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This area was sparsely populated, and there was a store in the distance with the door half-closed, from where the sound of people playing Mahjong and laughing could be heard.

Jiang Yu watched the young man from a distance, hesitating, not daring to approach.

Qiu Li turned over and lay on his back on the ground, seeing a bright and clear crescent moon in the dark blue night sky.

He couldn’t remember how many years he had never seen such a white, curved crescent moon.

Qiu Li lay down for a while, then slowly got up on his knees.

He was tall, slender, and thin, and the half-sleeved T-shirt on his body was already stained with mud and blood, and its original color could not be seen.

This feeling for Jiang Yu was very depressing.

He walked slowly towards the end of the road.

It seemed that he had no sense of having wounds on his body.

At first, Jiang Yu thought he would go to the hospital, so she followed behind him and did not dare to get too close, as she was still afraid of him.

He was a murderer!

She remembered seeing in the news that he had a strong anti-social personality.

And this person was extremely dangerous because he knew superb mental hypnotism techniques. At that time, the police invited the most authoritative psychiatric expert in China to diagnose him, but he almost made him give out his own private life information.

Of course, these were the gossips that Jiang Yu saw on the Internet, she didn’t know if it was true or not.

Therefore, even if she accepted the task of [Saving the Devil], Jiang Yu would keep a safe distance from him until she was unsure about the danger factor of the young Qiu Li.

It was not easy to be born again, so she must cherish life.

Jiang Yu kept a distance of 20 meters as she followed behind Qiu Li, and saw him cross the road, walked into the Family Mart convenience store, and buy a chocolate ice cream.

The convenience store clerk was stunned by Qiu Li’s blood-covered face. Seeing that he didn’t respond, Qiu Li left a bloody five-dollar bill, turned and walked out of the convenience store.

After unpacking the cover of the ice-cream and throwing it into the trash, he continued walking while munching on the ice cream.

Jiang Yu continued to sneak behind him and walked to Binjiang Road while following him.

Across the road, Qiu Li climbed over the guardrail and moved up the dam on the riverside.

The wind was howling, and he turned sideways, with his hands outstretched for balance, and took a few steps on the narrow embankment.

Jiang Yu looked at him and saw that he was injured like a bloodied ghost. He didn’t even feel it at all and was still doing dangerous stunts by the river.

Didn’t he feel the hurt!

Qiu Li also turned his head and glanced at her.

His eyes were deep, with a peach blossom shape, and his dark eyes seemed endless like an abyss.

Jiang Yu looked at him directly, and immediately felt that there was a force in his eyes, like a vortex, as if he was going to suck her in deeply.

Immediately, an absurd sneer appeared on the corner of Qiu Li’s mouth, and then he jumped into the river.

Jiang Yu was stunned by the change in front of her.

This… what rhythm was this!

Without thinking about it, she hurried over the railing and swooped into the dam.

Opposite the financial center, the lights were sparkling, the river was having ups and downs, and the young man disappeared and appeared several times in the river.

“Help!” Jiang Yu called for help from all directions: “Someone fell into the water!”

However, apart from the vehicles speeding by on the road, the surrounding area was deserted and there were no people.

Since a life was at stake, Jiang Yu no longer hesitated, took off her shoes, and jumped into the river.

Qiu Li swam along the turbulent river for a while, then he naturally floated up.

Looking up, he saw the girl in the white dress who had been following him jump into the water after him.

As soon as she jumped in, she sank and struggled desperately for a while, but then there was no movement.


Qiu Li swam towards her against the turbulent river, and quickly grabbed her, picked up her body and swam towards the bank of the river.

Qiu Li dragged her to the shore, the girl was soaked through and had fainted.

He leaned over to listen to her heartbeat.

Qiu Li patted her face, she didn’t wake up, but she should not die.

Since she wouldn’t die, he didn’t bother to care about her, and got up to leave.

Climbing up the dam, he glanced back.

Under the cold moonlight, the girl lay alone on the weedy bank.

