TK Ch. 23: Tiangou

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Behind the Erlang Zhenjun Temple was a small courtyard. There was nothing unusual in the courtyard. The ground was covered with short grass and wild flowers and was laid with some bluestone bricks. The peach tree here grew extremely thick, but with few branches and few leaves, it looked bare, like a wood carving.

“Xiao Langjun, don’t go.” An elderly woman behind him stopped Bai Ze and refused to let him go to the backyard.

“Auntie, what’s wrong?” Bai Ze had always been good-tempered, and he always responded when someone talked to him. “There is a fairy formation in this backyard, you can’t come out if you go in,” the woman said seriously, and gave Bai Ze a handful of pine nut candies, “Take your brother to play somewhere else.”

Bai Ze looked around, the people who came to worship Erlang Zhengjun did not go to the backyard, at most they stood in the hallway and looked around for a while. If you asked the locals, you would know the secret of this, and you would never approach it. If they saw any foreigners who didn’t know, they would remind them in time, which was kind of good. Bai Ze nodded and smiled gratefully at the woman: “Thank you for reminding me.”

After finishing speaking, he gave her the wild flower that he just picked casually. The wild flower turned into a ray of colorful auspicious light, circled the woman for a circle, and dissipated in an instant. While the aunt was in a daze, Bai Ze hugged Fu Li and disappeared into the backyard.

The woman was stunned for a long time, looked at her hands, then at the young man who had disappeared long ago, knelt down with a “plop”, and bowed to the place where Bai Ze was standing just now: “The gods have appeared! The gods have appeared!”

“What did you give her?” Fu Li put a pine nut candy into his mouth.

“A little auspicious light will ensure her family has a good harvest.” Bai Ze raised his eyebrows proudly, then he hugged Fu Li and began to circle around the peach tree. He was an auspicious beast, and auspicious light could bring good luck to people.

Walking around the peach tree three times, Bai Ze stood still, cleared his throat, and said the door-opening formula: “Woo, woof!” Fu Li was startled, and the pine nut candy in his hand fell to the ground with a thud. What kind of formation breaking method was this, to learn how to bark like a dog!

After three dog barks, the scene in front of them suddenly changed. It was no longer the bare little courtyard, but a quiet valley with mountains on both sides, a wide view, flat terrain and luxuriant grass. There was a shallow stream meandering through the middle of the valley, making a gurgling sound. On the mountain wall not far away, there was a stone gate with five characters “Erlang Zhenjun Mansion” written on it.

This was the place where Erlang Shen usually lived, with beautiful mountains and clear waters, and vast grassland, which was convenient for walking the dog. “Who’s here?” Just two steps away, the surrounding grass suddenly rustled, and two guards dressed in green shorts appeared suddenly, wearing grass hats on their heads, and holding black turbans in their hands. These spear-holders were the subordinates of Erlang Shen – the Gods of Grass Head.

“Bai Ze.” Bai Ze reported his name honestly.

“I have seen the god, so let the god do what he wants.” The two grass-headed gods saw the person coming, so they immediately saluted respectfully, took a few steps back, and quickly disappeared, as if they had never appeared before. They didn’t mean to inform or lead the way at all. Obviously treating Bai Ze as a master and not thinking of following him around.

Fu Li pursed his lips, jumped out of Bai Ze’s arms, and looked around: “Do you come here often?”

“Yes, the food here is delicious.” Bai Ze said with a smile, pulling Fu Li’s hand. The little hand went to knock on the door, but the stone door didn’t open, instead there was the sound of barking of a dog in the distance.

“Woo woof!” The voice was as thick as a bell, and it sounded like the Tiangou’s voice, but it was not as majestic as it used to be in battle, and it was a little more cheerful.

The Tiangou was an ancient mythical beast, extremely ferocious, with fangs that could tear gods and demons apart. The monsters in the Far Eastern Demon Abyss were all afraid of it. The immortals in the heavenly world also didn’t like to get close to the dog, because this guy had a violent temper and would bite people if he disagreed with them. Fu Li clenched Bai Ze’s hand tightly and popped a small bubble of Liangyi Hunyuan Knot from his fingertips, just in case. Bai Ze stood on the spot without any sense of danger.

Not long after, he saw a big black dog with long legs and a thin waist, with two pointed ears, running over from the other side of the valley. “Goose!” Bai Ze smiled and waved at Tiangou.

“Wang woo——” Tiangou was taken aback when he saw Bai Ze, and then he ran forward even harder, jumping on Bai Ze, throwing him down in one fell swoop.

“Okay, okay, hahaha!” Bai Ze was pushed down in the grass by the Tiangou, and his big warm tongue licked his face firmly.

Fu Li was a little dazed, then he put away the Liangyi Hunyuan Knot, and frowned slightly. The scene in front of him was weird no matter how he looked at it. The Tiangou had lived for tens of thousands of years, why was it still like a silly dog from the mortal world?

Bai Ze got up, and the Tiangou, who felt he wasn’t affectionate enough, circled around him, rubbing his head against his legs vigorously.

“Where’s Yang Jian?” Bai Ze patted Tiangou’s head.

“Woo!” Tiangou nodded his chin to the distance, then continued to look at Bai Ze, wagging his tail constantly, because the wagging was so hard, it looked as if even his buttocks swayed.

“Where is it?” Bai Ze looked in the direction Tiangou pointed but saw nothing.

The Tiangou didn’t point anymore but ran in the same direction as it had come and gone, pounced into the dense grass, grabbed something in its mouth, and jumped out. Looking carefully, what the dog was holding in its mouth was a three-foot-tall doll.

