes widened.

“En.” Fu Li responded softly, turned his head slightly, and bit his moist and sweet lips.

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Fu Li: This place has been licked by a stupid dog, it needs to be disinfected, chirp~

Bai Ze: Well…

Fu Li: This place has been stepped on by a stupid dog, it needs to be disinfected, chirp~

Bai Ze: Step on it That’s all, uh…

Fuli: It’s been rubbed by a stupid dog here, it needs to be disinfected, chirp~

Bai Ze: He didn’t rub my crotch! Hello!

Erlang: Xiao Tian, what are they doing?

Tiangou: QAQ They are nüèdog, woof!

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