WMPLT Ch. 43

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Hu Ying inexplicably felt a wave of hostility from Pei Xu.

Pei Xu was a very indifferent person. Rather than saying he was indifferent, it was better to say that he liked to keep a distance. His indifference was not actually offensive.

Pei Xu lowered his eyes slightly, and the light from the computer screen reflected on his indifferent and handsome features.

Hu Ying almost thought that he felt wrong.

After finishing the meal, Pei Xu took the initiative to clean up the kitchen. He was not a person who worked often, but because he did not work often, he worked more seriously. He could spend a long time cleaning just a plate, and his work was very meticulous. Hu Ying left at two o’clock in the afternoon and said to Zhai Xingchen: “Please help me with my luggage, I won’t even pretend to know how to do this.”

This rich second generation had never even put his fingers in the water!

Zhai Xingchen said to Pei Xu: “You leave it here, I will wash it later.”

He went upstairs to help Hu Ying pack his luggage.

As a result, Hu Ying’s clothes and skin care products were an eye-opener for him.

“You have too many clothes.” He sighed.

“I really brought too much, even though I changed two outfits in one day, I still didn’t even wear a third of it.” Hu Ying said, “When I came to record the show, I thought that I must look stunning in front of the audience, so I brought all the clothes from the bottom of the box.”

Zhai Xingchen looked at his clothes and felt that Hu Ying’s clothes were really messy in style, ranging from black and white formal suits to hollow floral shirts.

He also had a lot of skin care products, and there were dozens of facial masks left.

“I’ll give them all to you.” Hu Ying said, “I have a lot of them at home, and some of them have expired because I can’t use them all.”

Zhai Xingchen said: “I don’t need a facial mask.”

“Brother Zhai, you don’t want it?”

Zhai Xingchen said: “It’s too troublesome.”

Hu Ying glanced at his face and sighed: “Forget it, no matter how expensive skin care products are, they can’t compare to good genes.”

Zhai Xingchen didn’t use anything, just washed his face with water, and his skin became incredibly good and white.

Zhai Xingchen was really a good family man. Not only could he cook, but he was also very good at packing luggage. Hu Ying looked at the suitcase he packed and said, “I can’t bear to take it out.”

The things were really neat.

Zhai Xingchen said: “Then you’ve never seen Brother Yan and Brother Pei’s suitcases before. Their suitcases are simply not something that humans can do.”

“I just went to Yan Zhi’s room and I couldn’t believe anyone lived there. Brother Huo’s room is the other extreme. The bed is very messy. I saw that his quilt was also folded, but it was still a mess,” Hu Ying said.

The two of them chatted for a while, and the slightly awkward and alienated atmosphere in the morning was completely gone. Hu Ying felt warm in his heart, sitting next to Zhai Xingchen and watching Zhai Xingchen help him zip up the suitcase.

Zhai Xingchen picked up the suitcase and said, “It’s really heavy.”

Pei Xu had already wiped the plates and washed the pots. He glanced upstairs and took a rag to wipe the table.

Guo Bing and the others watched from next door and said, “I’m worried.”

“Poor Brother Pei, it’s a little late to wake up. I think Hu Ying and Zhai Xingchen are going to be successful.”

“Hu Ying hasn’t made a move yet. If he wants to make a move, Huo Cheng and Yan Zhi are no match, let alone Pei Xu.”

“Pei Xu, you have to take action quickly.”

Human beings naturally sympathized with the weak, especially in romance dramas. Whoever had less chance was more likely to be pitied.

At this time, they heard Pei Xu suddenly shout loudly: “Zhai Xingchen!”

“Oh…oh…oh, it’s coming, it’s coming!”

“Brother Pei, go, go, go!”

Zhai Xingchen responded and came downstairs after a while.

Pei Xu asked: “Do you think it’s okay?”

“Have you finished washing?”

Pei Xu nodded.

Zhai Xingchen said: “It is too clean.”

“Have you finished cleaning up upstairs?” Pei Xu asked.

Zhai Xingchen nodded: “We’ve finished cleaning up, Hu Ying will leave later.”

“Have you packed your luggage?”

“I just have one suitcase. It’s easy to get. I’ll pack it up after I send Hu Ying away.”

Hu Ying had already come downstairs carrying a suitcase. Zhai Xingchen quickly went up to help.

Pei Xu was still a gentleman and went up to take the suitcases from Hu Ying’s hand.

Hu Ying smiled and said, “Thank you, Brother Pei.”

Pei Xu turned to Zhai Xingchen who came up and said, “You all put it there, I’ll carry it.”

He stopped on the stairs and soon saw Zhai Xingchen coming down carrying another large suitcase.

The suitcase was very heavy and Zhai Xingchen couldn’t carry it, so he had to drag it.

Pei Xu went up and picked up the suitcase in his hand, carried it for two steps, and then picked up another suitcase.

Zhai Xingchen and Hu Ying were stunned.

“You must be too strong.” Zhai Xingchen sighed.

It made him look so weak!

Pei Xu carried the two suitcases downstairs without the wheels ever touching the ground. It was obvious that he was carrying them easily.

Hu Ying and Zhai Xingchen were both shocked by his power.

The two suitcases must weigh seventy or eighty kilograms in total.

This was what a male protagonist should look like. Zhai Xingchen thought.

He thought about it and glanced at Hu Ying next to him. Hu Ying’s eyes were also very bright.

Men who had the strength with this kind of beauty were indeed attractive.

“He didn’t run in vain every day.” Hu Ying said.

Zhai Xingchen smiled and turned back to carry another small suitcase.

Hu Ying said: “Give it to me.”

Zhai Xingchen didn’t give it to him, pushed his arm and said, “Let’s go.”

