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In his previous life, Chi Fang also tried to find the other party many times, but unfortunately, he had not been able to succeed, and he had no other way to contact the other party. At the beginning, Chi Fang felt that this kind of communication was very good, and he didn’t need to think about the reality of the other party, but when he started to be tempted, all this seemed to be…a dream.

Several times, Chi Fang would dream that the other party suddenly disappeared, and he wanted to find him, but couldn’t. Finally, Chi Fang posted a status in the software, inviting the other party to meet in a hotel under the name of Chi family.

On that day, Chi Fang carefully prepared for a long time, and even booked the entire hotel, sitting alone in the most eye-catching position of the hotel. However…..Chi Fang waited until twelve o’clock, and the other party did not come.

At that time, Chi Fang thought it was because the other party was shy, and he also thought that he should change his way of communication next time.

But that person disappeared.

The other user on the software became a blank account, and the mood that had been sent out disappeared, as if the software was only one person from the beginning to the end, and the other user was just a non-existent one he imagined.

At that time, Chi Fang was the only pillar of the Chi family. He didn’t dare to let others discover his emotions, so he could only suppress what was in his heart.

So why did Yu Mo suddenly disappear at that time?!

Chi Fang rubbed his painful temples, wishing to grab Yu Mo and ask clearly. However, he also knew that Yu Mo had never experienced those things in the future, and it was useless to ask him.

Speaking of, during the time that the person disappeared, was there anything wrong with J?

Chi Fang thought about it carefully, but unfortunately, he didn’t have much impression of J in his previous life. Except for meeting when signing the contract, there was no intersection at all at other times. In this case, even if something happened to J, he had no way to know.

Thinking of this, Chi Fang suddenly found a point that he had been neglecting before. Before it came out, how did the Chi family, which was about to be ruined, get noticed by Yuchi Group among so many powerful competitors? It was only a project of several million yuan, how could it make the dignified power holder of Yuchi Group come to sign the contract…Was there no one else in their company?!

But Chi Fang still couldn’t understand, since when did Yu Mo notice him, it wouldn’t be from high school, right?

After being disturbed by this incident, Chi Fang’s whole body was shivering, and he even had a doubt.

Why was he born again?

Chi Fang had been back for almost a year, and he still remembered the events of his previous life very clearly, even including what happened on which day and what everyone did, but he never remembered one thing.

What was he doing before he was born again?

Chi Fang didn’t even know the day he left from his previous life. The last thing he remembered about his previous life was that person’s disappearance, and the things after that became blurred. Chi Fang had never cared about this before, but when he came to know the relationship between Yu Mo and J, Chi Fang suddenly found it inexplicable.

Did J appear in the memory that he forgot?

Or if he died later, just because he didn’t remember the things before death, he didn’t know why he was born again?

The more he thought about it, the worse his head ached, Chi Fang rubbed his forehead and sighed.

The phone thrown on the bed suddenly shook.

After returning to his senses, Chi Fang remembered the message he had just sent to Yu Mo, reached out his hand to touch the phone, and clicked on it.

Yu Mo: I didn’t eat it.

Chi Fang twitched his mouth, typing laughingly.

Chi Fang: Have an egg! I’m talking about the one in the software! Speaking of, why is a cat born from an egg?!

Yu Mo was typing for a while and sent a sentence.

Yu Mo: The code is simple.

Chi Fang: …All right. Then why is he called Xiaoyu?

Yu Mo: Because my last name is Yu.

Chi Fang: …

He shouldn’t have thought so much!

Chi Fang couldn’t help but complain: Then you will open a company in the future, will it also be called Yuji Group?

Yu Mo seemed to hesitate for a long time before he started typing, and after a while he sent a message.

Yu Mo: It will be called Yuchi Group.

Chi Fang froze for a moment, and for a moment thought that Yu Mo was also reborn.

Chi Fang: Why?

Yu Mo: …I like it.

Chi Fang: ???

However, no matter what Chi Fang asked afterwards, Yu Mo stopped answering this question.

The final grades of the first year of high school were quickly released, and Chi Fang had advanced dozens of places from the previous time. Chi Fang looked at the rankings, and he was relieved. His ranking happened to be just beyond the key line. It should be no problem to enter the key class. Other than the key class, all other classes are assigned is random. Although Chi Fang had been a little bit embarrassed these days, he still actively sought help from Mother Chi so that he and Yu Mo were assigned to the same class.

Mother Chi didn’t ask too much, and quickly found someone she knew.

After the results, the summer vacation of the first year of high school began. The weather this summer was hotter than usual, which made people want to lie down and not move.

There was no one in Chi’s house except Chi Fang.

Because of Chi Fang, Chi Zheng was wary of Wang Liang, but Wang Liang was usually too rigorous. Chi Zheng had been staring at him for almost a year, and he could not get any handle at all. What he had to say was that this person was so perfect, so perfect as if he didn’t have his own temper.

