MGSGW Ch. 279

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Lin Mumu and Lin Tianlang returned to the Bamboo House and immediately saw several pots of succulent plants owned by their master.

“Brother! Where did this thing come from?” Lin Mumu couldn’t help but scream.

The quality of these pots of succulents was something one couldn’t even find in Lin Mumu’s so-called succulent flower shop!

Not only was each pot large and lush, but the most important thing was “brocade”, which was a natural variation of color.

Lin Mumu didn’t expect that her master would have such a good thing.

“This is your loot.” Lin Tianlang leisurely held a cup of tea and gave Lin Mumu the answer.


“Last time at the Jinshan Temple.” There was no need to explain.

Lin Mumu remembered that the last time her master of Jinshan Temple went on a trip to trap his disciple, there was indeed a loot.

“So this thing should be mine?”

“What do you think?” Lin Tianlang gave Lin Mumu a look “then you don’t know our master, you are too innocent”.

“I respect and love my master as my father, and whatever he owns is mine.” Lin Mumu responded shamelessly.

Lin Mumu was a little excited and couldn’t put it down. It was impossible to take it away. Her master did not love flowers as much as his life, but was greedy for money! Knowing that although this thing was small and cheap, this kind of high-quality value thing could cost tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands, and there was still room for appreciation, he would be reluctant to part with it.

Since the things couldn’t be taken away, Lin Mumu couldn’t help but want to pull out a few leaves to reproduce. The more lush the leaves were, the more inconspicuous it would be if a few leaves were removed.

The success rate of Lin Mumu’s open-hanging leaf transplantation also made it easier for her to introduce new varieties.

Lin Mumu started as she was told. The small building had all the tools. After a while, she got a big plate and some planting soil. After placing the leaves one by one, she mixed some water with her fingers and sprayed it on it.

“Just, that simple?” Lin Tianlang had nothing to do, so he just watched Lin Mumu busying herself.

“It will be left for another two days. As long as no one touches it, it should be fine.”

As soon as Lin Mumu finished speaking, she heard a discordant voice: “Succulents are extremely common in our Sakurajima country. I didn’t expect Miss Lin also likes them. I have some experience in raising succulents and I can share it with you.”

“No need.” Lin Mumu felt a sense of relief when she heard the voice of Kazuki Inoue.

Kazuki Inoue always had a smile on his face, and it was the kind of smile that looked sincere and showed no trace of hypocrisy, which made it hard to refuse. It was like if you reject him, you are a bad person.

Lin Mumu said no to this kind of moral kidnapping exchange.

Kazuki Inoue was not embarrassed at all by being rejected, and actually continued to make the request: “I heard that there is a bamboo building by the Yanhui Lake. There are orchids and peonies that Chinese people love most. One kind symbolizes elegance, and the other symbolizes wealth and peace. I wonder if I can be lucky enough to visit?”

“No.” This time it was Lin Tianlang who answered.

“I have long heard that you Chinese people are hospitable, but I didn’t expect that Mr. Lin and Miss Lin always turn down people who have come from thousands of miles away.”

“We Chinese people are only hospitable to friends.” Lin Tianlang looked at Kazuki Inoue quietly: “It does not include those with ulterior motives. Lin Mumu is my master’s most beloved disciple. Anyone who wants to take advantage of her is the enemy of master and me.”

Lin Tianlang’s words contained hints and warnings.

Kazuki Inoue must have understood, but he didn’t pretend to understand and asked: “I heard that Mr. Lin is good at formations. Can I ask for some advice?”

“Okay.” Lin Tianlang put on his posture without flinching.

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