It was hot outside and the sun was shining brightly. Two cars from the program team came next door and had already started moving things.

This time they were really going to break up.

Hu Ying looked at Pei Xu, then at Zhai Xingchen, and said, “Should we hug each other?”

Zhai Xingchen took the initiative to hug him.

“Nice to meet you, Zhai Xingchen.” Hu Ying said.

“Me too.” Zhai Xingchen said.

The moment Hu Ying hugged Zhai Xingchen, the warm embrace suddenly aroused his passion. He hugged Zhai Xingchen and didn’t want to let go.

Zhai Xingchen patted him on the back, and let go of him, then looked at Pei Xu.

Pei Xu nodded to him and said, “See you in Beicheng.”

“See you in Beicheng,” Hu Ying said.

He didn’t hug Pei Xu, instead he put on exaggerated sunglasses and got in the car.

Many staff members from the program team next door came out to see him off. Hu Ying drove a convertible sports car and waved to everyone.

Every time someone was sent away, Zhai Xingchen felt more and more sad about parting.

But this was just the beginning.

He didn’t know what kind of relationship they would have with each other once the show ended, and who would watch who leave. But people all had feelings, and living together for a month was enough to establish a deep friendship. Even if you didn’t get love, even if you were extremely disappointed and sad when you left, one month was enough to make memories that you would never forget in your lifetime.

There was true love here, whether it was love, friendship, or something else. Regardless of the outcome, success or failure.

He turned to look at Pei Xu next to him, feeling that Pei Xu was also becoming friendly.

“Let’s go, it’s just the two of us.” He said to Pei Xu.

Pei Xu followed Zhai Xingchen to the red and blue cottage. He felt that Zhai Xingchen was a little sad.

He strode to Zhai Xingchen and said as he walked, “I’ll take you home.”

Zhai Xingchen asked: “Is it okay? The program team won’t let me do it.”

“Never mind them.” Pei Xu said arrogantly.

Zhai Xingchen laughed.

It was different when there was a backstage.

“No, you are committing a foul!” Guo Bing shouted loudly next to him: “You are not allowed to reveal your contact information or tell the other party your home address until the end of the program. You still want to send Zhai Xingchen home, what do you think of yourself?”

Zhai Xingchen burst out laughing.

Pei Xu failed to send Zhai Xingchen home in the end. The two of them still followed the rules of the program team, and Guo Bing kept nagging beside them.

Pei Xu sent Zhai Xingchen to a stop sign at an intersection.

He got out of the car, ran to the back, opened the trunk, and took out Zhai Xingchen’s luggage.

Ever since he was a child, he had never treated anyone so diligently.

“Thank you.” Zhai Xingchen said.

Pei Xu handed his luggage to him and stood by the roadside.

Zhai Xingchen wanted to take bus No. 28, which could go directly to his home.

Pei Xu suddenly felt very reluctant to give up. This seemed to be how he felt when he left home when he was young and went abroad alone.

He refused to admit it or show it to his mother, pretending to be calm and indifferent, but deep down he was actually very sad and didn’t want to leave the one he loved.

His future prospects were actually very slim, and he had no confidence that he would definitely catch Zhai Xingchen. Maybe this last moment of seeing each other off alone was one of the few memories they would have that only belonged to the two of them. Thinking that he might choose Hu Ying in the future, or be chased by Yan Zhi and Huo Cheng, Pei Xu became very anxious.

He seemed to be anxious all of a sudden. He put his hands in his trouser pockets and kicked the steps of the bus stop.

“You want to take me to the bus?” Zhai Xingchen asked.

Pei Xu said “Hmm”.

Zhai Xingchen thought every guest on their show was very good.

Everyone was very emotional.

So what if he was a cannon fodder male supporting actor, and what if he was a tool man? In fact, it was not that miserable. He had gained very precious friendships. No matter how long this friendship lasted, it might even disappear when the show ended.

But it was all true at this moment.

At this moment, he planned to tell Pei Xu something sincere.

“I hope you can perform well and be more positive in the next stop.” Zhai Xingchen said to Pei Xu in a very earnest voice, “Actually, you are very competitive, but you are too unsociable. You are so good that it should be seen by more people. Come, not only the guests of our Red and Blue Cottage, but also netizens, those who don’t understand you, those who scold you, those who misunderstand you. Of course, there are also those who care about you.”

Pei Xu didn’t expect that Zhai Xingchen would suddenly say this to him. He looked at Zhai Xingchen intently.

The sun shone on Zhai Xingchen’s delicate face, making his skin seem even clearer. His hair was so thick and black, and his expression was so serious.

Like a warm current flowing into his heart.

At this moment, a bus stopped in front of the stop sign. The bus made a “ding” sound. Zhai Xingchen quickly turned around: “No. 28, my bus is here!”

He picked up his luggage in a panic, turned around and said to Pei Xu, “I’m leaving. See you in Beicheng!”

Pei Xu suddenly grabbed Zhai Xingchen and pressed him into his arms.

“Thank you.” Pei Xu said.

Zhai Xingchen was stunned by his senseless “thank you”. Pei Xu held the back of his head and touched Zhai Xingchen’s soft hair, then let go of him and carried his luggage, and helped him get into the bus.

Everything happened in such a hurry and panic. The bus was not waiting for anyone. Zhai Xingchen jumped on the bus, inserted coins, and walked in with his suitcase. Pei Xu took a step back and stood at the bus stop sign, looking at Zhai Xingchen as he sat down.

Zhai Xingchen waved to him through the bus window.

He also waved to Zhai Xingchen.

He really couldn’t bear it.

The bus carried the person he liked away, and he stared at the bus stop for a long time, until he couldn’t see anything except the dazzling sun above his head.

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