Her white skirt was soaking wet and clinging to her body, framing her figure.

Qiu Li took a few more steps, but finally stopped and cursed in a low voice: “Fuck.”

Jiang Yu’s consciousness was chaotic, and she felt a pair of cold palms pressing against her heart.

Immediately afterwards, her nose was pinched and her mouth was opened…

Jiang Yu struggled to wake herself up, only to see Qiu Li’s handsome face, dripping with blood, close to her face.

Their lips were pressed together, and it also had a fishy and salty taste.

Jiang Yu’s eyes suddenly widened, her head went “boom”, she raised her hand subconsciously, and slapped him on the forehead.

Qiu Li was stunned.

Jiang Yu also stepped back, covered her lips with her hands, choked on water, and looked at him nervously.

It seemed that she just realized that he was just giving her artificial respiration, and after reacting like that, she felt a little guilty.

“Hey, are you alright?” she asked after slowing down.

Qiu Li didn’t answer, he touched his forehead, and there was a hint of surprise in his dark eyes.

After getting out of his childhood nightmare, his neurosensory system had become more and more numb due to emotional disturbances over the years.

There was no taste in food, no aroma or odour, and no feeling of “doing anything”…

Even if he was beaten and bruised all over, the pain perception would not be too obvious.

Everything in this world made him feel unreal.

He was gluttonous, addicted to sweets, self-blaming and provocative… He wanted to find even the slightest real feeling.

However, no.

Until the girl’s slap landed on the face and it caused a dense pain!

Make him feel… the reality of being alive.

He approached her again, she closed her eyes shut tightly, which caused a sneer to appear at the corner of his mouth: “Hit me?”

Jiang Yu was so frightened that she looked at him in horror and shook her head.

The feeling of being stared at by a lunatic was too uncomfortable!

“Try it again.” Qiu Li turned the other side of his face towards her, and his tone was very sincere: “Come on, hit again.”

Jiang Yu stepped back: “No… no.”

My hand hurts.

Qiu Li’s black eyes, which seemed to be able to read people’s hearts at a glance, glanced at her lightly, and saw the fear in her eyes.

The tip of his tongue touched the back of his teeth and he laughed.

Jiang Yu couldn’t figure out his actions, so she didn’t dare to act rashly and asked, “Did you just want to die?”

Qiu Li looked down at her from a high altitude: “Who wants to die? If you can’t swim, why did you jump into the water?”

“I mean… I thought you wanted to commit suicide.”

“Me committing suicide, does it have something to do with you?”

Jiang Yu thought to herself, if it weren’t for the 300 million, she would be not bother about him! She wouldn’t have jumped into the river for such a lunatic at night, and get wet all over.

Qiu Li didn’t stay any longer, and turned around and left in a dashing manner. Naturally, Jiang Yu didn’t dare to stay by this deserted river.

She followed behind him and saw him nimbly climb the river dam. She also hurried over and climbed the dam.

It was just that she was inferior in height, so it was not easy to climb up, so she gritted her teeth and stopped Qiu Li: “Hey! Can you pull me.”

Qiu Li squatted by the dam, and looked down at her with a smile on the corner of his eyes: “You can’t come up.”


“Give me your hand.”

Jiang Yu stretched out her hand to him, and he grabbed her wrist.

The little girl’s arms were slender, the skin was soft and firm, and the touch was smooth.

As soon as he touched her, he felt a numbness like an electric current, and it rushed to his scalp while travelling along his arm.

And exploded with a crackle.

Qiu Li grabbed her and lifted her up. Just as Jiang Yu was about to climb the dam, Qiu Li suddenly let go of her hand and pushed her hard at the same time.

Jiang Yu landed on the meadow and fell down and had to climb up again.

She looked at Qiu Li angrily. On the dam, Qiu Li looked down at her, rubbed his face, and murmured, “We are even.”

After speaking, he turned and left with a sneer.

Jiang Yu gritted her teeth.

