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The guest who ate the meal enjoyed himself.

After the meal, Yu Mo hesitated to say goodbye, and Mother Chi had already opened her mouth to ask him to stay.

“Anyway, exams are finished, just play here for a while, and wait for Chi Fang’s brother to send you back in the evening.” Mother Chi smiled.

Yu Mo didn’t refuse, nodded, and followed Chi Fang to the second floor.

Downstairs, Chi Zheng couldn’t help it at all. When eating just now, the stinky boy’s eyes didn’t hide it at all! Chi Zheng was too angry, and he didn’t dare to talk nonsense in front of Mother Chi, so he could only gulp a cup of tea in one mouthful, and then exhale the heat out.

Mother Chi calmly poured herself a cup of tea, held it up and blew on it, looking quite calm and relaxed, “Okay, you two just see Yu Mo’s eyes are wrong, why can’t you see what your brother’s gaze on Yu Mo looks like?”

Chi Zheng was dumbfounded.

Mother Chi put down the tea in her hand and hit Chi Zheng’s forehead. She sighed and didn’t know what to do.

It was the first time for Yu Mo to enter Chi Fang’s bedroom, and he was a little nervous. The bedroom was very clean, there was no mess of dirty clothes, and there were no pictures of stars on the walls. Yu Mo breathed a sigh of relief, sat down on the chair, and watched Chi Fang smile at him.

“What’s the matter?” Yu Mo asked, puzzled.

Chi Fang paused and asked, “Yu Mo, have you played games?”

Yu Mo was stunned, and shook his head: “No.”

He had no friends since he was a child, and naturally he had never played games with friends. Even games like basketball were also played alone and he found nothing wrong with it.

Chi Fang smiled badly when he heard the words, “Then I will teach you to play a game?”

Yu Mo nodded.

Chi Fang didn’t have many games. Pang Zifei had taught him a combat game in the past. He downloaded the game on Yu Mo’s phone, holding a guilty mentality of bringing up bad children. Chi Fang taught Yu Mo how to operate and how to use skills.

Yu Mo listened carefully.

After explaining all the rules, Chi Fang also mainly talked about a few hero skills as a gift, so he created a room and invited Yu Mo.

“You can’t learn just by listening. Come, brother will teach you well.”

Yu Mo gave Chi Fang a calm look and clicked to accept.

In the first game, Yu Mo lost miserably. After all, it was a new game. Yu Mo was still adapting to walking, and Chi Fang suddenly appeared and killed him.

In the second game, Yu Mo struggled twice before losing.

Chi Fang coughed slightly, and took back the conscience that he had thrown aside, “Don’t play anymore?”

Yu Mo glanced at him, shook his head, and took the initiative to open the third round. Chi Fang had a worry that when it was over, Yu Mo wouldn’t be angry, right.

Chi Fang was worried in his heart and was considering whether to give in to Yu Mo, but he didn’t pay attention for a while and was killed by Yu Mo and a set of combos was taken away by a direct spike.

Chi Fang: “…” It doesn’t seem very good.

After the resurrection, Chi Fang walked forward vigilantly. Yu Mo hadn’t appeared on the mini map for a long time. Chi Fang hesitated for a long time under the tower, still greedy for the money from the army line, and walked forward with fear.

Just a few steps away, a big man jumped out from the bush next to him. With three steps, then five steps, and then two steps, he drove him back to the end.

In the third game, Yu Mo won.

Chi Fang couldn’t believe it at all, “Yu Mo, have you played this game before?”

Yu Mo shook his head.

So, he was defeated by a rookie who only played three games… Chi Fang was a little broken.

After throwing the phone away, Chi Fang was also a little sleepy. Taking a look at the time, he usually took a nap at this time.

Yu Mo saw that Chi Fang had already started yawning, and said, “Let’s go to bed.”

Chi Fang nodded, glanced at Yu Mo and then at his bed. There were guest rooms in Chi’s house, but the guest room was on the first floor. Although it was cleaned every day, it was definitely not as good as Chi Fang’s own bedroom.

