IHSB Ch. 74: Su Ran

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The young man seemed to pause when he heard the words, and then his eyes fell on the big dog beside Nuan Nuan.


The young man’s voice was like jade, but there was an inherent coldness in it.

He got up and walked slowly from the kiosk. With short black hair, he was wearing a black pan-mouth Tang suit with exquisite bamboo embroidery, and his figure was as tall and straight as green bamboo, giving people a sense of refreshing beauty.

If it weren’t for his short black hair, Bai Mohua would have thought that his little cousin had travelled to ancient times and met the noble son of a certain aristocratic family.

Even though he was not very old, and his face was even still childish, he had a kind of calmness and dignity that only adults should have, which made people inexplicably feel that he was very reliable.

The young man was burning like a beautiful jade, no matter in appearance or bearing, he was the second most perfect person Bai Mohua had ever seen.

The first one was of course his little cousin. Although his little cousin was still very young and childish, she would definitely be a great beauty when she grew up.


He raised his finger, and the big dog standing next to Nuan Nuan wagged his tail and walked over, rubbing his head against the boy’s fingers, and finally sat firmly beside him.

“My name is Su Ran, and this is my dog named Xingyun.”

Nuan Nuan stood beside her second cousin, introducing herself in a soft and nervous voice.

“My name is Gu Nuan, and everyone calls me Nuan Nuan.”

The young man nodded slowly, “Hello Nuan Nuan, grandpa said that every visitor is a guest, so come here.”

Bai Mohua “…I didn’t even introduce myself.”

Su Ran’s jade-like clear voice said lightly.

“I know you, Bai Mohua, the son of Mr. Bai’s family. Two years ago, you were scared and made to cry by Xingyun. I took Xingyun to apologize to you.”

Bai Mohua: “…you don’t need to say that.”

It would damage his image in the mind of his little cousin.

Three people, a dog and a cat came to the gazebo, Su Ran closed the bamboo curtain, and the gazebo gradually became warmer.

The fifteen-year-old boy poured tea and water for the two of them like a real adult, and there were two plates of pastries on the table.

Bai Mohua held the cat away from the big black dog in a pavilion, and looked at it warily.

Su Ran, “Xingyun doesn’t bite people. When I take it out, I also take it on a leash.”

Bai Mohua muttered, “Whoever made it grow to look so scary.”

The little girl who was drinking tea was not afraid of Xingyun’s head, she even touched Xingyun’s head with a smile.

He was silent for a moment, “Perhaps people’s courage is not equal to their age.”

With a whimper, Bai Mohua felt that he had been stabbed.

This kid opened his mouth like a knife!

“How did you come to my house?”

Su Ran asked, Nuan Nuan stroked Xingyun’s head, and told the story of seeing the kitten fall into his house and what happened after that in her soft and sweet voice. She was speaking clearly, such that Su Ran couldn’t help but take a second look at the beautiful child carved with jade.

“Xingyun doesn’t bite cats or anything. It used to be a military dog. It was kept in my house because it was injured and retired.”

Nuan Nuan’s clear eyes were a little dazed, “Brother Su Ran, what is a military dog?”


Su Ran had a classically gentle and beautiful facial features, but he was still childish, with a sense of distance in his demeanour, she felt very comfortable when getting along with him.

“Military dogs, like soldiers, are heroes who protect the country…”

He explained what military dogs were in a gentle and warm manner. It was simple but allowed people to understand quickly, and he also talked about what happened to Xingyun.

Then Nuan Nuan looked at Xingyun in a different way, with admiration and worry in her big black and white eyes.

“Does Xingyun still hurt now?”

The little girl hugged Xingyun’s dog’s head and put her face close to his, and the big dog obviously liked this obedient and soft child, so he moved his body closer to let Nuan Nuan lean against him, as if afraid that she would fall off the stool.

Su Ran’s obsidian-like deep and dark eyes glanced at the child and dog over there.

“Occasionally it hurts.”

After a pause, he said, “Xingyun likes you very much.”

When Xingyun first arrived at his house, he spent a lot of time with it, and later Xingyun almost became his partner, and also the only playmate in this place.

Nuan Nuan smiled with crooked eyebrows, and her clean and pure eyes made the young man purse his lips.

“I also have a younger sister.”

Su Ran suddenly looked at Bai Mohua.

Bai Mohua looked back at him blankly, “Are you… showing off to me?”

It was great to have a younger sister, so did he have one too?

Unexpectedly, the young man shook his head, his good-looking brows slightly frowned, “I don’t like that sister, she always wants to steal my things, she is not as good-looking as Nuan Nuan and not as clean as her, I want to exchange a sister with you.”

Bai Mohua: “…”

Nuan Nuan: “…”

So, could this thing be exchanged? Why can you speak so seriously and so naturally?

Bai Mohua grabbed Nuan Nuan’s arm and looked at Su Ran almost as vigilantly as a big dog.

“This is my sister!”

Bai Mohua bit the words ‘my sister’ hard, as if he was afraid that the boy opposite would not hear him.

Su Ran: “Be my younger sister instead.”

What’s a big deal.

Bai Mohua looked like a human being, how could he talk like a dog.

“Brother Su Ran, sisters can’t be exchanged.”

Nuan Nuan quickly waved to Su Ran, they really couldn’t be exchanged, she would continue to be the child of her parents.

Su Ran was disappointed, “But you already called me brother.”

Nuan Nuan patiently explained in a soft voice, “That’s because brother Su Ran is older than Nuan Nuan.”

Bai Mohua frowned and said unhappily, “Your sister often robs you then tell your parents! Let them help you solve it.”

Su Ran pursed her lips, “Dad will only let me let her go, and my aunt always says some weird things, and then my father treats me even more harshly. I’m bored.”

When he said this, he just frowned, as if he was talking about other people’s affairs and his eyes were very calm.

Bai Mohua was stunned for a moment, “Wait…that sister of yours…”

“Oh, it’s the concubine’s daughter.”

After a pause, he said, “I heard people say that those two had sex before my mother divorced my father.”

“The girl is called Xiaosan.”

Bai Mohua was almost sent away by his bullshit, seeing Nuan Nuan’s blank and innocent eyes Bai Mohua kept blinking at Su Ran, he thought don’t teach the children bad things! Are these contents a pure and lovely child should listen to?

Su Ran didn’t understand Bai Mohua’s eyes but felt that his eyes were convulsing.

He hesitated for a while and said with perfunctory concern, “Do you want me to call the family doctor to look at your eyes?”

Bai Mohua “…no need.”

They had raised such a blind person.

Bai Mohua felt that his clever mind was not enough to talk to him.

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