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Chi Fang woke up with a hangover again.

He opened his eyes silently and stared at the ceiling above his head for a long time. He had been very careful, okay, who knew that there would be alcohol in a fruity drink, not to mention his current body’s resistance to alcohol was too weak. It was not that there was no resistance at all, but the resistance was all in negative!

Speaking of which… he seemed to have met his big brother last night?

Chi Fang rubbed his forehead blankly and got up. When he went downstairs, he saw his second and eldest brother sitting on the sofa with serious faces, not knowing what they were talking about.

“Morning…?” As soon as Chi Fang said that, the eyes of the two people on the sofa moved towards him, and Chi Fang’s voice instantly became quieter.

Wait, he wouldn’t have become crazy after drinking too much yesterday, right? Chi Fang earnestly recalled whether he had been drunk in his previous life and missed the strange gazes of Chi Zheng and Chi Yan.

Chi Zheng: We can’t tell Xiaofang.

Chi Yan: We have to resolutely prohibit the Yu brat from approaching the younger brother.

The two brothers reached an agreement with their eyes and nodded firmly to each other.

Chi Fang didn’t understand, so he went downstairs and took a look at them, “Where’s mom?”

Chi Zheng moved aside, made room for Chi Fang, and replied: “Mom went out, to buy groceries…? I don’t know who she is going to invite for dinner. I went out early in the morning.”

Chi Fang nodded.

Chi Zheng was not surprised when he saw him nod, and he asked, “Do you know who mother wants to invite to dinner?”

Chi Fang hummed and said, “It’s Yu Mo.”

Chi Zheng’s expression instantly stiffened, and he turned his head to face Chi Yan. Seeing Chi Yan also looking surprised, it was obvious he also didn’t know it earlier as well. Chi Zheng twitched his mouth, and said silently, “Why?”

Why did you invite that brat! That brat conspired against our family’s Chi Fang! Mom, you are leading the wolf into the room!

“Because he helped me with tuition,” Chi Fang said of course, but was a little confused at Chi Zheng’s strong opposition, “You… why don’t you like him so much?”

Because he wants to steal my brother from me!

Chi Zheng thought blankly.

Of course, he couldn’t tell Chi Fang this. Chi Zheng racked his brains to find out Yu Mo’s shortcomings. It was a pity that he didn’t have much contact with Yu Mo. Before, he was only dissatisfied with this person for occupying Chi Fang’s time. Then, Chi Yan brought the drunk Chi Fang back home last night and mentioned his matter. In the study, they seriously discussed with each other how Yu Mo should be kept away from their little brother.

It was not easy for Chi Zheng, who was severely doting on his younger brother, to not go directly to the villa next door to beat up Yu Mo.

This person actually dared to come to his house. Is this trying to please his mother so that Chi Fang could be abducted!

The more Chi Zheng thought, the angrier and more irritable he was. After taking one last sip of the coffee, he stood up, “I’ll beat him up!”

Chi Fang: “…”

“Second, Second Brother!” Chi Fang hurriedly grabbed Chi Zheng’s sleeves, the whole person was a little confused, as if questioning why the second brother didn’t like Yu Mo, and why did the second brother suddenly want to beat Yu Mo?!

“Little brother, let me tell you that Yu Mo is not a good person, he…” Chi Zheng wanted to tell Chi Fang the matter.

“Cough.” Chi Yan coughed lightly.

Chi Zheng glanced at his eldest brother subconsciously and saw Chi Yan’s threatening look behind his glasses. The strong desire to survive made him silently shut up.

“??” Chi Fang stared blankly at the two elder brothers. “What happened last night…?”

Chi Yan glared at his unbearable second brother and said with a stern face: “It’s nothing, it’s just little brother. If you’re underage, it’s better not to drink, it’s not good for your health.”

Chi Fang nodded his head, but he still didn’t ask why the two brothers had such a bad impression of Yu Mo. After all of this, if he catches up with Yu Mo, will the eldest and second elder brother be angry…

Chi Fang began to worry sincerely.

No matter how unwilling the two brothers were, Yu Mo’s plan to come to Chi’s house for dinner had already been decided, what could they do if they did not agree? Did they dare to oppose Mother Chi?

After a while, Mother Chi returned from buying vegetables, said hello to the three sons sitting in the living room, and went straight into the kitchen. Looking at his mother’s enthusiastic attitude, Chi Zheng felt a little uncomfortable.

Chi Fang had already gone upstairs to rest, only Chi Zheng and Chi Yan were left in the living room. Chi Zheng softly asked his elder brother: “Mom, this… is a bit too enthusiastic, right?”

Although Mother Chi had always been very kind, she also gave people a sense of alienation. They were already surprised that she invited people to dinner at home, but Mother Chi cooking by herself. The whole thing gave Chi Zheng a weird feeling of a mother-in-law preparing for her son-in-law.

Chi Yan picked up the tea, took a sip, and said nothing for a while. Chi Zheng was also a little bit awkward with this eldest brother. Seeing that Chi Yan didn’t speak, he had to mumble a few words by himself, then he was quiet.

It was the first time Yu Mo went to a classmate’s house to play. It was someone he liked and was invited by the other’s mother. These three points were enough for him to pay attention to.

Although he finished the exam, Yu Mo got up at 6 o’clock in the morning according to his habit. He went downstairs and ran a lap first, and then returned home at seven o’clock. Mother Yu had something to do today, but she was still worried about Yu Mo, so she pushed the matter into the afternoon.

Seeing Yu Mo coming back from the outside, Mother Yu put the breakfast on the table, “Go and clean up and eat.”

