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Qiao Yanan quickly rushed to Xuan Ming’s office and was quite surprised to learn that the United States had officially announced that their 5G communication technology had entered the simulation stage.

Xuan Ming stared into her eyes and asked, “Manager Qiao, as far as I know, the United States’ 5G R&D speed is much slower than ours, and they suddenly achieved curve overtaking. What do you think is the reason?”

He thought Qiao Yanan should not have sold Dr. Zhao’s research results to the United States, after all, she also needed to rely on this to climb up. But as soon as Qiao Yanan used the Americans to kill Dr. Zhao, the Americans announced a breakthrough in 5G technology, so it must have something to do with it.

He called her here not to hear an honest answer from the other party, but to intercept her conversation with the system.

Qiao Yanan really called the system in her heart: “248, what is going on in the United States? Why is it one step ahead of us. Didn’t you say that they haven’t made any critical progress?”

248 replied in a heavy tone: “Host, don’t you know why the United States is faster than us? I just hacked into their network and found that the 5G algorithm they obtained is exactly the same as Dr. Zhao’s. This is no coincidence. Host, I remember you said that after the United States killed Dr. Zhao, they asked you for the 5G algorithm, and you just sent them a fake document, what exactly did you send?”

After Dr. Zhao died, 248 followed the Bluetooth signal into the SUV that was about to explode and scanned the chip inside Doctor Zhao.

During its absence, the Americans just sent a message asking Qiao Yanan for the final payment of the murder, which was the 5G algorithm.

Qiao Yanan finally remembered this incident, and immediately panicked: “I didn’t post anything! I randomly found a document marked 5G from your trash can and sent it. If you can throw it into the trash can, then it must be something useless!”

248 was almost overwhelmed.

It went into its trash can, looked at the transmission record, and roared through gritted teeth: “Don’t you understand? That’s Dr. Zhao’s calculation draft!”

Qiao Yanan was both puzzled and aggrieved: “I can’t understand! Can’t you post the calculation draft?”

248 took a deep breath, but couldn’t suppress the anger in his heart, and roared: “Don’t you know what an algorithm is? The algorithm is deduced and the calculation is the logic of thinking and the way forward! For 5G technology, the algorithm is not important, but the process, logic and direction. And the calculation draft is exactly what they wanted most!”

“Are you an idiot?” 248 had already broken his voice: “How many times have I told you to study hard, study hard, and don’t rely too much on me? Why don’t you learn? As long as you have a little common sense or foundation, you won’t send such an important thing!”

Qiao Yanan was also angry, and countered: “Since you know this manuscript is very important, why did you throw it into the trash can? You are purely misleading me! I said that I don’t want to deal with Americans, it was you who forced me to contact them, and you also said that you wanted to exercise my abilities. Well, something happened now, and you blamed me again. Anyway, whatever I do is wrong, and whatever you do is right! Then go attack Xuan Ming, what do you want me to do?”

248 was completely speechless. It was regretting now, regretting that its head was flooded and that it left such an important matter to Qiao Yanan. A trash with an IQ in the 80s couldn’t become a genius no matter how hard she trained, let alone when she didn’t know how to work hard and relied on others for everything.

“Forget it, now is not the time to argue about this, we will proceed according to the original plan.” 248 sighed, and quickly explained: “I will release the news of Dr. Zhao’s murder and suppress the stock price of Haiming Group. When the Haiming Group can’t hold on, you stand up and be the savior. With the pressure from the United States, Xuan Ming’s situation should be more difficult, and it will be beneficial to us.”

Qiao Yanan still felt a little guilty at first, but she immediately screamed when she heard this: “Look, I’ve hit the ground running right now! The United States wants to punish the Haiming Group. If I stand up at the most difficult time, Xuan Ming will definitely be grateful to me. The plan has not been destroyed, but it has become more perfect, isn’t it, system?”

248 replied feebly and confessed: “I’m going to guide public opinion on the Internet, and you should perfunctorily deal with Xuan Ming first.”

The conversation between the two ended here.

Xuan Ming, who was sitting opposite them, had a cold face, but his heart was filled with burning anger. He knew that Qiao Yanan was an idiot, but he didn’t know that she could be so stupid.

It was too absurd to turn a useless trash into the most outstanding female scientist in China just because she got a system.

For the mission, she could take human life, steal achievements, play with people’s hearts, betray the company and even the national interest. She was a complete brute.

If it weren’t for the 5G core technology still in her hands, Xuan Ming really wanted to pay someone to kill her.

“When will you be able to deduce the 5G algorithm?” Xuan Ming ground his molars, trying not to sound so cold in his tone.

“I will try my best to speed up. Mr. Xuan, please trust me.” Qiao Yanan said empty words.

“Okay, you go out.” Xuan Ming shook his hand, bored.

Qiao Yanan noticed his extremely depressed mood, and couldn’t help but feel nervous, but she couldn’t stop the plan. If she didn’t drag this powerful man from the sky into the mud, he would never lower his head to see her existence.

