RCFS Ch. 212

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Achieving brilliant achievements?

That’s all right, otherwise why would I want to form this company?

She still had to earn a full bowl, so that she could swell the faces of those who coveted the heir’s position!

However, Li Lei’s office was smashed last night?

It’s amazing, sure she didn’t do it.

Who was so kind, what is this called?

Oh yes, chivalrous and courageous!

Who was so talented?

Inexplicably, Ye Yunxi thought of Di Junxie’s half-smiling eyes.

Thinking about the expression of this person sitting here, Ye Yunxi understood.

It should be him, there could be no mistake.

Heh, this guy seems to be pretty good.

On the day of the company’s opening, Ye Yunxi didn’t go to school, and Ye Junpo bought some fireworks and set them off. He thought it was over. After all, they were a new company and had nothing to do with big bosses, so no one would come to congratulate them.

And even among the people from the Ye family, only Ye Junliao had come, and both the second and third uncle gave excuses not to come because they had something to do, but in fact they just held a grudge and didn’t want to come.

Can you not bear a grudge?

The former trash had changed, they not only came back and snatched the family business from them, but now even owned a company, so, don’t go!

They would come to see Ye Junpo become the joke, but they would definitely not come to celebrate with him!

Ye Jianxing didn’t come because he was old, and Ye Junlai sent flower baskets and mahogany Ruyi sculptures, which were placed on the town building at the gate.

In Ye family, Ye Junliao was the only one attending the opening ceremony. It was a bit shabby, but it didn’t matter if you don’t have any connections, so it was not bad.

It was a pity that Ye Junpo really thought too early, because after a while, many people came to the company to celebrate with Ye Junpo, and even a lion dance team came downstairs, and all kinds of fireworks started to ring out again, a group of people came in bustlingly, put down their gifts and said congratulations, turned around and left without saying much.

This excitement lasted until noon, and the hall was filled with presents.

Ye Junliao looked stunned: “Brother, you still said that you are a new company and have no business relationship. But I can see that there are quite a few congratulations!”

He still wanted to help the elder brother to support the scene, but how could he support it!!! The family scene was already big enough, okay!

Not to mention Ye Junliao, Ye Junpo himself was stunned.

Fuck you ask me who should I ask, his own company, he doesn’t know where these people come from, okay?

Could it be that the little snake he kindly saved when he was a child turned into a fairy to repay his favour?

However, it’s pretty good, it’s opening, who doesn’t want to join in the fun, this time it’s really lively, the company’s profits will definitely explode!!

At this moment, a certain little snake,… no, it is our Emperor Di Junxie, glanced this way in satisfaction, and continued to drink tea calmly.

For his wife, what was the point of talking about contributions?

As long as Yunxi was happy.

“Master Di, I think you’re boring enough!”

On the opposite side, Mo Yuxiang raised his head with a depressed expression on his face.

You sent someone to smash up the office last night, and today you sent someone to cheer her on. You are the young master of the first family, isn’t it boring to do these things!!!

Di Junxie hooked the corners of his mouth, and his eyes became even colder: “Why don’t you go to school?”

One sentence hit Mo Yuxiang to death.

Could he go to school?

He hadn’t finished his homework yet!

In his grief and anger, Mo Yuxiang didn’t care to speak, and he could only lower his head again and continue to do homework frantically.

Ah…ah…ah…ah…ah!!! He was going crazy!!!

It’s just freshman year!!

Do we need so much homework!!!

Mo Yuxiang held his head, tears streaming down his face.

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