PTTP Ch. 6.1: Picking Tiles

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Many Taoist priests actually paid attention to ritual first and used the method of killing the chickens to scare the monkeys. If you could drive them out, drive them out, and if you couldn’t drive them out, then only use violence. This could save a lot of energy.

However, Xie Lingya violently crushed the guest ghosts because of one disagreement. The seven guest ghosts died suddenly in one night, which was extremely cruel.

Shi Changxuan gave the master a few brief explanations, and then silently prepared for the process of welcoming the house god, but the look in Xie Lingya’s eyes was a bit hard to explain.

Uncle He and his wife didn’t think much about it. Teacher Xie just stayed to help. They were still happy that Daochang Shi had agreed to persuade the ghosts to be driven out, so they were thinking about what they would do if they came again in the future. As a result, when they turned around, Teacher Xie wiped out the crowd, which was even better.

Xie Lingya was checking his sword, thinking that it would not be used anymore, so he put it away. He didn’t know that he was so violent in the minds of others. This was entirely because he was unprofessional and his control was not so precise. He just did it very simply and crudely.

He Zun came closer and said, “…Teacher Xie, didn’t you say that kindness is kindness?”

After hearing this, he thought it meant it could influence ghosts, but in the end, he killed all seven guest ghosts!

Xie Lingya covered the wooden box and said to He Zun calmly: “Ci is loving kindness, but haven’t you heard of it? Kindness makes you brave, and kindness makes you kind. Was I kind just now?”

He Zun: “…Ci Ci Ci.”

He Zun had also learned a little bit about Taoism before. When he first heard Xie Lingya talking about the three treasure sword, he thought they were the three Taoist treasures of “Tao, Master, and Scripture.”

In fact, it referred to the three treasures of “compassion, thrift and yielding”. The Tao Te Ching said: I have the Three Treasures, hold on to them and protect them. The first is compassion, the second is frugality, and the third is not daring to be the first in the world.

These three were the inspiration for the ancestors of Baoyang Temple to study the Three Treasure Swords, and they were also the core of the Three Treasures Sword.

But he didn’t know why, He Zun still felt speechless when Xie Lingya explained it like this…

Shi Changxuan continued the rituals over there, as he had to welcome back the main god of the house. After everything was done, the time had reached twelve o’clock.

Because it was too late, Uncle He let them stay, but Shi Changxuan was unwilling. Xie Lingya originally thought it was a good idea, but when he saw Shi Changxuan’s refusal, and then thought about how he had to get up early every day to open the door for people fetching water, he decided to go back.

Uncle He had no choice but to say, “Then I’ll drive you two back.”

Aunt He took out two thin red envelopes and gave them to Xie Lingya and Shi Changxuan respectively.

He Zun was staying back, so Xie Lingya and Shi Changxuan went out to wait for Uncle He to drive out.

Xie Lingya was thinking about how to strike up a conversation with Shi Changxuan and exchange their contact information when Shi Changxuan suddenly said: “I saw you in Taihe.”

Xie Lingya raised his head in surprise, “I went to participate in the rain praying ceremony. Yes, but how did Master Shi notice me?”

Was his excellence so powerful that it could not be concealed?

Shi Changxuan: “…You kept staring at me.”

Xie Lingya: “…” The confusion caused by silence.

Xie Lingya was confused and a little embarrassed, so he changed the subject and said, “By the way, actually I have a question… Let me just say that I don’t mean any harm, but is Guanzhu Chen okay now?”

Shi Changxuan looked at him with a frown.

“Did something really happen?” Xie Lingya was a little surprised at his reaction.

In fact, he was just making random guesses. From what his uncle said about similar things, that is what happened to the losers in a spiritual fight, he thought of Chen Sansheng who did not appear at the rain praying ceremony, and then he heard Mr. Wang and the others say that Fang Zhenxing picked up money with Uncle He and got hit.

Xie Lingya had a flash of inspiration and connected the two. Could it be that after Fang Zhenxing’s accident, he asked Chen Sansheng to break the curse, but Chen Guanzhu accidentally fell into the curse as well. This explained why Mr. Wang was able to invite Shi Changxuan (since he looked honored), and how Shi Changxuan knew that Uncle He had made a fortune.

Shi Changxuan agreed probably because Uncle He was related to that matter.

“Actually, I just made a wild guess. I don’t even know Guanzhu Chen, so you don’t have to worry.” Xie Lingya said to Shi Changxuan.

