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After handling the matter, Yan Mu coincidentally heard the two talking about it. He watched Lu Chengyu and asked, “That artist is Zhong Zhenghan?” Lu Chengyu is not a nosy person, but he broke it for Zhong Zhenghan tonight. With this example, it really made him unable to help but mind.

Lu Chengyu nodded, “He is a nice person. It’s normal for people like Huang Chuan to be beaten.”

Yan Mu said after a few seconds of silence, “I understand.”

Qi Jingfeng looked at this and then again, not knowing why. He seemed to feel something was wrong with the atmosphere in front of him.

After the banquet, Yan Mu and his party bid farewell to the Qi family, and Mu Qihua asked to drive away with Yan Mu on the grounds of his house being on the way.

After Mu Qihua gave this reason, Mu Qirong behind him said: “Big brother, we live in the opposite direction of the cousin’s villa.”

“Have you never heard that the earth is round?” Mu Qihua smiled. Without a smile, “How could the direction be different?”

Zhuang Yu and others next to him: “…” The last group of people left together, Mu Qihua and Mu Qirong had a car, Zhuang Yu and Zhang Zeyun each had a car, and Lu Chengyu came with Yan Mu.

Four luxury cars driving together, really had a feeling of being a bit of local tyrants.

When passing a road with few cars and few people, they found a large old truck in front of them blocking the road. Their car couldn’t drive along. Several people suddenly felt something was wrong. The bodyguards, Zhuang Yu and Zhang Zeyun, brought were all vigilant.

Just when the driver was about to reverse the car, suddenly a group of people with iron rods and knives rushed out and started smashing their car. It was obviously a premeditated thing prepared to drag people outside after smashing the window of the car.

“Fuck!” Lu Chengyu saw a knife slash at Yan Mu, hurriedly pulled Yan Mu, turned around and opened the door without hesitation. A sweeping sweep knocked a small gangster next to him to the ground, and then he flew up and stepped on the opponent’s stomach, quickly grabbed the iron rod in the opponent’s hand, and turned his head to see someone approaching the window next to Yan Mu’s driver’s seat. With his hand supported, he turned over from the front of the car, knocked the rod the man’s arm, and only heard a click, the man cried and fell to the ground, clutching his arm.

Lu Chengyu kicked the crying person aside, then picked up the knife on the ground and threw it to Yan Mu. Seeing that Yan Mu was about to get out of the car, he reached out and pushed the person back. He looked back and kicked the little bastard: ” Don’t come out to make trouble for Lao Tzu!”

Yan Mu shook the knife in his hand: “…”

At this time, Mu Qirong, who had been a soldier, as well as Zhang Zeyun and Zhuang Yu’s bodyguards all got out of the car and started fighting with them, Lu Chengyu took advantage of this gap to find that the road behind them was also blocked by a car. It seemed that someone was going to trouble them in this wilderness and even found a route. However, who is so courageous and dare to start something like this?

There was no one on their side. Lu Chengyu found that these people seemed to be surrounded by the car where Mu Qihua was sitting, and Mu Qirong obviously couldn’t stop the siege of so many people. He seemed a little stretched, Mu Qihua sat on the seat, whose window had been smashed, and a man who rushed to drag Mu Qihua was slashed to the back of his hand by Yan Mu, and he took a few steps back in pain.

After hesitating, he glanced at Yan Mu, and finally sighed, “Don’t come out, I’ll take a look.” After saying that, without waiting for Yan Mu to speak, he ran to the car in which Mu Qihua was riding. The person who attacked Mu Qihua hit him. The neat and fierce momentum made Mu Qihua sitting in the back seat of the car stunned.

Mu Qihua was a leader in the mixed politics of the Mu family’s generation, so many people in Beijing were envious of him, and if they didn’t deal with the Mu family, they regarded him as a thorn in the eye. But somebody who dared to do it so stupidly, he really couldn’t think of who was behind this incident.

Outside the window, Lu Chengyu smashed an iron rod on the back of the bully who rushed forward, as if he was smashing a piece of dead pork and watched the bully snort and fell down. Mu Qihua couldn’t help but stiffen his back. The back seemed a bit chilly.

Seeing that there were more and more people, he glanced at the time. Although he had called his people over and called the police, he didn’t know when the police and their people would arrive. If this continues, after a long time, he was afraid that it will be a problem.

Zhuang Yu’s bodyguard, A Dong, finally knew why the buddy who switched to making skewers said that Lu Chengyu was cruel. Looking at those who fell down by Lu Chengyu, he felt that his bodyguard combat effectiveness was not as good as someone’s gentle assistant. The shame of being a bodyguard, he should just follow his buddy to make skewers.

Lu Chengyu kicked a rushing bastard, and gasped: “Fuck, who did you offend? This is simply a waste of money.” Even if this section is sparsely populated, it is not that there is no car coming, indicating that the main messenger must have used means to prevent those people from coming over for the time being.

For example, for things like car accidents, as long as there was a delay, there were enough people to start. But why did these people use knives and rods instead of pistols?

With Lu Chengyu’s help, Mu Qirong found it easier to deal with these people. Seeing that there were more and more people, he gasped slightly and said, “Take eldest brother and Xiao Yan away. I’ll be here.”

