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Everyone looked up.

The tall figure was wearing a straight suit, the most classic black and white tuxedo, with a pure white shirt, the top button on its neckline was not buttoned and a black straight tie without any pattern. The black suit jacket outside was also in a young teenager casual style, a metal broach with exquisite workmanship was pinned on the left chest lapel, illuminating the high-grade charm of the whole outfit, while the black suit pants perfectly outlined the person’s long legs.

As he walked over, his face gradually emerged from the shadows. He had neatly combed black hair, clear eyes like a bright moon, and a smile on his face that made people feel like a spring breeze, he was so noble and elegant that it caused the girls below to scream uncontrollably. On the stage, he was confident and dazzling, exuding a mature and calm charm.

Yang Bixian murmured: “If this person does not become popular, it will be difficult even for God to tolerate it.”

According to the plot requirements of the promotional film, Si Huang should be graduating from the campus at this time and attending the graduation ceremony. It was also here that he played a piano song for his first love, to draw a gorgeous end to this beautiful youth.

At this time, it should be his most shining time.

He was arrogant and flamboyant on the basketball court, he was lazy and brilliant in his daily life, he was relaxed and serious in study, and he was frank and straightforward in his first love… Now, he stood noble and elegant on the stage.

The short promotional video had become real because of her, she had interpreted a real person and memory with flesh and blood.

Si Huang walked to the center of the stage, facing the crowd of people standing below, as if he didn’t see the isolated reporters. She smiled, and everyone who came into contact with her eyes felt that the person she was watching with enthusiasm was them. Then she didn’t say a word, turned and sat in front of the piano, and her white and slender fingers touched the black and white keys.


The sound of the piano was very beautiful, pure and rich.

Si Huang’s fingers danced briskly and flexibly on the black and white keys, playing a famous piano song expressing love. The style was enthusiastic and gorgeous, and the playing speed was brisk and complex, which was a test of the player’s skills. When the piano sounded, the nights of autumn and winter no longer seemed cold. This passionate rhythm was like the layers of roses in her background, with a rose-colored fragrance, which aroused the love in the hearts of every teenage boy and girl. And how they passionately pursued their love, straightforward and sincere.

From the bass to the treble, and then from the treble to the bass, it fluctuated in the middle, and everyone saw Si Huang’s fingers flying in the light. They didn’t know if it was the light effect that made their eyes blurry, or whether her fingers were really too flexible and undulating. The sound of the piano struck the melody of the heart, and the fingers were about to form a superimposed image, which was amazing and shocking. The surroundings seemed to be windy, and the wind blew through an endless rose garden. The petals flew up with the sudden strong wind, blowing from the body, bringing up the clothes, hair and heartbeat. The tip of the nose was full of a romantic, charming and rich fragrance

When the piano sound entered the final ending, it was still fierce, decisive and enthusiastic, until just her hands stayed on the black and white keys.

The sound of the piano disappeared, but people’s hearts had not stopped resonating, and the lingering gorgeous tones were still echoing in their ears.

The audience was quiet and no one spoke.

Whether it was the students, reporters, or RB staff, they all silently reminisced, and their eyes unconsciously stayed on the elegant figure on the stage.

Then Si Huang stood up.

The hearts of everyone also fluctuated with her movements.

She gently moved the low chair and walked out, standing in front of the stage, facing the dense crowd below.

“Are you the origin of the Knights?”

Her voice was not loud, but in the silent environment, everyone could hear it clearly.

“Yes—! Your Majesty, we are your knights!”

“Ahhhh! We are!”

The girls shouted excitedly. Whether they had joined the Knights or not, they all became a group of the Knights at this moment, shouting excitedly together.

Si Huang chuckled lightly, her smile was clearly seen by everyone under the spotlight, but she stopped when they shouted fiercely.

Si Huang said: “The song just now was pre-ordered by RB. Although it was said at the beginning that it was a reward for your help but I regretted it.”

The girls guessed something, so they suppressed their inner excitement, while their eyes closely followed Si Huang.

