MGSGW Ch. 280

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“Brother, come on.” Lin Mumu cheered Lin Tianlang casually, then carried her large plate of leaf seedlings into the house.

Because of her trust, she could rest assured about her senior brother’s abilities.

She was not sure whether Kazuki Inoue saw her little move, but there was one thing she had to pay attention to. The growth rate of this pot of leaf seedlings must not be seen by Kazuki Inoue.

Otherwise, if the Sakurajima native had sharp eyes and was familiar with succulents, he would definitely be able to tell something was wrong.

In this case, it would be better to put this thing back home, so that she could have a car to help her take it back. It was not convenient for her to put this thing in the basket while riding a bicycle, as it would be scattered over any bumps.

Lin Mumu held the mobile phone and looked at Yun Ting’s phone number, debating whether to call him or not. If he was dealing with official business, would it disturb him if she called him? But he said to call at any time…

Lin Mumu thought for a while and sent a text message:

“Are you free?”

As soon as the text message was sent, Lin Mumu was still thinking about waiting for a reply, when a familiar ringtone rang, and Lin Mumu hurriedly picked up the phone.

“Yun Ting.”

“Well, remember to change your title next time.” Yun Ting’s voice was a little tired.

Lin Mumu knew what he called her, but she was a little embarrassed to say it. She simply pretended to be confused.

“Yun Ting, I’m not going back to sleep tonight.”


“I have a pot of flowers that I want to take back.”

“Set a time and I’ll ask Qiu Jun to pick you up.”

As expected of Yun Ting, he casually asked Qiu Jun to pick her up.

“Oh. When will you come back?” Lin Mumu always felt that Yun Ting’s voice was a little different from usual today.

“In two more days, you can live in the dormitory. Don’t go out on the campus at night, and don’t eat out anymore. Let Nanny Wang make whatever you want to eat. Remember to call Qiu Jun or Lin Tianlang to pick you up when you get home. Don’t be polite to them.”

“Oh, how could I be so weak?”

“Lin Mumu, this is an order.” Yun Ting’s voice suddenly became a little serious.

Lin Mumu was also stunned for a moment, remembering what her master said to her. Ever since she married Yun Ting, she should obey him in everything.

She pushed his limits, so he dared to yell at her?

Lin Mumu felt aggrieved for no reason, and casually retorted: “I’m not your soldier, why should I obey your orders?”

“You are my legal wife, a military dependent, and military dependents are also considered part of the army, and they need to listen to their superior’s arrangements.” Yun Ting felt Lin Mumu’s dissatisfaction and his voice softened.

“Oh, I got it. Leader, do you have any other instructions?”

“There will be a National Day security training for military dependents this Friday night. Basically all the military dependents in Yanjing City will come to participate. You should also go to participate.” Yun Ting said.

“Can I not go?” Lin Mumu pouted, becoming more and more dissatisfied. It was enough to be under his control, why did she still have to go to class!

“No, this is an order!” Yun Ting ordered again seriously.

“Oh.” Lin Mumu’s voice was a bit perfunctory and she was not very interested.


On the phone, there was only a beeping blind tone, which made Lin Mumu not used to it. This was the first time that Yun Ting talked to her so perfunctorily, as if he was avoiding her on purpose.

Lin Mumu’s mood became inexplicably gloomy. She was still in the sweet period of her marriage, so she was not used to being suddenly treated so perfunctorily and coldly, with orders attached.

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