This guy’s revenge was too heavy!

Jiang Yu returned to her alley home in embarrassment.

There were many residents living in the alley, and after dinner, they sat at their respective thresholds and chatted while snacking on melon seeds.

Compared with the high-rise districts rising from the ground in the new urban area, the most traditional human relations were preserved here.

Most of the uncles and aunts in the alley still took good care of the mother-daughter pair, but there were also people who had nothing to do so they liked to tell lies and spread rumors.

For example, Zhao Qiongfang, an obese woman who was eating melon seeds in front of her.

Zhao Qiongfang was in her 40s this year. She was wearing a dark red one-piece gauze dress, and her curly hair was permed. She was as fat as a mountain.

Compared with the surrounding neighbours, her family’s conditions were slightly better, as her husband was a contractor.

She and another thin woman, Zhou Gui, were involved in gossip, and when she saw Jiang Yu coming over, she started to ridicule her in a few words –

“Jiang Yu is back, I heard that you can’t pay the tuition next semester, so you are about to drop out? “

Jiang Yu ignored these boring women and left.

Zhou Gui said: “Your mother is also true. She massages men, leaves early and returns late, but she makes a lot of money. Why can’t you even pay your tuition fees?”

Zhao Qiongfang: “Jiang Manyi is so sassy. She looks pretty, just look at the old Liu from the canteen, his eyes go straight to her when she sees her. Isn’t her business going well, who knows how many small treasuries are hidden in her abacus?”

Jiang Yu listened to these two women’s rhetoric, and remembered that in her last life, she only had such a deep misunderstanding of her mother after listening to the gossip of the two women, and felt that Jiang Manyi’s work was not clean.

Therefore, she had low self-esteem, was afraid to meet people, and had no face. Every day she returned home; she would also ridicule her mother. If the mother and daughter disagreed, there would be a “war”, which made these busybodies laugh.

Looking back now, Zhao Qiongfang and Zhou Gui were just jealous of her mother’s appearance.

Maliciousness always started from jealousy, like a poisonous snake, burrowing into the internal organs and twisting them like worms.

Jiang Yu paused, turned around, glanced at Zhao Qiongfang lightly, and said with a smile, “Aunt Zhao, you are really busy talking about me, you should rather think the fact that it’s late and uncle hasn’t come home yet?” The fluttering words instantly stopped Zhao Qiongfang’s heart.

Her husband came home late every day, and even if he came early, he didn’t want to give her a second look, no matter how affectionate she pretended to be with her husband in front of the neighbours, but she knew in her heart that her husband always neglected her.

Zhao Qiongfang endured the unwillingness in her heart, and still smiled: “My husband is busy with business outside. He has made money on the construction site and bought me bird’s nest[1].”

Zhou Gui also laughed: “You tell this little girl who has never seen the world, can she understand.”

“My box of bird’s nest can cover her tuition for half a year.”

Jiang Yu glanced at Zhou Gui, still calmly and said: “Uncle not only earns money, but also takes good care of the neighbours. The afternoon before yesterday, I also saw that he sent two boxes of bird’s nest to Aunt Zhou Gui, and he stayed at Aunt Zhou Gui’s house for two whole hours and didn’t come out. Maybe he was helping the neighbour with the housework again.”

As soon as these words came out, Zhao Qiongfang and Zhou Gui both changed their faces at the same time.

“You…you are talking nonsense!” Zhou Gui pointed at Jiang Yu and shouted in panic, “Nothing happened! No!”

Before she could finish speaking, Zhao Qiongfang had already stormed into Zhou Gui’s house.

The box of bird’s nest was exactly the same as the one her husband brought back!

“Wow! You bitch! You seduced my husband!”

“No! I didn’t… He came to me first…”

Jiang Yu shrugged, turned and walked towards her home. The two women tore each other’s hair and fought. It was impossible for her to care, and she didn’t look back.

In this life, those who had bullied her and insulted her would not have a good end.

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