MGSGW Ch. 278

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Professor Lin’s class was in the afternoon. Lin Mumu didn’t dare to skip his class, so she had lunch in the school cafeteria and went back to the dormitory for an hour’s lunch break.

“Classmate Lin Mumu, how long has it been since you came back? If Yuanyuan hadn’t cleaned your bed every day, your bed would have been covered in dust.” Chen Fangya teased Lin Mumu.

“Yes, there are people (warming) the bed every day, and you have long forgotten about the bed in our dormitory.” An Xiaoqin followed.

Lin Mumu was also a little embarrassed. It seemed that she hadn’t slept in the dormitory for a long time.

She recalled that she spent countless days and nights in her previous life in the palm-sized world of the dormitory, with her several roommates accompanying her on that small bed.

Thinking like this, Lin Mumu made a decision: “Tonight, if Yun Ting is not at home, I will stay in the dormitory.”

“That’s great, just wait, there will be a good show for you in the evening.” Chen Fangya said to Lin Mumu.

Was it a good show? Lin Mumu knew in her heart that living in the same dormitory with the school belle would of course let her have fun every day. This was how she spent her previous college career~

Lin Mumu had the habit of taking a nap, which lasted ten and a half minutes, but she did not feel lethargic. It seemed that she only became particularly sleepy after seeing Yun Ting.

Without Yun Ting by her side, Lin Mumu returned to the self-reliant Yanda University student with good study and living habits.

She took a nap for half an hour and got up to go to class.

With Chen Fangya’s chirping voice, Lin Mumu didn’t feel that life was monotonous at all.

Religious studies courses were also very popular during this period. Because of the mysteries surrounding it, many people wanted to know about it.

Lin Mumu sat in the corner of the classroom, watching her master in a suit and tie use standard Mandarin with elegant body language to humorously make the originally boring course interesting.

Lin Mumu had never noticed before that her master had the attributes of a charlatan and was quite handsome. This feeling of belonging to a senior scholar was no worse than that of genuine professors born in majors in school.

The most unpleasant thing was probably that Kazuki Inoue and Noko Inoue were the two dog-skin plasters who could always be seen everywhere.

Professor Lin did not accept them into the religious studies major, but they came to attend classes anyway. The school spirit of YSU was open-minded. Students with student ID cards could also attend other teachers’ courses as long as they did not compete for other people’s seats.

Kazuki Inoue and Noko Inoue knew the rules very clearly and followed them very well. This time they sat in the empty seats in the back row and did not get close to Lin Mumu.

But Kazuki Inoue’s eyes seemed to be growing on Lin Mumu’s back, always staring at Lin Mumu, which still made people feel uncomfortable. The most terrifying thing was that this person was also a top student, and he could actually take notes and listen to the lectures word for word while staring at the girl.

Professor Lin also noticed that this little bas**rd from Sakurajima Kingdom was looking at his apprentice. He had an unpleasant feeling that his treasure was being coveted. So, he asked Kazuki Inoue three questions during class, but to his surprise, the boy answered them all.

Professor Lin was still unhappy and couldn’t kick him out, so he could only arrange a task for Lin Mumu during the break: “I also got a few pots of succulent plants for me, please go and take a look at them. You won’t have to attend the first class.”

“Yes!” Lin Mumu had already heard the history and development of religion taught by Professor Lin in class, but she didn’t dare to skip classes because of the moral obligation of a disciple to support his master.

Now that she was pardoned by her master, it was not too late for Lin Mumu to be happy.

“Tianlang, take her over.” Seeing Inoue’s unyielding gaze, Professor Lin placed another bodyguard for Lin Mumu.

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