MGSGW Ch. 281

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As the saying went, a woman who is lovelorn is terrible, and a woman who is in a bad mood is equally terrible.

Lin Mumu was in a bad mood at the moment and had to find somewhere to vent.

She pushed them aside and saw Lin Tianlang and Inoue Kazuki locked in a stalemate.

Inoue Kazuki was very savvy in formations, and he actually broke the formation set up by Lin Tianlang. However, Lin Tianlang personally defended the formation, and Inoue Kazuki was unable to break through Lin Tianlang.

“Chinese culture is vast and profound, and what I have learned is not as good as you.” Inoue Kazuki gave up, but refused to admit defeat: “But your talent is too poor. After we meet in about a year, I will definitely ask for advice again.”

After that, Inoue Kazuki was ready to go.

“It’s not polite to come and go without reciprocating.” Lin Mumu pushed open the door and walked out: “Mr. Inoue is younger than my senior brother, so he should ask my senior brother for advice. I am younger than you, so I should ask you for advice. Since Mr. Inoue is quite good at fighting, how about you set up a formation and I will break it?”

Inoue Kazuki did not expect that Lin Mumu would take the initiative to talk to him, his eyes lit up, and he agreed without thinking: “It is my honor to compete with a beautiful woman.” Inoue Kazuki also knew some formation techniques, which were inherited from Sakurajima Kingdom. They were different from China’s formation methods, and they also had their own uniqueness.

Inoue Kazuki certainly had some ability if he dared to challenge Lin Tianlang.

Today was a society of international exchanges. Whether it was Master Jueming, Professor Lin or Lin Tianlang, they had done some research on some mysterious foreign forces.

It was just that Professor Lin was very protective of Lin Mumu and rarely studied these things with her. He just wanted her to be a little princess and live a peaceful life without getting involved in these complicated disputes.

Now Lin Tianlang looked at Kazuki Inoue’s formation and was not 100% sure. He was more worried about Lin Mumu: “Either, should I, the senior brother, come first?”

“Just give me a chance to show off.” Lin Mumu’s tone was a bit strong. She was angry because Yun Ting had bullied her just now.

“Please!” Inoue Kazuki made a gesture of invitation.

“Then I’ll not be polite.” Lin Mumu hugged her little white dog with a strange smile on her face.

Although Lin Mumu looked weak, she was very fast.

When she was thinking about Inoue Kazuki, strange wind chimes sounded all around Inoue Kazuki, and there were several strange paper charms stuck to the ground.

Lin Mumu rushed over seemingly recklessly, but didn’t step on any of them, and just rushed straight towards Inoue Kazuki.

Inoue Kazuki’s eyes also lit up. This was the fastest person he had ever seen to break the formation! No matter Sakurajima Country or other countries, he had never seen anyone faster than Lin Mumu.

The scary thing about Lin Mumu was that she did not leave after breaking the formation, instead she casually changed the positions of a few talismans, and took out a cinnabar pen to draw a few lines and circles on the ground next to Inoue Kazuki.

Why did it look so much like the circle Sun Wukong drew for Tang Sen?

After doing all this, Lin Mumu still held her dog and walked leisurely back to the yard.

Two men were left looking at each other – “Lin Tianlang and Inoue Kazuki.

Inoue Kazuki didn’t understand what this Chinese girl did. He just seized the opportunity to get close to Lin Mumu and used his senses to feel Lin Mumu, a very special person.

Lin Mumu’s speed in breaking through the formation surprised him, but what next?

“Have pity on yourself. Women are not easy to mess with, especially women who are stronger than you.” Lin Tianlang gave Inoue Kazuki a piece of advice and chased after Lin Mumu in a good mood.

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