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As one of the top ten 911 and 285 comprehensive universities in the country, Jiangda University had always had a very high admission score. However, at the beginning of the session half a month ago, Jiangda University became popular all over the country because they had one of the most beautiful freshmen.

A photo widely circulated on the Internet which was a photo of this freshman bowing her head and smiling. Netizens on the Internet were blown away because of this photo.

This girl was really beautiful, and she looked so gentle when she smiled.

With this beauty, why not go to China Opera or Nortel? Even in China Opera and Nortel, she could beat 99 students.

What’s wrong? Were academic bullies in your way? If you are beautiful, you have to go to Nortel for Chinese opera? Where does the reasoning come from?

Will Miss Sister enter the entertainment industry in the future?

I just want to ask, does the beautiful lady have a boyfriend?

The parties involved had no idea what happened online, and even if they knew about Pei Jin, they wouldn’t care. The popularity of this kind of thing on the Internet quickly passed, and within a few days, no one knew who she was and which school she went to. It turned out that she did not guess wrong. Today, half a month later, there was no information about her on the Internet. Any mention about her was occasional and extremely sporadic. But she was still very popular at school. Many people asked her classmates for her contact information, but she rejected them directly.

In college, she was majoring in English, and He Xun chose finance. The two were not in the same college, but in the same university. Fatty, Zheng Li, and Yu Yuan all stayed in Jiang City, but Xu Lulu had an embarrassing score in the exam. In order to apply for a better school, she left the province. Zheng Li and Xu Lulu suddenly entered into a long-distance relationship.

Freshmen must live on campus, so there were not many opportunities for Pei Jin and He Xun to meet. Apart from the three roommates, even many classmates didn’t know that Pei Jin had a boyfriend, and the boyfriend was He Xun.

Every college had an orientation party every year.

In this year’s welcome party, Pei Jin was also going to perform on stage. She performed the dance “lo”, a popular dance recently, but instead of her dancing alone, six people danced together. She was not in center position either. There were three freshmen from the English major, and three professional dancers from the dance major. Naturally, the center position was given to a girl from the dance major.

Pei Jin had never had a high-profile personality. She didn’t want to attract attention, but the head teacher had asked her to participate in the activities organized by the school. She had no choice but to agree. She had not studied dance, and her dancing skills were very unprofessional, so her position was not very good, and she was the last one.

When they were going to go on stage, Pei Jin sent He Xun a WeChat.

Xiao Wu: I’m going to perform on stage soon.    

The Great Demon King: Zheng Li and Fatty also came.    

Zheng Li and Fatty were in the same university, but their university was not far from Jiangda University.    

Pei Jin was a little nervous.    

Xiaowu: ⊙o⊙…    

The Great Demon King: My wife is the best.    

Soon it was time to take the stage.    

Many people came to the scene today, even though it was the orientation party of one college, but the freshmen and old students of other colleges had also come.    

Music started playing. Pei Jin and the other five girls all started dancing. The screen behind also showed the messages posted by the students present.    

The girl on the edge! Seems to be Pei Jin? So pretty, I like it!    

Ah ah ah, full of anger!    

This dance is so sexy, I can’t take it anymore.    

It is obvious that Pei Jin dances very casually, why does it look very sexy and tasteful? Why is she not C, why!    

Hahaha, where is she, where is the C position.    

It is estimated that Pei Jin, this student on the confession wall, would be popular tomorrow.

Doesn’t need till tomorrow at all, okay?

Congratulations to Pei Jin, who had the right to choose a mate first. If you can, please consider me. Sophomore business class two, Li Da.

Look at me, look at me, Mechanic Class 3, Lin Mu.

English class three, Zhang. Pei Jin, I’m in the same family as you!

In an instant, the scene became a large-scale confession scene.

Fatty carefully glanced at He Xun beside him.

Well, Brother Xun pursed his thin lips tightly, his face expressionless.

But why did he seem to smell sour?

He really wanted to say to Pei Jin who was dancing on the stage: Sister, your husband is jealous and needs your love urgently, otherwise he will explode on the spot and ascend to heaven.

Zheng Li watched He Xun take out his mobile phone and join the scrolling message army on the stage.

Forget it, this is my girlfriend.

However, this message he sent was quickly overwhelmed by many other comments. After seeing this message, some people even sent a message saying that she is my girlfriend.

He Xun saw it sharply, and then sneered.

Zheng Li held back his laughter until he had turned red.

He Xun, this naive ghost. He shouted in his heart, Pei Jin, you bring this childish ghost home, he can’t take it anymore, hahahaha.

The dance soon ended. There were not many people discussing the girl in center position, and almost all the classmates present were discussing Pei Jin.

Maybe it was because Pei Jin was really popular. After the dance, the host stopped Pei Jin alone and said that he would like to have a short interview with her.

The host was a senior in the broadcasting department of the senior year. He was handsome and had a good figure. He smiled and said, “Come on, this school girl, you are the most popular tonight.”

Pei Jin smiled shyly.

“Is the junior girl’s name Pei Jin?”


“It is really a nice name.”

At this time, a boy in the audience shouted, “Senior, ask her if she has a boyfriend.”

The senior laughed twice, and asked very actively, “Sister, first of all, I welcome you as you are joining our big family of Jiangda University, I hope you will study well in the next four years and have a wonderful college life.”

“Thank you, senior.”

“Then, Junior Sister Pei Jin, look, there are so many boys in the audience urging me. Can I ask you a question, are you still single?”

Pei Jin slowly picked up the microphone. She glanced down the stage, but there were too many people under the stage, and the audience was crowded. She couldn’t find where He Xun was, but it didn’t matter, she stood tall, and he could obviously see her.

She said honestly, “I have a boyfriend.”

As soon as this sentence came out, there were a lot of regretful voices from the audience, and even the host laughed regretfully and made a joke, “Is that so? It seems that tonight is destined to be a day that will break many hearts.”    

Pei Jin lowered his eyes and smiled, and continued, “My boyfriend’s name is He Xun, and I love him very much.”

A girl, in front of so many teachers and students, said that she loved her boyfriend very much on the special occasion of the welcome party, no matter how you looked at it, it made people feel that this kind of feeling was very sincere and touching.

Zheng Li and Fatty hurriedly looked at He Xun. They saw that He Xun’s gloomy face had finally cleared up after being grumpy the whole night, and the smile on his face could not be contained no matter how, it could be seen how surprised and moved he was.

He Xun desperately pushed away the crowd crowded around him and ran to the stage.

The host quickly noticed He Xun who was coming there. He snorted and asked Pei Jin, “Is that the guy who ran over?”

Pei Jin also saw He Xun at this time. A dimple formed on the corner of her lips, and her voice was sweet, “Well, it’s him, my boyfriend.”

As soon as Pei Jin finished saying this, He Xun hugged her whole body.

Pei Jin’s words of confession, as well as the hug of the two, was on the hot search on Weibo that day.

Qin Jun, who was far away in Beijing University, also swiped on this hot search.

His roommate sighed with emotion, “Such sincere feelings are really enviable.”

Was it enviable?

Qin Jun quietly looked at the two people hugging each other in the camera, and for the first time echoed his roommate’s words.

He couldn’t help thinking, if he did not refuse when Pei Jin had confessed to him, but had agreed to be with her, would he also have such enviable feelings?

Unfortunately, there was no if in this world.

If time could be reversed…

Unfortunately, time could not be reversed in this world either.

He put down the phone, and although he had regrets in his heart, he also gave her sincere blessings.

She must be happy.

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