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“Please tell us a little more, what is it about bullying? Is there any inside story?”

“Si Huang, you can tell whatever grievances you have. If you don’t tell the truth, people will not know the truth.”

“Wait, please. Wait! Are you declaring war on some people with what you said just now?” Chased by a group of reporters, Si Huang didn’t say a word and left the scene with the support of the security guards and the students.

This scene today had also fallen into the eyes of countless people.

In an idyllic manor.

Grandma Yu silently looked at the shadow of Si Huang getting into the car in the video. After a few seconds of silence, she asked Tie Lao beside her, “Old Tie Bang, are you really not helping?”

“Look at him carefully, calm down, he doesn’t look like he needs help.” Tie Lao was massaging her leg, “Besides, he can handle this situation himself, so don’t interfere, otherwise it’ll not help him but to hurt him.”

Grandma Yu pulled her leg back in a fit of anger, “You would say something like that, what’s wrong with occasional help, he’s obviously my grandson, with me as his grandma and you as his grandfather here, why can’t he take shortcuts, otherwise, why did we work so hard to climb so high? Isn’t it just for the welfare of the next generation!”

“It’s wrong.” Old Tie whispered, and hugged her leg back, “Don’t, Xiang Zhen said, you have to do blood-activating massage regularly, or it will hurt again.”

This time, Grandma Yu didn’t move any more, she held the remote control to replay the previously recorded live broadcast, and the high-quality projection showed the picture of Si Huang playing the piano beautifully, and the enchanting sound of the piano came out from the high-quality speakers.

Tie Lao’s ears moved, and he had to admit that Si Huang’s piano accomplishments were profound, such that even he was surprised.

“If you don’t help for the time being, don’t help. A child of this age should take things step by step. It’s not just a process of experience, but will also be a beautiful memory in his life. Without such experience, he can’t create wonderful music by himself.” Grandma Yu sighed, “But Lao Tie, let’s talk about it first, you can’t help if he is busy, but you can still help with small things, right?”

Lao Tie snorted: “Do you need to ask me? Don’t think I don’t know about ‘Tiantian Entertainment’ and ‘Gossip Report’, when ‘Real Entertainment Voice’ was hitting Si Huang, these two families refuted it inside and out, helping Si Huang increase his popularity and reputation.”

Grandma Yu rolled her eyes and turned her head while pretending to look engrossed in listening to the music, but she didn’t say it directly: What did you say? I do not know anything!

Military area.

“Chief, look at the action report this time… Chief?” The Captain looked at the man in front of him who was distracted with his mobile phone.

Qin Fan said without raising his head: “Leave it for now.”

Captain: “…Okay. But Chief, we will act tomorrow, so…” After the words, the man raised his eyes impatiently causing the Captain to look horror-stricken. “Come on, Chief, I’ll go first.”

The small mobile phone was playing what happened in Huaxing Art School. Qin Fan did the same thing as Grandma Yu and recorded the live broadcast that night.

He stared at the boy who was playing on the big screen, his wet black hair, raised forehead, quiet closed eyes under his stretched eyebrows, and red lips that outlined a gentle smile kept him entranced. With ten fingers dancing lightly on the black and white keys, Qin Fan suddenly understood what Li Jianfeng had said in the arsenal—a child like this was very attractive to little girls.

“Si Huang Si Huang – we love you!”

“Well, I love you too.”

The sound effect of the phone was too good and listening to the gentle tone of Si Huang and his smile, Qin Fan felt as if his heart was being scratched, and a trace of evil fire had risen up.

He logged on Weibo and sent a private message to Si Huang.

Indus, waiting for you to live in V: The grand piano playing was awesome. [Emoticon ‘excited’ in emoji]

Si Huang V: [ emoji ‘haha’ laughs]

Indus, waiting for you to live in V: You’re not yet an adult, it’s not good to have a puppy love!

Si Huang V: It’s just a promotional video.

Indus, waiting for you to live in V: They love it greatly.

Si Huang V: They? Well, very cute girls, don’t you think?

Qin Fan: “…” Cute?

He frowned tightly.

How cute were they!

He stopped talking here, and Si Huang did not continue to send private messages. After a few seconds, Qin Fan sent a reply.

Indus, waiting for you to live in V: Big, puppy love is not good, not good!

After a minute.

Si Huang V: Pfft.

Qin Fan stared at these two words and added a punctuation mark, feeling a little subtle. Did he get it, or did he not get it?

In frustration, he closed the Weibo page and dialed Guo Chengxiong’s number.

Central City.

While enjoying the chaos on the Internet, Guo Chengxiong, who was appreciating his masterpiece, was shocked when he heard the phone ring, and he answered it quickly.

“Hey, lord? Why do you always think about me?”

“On the Internet?”

“Well, yes.”

“I have something for you to do.

“I’m on a rare vacation!”