“Then I’ll go back to work. Goodbye Mr. Xuan.” Qiao Yanan exited the office, stood at the door hesitantly for a while, but quickly hardened her heart, and left without looking back.

Xuan Ming picked up the receiver and ordered in a cold voice: “Sun Jingshu, let the people in the public relations department pay close attention to the trends on the Internet. Once the news of Dr. Zhao’s murder is released, find someone to delete it immediately and control public opinion. In addition, prepare another set of funds to deal with the sharp drop in stock prices.”

The answer was yes over there.

The agent sitting on the side said in surprise: “We have suppressed the news of Dr. Zhao’s murder for you, who dares to release it?”

“You say hello to the government and ask them to cooperate with us as much as possible, and there is going to be a tough battle to fight.”

“Are you overwhelmed? We have spoken to various platforms, and they dare not publish Dr. Zhao’s news.” The agent waved his hand indifferently.

Xuan Ming cut open the cigar, put it in his mouth, and said with a sneer, “Is it because I’m nervous? Just wait and see.”

Ten minutes later, the news of Dr. Zhao’s murder was published on all major online platforms at the same time. It also introduced the negative impact of Dr. Zhao’s death on Haiming Group.

Ordinary people only thought that the person who started the attack was insane, but people in the industry and stockholders smelled the danger.

So in less than half a day, the stock price of Haiming Group dropped by 7 percentage points, and financial predators from abroad all took aim at this piece of fat, ready to share it and eat it.

What was even more weird was that this message appeared on all major platforms inexplicably, and no one wanted to stand up and take responsibility for it, let alone delete it.

Public opinion had been fermenting, stock prices had been plummeting, and the situation was completely out of control.

Xuan Ming quickly gave up on public relations, and only focused on raising funds to raise the stock price. The agent realized something was wrong and had gone back to report to his superiors.

The Haiming Group, which once stood at the top of the communications industry, was facing a life-and-death test. If it failed this time, it may have to declare bankruptcy.

People in the company were panicked, but Zhuang Li continued to work and leave work as usual, without asking a single word.

He went back by subway, the car was full of people, you were next to me, I was squeezing you, the smell of sweat was everywhere, there was also a faint smell of perfume mixed with it, and occasionally there was the stench of beriberi, mixed into one. The indescribable smell made people dizzy.

But Zhuang Li didn’t feel uncomfortable, because looking around, there was all black hair, black eyes, and yellow skin, which was a beauty that he could never dream of.

Looking at these compatriots, looking at the flag belonging to the motherland hanging on the light pole, even though screams resounded in his mind all the time, Zhuang Li felt extremely happy.

He found his home based on the address he found on the Internet, and as soon as he opened the door, he smelled an all-too-familiar fragrance.

“Braised trotters[1]?” He licked his lips, and the image of eating pork trotters when he was young flashed through his mind. It appeared that this country was the same as his native country.

“Son, you’re back! Sit down and eat, Dad has stewed pig’s trotters in sauce for you! It’s hot!” A man in big colored pants and a white old shirt was talking with a smile.

He was very strong, and when he sat down, his two fat hands patted his big belly in turn, like a Maitreya Buddha.

Seeing his loving smile, Zhuang Li couldn’t help being stunned.

7480 seemed to have discovered a new continent, and said with a smile: “Host, I found that you are really not likable at all! Your mother’s favorability for you is -66! Is this a relative or an enemy?” It was found that there was a woman sitting beside Maitreya Buddha. She was in her fifties, with an ordinary appearance, but a particularly gloomy expression. She was staring at him with cool eyes.

This was “Zhuang Li”‘s stepmother, Chang Hui. The two were not related by blood, so it was not surprising that her favorability was negative.

7480 continued to scan Zhuang Li’s father, Zhuang Dahai, while saying sarcastically: “Host, let me see how much your father likes you. A person like you who is so bad to the bone should not be loved by anyone. Hee hee Hee, your dad’s favorability for you is, yes—”

It got stuck while talking.

Zhuang Li raised his eyebrows and said, “How much is it?” This was the first time he took the initiative to ask how much someone liked him.

7480 didn’t say a word, but Zhuang Li had already guessed the answer.

Needless to say, Zhuang Dahai’s affection for his son must be off the charts, otherwise he would not sell the family properties one after another, just to arrange his son’s life for the rest of his life.

“Zhuang Li” was not a good son, but Zhuang Dahai had never disliked him. In his heart, his son was always the best.

“Son, what are you still doing? Come over to eat. Dad will pick out the biggest trotter for you.” Zhuang Dahai put on disposable gloves, fished out the elbow with the most meat and the most sauce from the basin, and placed it on an empty plate, he also added a big bowl of rice for his son.

Zhuang Li’s eyes became hot, and he walked over involuntarily with his legs. Only now did he truly feel that this world could belong to him, and this family could also belong to him.

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