Shi Changxuan stared at Xie Lingya for a few seconds, as if judging whether his words were true or false, and after a while he slowly moved away.

Do you believe it or not? Xie Lingya was a little confused. Why was Shi Changxuan always like this? He couldn’t read minds. This person was really difficult to get along with!

After a moment, Shi Changxuan handed the red envelope he received to Xie Lingya.

Xie Lingya: “…”

Seeing him staring at him, Shi Changxuan said, “Then I’ll give it to you.”

Hey, wait, does this mean he admitted and believed him? Xie Lingya seemed to understand Shi Changxuan’s logic inexplicably.

… He wanted to take back what he just said, this person was so easy to get along with!

Xie Lingya’s hand reached out to receive the red envelope involuntarily, thinking to himself, I am not doing it for myself, but for my ancestor.

“Thank you, you’re welcome.” Xie Lingya opened the red envelope. Inside was the same check as his. The two cheques added up to a total of 50,000.

They had agreed to pay the market price before, but this price was actually much higher than the market price Xie Lingya had found out. After all, they were sharing it between two people. Speaking of which, it was probably because of Shi Changxuan that they gave so much. When ordinary Taoist priests would perform rituals in the house, not counting ghosts, tens of thousands would still be considered too much.

Xie Lingya put the red envelope away and saw that Shi Changxuan was more pleased with him. He gave him a friendly smile. When he smiled, his silkworm look became more obvious. His eyes were bright, “I heard that Shi Changxuan has a family background. No wonder you’re so awesome, can we exchange contact information so that I can ask you for advice in the future?”

Shi Changxuan looked at him a few more times before slowly exchanging contact information.


At this time, Uncle He also drove up. Xie Lingya thought Shi Changxuan would be sitting in the front, so he got into the back seat, but he also got in the back seat along with Xie Lingya.

Xie Lingya looked at it, but Uncle He didn’t seem to care, and muttered: “Daozhang Shi, Teacher Xie, I heard that it would be better to hang something on the car. I didn’t care before. You say, should I just hang one. And what’s good?”

Shi Changxuan had no intention of speaking. Xie Lingya chatted with him for a few words but didn’t say much. While Uncle He still had to concentrate on driving at night.

Xie Lingya originally wanted to inquire about Shi Changxuan’s situation, but he just leaned back on his chair and closed his eyes. Seeing this, he could only play with his cell phone regretfully. Fortunately, he had already obtained his contact information.

Uncle He first sent them to Taihe Temple, where Shi Changxuan lived. Compared with Baoyang Temple, Taihe Temple was far away from the urban area. Recently, the road was being rebuilt, and there was a section full of potholes.

Xie Lingya was fiddling with his cell phone when he felt a jolt, and he fell onto Shi Changxuan before he could sit still.

“Are you okay?” Uncle He also asked.

“It’s okay. I’m sorry, Daochang Shi.” Xie Lingya looked up and saw that Shi Changxuan still had his eyes closed.

He didn’t even wake up?

Xie Lingya didn’t notice Uncle He looking, and secretly touched Shi Changxuan’s chest when he got up. Before, he only had to look at the face and didn’t touch the bones on the body, especially the chest.

—Although the chance was very small, who knows whether he would touch the same type of Star Bone as him?

But apart from muscles, he didn’t seem to have any special bones. He didn’t expect Daochang Shi to be the type who looked thin when he wore clothes but was actually muscled when he took off his clothes. Xie Lingya thought in his heart.

Xie Lingya looked up inadvertently and saw Shi Changxuan who had opened his eyes at some point and was now looking at him.

Xie Lingya: “…”

Look at this person! He didn’t wake up even when he hit him, but he woke up as soon as he touched him!

Fortunately, Xie Lingya had always been thick-skinned. He stopped his hand as if nothing had happened and looked back at Shi Changxuan, “I’m sorry for not sitting still, haha. It seems that Taihe Temple is arriving soon.”

“…” Shi Changxuan took Xie Lingya’s actions as a matter of course. After staring closely for a while, he actually lost his sight, and a trace of self-doubt appeared in his cold eyes.

As the car drove to the gate of Taihe Temple, Xie Lingya waved goodbye without any guilt: “Please contact me again! ヾ( ̄▽ ̄)”

Shi Changxuan: “…”

He saw Shi Changxuan’s slender back disappearing into the night. Then, Uncle He sighed with emotion: “Teacher Xie and Taoist Shi really hit it off!”

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