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“I feel that your home is not very safe. I’d better take my little cousin and leave.”

Bai Mohua pulled Nuan Nuan to get up, even though he didn’t know many things in life, but he still knew that usually such a mistress had an original partner. A family with two children would basically not be very peaceful.

Su Ran glanced at him, “No, my grandfather and I live in this house, and he and that woman bothered me, so I kicked them out.”

Bai Mohua “!!!”

No… Is there something wrong with this development?

“You… kicked your dad out?”

This boy must be too aggressive!

Su Ran nodded, his tone was very calm, and the corners of his mouth were slightly raised with a little smile.

“I’m the next heir of the Su family. My grandfather has already transferred this house under my name. If I don’t want them to live here, I have the right to drive them out. They were too annoying.”

“Do you think I’m too much?” He tilted his head slightly looking at the two of them, his dark eyes were like a deep well, of which the bottom could not be seen at a glance. The young man was like a stretched scroll, sitting there upright like a bamboo, and his every move was pleasing to the eye.

He just opened his mouth.

Warm, clean and clear eyes met those of the young man, and he said in a soft voice.

“If people who I don’t like grab Nuan Nuan’s things, Nuan Nuan would also be angry.”

But for those who liked her, she would take the initiative to give her things to him.

Bai Mohua nodded, and he was not in a hurry to leave. He was quite curious about this young man, no… To be exact, he was even more curious about this weird gossip.

He looked at Su Ran curiously, “Will you drive them out?”

Su Ran shook his head, “Of course not.”

He didn’t think it was a scandal or a big deal. There was not much emotion.

“Grandpa said, this is my place, and I can do whatever I want, as long as I am happy. They often make me unhappy living here, so I kicked them out naturally. If I didn’t want to, I would have let Xingyun scare them.”

Nuan Nuan holding her delicate chin was listening to him, sitting on the small bench and looking like a fluffy and soft animal, Su Ran suddenly wanted to feed her, just like he fed Xingyun.

Only this one was more squeamish.

Thinking of this, he did the same, picked up a piece of sweet-scented osmanthus cake and brought it to the mouth of the obedient little girl.

“Osmanthus cake, it’s delicious.”

Nuan Nuan blinked her eyes, opened her small mouth and took a small bite of the snow-white pastry dotted with some sweet-scented osmanthus honey, and then her beautiful and clean eyes bent. When she got up, her eyes were sparkling and agile.

The little girl’s milky white cheeks bulged when she was eating, and it really made people want to pinch or poke them.

Su Ran stared at her bulging little soft cheeks for a few seconds, and when Nuan Nuan opened her mouth to take a second bite, his white jade-like fingers really lifted up and pressed gently on her little soft cheeks. Then, a look of surprise flashed across those seemingly plain eyes.

So soft.

Nuan Nuan, who was poked on the cheek, paused for a while, but soon she continued to eat as if nothing had happened. For the sake of being fed, she just… she didn’t care about it.

Bai Mohua stared at the side and his cat’s eyes widened a little bit, how could he even make a move!

“You don’t need to feed, my little cousin can eat by herself!”

Su Ran nodded slowly, and then continued to feed.

Nuan Nuan sat obediently, she opened her mouth and ate almost everything he brought to her mouth obediently, like a snow-white and soft little rabbit.

Bai Mohua: “…”

He wanted to stop it, but his hands were itchy seeing the limp eating appearance of the little cousin, so he also took a piece of pastry and fed her.

The little girl still ate well, she opened her pink and tender mouth and ate the pastry in small bites. Then she became thirsty, her moist eyes stared at the teapot, and before she could pour it herself, a beautiful hand twisted the teapot and slowly poured a cup of fragrant tea into her hand.

Holding the steaming teacup, Nuan Nuan thanked him softly.

“Thank you, Brother Su Ran.”

Being obedient and milky, Su Ran sighed sadly.

Can you really not change and become my sister? If you can’t change it, can I keep you…

Of course, this was just what he thought in his heart, not to mention other people, the person next to Nuan Nuan alone would definitely not allow it.


An old voice sounded outside, Su Ran got up and opened the bamboo curtain in the small pavilion, and a vigorous old man in Tang suit came in from the outside.

He looked at the two young people and his grandson in the pavilion with a little surprise.

“It’s really not easy for you to have guests here, hahaha…”

The old man had a white beard and a tall and straight figure, looking at his kind eyebrows and kind eyes, his smile was a bit hearty and free and easy.

“Grandpa Su.”

Bai Mohua stood up and called respectfully. He hadn’t seen Su Ran much, but he did know the old man in front of him.

“You are… from the Bai family? You’ve grown up so quickly.”

Although the distance between the two families was not too far, it was rare to see the children nowadays because they were studying outside and living in school.

“Hey…Grandpa Su, you still remember me, this is my little cousin.”

Nuan Nuan looked at the old man with clear black and white eyes, and greeted him obediently.

“Hello, Grandpa Su.”

It must be right to call like my cousin.

The old man stroked his beard with one hand, looked at Nuan Nuan and nodded kindly.

“I haven’t seen her before. The little girl looks familiar.”

After thinking for a while, he suddenly paused, “What’s your relationship with Qin Qingqian?”

Yes, this little girl looked very similar to the one from the Qin family. It had been so long…

“She was my grandma.”

Nuan Nuan replied in a childlike voice, she remembered her grandma’s name from when her mother and grandpa talked to her about grandma.

The old man beamed with joy, “So, I forgot that the girl from the Bai family married to the Gu family in Lincheng. When Qingqian married the old man of the Gu family, we often beat him up.”

He also laughed while speaking.

Nuan Nuan: “…”

Bai Mohua: “…”

Was it really appropriate for you to say this in front of his granddaughter?

“Walk, walk… It’s so cold here, come to Grandpa Su’s house and have a seat.”

As he spoke, he came over and held Nuan Nuan’s little hand, as if Nuan Nuan was his own granddaughter.

“When you were born, your grandpa must have been so happy. When he first pursued your grandma, he was so vigorous. Your grandma had two older brothers. She was raised by her family like a pearl since she was a child. How could those two elder brothers be willing to give her up?”

“Ah, I know that your grandpa pursued your grandma so high-profilely, so they made trouble for him when he was in school.”

The old man talked about the past, with a look of nostalgia in his eyes, “Your grandma’s two uncles and I were good friends, and even Qingqian and I were also good friends. They treated their own sister as a pain, but they did a lot of hard work in tripping up your grandfather.”

Nuan Nuan followed him in small steps.

“Then grandpa still married grandma, grandpa is amazing.”

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