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The three got seated, Ran Shutang and Xie Lin had been waiting for them. When ordering, Fu Yuanzhou deliberately avoided all the dishes he liked, while Shen Xigou ordered all his favorite dishes. This scene fell in Xie Lin’s eyes. Inside, he glanced at Fu Yuanzhou and didn’t say anything about it.

In addition to Yu Fei, Xie Lin and Ran Shutang had both met Shen Xigou for the first time, and Fu Yuanzhou had also met him for the first time on the surface, so Yu Fei was responsible for introducing the two sides. When introducing Fu Yuanzhou, he smiled and said, “This is someone I have known since I was very young. My friend, his name is Fu Yuanzhou.”

“Fu Yuanzhou…”

Shen Xigou looked at him slowly and smiled at Fu Yuanzhou, “It’s a nice name.”

Fu Yuanzhou also smiled at him, but his hand holding the knife was sweating a little.

“This is Shen Xigou, I usually call him Lorenzo, you can call him whatever you want.” After Yu Fei introduced him, he asked Shen Xigou, “Why did you come back this time?”

“I came to meet someone I met online. My friend.” Shen Xigou said, “but I haven’t seen him yet, I may have made him angry, so he refuses to contact me.”

He kept looking at Fu Yuanzhou: “Yuanzhou feels a lot like my friend, I want to ask you, if you were my friend, why would you be mad at me?”

“I don’t know.” Fu Yuanzhou avoided his eyes, “I’m not him, I can’t guess what he was thinking, maybe the reason is very complicated.”

“Really?” Shen Xigou sighed softly, “Maybe. He suddenly started ignoring me, obviously we had a good relationship before.”

“You value him?” Yu Fei asked.

Shen Xigou smiled and nodded: “Of course, otherwise I wouldn’t come to him. Before that, I didn’t even know his appearance and real name.”

Hearing this, Yu Fei’s expression changed a little, and he looked at Shen Xigou, while Shen Xigou kept watching Fu Yuanzhou, Fu Yuanzhou lowered his eyes and said nothing, quietly eating what he ordered, completely unlike his usual cheerful appearance.

“Lorenzo,” he said. “Come with me.”

Shen Xigou raised his eyebrows and followed him to a quiet corner somewhere in the restaurant.

Yu Fei leaned against the wall lightly, he first turned on his mobile phone and glanced at the message he had just recieved, then turned his head and asked him, “You have been looking at Zhou just now, do you suspect that he is your netizen?”

Shen Xigou looked at him, then after a while, he nodded and replied, “Yes, he is very similar.”

“What evidence do you have?” Yu Fei asked, “You said just now that you don’t know the face and real name of your netizen.”

“Seven sent me a back photo.” Shen Xigou said, “I’ve seen it many times, and it’s very similar to Yuanzhou’s back.”

“Just based on the back, you think it’s him?” Yu Fei asked.

“And his attitude towards me.” Shen Xigou said, “Although he is covering up, he is uneasy, and he is rejecting me. If I was a stranger to him, his performance would not be like this. “

He paused, then added, “So he knows me and doesn’t like me, which is in line with Seven’s sudden blockade of me. He may have learned about my appearance through some means, and because of that, he might have gotten certain reasons to reject me.” He looked at Yu Fei, “This has something to do with you?”

“Me? What do you think will happen if I said something to Zhou?” Yu Fei smiled, “You can really imagine it.”

Shen Xigou ignored his sarcasm and said in a light tone: “I’m pretty sure, he is Seven.”    

“Whether he is or not,” Yu Fei said, “don’t pursue him.”

“Are you warning me?”

“It’s not a warning, just a reminder.” Yu Fei said, “Zhou is someone I’ve liked for many years. If you want to make friends with him, you can, but you can’t pursue him. Besides, as you said, he rejects you, then I won’t help you even more, I respect his wishes.”

“Respect?” Shen Xigou smiled, “Isn’t that medicine bought for him?”

Yu Fei’s eyes sank: “And you don’t need to care.”

The banned drug he used to simulate pheromone insensitivity was introduced to him by Shen Xigou, in order to reduce the use of inhibitors and allow Fu Yuanzhou to adapt and rely on his pheromones little by little.

He didn’t intend to trigger Fu Yuanzhou’s estrus, so after Fu Yuanzhou fell into a fever that day, he had been regretting it. It didn’t matter how he himself suffered, but he didn’t want Fu Yuanzhou’s body to have problems. Later, he threw away all the medicine and kept using inhibitors, as he accompanied Fu Yuanzhou carefully to avoid unexpected situations.

Compared to Zhou, Lorenzo, who was just an ordinary friend, was of course nothing. Although he didn’t know why he hated Lorenzo, since he didn’t like him, he certainly won’t help the other party. He obviously didn’t want to be with him.

What’s more, Lorenzo was not a good person.

