PPM Ch. 69

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Elaine originally wanted to give it a shot with Li Shengxia’s design. She lacked a chance, but she did not want to get hurt because of being in a hurry.

She had no backers, so every step she took had to be more careful than the next one.

One was a world-class designer, and the other was just a nobody, who knew who others would stand by!

At this moment, Gina obviously heard that Elaine was about to quit, and couldn’t help looking at Li Shengxia mockingly, as if to see how she would end up.

Jian Dan concealed the flash of unease in her heart, and looked coldly at Li Shengxia’s dying struggle.

Williams’ expression was ugly. He had seen one of Li Shengxia’s first drafts, although it was just a sketch… Jian Dan shouldn’t have really done that kind of thing, right? But based on what he knew about Jian Dan, she shouldn’t be like this!

After all, it was the most noble design in her heart, how could she do such a thing? Could it be that Li Shengxia really did it?

But when he saw the incredible expression on her face, it didn’t feel like she was acting, and she wasn’t stupid, why did she do this? Doing so would not benefit her at all.

At this moment, Li Shengxia was still trying to make Elaine stay calm, “Elaine, listen to me, we still have time, I will try to revise the design concept before it’s our turn, I will definitely amaze you and the audience.”

“Miss Li, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, I’m just a starlet who wants to become famous. I can’t just ruin my future. Sorry, you’d better hire someone else.”

Li Shengxia…

“Who is this person? A new designer? She even dares to steal Jian Dan’s designs. She is crazy.”

“It’s not necessarily…”

“Looking at her beautiful appearance, it turns out that she is such a person, no wonder she would do things like stealing designs, which really smears the Emperor Inheritance Group.”

“Look, even her model has run away, let’s see what she will do!”

Everyone kept talking, without hiding their contempt for Li Shengxia.

Jian Dan looked at Li Shengxia proudly, and said, “It’s really pitiful, even the model won’t help you, you should just quit the design world obediently.”

“I won’t admit defeat! I’ll show you guys, who is the better designer!”

Jian Dan originally thought that after seeing this order of appearance, Li Shengxia would not destroy her future, but would choose to back down, and withdraw from the exhibition, and leave the Emperor Inheritance Design Department obediently. But she said that she won’t admit defeat!

“Do you want to take this replica on stage and get scolded? Do you think the audience are blind?” Gina taunted Li Shengxia, she knew that Li Shengxia had the support of the prince, but the prince couldn’t be so domineering as to call the plagiarized design an original one, right?

“Just now, I would like to thank your model for her warm reminder, designer Jian.” Li Shengxia looked at Jian Dan and did not call her senior this time, “She told me that the most important soul of a work cannot be stolen.”

Gina looked at Li Shengxia inexplicably and thought she was crazy!

Li Shengxia continued to say to Jian Dan, “I will show you the true essence of this work.”

Jian Dan’s body shook heavily, what? What was the essence of this work?

No…not possible! She clearly remembered that she almost took away all the essence…

Li Shengxia, she was just talking ruthlessly now!

Li Shengxia never spoke to Jian Dan and Gina again, as now it was the turn for the seventh work to be shown.

She must hurry up and buy time!

Li Shengxia put ‘Ten Mile Red Makeup’ on the ground, holding a pair of professional scissors in his hand, and began to cut the dress.

When she saw Jian Dan’s design just now, she suddenly had a good idea.

Time was limited and the design of the entire garment could not be changed.

But… its soul could not be stolen! Only she could fully express it!

Gina saw that Li Shengxia actually started a new round of transformation of the dress, and couldn’t help sneering, “Li Shengxia, you are really crazy, what if you change your work? Where will you go to find a new model?”

Because this work was now being remodelled on the ground, no one knew what Li Shengxia changed it to, just pointing at her and the work.

Tan Qing did not participate in the exhibition, and just watched the show from beginning to end.

The next one was Li Shengxia’s turn. She wanted to see what kind of uproar it would cause when she exhibited a work that was almost the same as someone else’s work.

Li Shengxia didn’t listen to what other people were saying at all, she only had less than ten minutes…

“The name of the next work is ‘Ten Mile Red Makeup’, and now let’s invite our model on satge.” It’s done!

When Li Shengxia heard her name being called on the stage, she immediately put away the ‘Ten Mile Red Makeup’ and flashed into the dressing room…

She had to say, she was more nervous than ever.

On the stage…

The host looked awkwardly at the empty stage and adjusted the atmosphere: “It must be because the applause is not warm enough, let us once again give warm applause to welcome the eleventh work ‘Ten Mile Red Makeup’ to the stage!”

Warm applause sounded.

Li Shengxia walked out of the dressing room wearing the ‘Ten Miles Red Makeup’.

Some designers saw that she was still wearing the original clothes, and couldn’t help sneering: “Came out… She came out…”

“Li Shengxia… Hahaha, is this your dying struggle just now? This is the same as the one just now. What’s the difference between clothes!”

“That’s right, that’s right…Are you crazy?”

“Don’t you feel ashamed!”

“That’s right, get out of here!”

A sneer appeared on the corner of Jian Dan’s lips, soul? Essence? She couldn’t see it. Sure enough, it’s just talk!

Li Shengxia ignored what those people said, and walked to the stage by herself…

The stage was still calling for her to appear, and the warm applause was endless.

Although the sarcasm of others could be heard clearly, but the person who was being sneered at didn’t know what it was, she raised her head arrogantly and walked forward. Step by step, she walked very seriously and gracefully.

This was her stage. It was the only stage where she could get her ‘child’ back!

Her work was like her ‘child’, and she would go to great lengths not to let it be given someone else’s name.

It was called ‘Ten Mile Red Makeup’, not called ‘The red thread around the finger’, nobody could forget it.

Its mother was called Li Shengxia, not Jian Dan!

But as soon as Li Shengxia stepped on the stage, the applause stopped, and what followed was the incredible exclamation of everyone.

“God, what’s going on… isn’t this dress just same as Jian Dan’s?”

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