And… Chi Fang got a little excited when he thought that the boy he liked was in his bedroom. Although he hadn’t caught him yet, he could always take some advantage first, right?

Thinking like this, Chi Fang said to Yu Mo, “You should sleep for a while, too?”

Yu Mo was taken aback.

Chi Fang just didn’t care about his reaction. Now Yu Mo’s tolerance for him was getting higher and higher, making Chi Fang want to try Yu Mo’s bottom line sometimes.

The bed in the bedroom was a double bed. After the curtains were closed, the whole room was dimmer. There was no need to cover with a quilt for a nap in the summer. Chi Fang pulled Yu Mo and lay on the bed.

Yu Mo lay on one side stiffly, not daring to move.

This reaction was very thought-provoking… Chi Fang blinked, pretending to lean against Yu Mo inadvertently, “Speaking of which, Yu Mo, how did you do in the exam this time?”

Chi Fang didn’t get too close either. There was still a gap between the individuals, but then he watched Yu Mo’s ears redden little by little, and along the way, even the back of his neck reddened, but Yu Mo’s face itself did not change.

“It’s okay.”

Chi Fang looked surprised, and quietly moved to Yu Mo’s side, and saw that the light pink behind Yu Mo’s ears deepened bit by bit, and finally turned dark red.

“Then you say, will we two be put in the same class?”

Yu Mo was disturbed by Chi Fang’s breath and couldn’t calm down at all. He didn’t turn around and throw Chi Fang down using almost all his perseverance. There was no thought in his mind.


Chi Fang knew in his heart that he was almost tempted, and it would be a bit too much to go further, but he moved forward again, and his elbow touched Yu Mo’s sleeve faintly.” What if we two are not assigned to the same class?”

After all, sorting depended on grades. With Chi Fang’s grades, he could be stuck in another class. If the final exam was a little bit worse, it was estimated that he would not be able to enter Yu Mo’s class.

“I will apply for a transfer.” Yu Mo subconsciously said. As soon as he finished his words, he realized something and turned his head to look at Chi Fang.

As expected, Chi Fang’s face was dark.

Chi Fang couldn’t tell what he felt, but he was a little angry inexplicably, and a little irritable and even wanted to drag Yu Mo by his hind legs. The original good mood suddenly fell a little bit. Chi Fang didn’t lose his temper with Yu Mo but pretended to fiercely look at Yu Mo.

“Don’t change classes!” Chi Fang said, “It’s not a big deal you just wait for me for a few months, I’ll definitely be able to get in!”

Yu Mo opened his mouth, and felt that nothing he said would be appropriate, so he nodded silently.

Only then did Chi Fang retreat in satisfaction, turned over and lay on the other side, “Let’s go to sleep.”

The feeling of a hangover hadn’t passed yet. Although there was something in his heart, Chi Fang fell asleep quickly.

On the contrary, Yu Mo was a little unable to sleep. He was lying on the bed, feeling the breath of Chi Fang all around him, and even Chi Fang was lying beside him…?!

Yu Mo cautiously lowered his head and glanced down.

Chi Fang probably fell asleep. He habitually moved around on the bed, he did not know what it was after he touched something, so he turned over and pressed it over, and his arm was directly on Yu Mo’s chest.

Yu Mo turned his head silently, and he saw a certain large doll that was left out on the other side.

Also…in order to not wake up Chi Fang, Yu Mo quietly moved himself to Chi Fang’s side.

After Chi Fang had something he was holding, he calmed down and didn’t move again for two hours. Chi Zheng had even gone upstairs to see him. If it weren’t for Chi Fang sleeping soundly, he would have thrown out the bastard who dared to climb on his brother’s bed.

