MGSGW Ch. 232

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“You guys better stay away from Yun Ruoshan recently. Don’t argue with her, and don’t curse her anymore.” An Mingxuan said suddenly.

At this time, the meal was almost finished, An Xiaoqin and Liu Yuanyuan had already stopped their chopsticks, only Lin Mumu was still fighting with a plate of after-dinner ice cream.

Hearing Yun Ruoshan’s name suddenly, Lin Mumu couldn’t help raising her head, looking at An Mingxuan quietly.

An Xiaoqin was not happy, and went back on the spot: “Brother, are you brainless? Who is Yun Ruoshan? Why should we let her? If she dares to send herself to the door again, I will scold her to death and see who is more shameless. A foster daughter has caused Uncle Yun to lose his position as chief prosecutor. Now Yun Ruoshan has long been a joke in the circle, and she still has the face to come out and jump around? Should we let her? Are you still my brother? If I were Lin Mumu, I would choose Yun Ting instead of you.”

“I’m heartbroken.” An Mingxuan shrugged helplessly, “As your brother am I so bad?”

Lin Mumu was also embarrassed by what An Xiaoqin said: “I think Brother An is very good. Did you see that the waiters over there are secretly staring at him.”

“What about you?” An Mingxuan suddenly smiled and looked at Lin Mumu with gentle and calm eyes.


“Nothing.” An Mingxuan rolled his eyes, as if he had suddenly changed, and started a serious topic: “I heard that our leader met with Mr. Jiang from Riyue Island two days ago, and Mr. Jiang brought a female companion who was Yun Ruoshan’s mother, Ms. Wan Ailian.”

Lin Mumu continued to eat heartlessly.

On the contrary, An Xiaoqin was in a bad mood: “What is it, just her being old and unscrupulous. She really has tricks, isn’t that woman on the side of Sun Moon Island, is she considered a social butterfly? I didn’t expect her to be able to climb up to that woman in one jump. He has no taste, don’t go for a starlet, and get such an old woman.”

“You don’t understand, Ms. Wan is noble, elegant, and very talented. I heard that she has published several collections of essays in Riyue Island. She is also a well-known talented woman.”

An Mingxuan looked at the problem more objectively: “I think Mr. Jiang chose her as his female companion, not necessarily because of his lust for beauty, but also because of her positive influence among the people.”

Lin Mumu just ate something good at this time, raised her head, and asked An Mingxuan asked a question: “What does it have to do with me?”


Was she stupid, or was she too detached?

An Mingxuan was stunned by Lin Mumu’s reaction. He didn’t know how to interface at all.

“How is she her business, and she will not stop causing trouble for me because of her mother. And I have always had a good temper. If others don’t mess with me, I’m not in the mood to mess with others.” Lin Mumu smiled harmlessly.

Why did An Mingxuan always feel that suddenly there was no sunshine in Lin Mumu’s pure smile, only moonlight?

Although Lin Mumu didn’t say anything, the meaning in her words was very clear, that is, if someone provokes me, I don’t know how to bear it.

“You don’t think about Yun Ting at all?” An Mingxuan frowned.

Lin Mumu also finished eating, and carefully wiped the corners of her lips with a wet towel, her movements were graceful and quiet, she didn’t look like the foodie just now, or a person who had eaten more than three people.

Lin Mumu looked at An Mingxuan with a smile: “Brother An has never had a girlfriend, right?”


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