Golden Temple at night… One of the most magnificent and spiritual experiences of my life….

Guys, here I am with my second entry… Amritsar. So, if you know anything about Amritsar, it must be about the Golden Temple, after all it is one of the biggest Gurudwaras in the world, which is completely gold-plated (and for those who don’t know it is not a temple, that’s just a misnomer) and extremely beautiful. But there are a lot many facets to Amritsar which I will introduce to you now.

Things to do in Amritsar:

Golden Temple: Of course, this is the number one thing to do in Amritsar. Few suggestions: try to go at night or in the morning around 2:45 when the Darbar opens because at that time you will get the authentic experience of the place. Also, don’t miss the Prasad, it’s the yummiest thing you will eat, and you can also get some water from the Holy Pool surrounding the temple, it is supposed to cure all ills.

Qila Gobindgarh: This is an old fort in the center of the city which was built to defend it. And now after being acquired by a private company, it has started providing various activities ranging from archery, horse riding, camel riding to being able to attend traditional Jaago ceremonies (this is a ritual still performed in Punjabi weddings where the groom runs away from his wedding and his relatives convince him to go back to marry) and seeing authentic Bhangra (folk dance of Punjab) performances. There was also a light and sound show, a 7D movie about the history of Punjab, and even a spy game where you had to steal the Kohinoor, but yeah it was all great fun, and it was very quiet so you can also go there with the mindset of a picnic as there are some shops and eateries inside as well. They have three packages: Rs 300 (just entry), Rs. 400 (entry + activities) and Rs. 500 (entry, activities and light and sound show). Enjoy!


Punjab is the food capital of India, and Amritsar is the food capital of Punjab. So you can understand the number of things a foodie must try in this city. First, there are the eponymous Amritsari Kulcha and the Amritsari Naan with Dal Makhani. Then there are Paranthas which are usually served with butter and curd for breakfast. Lassi is another not missable thing. And then there is the Butter Chicken, it is a delight for every non-vegetarian out there. But be warned, this is all really heavy, so keep some antacids at the ready.


Amritsar is famous for its traditional Phulkari art, so you can buy some Phulkari embroidered scarfs or sandals in the surrounding market of Golden Temple as well as inside Qila Gobindgarh. This was one of the prettiest embroidery I have seen in my life. Apart from that, there are Pakistani suits also available which are really pretty. I’ll attach some examples below, so you can also see it. Anyway I recommend lots of bargaining and lots of fun while doing so.


There are some other historical places that you can visit as well such as the Jaliawallah Bagh and the Partition Museum (this is all near the Golden Temple only). There is also the Wagah Border (which will be one of the most different experience for you, I guarantee it). Amritsar is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit in India, you can contact me for any travel advice or staying advice, if you are ever going that side….

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