TCYEC Ch. 17

Entering into the role sounds like a very mysterious state, but as long as there is an opportunity to substitute oneself into the emotion of the character, a newcomer can also burst out acting.

The premise is that you don’t have the urge to vomit.

“Kaka Kaka…”

Peng Zhigao was very irritable. For nearly an hour, he hadn’t been able to shoot the first scene. There were only three people, no extras, and no need to pay attention to positioning. How come there is a need for so many retakes.

This time NG is because of Yu Siyang, who has not been causing any trouble.

He was supposed to look at the heroine with a gentle look, but he couldn’t control his frown which made him look tired and irritable.

“I’m sorry. Director Peng, I will leave first.” Yu Siyang suppressed his nausea, stood up and walked out of the studio quickly.

Seeing this, Luo Peng immediately ran over and went after him.

Peng Zhigao said to Wang Tai: “Let’s go and see.”

Wang Tai found the two people in the bathroom. As soon as he went in, he saw Yu Siyang’s pale face that could not even be covered by makeup, lying on the sink and vomiting, and Luo Peng patting him on the back to give him comfort.

“What’s wrong?” Wang Tai walked into the bathroom quickly and called the assistant to bring a tissue.

Yu Siyang looked up at Wang Tai and wanted to say that he was okay. Before he could speak, a bout of nausea surged in his stomach, “Oh…”

“He ate too much.” Luo Peng patted his back, worried. Sighing, said: “Xiaoyu’s stomach is not good.”

Yu Siyang in the earlier movie was playing a part of a melon-eating crowd with just five lines. The director asked him to really eat the watermelon for the sake of shooting effect. There were a group of people in that scene. Because of various reasons, he NGed more than a dozen times, causing him to turn blue after eating so much watermelon in the winter. When he went back at night, he suddenly suffered from acute gastroenteritis, severe dehydration, which almost resulted in intestinal perforation.

Juvenile Yu Siyang was also a stubborn person. In order to pay off his debts, he worked for more than ten hours a day and he went to be a stand-in for people and got beat on a lot, often returning with bruises.

Wei Xiaofeng saw a teenager who had shrunk due to severe abdominal pain in the hospital. He had never cared about the life and death of others before. He couldn’t help but feel soft for him. Using himself as a guarantor, he approached Xue Chengxiu and asked the company to help the teenager repay the debt and transfer the creditors, so as to not let the teenager push himself too hard.

 It’s just that although the disease was cured, its roots were still there. It’s fine when paying attention to diet on weekdays. However, once overeating or eating rotten and unclean things happens, he will vomit and experience severe abdominal pain.

He did not feel comfortable after eating so many steaks today.

Luo Peng was so upset that he had forgotten Xiaoyu’s problem, and watched him stupidly hurt himself again and again.

“Send him to the hospital for an examination.” Peng Zhigao, who was following, asked Wang Tai to prepare the car.

“No, no,” Yu Siyang washed his face with water, washing off the make-up that had been messed up from the cold sweat, and with a pale face, forced a smile: “I’m fine, it’s better already.”

“Xiaoyu, your face is as pale as a ghost, is this what you call okay?!” Luo Peng was very angry, angry that he did not take good care of the child. As a qualified agent, he must always maintain his own artists’ rights and condition.

Yu Siyang with the support of the sink, stood up straight, and deliberately jumped twice to show that he was really strong as a cow.

What the hell, this body first suffered from concussion and intracranial hemorrhage, and now it is found to have gastroenteritis, which will cause one to feel weak and vomit. What will happen next? Let it come together while he is mentally prepared.

As long as it doesn’t develop into madness where he is crying in the wind and sad for the moon, everything else…reluctantly…well, he could still accept more blows.

“Are you really okay?” Peng Zhigao doubted, seeing him look as if he was about to faint at any time. Is this also called okay?

Yu Siyang nodded: “I’m okay.”