The doll was wearing a goose-yellow dress with narrow sleeves, wristbands with eight treasures and beads, and a flying phoenix crown on his head. He had exquisite eyebrows and was very beautiful. The most important thing was that there was a half-opened and half-closed eye on the doll’s forehead, which was smaller than the other two eyes, and looked like a flower bead between the eyebrows from a distance. Three eyes open to the sky, who could it be but Erlang Shen?

Bai Ze: “…”

Tiangou quickly ran up to Bai Ze with his master in his mouth. Erlang kicked his short legs and said, “You stupid dog, let me down!”

The little Yang Jian fell face down on the grass.

“Zhenjun Erlang?” Fu Li took a step forward and asked tentatively. “What are you doing?”

As expected of the number one God of War in the heavens, he jumped up the moment he landed on the ground, staring at Fu Li with his small chin up, “Who are you?”

“He is Tianzun, and I am Bai Ze.” Bai Ze knelt down and gave Erlang Shen a pine nut candy.

“Tianzun?” Erlang Shen widened his three eyes, tilted his head to look at Fu Li, and scanned him with his heavenly eyes, then he suddenly laughed, “I just said, I will definitely not be unlucky alone, hahahaha. Has my uncle gotten smaller?”

“No, he has a stalwart.” Bai Ze shrugged, and the dog behind him stretched out its head, put it on Bai Ze’s shoulder, and stuck out its tongue while panting happily.

Erlang Shen curled his lips, threw the pine nut candy into his mouth, took a bite bitterly, and glared at Tiangou: “You idiot, if you see Bai Ze, you don’t want me anymore.” Just now he was walking the dog in the valley, and he was competing with the dog in running. Originally, the Tiangou let him win, and would run back after two steps, but when he heard Bai Ze’s voice, he no longer saw him as his master, and ran away like a jerk, tripping him up!

“Woof!” The Tiangou responded, while continuing to put his head on Bai Ze’s shoulder and wagging his tail vigorously.

“Pfft—” Bai Ze let out a muffled laugh and rubbed Tiangou’s head with his backhand. Fu Li took Bai Ze’s hand that was touching the dog: “Don’t be joking, let’s talk about business.”

Bai Ze patted his head, remembering his purpose for coming. He didn’t know what Nezha’s situation was like, and he couldn’t hold back on his side, so he had to make a decision earlier. Sitting cross-legged on the ground, he hugged Fu Li into his arms, and Bai Ze patted the seat beside him for Tiangou to sit down. Tiangou came over obediently, lay down on the ground, and put a big head on Bai Ze’s knee.

Fu Li pushed the dog’s head away without any trace. Tiangou was not angry at all, instead he stuck out his tongue, and licked Fu Li’s palm.

Erlang Shen also sat down with his short legs spread apart, and shook his two little hands: “Tell me first, what’s going on?”

Bai Ze popped a stream of clear spring water on his fingertips, and washed Xiao Yang Jian’s hands: “The vicissitudes of life, the power of reincarnation…” Like this, he explained the cause and effect, and said all about the words of Tianhsu Xingjun.

Erlang Shen chewed three pine nut candies, managed to finish listening to Bai Ze’s words, then he curled his lips in disdain: “Ask the Jade Emperor to grind the Heavenly Stone into powder, and let everyone eat a bite.”

“Just by saying that you can grind it into powder, you cannot grind it, and besides, it may not be useful even if you grind it into powder.” Bai Ze persuaded earnestly.

“It’s useless for you to tell him, the child doesn’t understand,” came a thick and pleasant voice, Bai Ze turned his head, and saw a young man in a black suit lying lazily on the ground with his head still on his knees, seeing him turn around, he showed him a big smile, “About eating the moon, just tell me.”

Fu Li saw the Tiangou transform into a human form, and immediately pushed the big head down with both hands. The Tiangou sat up and scratched his ears with a smile: “It doesn’t matter if the moon is eclipsed, but if you want the sun to come out to the west, and the Tiangou eclipses the moon at the same time, it will inevitably lead to flying sand and rocks, rivers backflowing, and the world will be in chaos. How do you deal with it?”

Bai Ze was stunned for a moment, he really didn’t know that there would be such a big reaction: “You two go to the Heavenly Court with me, let’s discuss it together.”

Tiangou had no objection, but Erlang Shen didn’t want to go.

“Yang Jian, now is not the time to be awkward!” Fu Li reached out and slapped Erlang Shen on the back of the head. Yang Jian didn’t have a good relationship with the Jade Emperor, but he always respected Tianzun, and he didn’t say anything when he was beaten, but just stood there awkwardly with his mouth puffed out.

Bai Ze winked at Tiangou, and Tiangou knew it, so he lifted his master up and let him ride on his neck: “Let’s go, woof!”

“You stupid dog!” He said this while holding his ear.

“Hey.” Tiangou just smirked, and happily ran back to the cave, took out a three-pointed two-edged knife that was only one foot long, stuffed it into hia master’s hand, and followed Bai Ze away.

Fu Li lay on Bai Ze’s shoulder, staring at the young man in black behind him who stuck out his tongue from time to time: “From now on, don’t get as close as Tiangou.”

Holding Tianzun’s little butt, Bai Ze turned upside down to let him lie down more comfortably: “What’s wrong? Okay, I won’t kiss!”

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Laojun: After seeing Erlang God, do you feel a sense of crisis?

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Laojun: Then why is your face still so stinky?

Fu Li: I’m so stupid, really, I only know about fire prevention, theft prevention and beauty protection, but I didn’t think of being taken advantage of by a dog

Laojun: …

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