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Finally it was Pei Xu and Yan Zhi’s turn.

He laughed so hard just now that Zhai Xingchen was sweating a little. He took off his coat and sat down beside Hu Ying: “The show is about to begin.”

Hu Ying: “Let’s bet, let’s bet, everyone thinks they can guess right. How many?”

“Five, no more.” Huo Cheng said.

“I guess four.” Zhai Xingchen agreed.

“Then I’ll guess three.”

“Then I’ll have two.” Wen Nuo said.

Hu Ying bent over and smiled, almost leaning on Zhai Xingchen’s shoulder.

“Brother Pei, let’s not compete for steamed buns.” Yan Zhi said to Pei Xu.

But the role assignment between the two of them was wrong, and it was Pei Xu who made a gesture and strictly guessed.

Pei Xu was not a person who could make gestures. The two of them didn’t have the slightest tacit understanding. In the end, they lived up to everyone’s expectations and guessed 4 words correctly.

“Let’s applaud and congratulate Mr. Pei and Mr. Yan for living up to expectations and winning the last place!” Zhai Xingchen shouted.

Hu Ying immediately stood up and clapped.

Unexpectedly, Pei Xu was aroused and wanted to win, and said, “It’s no fun to play, why don’t we play something with intelligence.”

“You want to play the number game, then we don’t have anyone to play with you.” Hu Ying said.

“How about guessing an idiom from a picture?” Lin Qingning said.

“It’s okay to play, but it’s boring to play for nothing. We need some punishment and rewards.” Hu Ying said.

“Whoever loses will perform tomorrow’s chores such as washing dishes, throwing out garbage, and buying vegetables?” Zhai Xingchen said.

“It’s useless to ask us, you have to ask Pei Xu and Yan Zhi.” Huo Cheng said with a smile.

“I’m okay with it.” Yan Zhi said.

“In case others say I cheated, let me declare first that I have played this game before, and my grades are not bad.” Pei Xu said lightly.

“Hey, look at him hanging.” Hu Ying said.

Zhai Xingchen touched his arm, and Hu Ying turned to look at him, only to realize that he had said a word that needed to be silenced again, so he smiled and asked, “Do you want to play?”

“I can do anything,” Zhai Xingchen said.

“I want Yan Zhi and Pei Xu to do the dishes!” Hu Ying said bitterly.

These two men really deserved to be abused!

Half an hour later.

Everyone sat on the sofa, staring at Pei Xu dumbfounded.

Hu Ying took the tablet and swiped the screen carelessly.


Pei Xu didn’t pause at all, and replied directly: “Miss three and four.”

“The next star… 1=365.”

Zhai Xingchen pinched his lower lip like an eggplant beaten by frost: “One equals three or six Five…”

What kind of idiom was this?

“How does one equal three hundred and sixty-five, one three six five, missing 2 and missing 4, um… one, one…”

Zhai Xingchen said “one” for a long time, but didn’t answer, and turned to look at Pei Xu.

There was a smile on the corner of Pei Xu’s mouth, as if he was so cute that Zhai Xingchen couldn’t answer him, but his voice actually had an illusion of pampering: “Then I should answer?”

Zhai Xingchen sighed.

Lin Qingning and the others next to him also looked confused.

“What kind of idiom is this…”

“I can’t guess it…”

Pei Xu said flatly, “Days are like years.”

“Oh…oh…oh….oh…!” Zhai Xingchen suddenly realized.

He never thought that 1 day was like 365 days!

“Next, 1, 1, 1, 1.”

Zhai Xingchen: “Four 1s, pick 1 out of 4, go forward…Double Eleven…all 1…”

Seeing that his guesses became more and more outrageous, Hu Ying directly turned around: “Pei Xu.”

Pei Xu replied: “Unique.”

Hu Ying looked at Zhai Xingchen: “I still have four 1’s, and I still have four 0’s.”

Zhai Xingchen blushed.

There was no way they could crush Pei Xu in terms of intelligence, he had been a math genius since he was a child!

Pei Xu’s performance was really outstanding, he slammed the audience and successfully counterattacked and came back.

It was really a bonus for a man to be smart, and he felt that everyone looked at Pei Xu more eagerly.

“We were fooled.” Hu Ying said while mopping the floor, “Why do we two beauties play intelligence with Pei Xu?”

Zhai Xingchen sighed: “Next time we play an intelligence game, I must form a team with Pei Xu”


Zhai Xingchen glanced back, and saw Yan Zhi in pyjamas after taking a shower, holding a charger in his hand.

“I’ll accompany you to go grocery shopping tomorrow,” Yan Zhi said. “You have worked hard enough cooking, we can’t let you do all the work.”

“A good man will do it to the end,” Huo Cheng said with a smile, “You can just do it for him, you go with him. Xingchen still has to work.”

Yan Zhi glanced at Huo Cheng and said, “I don’t know how to buy vegetables.”

“I’ll go,” Zhai Xingchen said, “I have to choose by myself. I like shopping in supermarkets.”

“Hu Ying doesn’t have to go.” Yan Zhi said again, “You can sleep late tomorrow.”