“Pay attention to the affairs of Si Huang, don’t let him be bullied.”



“Ah! Of course there’s no problem with this, Master, I will definitely handle it.”

The phone was cut off.    

Guo Chengxiong stared at the phone and said, “Fortunately, I’m smart, and I knew that the way to contact me must have been given to that Xiao Huang by the Lord. Look at the attitude of the Lord, he wants to do good things in secret without leaving his name!”

It seems that I really have to show my true skills this time! He was thinking this when there was a new change on the Internet.

“Tsk! This scumbag, for the sake of one son, the future of another son will be cut off. How can you be so biased?” Guo Chengxiong put down his phone, tapped his fingers on the computer quickly, and intercepted the fake photos released by Fenghua Entertainment. He touched his chin and thought: Should I hack their computers so that they can’t target Si Huang?

Ding Dong –

A web chat pop-up popped up.

Guo Chengxiong looked over in surprise.

Anonymous: [FILE] This is the follow-up.

Guo Chengxiong downloaded the file and found it was a short video.

“What could it be?” Guo Chengxiong became rarely curious.

His internet speed was very fast, and he successfully downloaded the video clip in a few seconds and clicked on play.

A picture appeared in the special player, it was the seaside in the dark night, a fire was lit in between the rocks, and several boys and girls surrounded the fire.

“Young Master Si, it’s a deal now, you won’t forget us brothers, right?”

“Our brothers shouldn’t be forgotten, come come, we have something special for you!”

“Li Qun! Fuck the guy, just kill him!”



“Shut up!”

Guo Chengxiong didn’t expect that the video would be so explosive when he opened it. The picture should be from the perspective of Si Huang, the camera was probably placed on the top of his shirt.

When the screen was shaking, beer bottles and stones were flying, and the boy named Li Qun was throwing his fists. His expression was fierce and his eyes were malicious. Only the representative voice let people know that Si Huang was the one being targeted.

“That’s why you asked me out? School violence?”

“I didn’t want to play so directly. If you want to blame it, you should blame yourself!”

“So, there are follow-up measures.”

“You will know soon.”


“I have something I want to return to you, where did you get the courage to agree to my invitation.”

“Si Hua, I didn’t understand at first, I didn’t provoke you, why did you change your mind?”

“The law came to trouble me. Later I understood, I can’t reason with cheap bones.”

“You’re right, you can’t reason with a bastard… Hit him!”


“Wow! Si Hua ran away!”

The video was only a few minutes long, and the people in it were simply treated. Except for the faces of Si Hua and Li Qun, the faces of the other boys and girls were blurred and mosaiced, so that no one could recognize them.

“Tsk tsk.” Guo Chengxiong rubbed his chin, his eyes full of excitement, “It looks like a one-on-eight, and it was easy for him to win. It’s a pity that the picture ends when Si Hua escapes, and I don’t know what the follow-up will be like.” Immediately he thought of the photos of the first batch of documents, what else could happen next? That photo was proof!

“He really deserves to be the seedling that the chief cares about, this is incredible! What if everyone thinks that what happened next was done by Si Huang? Anyway, there is no evidence. At the end of the video, Si Hua escaped. Si Huang can say that he did that. The time has passed. Besides, when this matter is really investigated, it is clear that Si Hua first designed Si Huang and wanted to harm him!”

“So, in the end, the audience’s focus would no longer be on what happened to Si Hua, but what does it matter what happened to Si Hua. It was the fact that it was he who framed others in the first place!”

Guo Chengxiong was analyzing, and there was a new reply to the chat on the webpage.

Anonymous: 100,000 for the previous event has been sent to your card.

Bear: Good. Do you have any requirements for this time? Or publish directly online?

Anonymous: Release after Fenghua Entertainment counters.

Bear: What counterattack?

Anonymous: Oh, when saving one son, smear the other.

Guo Chengxiong scolded secretly: “Fuck!” This kid is so demonic, he clearly takes everything into account. “What on earth did Si Zhihan think? He doesn’t want such an excellent eldest son but is running after a sloppy young son!? Is this the so-called crying child has milk to drink, and the halo of the youngest?”

Anonymous: The price is still the same, any questions?

Guo Chengxiong could literally taste a lot of pride. He felt that if he said there was a problem and asked for a price increase, the other party would give it without hesitation.

The corners of his mouth twitched, and he typed.

Bear: No problem.

Anonymous: Amount has already been prepaid.

Guo Chengxiong had long seen the credit information received by his mobile phone, and thought silently: Chief, your worries are completely unnecessary, this little phoenix is definitely a monster, and his father is not his opponent. Look at this situation, people are just having fun!

Guo Chengxiong’s mouth twitched, revealing a little excited smile.

It was rare to encounter such an interesting thing on vacation, which was quite good, it was just enough to relieve his boredom.

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