LGHIHW Ch. 14.2: Arc 1.10

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Xuan Ming glanced at the agent through the smoke and said in a flat tone: “Don’t just look at people on the surface.”

“You know.” The agent smiled nonchalantly.

Xuan Ming didn’t want to discuss Zhuang Li anymore, so he changed the subject: “How is An Bao’er’s investigation?”

“She has a clean history from childhood to adulthood. It is purely a coincidence that she saved you that day. You are just being paranoid.”

“That’s right, forget it if you can’t find it.” Xuan Ming was not disappointed, after all, the system carried by An Bao’er came from a high-dimensional space, and the level of technology far exceeded this era.

He pressed the intercom button, with a cold tone: “Sun Jingshu, you go and inform An Bao’er to let her resign immediately, and she will be supplemented with this month’s salary.”

Now that he had learned about the origin of the system from Little Curly, there was no need for him to continue to keep these people under his nose.

Sun Jingshu was stunned for a while before saying: “Okay President Xuan, I’ll go right away.”

At the same time, An Bao’er was smiling and taking a stack of documents from a colleague, feeling very proud: “System, these people are vying to flatter me, I don’t have to do any work to get so much salary, it’s so cool to be the CEO’s girlfriend!”

“Being the wife of the president is even more enjoyable. Xuan Ming’s personal assets are as high as 89.4 billion. If you marry him, half of his assets will be yours.” System 367 seduced.

“Half of 89.4 billion is 44.7 billion, my God, I posted it!” An Bao’er’s eyes lit up with excitement.

“So you have to work hard! If you can make Xuan Ming dizzy, even the other 44.7 billion could be yours, and all his assets including Haiming Group. From then on, you would be the big boss, and Xuan Ming would just be your wage earner.” 367 encouraged at the right time.

“Okay, I will definitely take down Xuan Ming!” An Bao’er silently swore in her heart.

At this time, a female employee said enviously: “Bao’er, what is the relationship between you and Mr. Xuan? He never cares about human relations, and everything is work-oriented. You are the first person brought into the company by him personally. Are you two really dating?”

An Bao’er blushed and waved her hands: “No, no, Sister Li, don’t talk nonsense!” The more she denied it, the more people doubted her and Xuan Ming’s relationship.

At this moment, Sun Jingshu walked in with a document, and said coldly: “An Bao’er, you can fill out this resignation letter, and then hand it over to the HR department, and go to the finance department to receive a month’s salary before leaving.”

An Bao’er: “Huh?”

The rest: Oh!

“Does Brother Xuan know about this?” An Bao’er asked aggrievedly. She thought it must be a wealthy lady who liked Xuan Ming trying to trip her up, after all, it was always played like this in idol dramas.

“This matter was ordered by President Xuan. You are not qualified to enter Haiming. It would be better to take the money and leave.” Sun Jingshu still had a lot of work to do, so he put down the letter of resignation and left.

An Bao’er: “…”

The rest: Pfft!

After dealing with An Bao’er, Xuan Ming said to the agent: “Have you ever suspected that Dr. Zhao’s death is related to Qiao Yanan? After all, she is the direct beneficiary.”

“You can just tell me this kind of thing, don’t pass it up.” The agent made a silent gesture, and then lowered his voice: “The higher ups attach great importance to Qiao Yanan now, because she is the only one who has the hope of returning the 5G algorithm to China within a year. As long as she succeeds, even if we have the evidence that she murdered Dr. Zhao, the higher-ups will protect her.”

“As long as the 5G algorithm is in hand, she has obtained a legal killing certificate, right??” Xuan Ming curled his lips and sneered.

“That’s right.” The agent nodded firmly.

The two looked at each other for a long time before looking away.

Xuan Ming stubbed out the cigarette irritably, while the agent was about to leave.

At this time, Sun Jingshu broke into the office suddenly, and said out of breath, “Mr. Xuan, the President of the United States just held a press conference, saying that the United States has mastered the 5G algorithm and officially entered the commercial stage, and is planning to hold a global IT seminar. At the meeting, they will re-establish the 5G construction standards centered on the United States, and none of the communication companies in our country have received the invitation letter, and we are isolated.”

“What?” The agent turned pale with shock.

Xuan Ming’s expression was only tense for a moment before he calmly said, “Call Qiao Yanan over.”

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