“Okay, you take a break first, and I will take shots of other people.” Since Yu Siyang said this, Peng Zhigao would not insist on sending him to the hospital. As it is, the time for the film to be released is tight.

Luo Peng helped Yu Siyang walk slowly back to the studio, Peng Zhigao asked someone to move a recliner over and let Yu Siyang take a rest.

Peng Zhigao’s assistant Zheng Qiu came over, squatted on the edge of the chair, took the opportunity to touch Yu Siyang’s hand, and asked anxiously: “Yangyang, are you okay, your face is so pale.”

He has never been referred to as “Yangyang”. Such a cute name- except for Xue Yunmu’s call of “Brother Yangyang”, but the three-year old boy is a child, so if he called him it was cute, but being called by an adult made Yu Siyang feel very embarrassed.

“Sister Qiu, I’m fine, thank you.” 

“Oh, good.” Zheng Qiu looked like a fan.

Chang Ji ran over with a thermos cup in his hand and said mysteriously, “Xiao Yu, would you like some red date tea? I stole it from Director Peng.”

Luo Peng gestured to Chang Ji with his eyes that Director Peng is standing behind him and has heard everything.

The staff in the crew all came to pay attention to Yu Siyang, and their contempt for Hong Zhehao deepened a lot.

They watched him NG all morning, and the whole crew was tormented because of him. This kind of acting ability can actually also win the Golden Swallow Award as the emperor. The Golden Swallow Award is indeed the shadiest award.

“He’s pitiful.” Standing next to Hong Zhehao, Ji Man said pityingly: “The good one got sick. It’s a disaster.”

Seeing Hong Zhehao being pushed out by the crew with contempt, Ji Man was so happy that she wanted to sing.

Couldn’t she see the hickey on his neck?

Calling Mu Chen away from her?

He thought she would feel sick in this way?


With the little spare time, it’s better to hone your acting skills and compare them with the newcomers.

In the entertainment industry, you can’t offend the big guys in the circle. This is a consensus. If you are blocked by the big guys, you can only blame yourself for not thinking.

But those little guys in the circle were still good to others.

The little guy may not have the momentum of the big guy, but in this circle, if people wanted you to stumble, you couldn’t guard against it. If you offended them, you can also only blame yourself for being stupid.

This is the lesson that Ji Man has learned after nearly ten years in this industry, having fallen a lot and suffered countless dark losses.

Look at the newcomer, he was more likely to be humane to others. In just one day, he used the steamed dumplings he made to subdue the people up and down in the crew.

Although it is a bit exaggerated to say “submission”, it is an indisputable fact that when he is sick, everyone in the crew cares about him.

Looking at the attitude of these people, the look in Hong Zhehao’s eyes was a little bad. This is really a group of lovely people.

“It’s okay, don’t group yourself here, hurry up and do something for me.” Peng Zhigao drove away the people surrounding Yu Siyang like a fly. “First take a close-up of the hero and heroine, and prepare the props. I will take the cooking shots later.”

Ji Man was in a good mood and went to the makeup artist to get her make-up refreshed. Before leaving, she did not forget to stab at Hong Zhehao, “The most important thing for an actor is to improve his acting skills. You are right.”

The photographer, who was passing by with the camera, just heard this and almost couldn’t help bursting into laughter.

The famous vase in the circle was talking about acting skills to another vase. This is ironic.

But to be honest, Ji Man’s performance today was still pretty good, at least some acting skills could be seen.

And that Hong Zhehao, he proved that robots can also act, the future of the earth will surely be occupied by artificial intelligence, in fact, he looks like an AI who is pretending to be human to hide among humans.

Hong Zhehao stared at Ji Man’s back darkly.

Mu Chen is going to throw away this old woman sooner or later, let’s see how long she can be proud.

As for the newcomer…

Hong Zhehao looked at Yu Siyang with a bad expression.

There are so many ways to rectify a newcomer in this circle.