“If you lose, you have to accept the punishment. It is agreed that the loser will work and do housework, so I will not cheat.” Hu Ying said.

Zhai Xingchen couldn’t understand Hu Ying’s intentions, and said, “Let’s go together, it’s lively.”

Yan Zhi learned his lesson, and he didn’t dare to be too obvious, so he nodded his head. He looked back at Huo Cheng, thinking that Huo Cheng was so aggressive, and just wanted to provoke him secretly, but he didn’t know that he had already been passed by Zhai Xingchen. Alas, poor rival in love.

Huo Cheng had been lying in the living room without going to sleep, just wanting to stay with Zhai Xingchen for a while.

Zhai Xingchen and Hu Ying were mopping the floor, so he lay on the back of the sofa and asked, “Have you all taken the flowers?”

Hu Ying said: “I took it.”

“I’ll take it later.” Zhai Xingchen said.

“Let me take it for you. Of the flowers I bought, which one do you like best?” Huo Cheng got up.

“I like them all. Each has its own beauty.”

Just like these men in their red and blue cottage.

“Let me give you one.” Huo Cheng said.

He took three flowers and went to Zhai Xingchen’s room. There was already a narrow-mouthed white vase on Zhai Xingchen’s desk, and a bunch of baby’s breath bought by Yan Zhi were inserted in it.

Huo Cheng himself put the three flowers he bought, and stood there for a while with his lips pursed, and suddenly he reached out and patted the baby’s breath that Yan Zhi gave me, as if poking his rival in love.

A man was a teenager until he died, who was not an elementary school chick when he first fell in love.

After cleaning and returning to the room, Zhai Xingchen took a shower first.

After taking a shower, someone came to him.

It was Hu Ying.

After today, the relationship between him and Hu Ying had improved by leaps and bounds.

They were good sisters.

Be good brothers with the guests on the blue party, and sisters with the guests on the red party, and the tool man could move wherever they were needed.

Zhai Xingchen discovered that Hu Ying was also a treasure. He looked like a big beauty with a very arrogant temper, gorgeous and arrogant, not easy to mess with, but after getting in touch with him, he found that he was warm and simple.

The two were very speculative, chatting late into the night, talking nonsense.

But the better friends they were, the more they liked to chat nonsense.

After the chat, Hu Ying was a little bit unsatisfied.

He felt that he and Zhai Xingchen were in a very good state where 80% of them were friends.

Even if he was tempted for a while, but if he really wanted to have a serious relationship, how could he really find Zhai Xingchen.

He classified his instant crush on Zhai Xingchen as “opposites attract”.

Two people with different attributes or different genders, when they first meet and the relationship is not yet clear, the aura between them is always subtle.

None of the other guests in “Red and Blue Signal” got along this well with Zhai Xingchen. Some of them were too obedient, some were too serious, some were too dignified, and the rest were all “sexually interested”, so naturally they couldn’t be friends.

It was already late at night, but the Yan Fan group was full of heat.

Because of Yan Zhi’s online live broadcast to play the king.

His style had always been ruthless, and tonight he killed in all directions. Ferocious and violent, he suppressed others and beat them all the way.

“Fuck, brother Yan is so violent tonight!”

“Hey, Brother Yan looks so sexy when he is fierce, Brother Yan fuck me.”

“Cute girl upstairs, can you come out in pants.”

Chatting was very violent, whenever Yan Zhi had a wonderful operation, there would be a bunch of people begging for it.

Yan Zhi threw his phone away amidst the screams of the fans, and came out of the room directly.

He didn’t knock on the door, and went directly into the next room. As a result, as soon as he reached the door of Zhai Xingchen’s room, he heard the voices of Zhai Xingchen and Hu Ying coming from inside.

Not knowing what they said, Hu Ying burst out laughing.

Yan Zhi was stunned for a moment, then stopped outside the door, stood there for a while, and then went back.

After going back, Yan Zhi felt a little lucky again, fortunate to have Hu Ying here, otherwise, with his current bloody vigor, he might not know what he would say when he saw Zhai Xingchen.

It was said that he had strong self-control, only he knew that his ascetic dress and gentle disguise were just to trap the bloodthirsty beast in his heart.

This madness and darkness, he only needed to vent in the game.

Otherwise it would scare Zhai Xingchen.

Maybe today was too depressing, but the dry fire was very strong instead. Yan Zhi lay on the bed thinking about Zhai Xingchen, his body ached from thinking about him, he stroked his neck repeatedly, his Adam’s apple was flushed, he took off his glasses, his forehead wisp hung down and his eyes were full of cruelty.

In the deep night, Pei Xu didn’t turn on any lights, and lay quietly in the darkness.

His phone was playing a song in the dark, singing:

You must have never been boiled before, to be crazy in cheesy love.

Someone in the program group exclaimed: “Ah, it’s “Chen Yilun’s Liberation West”!”

“What’s wrong with this song?”

“Songs by Liu Shuang, you forgot that Zhai Xingchen and Hu Ying sang “Monica” when they came back from dinner!”


“It’s all Liu Shuang’s songs. He’s listening to his song!”

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