Chi Zheng had heard the people around him praise the Wang family’s adopted son several times. He was kind and didn’t fight or grab for opportunities. Chi Zheng was almost brainwashed, thinking it was his own illusion, but the pictures that Chi Fang gave him gave Chi Zheng another idea.

If anyone was really indifferent to the wealth in front of him, there was only another possibility, that is, he had other choices.

Digging deeply from this angle, Chi Zheng really dug out something.

Wang Liang was adopted by the Wang family when he was very young. He heard that it was because Wang Liang saved a child of the Wang family and almost died. The Wang family later found out that Wang Liang was an orphan and went through procedures to adopt him. However…

Chi Zheng found out that the place where Wang’s child was abducted was far away from the city, and Wang Liang was just a few years old at the time, how could he appear so far from the suburbs? This question was also mentioned at the time, but apart from this point, Wang Liang’s entire background did not have any other problems, and the Wang family ignored this point.

What if the appearance of Wang Liang was a game in itself?

Chi Zheng was a little excited, so he went down this line and found out a lot of things.

For example, the person who was rescued back then was Wang Pengyu.

Another example… Wang Liang seemed to have an unusual relationship with the Ma family.

Because more and more things were discovered, Chi Zheng didn’t dare to mess around alone, so he told Father Chi the matter. Father Chi looked at the investigation report handed over by Chi Zheng, frowning: “How sure are you about these things?”

What Chi Zheng found out was not unimportant. If these things spread, the entire Wang family would be shaken. The person they thought to be a life-saver was actually conspiring against them, and they didn’t know what those people would do.

“I promise that I didn’t fabricate it, but…” Chi Zheng hesitated, “Many things have happened too long ago, and there is no guarantee that there will be physical evidence.”

Father Chi nodded and took the things away, “I’ll take care of this. You don’t have to participate anymore.”

Chi Fang stayed at home for three days, thinking that he could not be so decadent, and then tried to get up. The temperature outside the window was still the same, and Chi Fang just glanced at it, and he gave up the idea of going out to exercise.

How about… just go back and lie down?

Chi Fang was hesitating and received a call from Yu Mo.

Since the last time he came to know that Yu Mo was the person in his previous life, Chi Fang had a honeyed feeling towards Yu Mo. After all, J in the previous life was too cold, let alone liking someone, Chi Fang had never seen J stand with a woman, let alone having rumors with someone. Because of this, Chi Fang really didn’t think about how special J was to him.

So… Did Yu Mo like him now? Didn’t like him? Chi Fang guessed and guessed, afraid that he would be wrong, and felt that what he was thinking might be true, and his whole personality was about to split.

“Hello?” Chi Fang answered the phone in a low voice.

Because of the summer vacation, Yu Mo began to receive training at home. He was busy every day. He hadn’t seen Chi Fang for several days, so he didn’t notice Chi Fang’s entanglement. Today, after a day off, Yu Mo told his mother and went out to look for Chi Fang.

“Are you at home?” Yu Mo asked, standing outside the Chi’s door, looking up at the window blocking the curtains on the second floor.

Chi Fang raised his eyebrows, answered, walked to the window and opened the curtains, and he saw Yu Mo standing downstairs, “What’s the matter?”

“Would you like…” Yu Mo coughed lightly, concealing his feelings. “To go swimming?”

Chi Fang was stunned, and a random smile flashed in his eyes.

“Swimming…” He repeated, staring at Yu Mo downstairs, and chuckled, “Okay.”

It was another villa of Yu family that went to Yu Mo took him to in the suburban forest. Chi Fang sat in the car and looked at the woods on both sides of the road outside the window. It was rare that there was no motion sickness. The temperature in the mountains was lower than that in the city. When Chi Fang got out of the car, he felt the fresh air around him, and he felt better all at once.

“Just the two of us?” Chi Fang followed Yu Mo into the door and looked around curiously.

Yu Mo nodded, “People have cleaned here yesterday, and we can stay overnight. If you want to go home, you can tell the driver.”

Chi Fang nodded and didn’t say whether he would stay here.

Yu Mo had to silently lead the way.

There was a small forest in front of the gate, through a small path in the middle, where he could see a villa. This villa was larger than the one in the city. The overall shape was a circle. There was a pool surrounded by glass in front of the villa. The pool had already been filled with water, and he could see the bottom of the pool at a glance.

Chi Fang followed Yu Mo around the glass and approached the swimming pool. He suddenly remembered, “Hey, I forgot to bring swimming trunks.”

 Yu Mo’s movements halted, his expression was obviously lost, and he pursed his lips. “Then…Would you like to swim again next time?”

Chi Fang looked at him funnily and sighed, “But I really want to swim…”

Yu Mo frowned, hesitated, and asked, “That… Do you want to use mine?”

As if afraid that Chi Fang would dislike it, Yu Mo added: “It’s new and unused. It’s just a small one, so…”

“Yes!” Chi Fang gritted his teeth and stopped Yu Mo, as he didn’t need to say so carefully about buying small things!

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