The problem is Ji Man’s use of him as the knife made him very unhappy. (TL: Didn’t get it)

Hong Zhehao’s gaze was so focused, that Yu Siyang felt it like a stab on his back. On looking back puzzledly, he got a contemptuous sneer.

“Huh?” Yu Siyang was puzzled, he hadn’t done anything to offend him.

“What’s the matter?” Luo Peng put away his mobile phone. He was calling Wei Xiaofeng to report Yu Siyang’s situation. Wei Xiaofeng scolded him on the other side of the phone.

“Nothing.” Yu Siyang shook his head, seeing a look of frustration on Luo Peng’s face, he smiled and comforted him, “Xiaofeng-ge scolded you? I’m all right, if there is anything wrong with my body, would I still not know.”

“I am really an incompetent agent.” Luo Peng was embarrassed, and felt that Yu Siyang’s repeated accidents were all because he didn’t take good care of him. If it were Brother Xiaofeng, it would definitely not be the case.

Yu Siyang clenched a fist and thumped his shoulder, “Brother, cheer up, we are all newcomers, and it’s normal to have some problems.”

“Newcomer, how can there be such a normal situation that happens every three to five days.” Is he simply not suitable for being a broker?

“Everything is difficult at the beginning,” Yu Siyang patted him on the shoulder, “You have to eat hardships to become a man.”

That’s right, but how did Xiao Yu’s tone seem like his class teacher in high school? Luo Peng thought that he was being chased by Teacher Lei again.

“Hey, I’m going to shoot, I’ll go to Director Peng.” Yu Siyang went and sat down beside Peng Zhigao.

Luo Peng was depressed-he was so depressed, Xiao Yu comforted him with the tone of the high school head teacher, and he felt all right!

At All-Star Entertainment, Wei Xiaofeng received a call from Luo Peng and almost died of anger.

Putting away the phone, after shouting at Luo Peng, he went straight to the parking lot.

Yu Siyang, who is unwell, doesn’t go to the hospital when he is ill, really wants to get an intestinal perforation.

Luo Peng is also an idiot. He didn’t send people to the hospital. If there was an accident, he wouldn’t even be able to cry.

What kind of evil he has done to meet these two fools in this life.

As soon as Wei Xiaofeng raeched the underground parking lot and found his car, a gorgeous and expensive Bentley parked in the parking space next to him.

“Mr. Xue.”

Xue Chengxiu got out of the car, and Wei Xiaofeng greeted him quickly.

All-Star Entertainment has recently undergone a major change in top management. The original general manager, financial director, marketing department director, and the director of Haixing TV have all been dismissed. Xue Chengxiu has allocated suitable people from various functional departments to replace these positions. He came to All Star Entertainment frequently to avoid any turmoil.

“In such a hurry, where are you going?” Xue Chengxiu nodded slightly and asked casually.

“Something happened to my new artist, I’m going to the studio to take a look.” Wei Xiaofeng pulled the car door and got into the driver’s seat. “Mr. Xue, I’m sorry, I have to leave now.”

Xue Chengxiu let out a “um” and let him go. The assistant walked him to the elevator.

Wei Xiaofeng started the car and drove out of the parking lot.

“I remember that there was only one artist under Wei Xiaofeng.” Xue Chengxiu looked at Yu Mingliang.

Yu Mingliang nodded, “The only artist under him is Mr. Xiaoyu.”

Xue Chengxiu frowned.

“However, Mr. Wei is also the director of the artist department. Strictly speaking, all the artists in the company are under his management.” Yu Mingliang said again.

Xue Chengxiu raised his eyebrows, “What do you want to say?”

Yu Mingliang said blankly and in a flat tone: “Mr. Xiaoyu is very cute.”

“Of course I know.” There is nobody cuter than Xiaoyu.

“Oh.” Yu Mingliang said, “I’ll ask about Mr. Xiaoyu’s situation.”

“Very well, I will give you a bonus this month.”

“Thank you, boss.”

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