Thinking of the text message Fu Yuanzhou sent to him just now, in which, Fu Yuanzhou asked him not to tell Shen Xigou his contact information, Yu Fei simply said, “I’ve never seen Zhou using Instagram. He shouldn’t be the Seven you’re looking for. I advise you not to put your energy on him, so as not to delay your finding that person.”

Shen Xigou smiled and shook his head: “Yes or No, it’s up to me to confirm.”

“Don’t use your pheromones to test him.”

Yu Fei recalled some things from the past and increased his tone. Lorenzo’s pheromones were dangerous, and he didn’t want Zhou to be affected by them.

“I won’t.” Shen Xigou said with a smile, “I think with me here, Sevenโ€”or Yuanzhou, he’ll be very unhappy, I’d better go first.”

“If there is a chance, keep in touch.” Yu Fei said in a perfunctory tone. If he had the idea of reminiscing with Shen Xigou before, now he just wanted to let Shen Xigou go as far away as possible.

Shen Xigou said meaningfully: “We will have more opportunities to meet in the future.”

At the same time as the two of them were conversing, Fu Yuanzhou sat in the same place, and after sending the text message to Yu Fei, he got into a tangle, wondering whether he should run or not. Did Shen Xigou doubt him?

But it seemed a little late now, he felt that Shen Xigou might have discovered something, and was testing him just now.

Fu Yuanzhou held his fork and poked at the almost untouched food on his plate. His face became even more ugly. In order to avoid the suspicion that he was Seven, he also ordered what he hated the most, and now he couldn’t eat anymore…

Suddenly a hand reached over and took Fu Yuanzhou’s plate away, while he pushed another plate of untouched food over. It was Xie Lin who exchanged the main dishes for the two of them.

“Don’t force yourself.” Xie Lin lowered his eyes and cut the steak on the plate, “Go back and tell me if you have something.”

Ah, yes, Xie Lin knew what he hated to eat…

Fu Yuanzhou was stunned for a moment, feeling a little moved, but Xie Lin’s words made him feel that he was in trouble again, did he have to go back and explain to Xie Lin? How should he deal with it? He wouldnโ€™t have to tell what happened in his past life, would he?

“You don’t like that person.” Even Ran Shutang said the same.

“…Is it so obvious?” Fu Yuanzhou was a little ashamed, Xiaofei and Shen Xigou must have seen it too.

Ran Shutang pursed his lips: “You used to have the same attitude towards me.”

“How can you be like him!” Fu Yuanzhou instantly forgot the troubles just now when he heard this, and immediately sat beside Ran Shutang to please him.

Who was Ran Shutang? That was his benefactor and friend, he couldn’t allow him to say that about himself!

“Come on, what do you want to eat today? I’ll treat you.”

Fu Yuanzhou was so enthusiastic that he was almost about to hug Ran Shutang’s shoulder and call him brother. Ran Shutang couldn’t adapt and felt shy, so he kept moving to the side until Xie Lin took the knife and the fork and placed it on the table, the force was relatively heavy, so the sound of it was very clear.

Fu Yuanzhou, who suddenly got stuck: “…” Did he do something wrong?

Xie Lin was looking at him, Fu Yuanzhou was a little stiff, then he slowly moved away from Ran Shutang, and sat back in his original position. Fortunately, Yu Fei came back at this time, not only saving him, but also bringing good news, Shen Xigou had left beforehand and would not come back for lunch.

Fu Yuanzhou jumped up and down in an instant and greeted the waiter: “Hello, I want to add more dishes!”

After lunch, Ran Shutang and Fu Yuanzhou bid farewell to each other. Before leaving, he said to Fu Yuanzhou, “I was very happy today, thank you.”

“Me too. Very…” Fu Yuanzhou just wanted to say this, but he remembered Shen Xigou, and his good mood instantly deflated, then he finally said, “See you at school.”

“Okay, see you next week.” Ran Shutang said.

The driver came to pick up Fu Yuanzhou, Xie Lin and Yu Fei. Fu Yuanzhou was supposed to be sitting in the co-pilot seat, but Xie Lin held down the car door and said to him, “Come and sit.”

“It’s too crowded for three people to sit in the back?” Fu Yuanzhou whispered, “Seeing that Xiao Fei has gone in…”

“Come here.”

Xie Lin glanced at him, and Fu Yuanzhou didn’t dare to speak any more.

“You can say it.”

After the car started, Xie Lin held Fu Yuanzhou’s hand, turned his head to look at him, and said.

“What?” Fu Yuanzhou pretended not to understand, and tried to withdraw his hand, but Xie Lin did not comply, and instead he held his hand even tighter.

“You and Shen Xigou.” Xie Lin said, “and Ran Shutang.”

Fu Yuanzhou was taken aback, what does this have to do with Ran Shutang?

“Why are you suddenly close to him?” Xie Lin said, “You two had a very bad relationship.”

Fu Yuanzhou: “…”

Damn, he was not jealous again, right? How could he even eat Ran Shutang’s vinegar?

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