Chi Zheng, who was awakened by Mother Chi, also realized that his younger brother’s attitude towards Yu Mo had always been wrong, but his younger brother had always disliked playing with other people, so how come he suddenly followed Yu Mo and Pang Zifei, along with Chi Fang’s meticulous care of Yu Mo…

Chi Zheng stared at Yu Mo for a long time before gritting his teeth. My younger brother likes it, then I will also like it! But if Yu Mo dared to treat Chi Fang badly, then he would definitely not spare him.

Yu Mo hadn’t slept, and knew about Chi Zheng’s coming in, but he didn’t want to enter into  conflict with Chi Zheng, so he pretended to be asleep. When Chi Zheng left, he opened his eyes and stared at Chi Fang again, until he saw that Chi Fang was going to wake up in a daze, then Yu Mo closed his eyes again.

The moment Chi Fang woke up, he was still a little confused. He touched his “doll” in doubt and was still muttering why his pillow was so hard today…The next second Chi Fang reacted, and the hand that kept moving stiffened and did not move anymore.

He cautiously sat up from beside Yu Mo, and he was relieved to make sure that Yu Mo was still asleep.

Chi Fang stared at Yu Mo for a long while before sighing softly, “When will you find out…” He got up lightly, closed the door, and went downstairs.

When Yu Mo heard there was no movement in the room, he slowly opened his eyes. He frowned, wondering what Chi Fang meant by, when would he find out? What did Chi Fang want him to discover?

Chi Zheng and Chi Yan had gone out, and only Mother Chi was sitting in the living room watching a TV series. Seeing Chi Fang coming downstairs, Mother Chi waved her hand and asked him to come and sit down beside her.

A dog-blood drama was playing on TV. A man knelt in front of a noble lady, and shouted, “Mom, I just love her!”

Chi Fang couldn’t help but purse the corners of his mouth. When did his mother start watching this kind of bloody drama?

Mother Chi was very calm and commented on the actor’s acting skills: “It’s too much, as if trying to fight people too hard.”

“Mom.” Chi Fang was speechless, “It’s all fake…”

“That’s not necessarily true.” Mother Chi shook her head, “TV series are also derived from life, I have to study more, what if I will have to use it later?”

Chi Fang shook his head and glanced at Mother Chi from the corner of his eye. However, Mother Chi was already watching the TV series seriously, and seemed to really want to learn something from it.

Probably not… Chi Fang comforted himself in his heart.

In the evening, when Yu Mo returned home, Chi Fang didn’t dare to face Mother Chi alone in the living room, so he slipped back upstairs. There was something in his mind and he couldn’t answer the question. Chi Fang rolled around on the bed two times irritably, took out his phone and opened the APP made by Yu Mo.

As soon as he opened it, Chi Fang’s fingers froze. During this period of time, he had been busy, and the egg he saw every day was gone! Chi Fang hurriedly flipped through several other functions but couldn’t find the egg.

Could it be that it was deleted by Yu Mo? Chi Fang was a little anxious, clicked on Yu Mo’s chat box and sent a message.

Chi Fang: Where’s the egg?!

He didn’t know if Yu Mo had gone to freshen up, but Chi Fang waited for a long time and didn’t see his reply, so he went to the APP to look around again. This time he flipped through every icon and function in the APP, and when he clicked on an icon that looked like a small schoolbag, a line of words suddenly popped up in the middle of the screen.

Xiaoyu hid in his schoolbag and was found by his master. On the screen, a little black cat was lying on the half-opened school bag, shaking the cat’s tail.

Chi Fang: …

Chi Fang’s first reaction was, why did he call a cat Xiaoyu[1]? The second reaction was why did a cat come out of the egg, and the third reaction was…

It turns out that the soul in the previous life was really Yu Mo.

He wanted to hit someone.

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[1] Little Fish.

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  1. Average memory strikes again! (lmao xD) why did he come to the conclusion that “the soul in the previous life was really Yu Mo”? Probably sth about the app he had in his previous life, and it had a cat too?? I forgot >w> ^^’ XD
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  2. Yes and it was also born from an egg and called xiaoyu which means little fish…all of these peculiarities are the same in this life as well..from this he deduced that it was yu mo in previous life too

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