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“Sorry, my family is here this noon. I really have something to do. I will definitely call back to Ms. Wen another day to express my apologies.”

“Dining with your family?”

Shen Junyu nodded and explained, “My mother and my sister are here, they are near the company and asked me to go to lunch together, so…”

“It turns out that Qinglan and Auntie are here, so I won’t bother you. Let’s have lunch together another day. I’ll give you this document first.” Wen Xiyao understood. She smiled and took out the documents from his bag.

Shen Junyu took it and handed it to Yu Bin, “I’m really sorry about this time.” He was so busy in the morning that he forgot that he had made an appointment with Wen Xiyao for lunch at noon today. So, he just agreed when Shen Qinglan called him over.

“Mr. Shen doesn’t have to be so polite. Spending time with your family is also very important. However,” Wen Xiyao paused, “Next time, Mr. Shen, please treat me to a big meal.” The words were playful, but they relieved Shen Junyu well. He was embarrassed and apologetic in his heart.

Shen Junyu smiled warmly, “Of course.” After working together with Wen Xiyao for a while, the two of them were in harmony with each other at work. Wen Xiyao was resolute and neat in doing things, which was very suitable for Shen Junyu. It was a pleasure to work with her for Shen Junyu. The two people’s first impression of each other had changed a lot, and they thus had more private contacts.

“Then I’ll leave first and make an appointment next time.” Wen Xiyao said goodbye, walked to the elevator, and stopped again, “By the way, are there any more delicious restaurants nearby that you can recommend?”

Wen Xiyao asked, “Now when I go back to the company, there will be no food in the cafeteria. It’s better to eat here and then go back. But I’m not familiar with this area, so I don’t know what’s delicious.”

“Why don’t Ms. Wen eat with us?” Shen Junyu thought. He thought whether or not to invite her, but Wen Xiyao and Qinglan knew each other anyway, so it would be okay to have a meal together.

“Is it convenient?”

Shen Junyu nodded, “As long as Ms. Wen doesn’t mind.”

“Then it doesn’t bother me.” Wen Xiyao followed the good example and it was really boring to eat alone.

Shen Qinglan was surprised when she saw Wen Xiyao appearing with Shen Junyu. She didn’t know how the two people got together.

“Sister Xiyao, why are you with my brother?”

“Ms. Wen’s company is now a partner with our company. I was originally supposed to have lunch with her at noon, but you and mom came here, so I thought we might as well eat together.” Shen Junyu explained but he did not see Chu Yunrong in the box, “Where is mom?”

“She went to the bathroom.”

“Qinglan, long time no see. I have been thinking about asking you to have lunch with me since I came to the capital, but Mr. Shen said that you are not in the capital. Did you just come back?” Wen Xiyao was very happy to see Shen Qinglan.

“Well, I just came back a few days ago. I didn’t expect Sister Xiyao to come to the capital to work.” Last time they met in Linshi, she didn’t hear Wen Xiyao mention it, so she thought she was going back to Haicheng to work.

“Qinglan, Mom seemed to have seen your friend just now…” Chu Yunrong came in from the outside, and when she saw the people in the box, her subsequent words were automatically silenced.

“Who is this?” Chu Yunrong looked at Wen Xiyao and asked with a smile.

“This is Wen Xiyao, Ms. Wen of Xinhe International, who is also Qinglan’s senior.” Shen Junyu introduced, “This is my mother.”

“Hello, aunt, it’s our first time meeting. Excuse me.” Wen Xiyao smiled gently. It was appropriate, the upbringing of a big family was clearly revealed in her smile.

“I originally made an appointment with Ms. Wen to have lunch together at noon, so we came over together.” Shen Junyu explained.

Chu Yunrong, who was originally happy that Shen Junyu brought a girl to eat with them, had a hint of disappointment in her eyes, but she still kept a smile on her face, “Hello, Miss Wen, I didn’t expect you and our family’s Qinglan to know each other, please sit down quickly.”

“Miss Wen is Qinglan’s senior sister?” During the lunch, Chu Yunrong couldn’t help but ask.

Wen Xiyao smiled and said, “Auntie, just call me Xiyao. Qinglan and I are from the same school, but I went to study abroad when she was just a freshman. I have been abroad in the past few years and only recently returned to China.”

Chu Yunrong smiled and nodded, “Xiyao looks very young. You are not very old, but you can become the general manager of Xinhe International. You are really young and promising.”

“Auntie, you have given me too much credit. It was just a coincidence, I was lucky enough to meet the chairman of Xinhe International when I was studying abroad. This time, their general manager retired, and I planned to return to China for development, so I came here.”

“How old is Xiyao this year?”


“Not bad, not bad. You’re only twenty-seven and have achieved what you have today.” Chu Yunrong smiled, making Shen Junyu speechless.

