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Jiang Zheng stepped forward with long legs and her attitude made the pretty girl in Chang’an look like a queen who was the only one who respected herself, while she completely ignored the cry of Qiao Xi behind her, the scolding of the producer, and the discussion of the group performers.

Han Yi followed behind her closely.

Jiang Zheng frowned and complained in a low voice: “You still come to me to fight someone with such little fighting power, it feels like I’m bullying people.”

Han Yi: “…”

The drama continued to shoot.

March 3, early spring arrived.

By the Qujiang Pool, the bustling group performance was already in place.

The noble ladies hid behind the curtain, and from time to time they stuck their heads out to look at the strange world outside. The elegant people come to the pleasant meandering road by the side of the winding stream. Innocent and lovely little girls dipped willow branches in the Qujiang water, laughing and splashing water at each other, in order to exorcise diseases and keep themselves safe and healthy.

With people singing, dancing, selling cakes and flowers, the whole scene was very lively. There was a circle of people in front of the opera troupe.

They had everything from top pole, illusions, knife swallowing, and fire-breathing, but most especially the rope trick, the girl on the rope walked with a graceful figure and a face like snow, where her every frown and smile attracted the audience to scream.

A long rope was supported by two pillars, and the rope was stretched like a violin string, swaying slightly in the spring breeze.

Li Rui smiled and took her steps, revealing her snow-white socks. She held a circular fan, stretched out her foot, and stepped lightly on the rope, and the rope swayed instantly.

“Little lady, if you can’t stand still, let me help you!” a strong man next to her shouted, and there was a taste of teasing in his words.

Li Rui covered her face with a fan and laughed twice, her feet quickly stepped on the rope, and suddenly swept to the pillar like a frightened goose.

In the surprised eyes of everyone, she nodded slightly, smiling like the most beautiful peony flower in spring.

There was an instant applause.

Her colleagues from the yamen lurking in the crowd were stunned, their mouths open wide enough to put an egg in their mouths.

This Li Rui pretending to be a little girl was so cute, she was even three points more beautiful than an orchid.

In front was a swaying rope, slender and long, and the soles of the feet were less than halfway up.

Li Rui first stretched out a foot, pretended to be afraid and immediately retracted, and her soft and pitiful appearance made the hearts of all the men tighten.

Just when everyone was sweating, she walked steadily to the middle of the rope as if she was walking on the ground. Everyone realized that this little lady was deliberately showing weakness, but she was actually very capable.

Seeing that, everyone was happy, the troupe leader hurried forward to ask for money.

At this time, a handsome young man in a robe also got on the rope and met Li Rui on the narrow path.

You move left, I move right, so no one was willing to back down even a step.

Jiang Zheng smiled wickedly, took out a fan and knocked on the boy’s forehead, then turned around and walked over the boy to the opposite pillar.

Not only the group performers applauded, but even the staff were impressed by Jiang Zheng’s performance, which was comparable to a professional acrobat.

This was the boss.

Jiang Zheng stood sideways, turned her head slowly, her eyelids were drooped, her fan gently clasped to the tip of her nose, and after chuckling twice, she looked up.

Ji Muye happened to see this scene when he came over.

Clearly separated by many people, Jiang Zheng’s eyes were like spring water, and it fell straight into his heart, causing ripples to appear, circle after circle.

He had been in the industry for many years, and he had seen many beautiful girls. He was like a dormant spring cicada[1], or like an old monk who had entered meditation. He never took a second glance at anybody or thought about someone enough to approach them. But Jiang Zheng had appeared in the heat of early summer and made a sound in the meditation hall, which awakened a rare feeling from the silence.

Jiang Zheng, who was smiling wildly on the rope, occupied his entire field of vision as if it could not tolerate the existence of other people.

Feng Wan’er played by Qiao Xi appeared in the group performance. At this moment, no matter how wronged she was, she had to cooperate with the lead actor to make this scene turn out well.

Just when Jiang Zheng stood firmly on the pillar, she rushed out of the crowd and shouted, “Li Rui!”

The Li Rui she was talking about was not Li Rui[2].

The yamen workers next to her, who had been secretly protecting Li Rui, didn’t know why.

The troupe leader with deep eyebrows took the tray and walked to Feng Wan’er with a smile. Feng Wan’er pushed her away, pointed at Li Rui and said in a trembling voice: “Here, someone! Pull this fugitive off for me.”

The troupe leader smiled, but the light in her eyes faded a little bit. She shook the fan in her hand and lightly opened her red lips, “Is this young lady mistaken?”

Feng Wan’er stood under the rope with a grim expression, raised her head and roared, “Your father was a felon who was convicted by the emperor twenty years ago, and your Li family was beheaded. How can you live alone? I can recognize you even if you are a ghost.”

The troupe leader looked grim, and slowly raised her eyes to look at Li Rui, who she picked up on the road. She said that she had lived with a hundred opera troupe since she was a child, and only because her master and wife suddenly passed away and the troupe disbanded, she came to beg for food.

It turned out to be a lie.

She spat fiercely on the ground, and the others immediately picked up her cue and surrounded them.

The yamen workers lurking next to them quickly rushed out when they saw that the situation was not good.

The boy who was originally on the rope jumped off the rope and returned to the troupe leader.

Li Rui didn’t panic, stepped on the rope, walked to the center, and looked down at the people of Chang’an City as if they were ants.

According to the script, she would escape from the scene with the help of the male protagonist, but just as the male protagonist rushed over, the veil on Qiao Xi’s head somehow hit the rope, and Jiang Zheng fell down without anyone noticing.