The boy in the black and white suit put one hand in front of his belly, bent down and bowed to the people in front of him, his graceful etiquette matched his gentle smile, like a noble boy who had come out of an ink painting, “I want to play a song for you guys alone. Do you want to hear it?”

“Want to—!” They shouted neatly without any accident, as if to shake the dark clouds in the sky, a crisp, hoarse shout regardless of whether their throats were injured.

Si Huang returned to the piano and sat down.

The real entertainment reporter in the reporter group below wanted to stop it but found that not one of his colleagues was moving, and he didn’t dare to fight alone while he was helpless, so he could only stare coldly at all this with a dark face.

Many people are guessing what song Si Huang would play? The previous one was a famous song, and it had perfectly showed her piano skills. With the amazing performance of the previous one, the next one must be even better, right? What could it be? A higher-level famous song that still expressed love?

When Si Huang’s fingers flicked the first sound, everyone was stunned.

It was too light…and the sound was wafting too.

One…two…three times, she played the melody lightly and slowly, and her expression was relaxed and gentle, not like a solemn performance, but like a casual practice.

“What song is this? I haven’t hear the prelude.” Someone asked softly in a lower voice.

“I haven’t heard it before. Is it a relatively uncommon famous song?”

“It doesn’t sound like it, how do I feel that His Majesty is improvising?”

The words awakened the dreamers, and words such as ‘improvisation’ and ‘original’ kept appearing in the crowd’s discussions. Along with their whispered discussions, the suddenly crisp piano sound interrupted their discussion.

If Si Huang’s opening performance was like a drizzle at the beginning of the night, where there was no sound, the coherent melody and timbre behind it was amazing and intoxicating. This melody was obviously brisk, but the tone was gentle. It was fast, slow and erratic. It was full of relaxed comfort. When they looked at the gentle smile on the lips of the person playing on the stage, the corners of his mouth were raised unconsciously, as he smiled peacefully.    

The darkness of the night, the bright moonlight, this place was no longer an artificial playground, but a natural forest, with insects and birds spreading their wings, the freedom to fly and the passion filling their hearts. There was no need for rigorous rhythm and melody, no need to deliberately show off gorgeous skills, no need for the slightest good timbre, he just relied on the inner feeling to drive the weight and speed of the fingers and play this song freely.    

Drizzle …    

Raindrops suddenly started falling.    

The cold touch made many people wake up.    

“It’s raining…” The muttering continued.    

“Hurry up and hide…” A boy had just shouted, when the girl next to him glared at him, “Shut up!”    

After a small range of exclamations, the clamor soon quieted down. What was even more surprising was that there was no such thing as… people leaving!    

Maybe some people wanted to leave, but they were used to following the public. When most of them chose to continue standing in the drizzle, the others also fell silent.    

The temporary stage was not covered, so the rain also fell on Si Huang.    

She raised her head, the light above her eyes dazzled her eyes, and the thin rain fell on her face and body. Immediately afterwards, she closed her eyes, but the playing of her hands did not stop, on the contrary, it seemed as if she could do whatever she wanted.

It was raining heavily, but her smile with her eyes closed looked even more pleasant. There was no big screen, so the people present couldn’t see the expression on her face clearly. It was the camera that recorded the scene, which made the outside world have more and more spectators to this scene.

Even though people at the scene couldn’t see Si Huang’s expression clearly, but they could hear her performance more clearly, and the sound of the piano played by her hands could make them deeply understand her expression and feelings at this time.

The green grass emerged from the earth, the fish that swam in the water lived, and the clear sound of the piano was more moving than the rain falling on the pond. It touched the depths of the soul, resonated within, and seduced everyone. It showed the madness of the mind longing for freedom.

At the end of the last key sound, Si Huang moved his hands away from the black and white keys of the piano, opened his eyes, took out the handkerchief that had not gotten wet from his suit pocket, and gently wiped the small amount of water stains on the piano keys.

“Crack—” In the silence, someone’s applause sounded. Immediately afterwards, more and more: “Papapapa!”

“Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Your Majesty!”

“Si Huang——! I love you——!”

Amidst the applause, the enthusiastic shouts of the girls gradually sounded.

Si Huang turned his head to look, his black hair was wet and dripping with water, and as water droplets fell on his pale jade face, his rosy bloody lips opened a smile, and he said softly, “Well, I love you too.”

“Ah ah. Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah!”

“I’m sorry, the piano got wet.” Si Huang stood up and looked at Yang Bixian’s group, “Please move it back.”

Yang Bixian ordered a few people to help, and then said: “It’s just for a while. There shouldn’t be any problem after asking a professional person to take care of it. If there is a problem, it will be counted on RB.”

Si Huang didn’t push him, he just nodded to him, and then said to the audience, “Thank you for today, it’s raining and it’s late, go back early.”

But most of them still didn’t move, and the rest didn’t move when they saw this.

Seeing this situation, Si Huang knew that it was useless to continue persuading them, so she walked off the stage, took the towel handed over by Yu Xi who was also walking towards her on the way, and wiped her hair.

“Change your clothes first,” Yu Xi said.

Si Huang glanced in the direction of the crowd and the reporters and shook his head.

Yu Xi moved his lips slightly, and said after a second, “I’ll handle this matter?”

“You don’t know the situation.” Si Huang took the towel off his head with a smile in his eyes, “Besides, I think I’ll solve it myself.”

Yu Xi could already be sure that Si Hua’s online matter was definitely the work of Si Huang.

He didn’t say anything anymore, took the towel in his hand, and followed Si Huang’s side.

Yu Ling ran over and handed her the thermos bottle in her hand, “Hot milk.”

Si Huang looked at her forehead and wondered if it was sweat or rain, “You should also pay attention to yourself.”

Yu Ling laughed, “It’s okay! Just now the place where I was standing was sheltered from the rain.”

After a few words, the group of reporters had already gathered around.

Si Huang stopped and blocked everything they wanted to say in one sentence, “I have finished the filming of “The Emperor’s Path”, and now I am doing RB’s brand endorsement, thank you very much for your support to me and your attention and concern.” The elegant and decent smile and the gentle and moderate tone made the group of reporters not know how to ask any questions.

“You obviously have a guilty conscience, that’s why you’re pretending now.” One person was clearly intent on confronting Si Huang, saying this the Real Entertainment reporter stepped forward and sneered: “Weren’t you quite arrogant before? How did you learn to be polite now, don’t tell us you don’t know about the incident on the Internet concerning the second son of Fenghua Entertainment.”

“My courtesy is to other people.” Si Huang said the same words as Liu Yan before, and the people in front of him blushed, and then he said: “I have already dealt with Si Hua’s affairs. I know, I don’t want to talk about that.”

“Why? Is this really about you?”

“What do you think about this matter? It is now widely rumored that you had planned to harm your brother!”

“More than a month ago, there was a post on the Huaxing Art School forum saying that you robbed your younger brother and hurt Si Hua, what’s your explanation for this?”

When talking about Si Hua’s question, other reporters who were silent at first rushed forward like hungry wolves who had seen meat, the microphones kept reaching forward, and people went to Si Huang and crowded around him.

“Stop!” Yu Xi took a step forward with a cold face, grabbing someone’s wrist, “If your microphone touches Si Huang, I will sue you for deliberate harm!”

The man was startled, was about to refute, but found that the surrounding students were all staring at him and backed away feeling guilty.

The reporters had no choice but to retreat to a certain distance, but they had formed a circle around him. It was obvious that if Si Huang did not answer, they would not let her go easily.

“You don’t have to ask me for an answer.” Si Huang lowered his eyes and smiled lightly, “Wrong or right is not important, the important thing is that I will not be bullied by unknown people, no matter who it is, if you want to deal with me, it’s best to remember what I said.”

The reporter from Real Entertainment felt that he was talking to him, and he was a little panicked, but he was even more angry and embarrassed.

“This is my answer.” Si Huang raised his head and faced all the cameras with a calm expression.

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