“Mom, it’s rare for someone to have a meal with us. If you’re checking her household registration information like this, Ms. Wen won’t dare to cooperate with me in the future.” Shen Junyu said half-jokingly.

Chu Yunrong glared at her son, “Who am I doing this for?” Turning to smile at Wen Xiyao, “I talk a lot, Xiyao, don’t mind.”

Wen Xiyao shook her head, “No, chatting with aunt is a very pleasant thing,”

Chu Yunrong was laughing heartily, Shen Qinglan and Shen Junyu looked at each other. Shen Junyu’s eyes were filled with helplessness, while Shen Qinglan’s was full of fun. For the next time, they could only listen to these two people chatting very speculatively.

“Xiyao is not from the capital?”

“No, I’m from Haicheng.”

“Haicheng.” Chu Yunrong paused slightly, “Are you the daughter of the Wen family in Haicheng?”

Wen Xiyao nodded, “Wen Bingchuan is my father.”

Chu Yunrong suddenly realized that she was Wen Bingchuan’s daughter. No wonder she was so outstanding. Her impression of Wen Xiyao became even better. “Is Xiyao alone in the capital?”

“Well, everyone in my family is in Haicheng.”

“It’s not easy for a girl to live alone in a foreign place. You can come to my house as a guest when you have time on weekdays. I’m usually at home. Qinglan has nothing to do. We can have tea and go shopping together.”

Wen Xiyao glanced at Shen Junyu and asked, “Is it inconvenient to come and disturb you so often?”

“What’s the inconvenience? I don’t have anything to do on weekdays. If you are willing to come and accompany me, I would be happy and your father and Junyu’s father also know each other. They are also old classmates. Speaking of which, if your father hadn’t returned to Haicheng that year, you and Junyu would have been childhood sweethearts.”

Wen Xiyao was surprised, “My father and Uncle Shen are classmate?” She automatically ignored the four words “childhood sweetheart” in Chu Yunrong’s mouth. When she heard these four words, she would think of that guy Du Nan, which really gave her a headache.

“Yes, they were classmates in the same military school back then, but they were far apart, so we didn’t have much contact.”

“I didn’t expect that aunt and I would have such a fate. No wonder I had a very fond impression of Qinglan when I first saw her.”

Wen Xiyao was very talkative and knowledgeable. Within just one meal, she and Chu Yunrong had a lively chat. When saying goodbye, Chu Yunrong kept inviting Wen Xiyao to her home for the weekend. Such that she had no choice but to agree.

“Junyu, you send Xiyao back, Qinglan and I will leave first. Xiyao, aunt is waiting for you at home on the weekend, so you must come.” Wen Xiyao nodded with a smile, “Okay, goodbye aunt.”

“Qinglan, is your senior single now?” After getting in the car and leaving, Chu Yunrong remembered to ask this most important question.

Shen Qinglan glanced sideways, “Mom, you didn’t ask just now?”

Chu Yunrong looked annoyed, “I forget to ask because we were so happy talking? Why don’t you call her and ask?”

“Mom, are you really not afraid of asking these question, maybe because of this sister Wen might be scared away?”

“That’s right, I’d better not ask for now.” Chu Yunrong nodded in agreement, and after a while, she spoke again, “You have such a good senior, she is beautiful and well-educated.”

Shen Qinglan raised her eyebrows, “Didn’t you say last time that Uncle Zhang’s daughter was nice and asked my brother to treat her to lunch and a movie?”

“Your brother doesn’t like her, and I can’t force them to be together, right? But this girl was brought to us by your brother himself. Do you think that if your brother doesn’t have any interest in this girl, he can bring her to have lunch with us?”

“Brother said, they are just partners. They originally had an appointment at noon.” Shen Qinglan reminded.

“I said you were smart, but you immediately became confused. You don’t know your brother’s personality. If he didn’t have the slightest interest in this girl, he would definitely not let us eat with her, causing discomfort, and unnecessary misunderstanding.”

It made sense, and Shen Qinglan was speechless.

On the other side, Shen Junyu sent Wen Xiyao to the downstairs of the company and said to her apologetically, “I’m so sorry, my mother…” Shen Junyu felt embarrassed when he saw his mother asking her such questions when they first met.

There was a smile on Wen Xiyao’s eyebrows, “I understand, as a parent, but Mr. Shen really should find a girlfriend, I think aunt is worried.”

Shen Junyu glanced sideways at her and smiled warmly, “Of course there are more suitors than Miss Wen, but why haven’t I seen Miss Wen’s suitor recently? Could it be that he lost confidence because of Miss Wen’s shock and has since found a new love?”

Wen Xiyao gritted her teeth, this man was still so hateful.

She glanced at Shen Junyu with a half-smile, “Mr. Shen must have been a Pacific policeman in his previous life.” He was really lenient.

After saying that, she got out of the car and walked away without even saying goodbye. Shen Junyu looked at her back as she left angrily, with a smile on his face.

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