“Damn!” Lu Chengyu watched. Looking around, he thought that let alone leading people to go first, they might be chopped off if they ran even a few steps. He took off his blood-stained suit jacket and threw it on the ground. When someone pounced on him, he slammed the rod and he went down, , seeing this person lying down, he turned around and kicked the other person away, “There are so many people, we can’t leave at all. When will your people arrive?”

“Come on”, Mu Qirong panted heavily and talked to Lu Chengyu, standing back-to-back, there was a drop of blood on his face, and he looked extraordinarily solemn, “You have good skills.”

“What I learned is the ability to beat people. It’s different from you.” Lu Chengyu tore off the bow tie from his neck. Seeing someone rushing towards Yan Mu’s car, he hurried to the side with strides, but he hadn’t crossed yet. After two steps, he heard a “bang” and the person who rushed over knelt down.

After Lu Chengyu had a meal, he saw Yan Mu stepping out of the car door, holding a black pistol in his hand.

The gangsters saw that someone had brought out a gun, and many people were stunned. They just took the money to teach a lesson to this group of rich second generations heirs, but they didn’t expect that some of these rich second generations would be equipped with guns. Looking at Yan Mu, these punks, no one dared to rush forward for a while.

“One step forward, I am not shooting the legs, but the head,” Yan Mu strode blankly to the side of Lu Chengyu and Mu Qirong, “Who gave you the courage to make a move on us?”

Lu Chengyu blocked it with a calm expression. Yan Mu sneered and said, “Isn’t, anyone telling, who is the person, who asked you to attack?”

The leader tilted his head and glanced at Yan Mu, glanced over the pistol, and lowered his eyelids.

“I take care of who you are,” the head gangster spit on the ground, “You honestly follow Laozi, I will let you go today, or don’t blame the brothers for not being polite.”

“You want to kidnap us, and you have the nerve to talk politely with us”, Mu Qihua followed the car down, sneered, “One minute and my people are coming, now you can choose to run, or be grabbed by others.”

The leader listened carefully, there was no sound of a police siren, and he mustered up the courage to say: “Brothers, don’t be afraid, they are just bluffing us, now as long as we take people away, we will send it out.”

The charm of money is endless. Yes, for a while, people who were originally worried were eager to try. There was even a person who threw the watermelon knife in his hand at Yan Mu who was holding the gun. Lu Chengyu hurriedly stopped it with an iron rod, but when the steel knife was swung away, the blade bounced on his arm, but he only felt a cold on his arm. When he looked down, the blood had stained the sleeves of his white shirt.

His expensive suit was spoiled just like that! He gave the bastards an angry look, wondering if his clothes were expensive?

When Yan Mu saw Lu Chengyu’s hand, his eyes darkened suddenly, completely different from his usual. With a sullen face, he shot the knife-throwing gangster without hesitation, and once again frightened the few who wanted to rush forward.

Mu Qirong looked at his cousin with a sullen face, with complicated eyes, then looked at Lu Chengyu whose arm was dripping with blood and sighed slightly.

At this moment, a row of cars drove towards this side. Someone jumped off the car before the car stopped. The group of people running at the forefront stood in front of a few people, and the others held electric batons and shot them down according to these gangsters. The momentum was menacing and amazing.

Seeing that the people had arrived, Yan Mu hurriedly put away his pistol, took off his tie and tied it to Lu Chengyu’s arm, and performed emergency first-aid, “I will take you to the hospital.”

Looking at the blood-stained concrete road on the ground. Without hesitation, he took Lu Chengyu to a car that the later group of people drove and did not even say hello to the others.

Mu Qihua looked at the car that was driven away by Yan Mu, and looked down at the pool of Lu Chengyu’s blood on the ground, “Leave this to them, and we will go to the hospital.”

Today, this thing was not so easy to pass. Mu Qihua liked to eat everything, but he didn’t like to eat grievances. If, he hadn’t insisted on driving with Lu Chengyu and the others this time, he was afraid he would have been abducted long ago.

Zhuang Yu and Zhang Zeyun also saw Lu Chengyu’s injury and Mu Ge’s subsequent reaction. They exchanged glances, and after seeing the worry in each other’s eyes, they followed Mu Qihua.

Mu Qihua was sitting in the car with a very ugly face, “I decided to go with Xiao Yan and them temporarily.” When he decided to leave with Yan Mu, there were other people around, explaining that the master mind behind this or his helper was at the banquet.

“Fortunately, Lu Chengyu was here today…” Mu Qihua’s eyes changed several times, and he finally sighed, “I owe him a big favour.” Lu Chengyu was watching Yan Mu’s every move, if it weren’t for him, what would have happened to Xiao Yan. How could Lu Chengyu react in time when the knife was thrown over?

After half a minute of silence in the carriage, Mu Qirong frowned and said, “Is it a waste of such a capable person to be an assistant to my cousin?”

Mu Qihua glared at him: “You want to dig Xiao Yan’s corner of the wall?” If Xiao Yan heard this…

Mu Qirong frowned, but did not argue with Mu Qihua, because his eloquence was never as good as Mu Qihua.

“Don’t say this to Xiao Yan from now on”, Mu Qihua coughed dryly. “I think it is good for Lu Chengyu to be Xiao Yan’s assistant.”

“Didn’t you say that Lu Chengyu is not suitable to be Xiao Yan’s assistant?” Mu Qirong asked, “Big brother, what about your principles?”

Mu Qihua smiled, “I was scared and lost by those gangsters just now.”

Mu Qirong : “…”

Not only the principles are gone, but the integrity is also lost?

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