In order to restore the real scene, fine sand was laid under the rope. Under normal circumstances, even if she fell, it would not hurt her. Unfortunately, there was a small stone hidden in the fine sand. The back of Jiang Zheng’s head hit it, and the moment she landed, she fainted.

This scene happened so fast that everyone was stunned.

Qiao Xi was so frightened that she quickly stepped back and raised her hands to show her innocence.

Han Yi jumped up and rushed over, only to find that someone was running faster than him, and had already hugged Jiang Zheng in his arms.

It was Ji Muye. Wasn’t he filming next door? How did he get here?

Han Yi was stunned for a moment, but his ears went numb when Ji Muye yelled, “Call an ambulance. Block off the scene, nobody is allowed to reveal even half a word.”

Han Yi repeatedly said yes, picked up his mobile phone and shouted.

The director told everyone to stand by. This was the big devil Jiang. When something happened to her on set, no one could bear it and walk around carefreely.

Ji Muye felt that his hands were shaking, Jiang Zheng’s eyes were closed, and all her arrogant expressions were now restrained. She looked extra quiet and soft, even with a hint of fragility, as she lay silently in his arms.

He had seen Jiang Zheng’s coldness, displeasure, and disgust, as well as her unrestrained, free and uninhibited behavior, but he had never seen her like this.

The doctor called by the crew quickly came over and checked Jiang Zheng’s pupils and said that she was only temporarily in a coma, but a follow-up examination was required.

The ambulance came quickly, the paramedics rushed down and carried Jiang Zheng away and Han Yi jumped into the ambulance, but he did not forget to turn around and say thank you to Ji Muye.

Ji Muye pursed his lips and nodded, his leg that had already been raised to climb into the ambulance was silently retracted, and he turned to leave.

Inside the ward. The smell of disinfectant was everywhere.

Jiang Zheng was lying on the bed quietly, with a needle in the back of her hand, and the medicine was flowing into her body drop by drop.

Han Yi held her head as his shoulders trembled slightly, and a choking sound was suppressed in his throat.

A man in formal clothes leaned against the wall, his tie was pulled down halfway, the blue veins on his temples were bursting, and his knuckles were white with the pressure he was exerting to control himself.

“She chose you to be her manager, so you should have protected her.”

Han Yi finally couldn’t help crying out, “I’m sorry!”

Lying on the hospital bed was his own sister, who had followed him around since childhood. Jiang Ran turned his face sharply, and for the first time, his eyes were full of tears.

At this time, the door was pushed open from the outside.

Jiang Ran wiped the tears from the corners of his eyes, as he turned to look at the person standing at the door, and said coldly, “You are busier than me.”

Chen Jinjiao, dressed in black suit and trousers, automatically ignored the dissatisfaction in her son’s tone and walked to the hospital bed, rubbed Jiang Zheng’s arm as she said softy, while choking back her tears, “Zheng Zheng!”

Han Yi saw that her hair was messy and there was fine sweat on her forehead. It was obvious that she had been in a hurry.

After all, mother and daughter were said to be connected by their hearts, of course there was a heart-to-heart connection between brother and sister as well, however usually these two bosses were so busy that they didn’t have time to take care of Jiang Zheng.

The doctor said that Jiang Zheng had a slight brain concussion, and there was a little congestion under the skin, but she should wake up soon.

The three of them waited until midnight.

Jiang Ran rubbed a cigarette with his fingertips, tried to stuff it into his mouth several times, but gave up when he thought that Jiang Zheng hated him smoking.

Chen Jinjiao sat silently at the head of the bed, staring at Jiang Zheng’s face, wondering what she was thinking.

Han Yi went in and out to deal with follow-up matters.

At three in the morning, Jiang Zheng woke up.

Chen Jinjiao felt the back of her hand move, and hurriedly shouted: “Zheng Zheng!”

Jiang Ran and Han Yi rushed over.

Jiang Zheng blinked, she was stunned for a while, then she said, “Mom!”

Chen Jinjiao breathed a sigh of relief. Good thing she didn’t become stupid.

Jiang Zheng’s eyes slowly turned to the other side, looking at Jiang Ran.

Jiang Ran’s heart clenched. Since he strongly opposed Jiang Zheng’s debut as an artist, a deep and invisible gap had been drawn between brother and sister. If you don’t see me, I don’t see you, and he never heard Jiang Zheng call him brother again after that.

If Jiang Zheng told him to go away now, he might… start crying on the spot.

Just when he was thinking wildly, Jiang Zheng suddenly smiled softly at him, and then spit out a word that Jiang Ran had not heard in five years, “Brother!”

Jiang Ran: “!!!”

Han Yi was also shocked and thought that the sun must have risen from the west today. You must know that whenever he mentioned the word Jiang Ran before, Jiang Zheng would be impatient, not to mention unwilling to call him brother.

Jiang Ran frowned, and stretched out his hand to test the temperature on Jiang Zheng’s forehead, “You don’t have a fever, right?”

Jiang Zheng pouted and said aggrievedly, “No. I liked the birthday present you gave me yesterday. Thank you!”


The other three looked at each other silently.

Jiang Ran opened his mouth with some difficulty, “When was your birthday?”

Jiang Zheng blinked her eyes naively, and said softly, “I only celebrated my eighteenth birthday yesterday, have you forgotten? Silly brother!”

Three people: “!!!!”

The author has something to say: The devil Jiang Zheng: Why didn’t you take a picture, Han Yi, when Brother Mu hugged me?

T/N: JM showing so much concern belies his earlier words that JZ can only be a friend and not his wife… What do you think?

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[1] They do not mate during their dormancy period.

[2] There are two different pronunciations of the name used.

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