RCFS Ch. 211

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Behind Ye Yunxi, stood a group of people in uniform.

Policemen and prosecutors!


Li Lei had one head and two big ones.

“Miss Ye, Miss Ye, what, what are you doing?”

Li Lei stood up with a sneer, but his legs were shaking like chaff under the desk.

Was he dying!

Absolutely he was going to die!

“Oh, it’s nothing. As a good citizen who emphasizes five principles and four rules, I am obliged to cooperate with the work of the industry and commerce supervision departments.”

Ye Yunxi looked back innocently, and said with a smile: “Yes, it’s him who charged me 100,000 yuan before stamping my papers. The money is still locked in the safe, and I still have videos and recordings here!”

Ye Yunxi was not stupid, she didn’t shoot the scene where she threw money at his face, she just took a bunch of money and put it on the table, and there were some words said between her and Li Lei.

“It’s 100,000, I still say that, where is our document not detailed?”

“Detailed! Detailed! Detailed everywhere!”

Just these two sentences were enough for Li Lei to go to jail!

Li Lei was going crazy!

Miss, do you want to be so ruthless!!

“You, you, you sent people to smash the office yesterday, and now you are bringing people from the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, Ye Yunxi, you are not authentic!!”

Smash the office?

“Hehe, I’m sorry, I really didn’t smash your office, but looking at it this way, I feel that I did the right thing today. How many unconscionable things did Manager Li do to attract so much hatred? First, the office was smashed, and then my second uncle came to ask for money, and now it is the Industrial and Commercial Bureau, hehe, I have really eliminated harm for the people!”

“You, you!!”

Li Lei trembled angrily, she was deceiving others too much! Too much deception, isn’t it!

But could he do anything? No!

He could only hold back!

Fuck! Aggrieved!!!

Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!

You are aggrieved, you took our host’s money, and you still look at our host as a victim, are you aggrieved? You deserve it!!

After the system vented, Li Lei was also directly taken away by the law enforcement officers. The 100,000 yuan was returned to the original owner and returned to the system.

Mr. System was moved~~~

Damn it, after so many hosts, this was the only one that had returned the money!

In the past, there was basically only consumption, no return!

Great host! You really are different from those little goblins before!

You are a big goblin, no, you are a demon king! No, it’s the queen!!!

“Miss Ye, thank you for your cooperation!”

A handsome guy from Industry and Commerce shook Ye Yunxi’s hand: “We have always suspected that Li Lei used his position to give back door benefits to many companies, and we have been suffering because of no evidence. Miss Ye’s video today was the breakthrough, we will pry Li Lei’s mouth open, find out even more violations of law and discipline, and restore a fair market environment to the public!”

“This is what every citizen should do.”

Ye Yunxi smiled gently, everything looked very harmonious, only the system gentleman complained silently.

Hey, it’s really nice to say something in the scene, but! The host, the Lun family knows that you are definitely not aiming at being a good citizen!!

However, this is domineering, our host is big, how can I have a master who allows others to bully us!!

Ding! Awesomeness XP +10!

Okay, I can’t bear it anymore and donated 10 Awesomeness XP!

It’s okay, it’s only 10, thank God you didn’t contribute 100 in one breath, or you would really die!!

After all the documents were completed and the registration of Yehuang Group was successful, they only needed to wait for the opening of the business!

Ding! Congratulations to the host on completing the task: create a company, reward Awesomeness XP: 5000! Stamina: 50! Please strive to expand your business and achieve brilliant results!

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