Yu Mo’s current height was considered very high among high school students. He looked a little thin because of his tall body. But now it was all being made up slowly. After Yu Mo had finished eating, Mother Yu began to teach Yu Mo what to pay attention to little by little.

Yu Mo was very smart, and his memory was very good. He could remember anything that Mother Yu had said to him even once since childhood, and this time was no exception. He didn’t understand the world, and Mother Yu didn’t expect him to learn those social interactions in such a short time. What’s more, Yu Mo was going to see his classmate’s mother instead of discussing business, so there was no need to be so nervous.

“You must say hello when you see her. This is necessary. You can’t say nothing. You should talk to everyone. If Chi Fang’s family is also there, you should greet them one by one. You can call whatever Chi Fang calls them.” Mother Yu said, “Don’t forget the gift. It’s good to send some flowers and fruits for the first time. It shouldn’t be too grand, or it would make people feel vain.”

“Whatever Ms. Chi asks you, answer truthfully, but it shouldn’t be too true. …” Speaking of this, Mother Yu rubbed her forehead. This was the hardest thing for Yu Mo. It was harder for Yu Mo to lie than for him to speak.

“I understand.” Yu Mo said.

At noon, Yu Mo first arrived at the door of Chi’s house before calling Chi Fang. Chi Fang came down from the second floor and opened the door for Yu Mo. When Yu Mo entered the house with his things, he noticed that there were a lot of people at home.

“Big brother, second brother? Why haven’t you left?” Chi Fang glanced at the time blankly.

Usually, Chi Zheng and Chi Yan had already gone to the company by this time.

Chi Fang simply expressed his surprise at the presence of the two older brothers, but in Chi Zheng’s heart, this became his brother wanting to drive him away because of an outsider!

Chi Zheng instantly recorded this hatred against Yu Mo.

It was the first time for Yu Mo to enter the Chi family’s villa. Just after changing his shoes, he was stared at by two pairs of eyes. He looked up and saw the eldest brother and the second brother of the Chi family standing directly in front of him. Thinking of Mother Yu’s words, he took the initiative to step forward and hand the flowers.

Yu Mo: “Eldest brother, second brother.”

Chi Fang: “…”

Chi Zheng: “…”

Chi Yan: “…”

Although something was wrong, but there was no way to pinpoint it, what could they do?!

Mother Chi was busy in the kitchen and came out only after hearing Yu Mo’s voice. She glanced at her two sons, took the flowers from Yu Mo’s hand with a smile, and took him to sit down on the sofa. The elder brother duo who was still releasing cold air towards Yu Mo were still stagnant, but Mother Chi calmly looked at them again, and they didn’t dare to speak any more, so they sat down one by one.

This was the first time that Mother Chi had met Yu Mo. She had heard that the Yu family members are all good-looking before. This time, she couldn’t help but admire it in her heart. She could feel that Yu Mo seemed to be unaccustomed to touching, and Mother Chi was not angry, but instead let go of his hand inadvertently.

Yu Mo breathed a sigh of relief, remembering Mother Yu’s advice, he looked at Mother Chi hesitantly, then said: “Mom.”

Chi Fang: “…”

Chi Zheng: “…”

Chi Yan: “…”

“You ……” Chi Zheng was about to revolt and was slapped back by Mother Chi’s look.

Mother Chi turned her head and smiled: “Just call me Aunt Chi, Chi Fang has troubled you during this period, and caused you so much trouble.”

Yu Mo paused, and shook his head: “No.” He hesitated for a while and added: “No trouble.”

Chi Zheng gritted his teeth, this kid is too rude!

Mother Chi had long been reminded by Chi Fang of Yu Mo’s character, and she was not angry. Instead, she smiled and asked, “Is there anything Yu Mo likes to eat? Auntie will make it for you.”

Yu Mo shook his head again, “It’s all right.” “

The Chi Fang on the side looked at Yu Mo’s well-behaved appearance being questioned by Mother Chi, and couldn’t help but smile, “Mom, don’t tease him, Yu Mo doesn’t eat spicy food, he likes sweet food, or else should I make sweet and sour pork ribs in a moment?”

Chi Zheng continued to grit his teeth. Why should my little brother cook for a stinky guy, and why does he know this stinky guy so well!

Mother Chi and Yu Mo talked for a while, then she had to go to pay attention to the dishes in the kitchen. As soon as Mother Chi left, the living room became cold again. At this time, Chi Fang also found that the two brothers had wrong attitudes, and he frowned: “Big brother, second brother, what’s the matter with you?”

Chi Zheng found it a little unbearable when he saw Chi Fang’s accusing eyes. He glanced at Yu Mo who had been sitting around, pretending to be well-behaved and thought that it was Yu Mo who was actually bad at heart, and reluctantly said: “It’s nothing, second brother is happy to see you making new friends!”

Chi Fang turned over with a roll of eyes. The unhappiness in Chi Zheng’s tone almost overflowed, and he actually said he was happy?

In this weird atmosphere, Chi’s lunch began. Chi Fang followed Yu Mo and sat on one side, while Chi Zheng and Chi Yan sat opposite them. Mother Chi actually made sweet and sour pork ribs for Yu Mo. Chi Fang smiled and gave Yu Mo a piece, and said, “My mother’s ribs are the best. You must try it.”

Yu Mo nodded, took two bites seriously, and said: “It’s delicious.”

Chi Zheng curled his lips, flatterer!

Mother Chi was happy after being praised, and gave Yu Mo a few more pieces, and Chi Fang, who was sitting next to Yu Mo, was also favored. Instead, Chi Zheng and Chi Yan on the other side looked at each other at the ribs plate that was about to be empty.

Mom, we are your sons!

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