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Grandpa Su laughed when he heard this, and said that Nuan Nuan was a clever little ghost.

Nuan Nuan and Bai Mohua had not sat at Su family house for long before Father Gu called to ask where the two of them were, and finally came directly to pick them up.

Before leaving, Su Ran took Xingyun to send them and asked, “Nuan Nuan, when are you leaving?”

The little girl was hugged by her father, and she didn’t know when she would go back, so she cast doubtful eyes on her father.

Father Gu stroked his good daughter’s little furry head.

“We will stay here for a few days.”

Su Ran nodded clearly. He was obviously only a fifteen-year-old boy. Even when talking to adults, he was neither humble nor overbearing. It was quite eye-catching.

“Then I’ll be a guest at Mr. Bai’s house tomorrow.”

Bai Mohua had a bright smile on his face. He had much less fear towards the big black dog.

Nuan Nuan waved to this new friend today with crooked eyebrows.

“Goodbye, brother Su Ran.”

Su Ran nodded, “Well, goodbye.”

On the way home, Father Gu asked her in a warm voice what happy things she did today.

Nuan Nuan told her dad about the happy things that happened today with her fingers in a milky voice. The soft and waxy voice seemed to be sweet, and the air was stained with milky sweetness.

The orange kitten was given a bath after it was brought back, and it was also good. Except for the miserable cry during the bath, it did not run or make trouble at other times. It was a cute cat after drying its hair. A little orange cat.

Bright golden orange color, stomach and his paw pads were white, and it was especially sticky with Bai Mohua.

Almost wherever they went, the little orange cat meowed and followed them there.

Nuan Nuan touched the little orange cat’s hairy face and asked Bai Mohua.

“Second cousin, do you want to raise a little orange?”

Bai Mohua and the little girl squatted together, with their white legs bent, they stepped on the blanket wearing only socks, and poked the little orange cat’s belly with their thin white fingers.

“But Nuan Nuan doesn’t want to raise it?”

Nuan Nuan’s exquisite smiling faces were all tangled together.

“Nuan Nuan already has Briquettes at home, and there are four cats in Mama Cat’s family. If I take Little Orange home, he will be beaten by briquettes.”

Bai Mohua folded his arms and opened his eyes slightly, “Then the Briquettes beat you or beat the cat.”


The little girl looked at the little orange cat with sympathetic eyes, “Beat it up!”.

The little orange cat who was crossing its legs and licking its own hairy balls suddenly became excited, shaking its beard and looking at Nuan Nuan with blank eyes.

Bai Mohua laughed so hard, his cat’s eyes were bent, the halo of the light hit him and the boy looked sunny and gentle.

“Then for Little Orange not to be beaten by Briquettes, let me raise it. I wanted to raise a cat before, but I didn’t have time since I had to go abroad to paint. From now on, you will be the first cat I raise.” Bai Mohua hugged the little orange cat, and one person and one cat rubbed their noses together.

The little orange cat’s ears trembled, its limbs drooped limply and it meowed coquettishly.

“What should I buy to raise a cat?”

He took out his mobile phone and started shopping, sat cross-legged on the ground, put the cleaned little orange cat on his lap, and got together with Nuan Nuan to select on the mobile phone.

“What brand of cat food do you eat? This one looks pretty good, let’s buy a few more and try.”

“This, this… this cat climbing frame looks good.”

Nuan Nuan pointed to one of the furry cat litters, “This little orange likes it.”

“Nonsense, it’s the little cousin who likes it.”

Saying so, he still chose the cat litter with his little finger.

Nuan Nuan smiled softly, and the two heads, one big and one small, talked together, and finally gathered a lot of things.

They didn’t go back that day, and at night, Nuan Nuan missed her grandpa and her brothers. The big brother should be off work, so she called and asked.

Just as she was thinking about this, her cell phone rang. It was a video call request from grandpa and little brother.

She picked up without thinking.

As soon as a person appeared on the phone screen, Nuan Nuan started to shout softly.

“Little brother, grandpa~”

The soft little Nuan Nuan could smell a sweet fragrance when looking at the screen.

“My good granddaughter misses grandpa, doesn’t she?”

Elder Gu heard the sound of his granddaughter’s smile and the wrinkles on his face deepened a lot.

Gu An snorted, “I definitely didn’t think about you, I wouldn’t have made the video call if Grandpa hadn’t asked me to, she doesn’t even remember us!”

The tone should be as proud as it was, but no matter how you hear it, there sounded a sense of grievance.

Grandpa Gu glanced at Gu An angrily, “Who was waiting in front of me for Nuan Nuan’s call? How much effort do you put in to make a video call with your own hands? It’s so awkward until now.”

Gu An’s face turned red immediately, and he sneered at Nuan Nuan to argue.

“Grandpa got it wrong, I didn’t miss you!”

Nuan Nuan smiled and bent her eyes, and said in a childlike voice, “Nuan Nuan misses her little brother, I miss you very much.”

With just such a sentence, Gu An suddenly started shouting.

“I knew you couldn’t leave me. If you think so, why don’t you call me! Don’t you remember?”

Gu An spoke soft words with a fierce expression.

Nuan Nuan softly explained that she was giving a bath to the cat with her second cousin, and then took advantage of the opportunity to share some interesting things she did today with her brother and grandpa.

It was obvious, when he heard about Su Ran’s big dog, Gu An moaned. “What’s so great, I can also take you to see big dogs like huskies and Alaskans. They are not only big but also beautiful.”

After he finished speaking, he added, “I will take you to see them when you come back!”

Grandpa Gu’s tone was a little sad when he heard Nuan Nuan say about Mr. Su, “When I was young, he and your two granduncles made me suffer a lot, but it’s a pity that I was busy with my career and we haven’t seen each other for many years.”

And because Qingqian died of illness, and the two uncles blamed him for not taking good care of Qingqian, so they lost contact with each other a lot. But he won’t talk about these things with the children, so as not to add more worries.

“But grandpa is amazing, grandma married grandpa in the end.” Just this sentence made the old man happy instantly.

After chatting for a long time, Gu An finally said awkwardly, “Don’t you want to see the big dog? It’s better to come back early, or I won’t take you there.”

Nuan Nuan nodded obediently and said yes, and the other side was reluctant to hang up the video call. Nuan Nuan didn’t see her big brother, so she knew that the big brother probably didn’t come back home.

The little girl who missed her big brother also made a video call. At this time, Gu Nan was still taking the lead in working overtime in the studio. When the video call came, he didn’t see clearly and he thought it was a phone call, so he answered it directly. Everyone in the studio saw it on the big screen in front of them.

“Big Brother~”

The “big brother” yelled by the soft and glutinous milk voice directly melted the hearts of a group of rough guys in the studio who were staring at the big screen.


“Hiss… this is the boss’s younger sister!”

They finally saw her alive, even though it was just a video!

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