BSFC Ch. 58 (extra): After Marriage

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The year they both graduated from university, Pei Jin and He Xun got their certificates. The second year after their wedding, they gave birth to a daughter, nicknamed Miaomiao.

After Yu Yuan found out, she rushed to be her godmother. She gave Miaomiao a big red envelope and joked, “It is said that a daughter is her father’s lover from a past life, and a father loves his daughter very much. Pei Jin, you should not be jealous in the future.”

Pei Jin didn’t take this to heart at first, and only regarded it as a joke. But as time went by, she found that what Yu Yuan said seemed to be really true, Miaomiao became more and more sticky to He Xun. As soon as He Xun came home from work, she would want to hug him. Sometimes she wished she could hang on He Xun’s body all day.

It was strange to say that no matter how much Miaomiao cried, as soon as she was in He Xun’s arms, she would stop crying. And even if she wanted to pull Miaomiao from He Xun’s arms, she couldn’t.

Although Pei Jin felt a little sour in her heart, she couldn’t do something like competing with her daughter for favor. Moreover, the father and daughter were close, so she should be happy as a mother, right?

However, when she chatted with Yu Yuan, she was always in a bad mood. Although she didn’t want to admit it, she felt that her daughter had taken part of He Xun’s love away from her.

That night, after He Xun came home, Miaomiao, who had just turned one year old, cried and begged for a hug again. After coaxing Miaomiao for a while, He Xun put Miaomiao on the highchair, and then kissed Pei Jin’s face and called her in a low and intimate tone, “Wife.”

Pei Jin hummed, “Are you hungry? Dinner is ready.”

The nanny had prepared the dinner, and the dishes were very rich. Miaomiao had just drunk her milk. She was sitting on the baby chair by the dining table, her legs swaying, and her black pearl-like eyes looking curiously everywhere, and as soon as she saw He Xun, she would giggle and seemed to like He Xun very much as her father.

Pei Jin was eating and suddenly felt a slight vibration.

She thought it was an illusion and didn’t take it to heart, but at this time, He Xun had stood up from his seat swiftly, picked her up, and ran quickly outside.

He Xun ran very fast, and as soon as the two left the villa, the ground began to vibrate significantly.


It wasn’t her illusion just now!

Only then did Pei Jin realize what happened. He Xun didn’t put her down. This was the posture of princess hugging her. Her arms were tightly wrapped around He Xun’s neck, and their eyes collided in the air.

Pei Jin still had some fear in her heart.

The ground vibrated so much, how big of a disaster would it be?

If it wasn’t for He Xun’s quick response, then…

He Xun lowered his head and kissed her forehead, comforting her softly, “Peipei, it’s alright.”

Pei Jin paused for two seconds before suddenly remembering Miaomiao, “Our daughter…”

After Pei Jin’s reminder, He Xun realized that he had forgotten his daughter. At the moment when danger came just now, he only had Pei Jin in his eyes, and his first reaction was to hold Pei Jin and leave as soon as possible. He only knew that Pei Jin couldn’t be put into danger. As for Miaomiao… At the moment of life and death just now, he had forgotten who Miaomiao was.

Fortunately, the nanny dutifully hugged Miaomiao and escaped with her.

Miaomiao was frightened by this accident and cried non-stop, wanting his father’s comfort, but He Xun did not let go of her to comfort Miaomiao.

When Pei Jin and Miaomiao were frightened at the same time, he always had only one choice.

Pei Jin blinked, her long eyelashes trembling, “Husband…”

It was the cold winter and the twelfth lunar month, and the warm air conditioner was running at home, so they were only wearing thin cotton pajamas. The cold wind whistled through, with a piercing chill, He Xun slightly tightened his hold, lowered his head and asked her, “Peipei, is it cold?”

Pei Jin rubbed her head against He Xun’s chest affectionately, shook her head and said, “It’s not cold.”

Before tonight, she was still eating her daughter’s vinegar, but it was only now that she realized that she had always been the most important thing in He Xun’s heart and had never been replaced, not even by Miaomiao.

She blinked and brought up her daughter’s clinging for the first time, “Miaomiao is very clingy to you.”

He Xun hummed.

Pei Jin pouted, “She always occupies you.”

He Xun laughed, “Jealous? Don’t I stay with you at night?”

Pei Jin buried her head in He Xun’s chest.

God, she actually ate her daughter’s vinegar.

She couldn’t hold back, she really said it.

But now, since everything had been said, let’s just admit it.

Pei Jin put on a look of facing death, raised her chin, and admitted frankly, “Yeah, you always hold her, I’m like an extra in the family.”

He Xun couldn’t help laughing after hearing this.

There was a slight tremor in his chest, making Pei Jin’s face redder.

In fact, she also loved her daughter very much. After all, she had given birth to her, how could she not love her? But she loved He Xun more. Therefore, with her daughter always occupying He Xun’s arms, she was somewhat concerned.

He Xun lowered his head and kissed her forehead, eyes, nose, left and right cheeks, and then her lips.

This was Pei Jin’s exclusive right. Even with his daughter, he only kissed the top of her daughter’s hair, not even her forehead.

“I hug her because I don’t want you to work too hard.” As a child’s father, he naturally had to fulfill his responsibilities. Although there were babysitters at home, some things needed to be done by parents that could not be done by others. Sometimes children needed to be coaxed by their parents.

If he coaxed her, then Pei Jin would naturally be relaxed.

Pei Jin shook her head, her voice was a little soft, “I’m not working hard.”

He Xun smiled lowly again, “Okay, I understand.”

Pei Jin blushed and looked angry, “What do you understand?”

There was a smile on He Xun’s lips, “You’re jealous.”

Pei Jin snorted, lowered her head, and refused to continue chatting with him.

It took five or six minutes for the earthquake to stop completely.

After returning home, Pei Jin found that many cabinets had fallen off. If she didn’t escape in time during the earthquake just now, she might really have gotten injured. Fortunately, this time it was only a surprise.

As soon as Pei Jin turned on her phone, she received a message from Yu Yuan.

[Pei Jin, there was an earthquake just now, which scared people to death.


[Are you OK?

[I’m okay.

After Pei Jin finished replying, she raised her head and glanced at He Xun, the corner of her lips pursed into a small arc, and sent another sentence to Yu Yuan, 【You made a mistake before.

Maybe some daughters were indeed their father’s little lover from a past life, but He Xun’s favorite would always be her.

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