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They knew Yan Yueluo, but it was the first time they saw Yan Yan.

However, they knew all about Yan Yan’s bad deeds before, and now they saw that Yan Yan was not as bad as they imagined, and they were a little surprised.

“This is Second Aunt and Fourth Aunt.” Yan Yueluo who was standing beside Yan Yan reminded him lightly.

Yan Yan came to his senses quickly, stepped forward and called Mrs. Yan, and then greeted the two women.

Facing the careful scrutiny of the two, Yan Yan finally understood why Yan Yueluo was sitting in the courtyard just now. It seemed that he should have been observed like this just now.

Mrs. Yan took his hand and made him sit down on the sofa next to her, “This is my son Yan Yan.”

The second aunt said “Oh” in a drawn-out voice, and asked again: “Has Xiao Yan started a business recently? I heard it seems that he lost a lot of money last time, that thing is really too risky.”

The expression on her face was concerned, Yan Yan didn’t hear anything wrong with her words, so he shook his head: “I haven’t done it recently, thank you for your concern.”

Yan Yueluo pursed his lips and looked at him but said nothing.

“I heard from my son that Xiao Yan seems to be doing live broadcasting recently. Isn’t it a career that relies on rewards from others?”

Mrs. Yan’s expression changed. She had never been exposed to such things as live broadcasting. So, she subconsciously felt that it was an outrageous profession.

Yan Yan didn’t expect that she even knew about this, so he was taken aback for a moment, not knowing what to say, so he could only nod, “Yes, I just started recently.”

The second aunt glanced at Mrs. Yan’s face, and continued to fan the flames: “Xiao Yan, second aunt just wants to say that even if you fail in starting a business and can’t help the family, you can’t do this kind of job, at least you have to make money by your own efforts, right?”

Yan Yan finally heard her words which were belittling him inside and out, he frowned and wanted to say something, when he heard Yan Yueluo’s voice.

“Second aunt, live broadcasting is not a dishonest profession. There are quite a few people around me who do live broadcasting. It’s not as bad as you think.”

After hearing this, Mrs. Yan’s face softened, and Second Aunt’s expression froze and she could say nothing more.

Yan Yueluo now had a high status in the entertainment industry, and had even opened several entertainment companies by himself, so his words were naturally very convincing. The second aunt quickly changed the subject and did not mention the live broadcast again.

Yan Yan took a sneak peek at Yan Yueluo, and suddenly felt that his brother didn’t hate him as much as he thought.

After chatting for a while, Mrs. Yan took the second aunt and fourth aunt to the garden for tea, leaving only Yan Yan and Yan Yueluo sitting in the living room.

Yan Yueluo stood up as if he wanted to go back to the room, walked two steps and then stopped, looking back at Yan Yan.

“If necessary, you can invite me to the next live broadcast.”

After speaking, he went upstairs before Yan Yan could react.

Yan Yan blinked, took out his mobile phone and searched Yan Yueluo’s live broadcast room, his mouth widened in shock at the number of fans, and then he quietly pressed follow.

It was not until lunch time that Yan Yan remembered his purpose for coming home this time.

In the morning, Mrs. Yan had been with the two guests, so he didn’t find a chance to talk to Mrs. Yan. When Mrs. Yan asked about it during lunch, he said it directly.

“Juechuan and I want to arrange the engagement banquet for next Friday. Are you free that day?”

A look of surprise flashed across Mrs. Yan’s face. She thought that Yan Yan ran home today because he couldn’t get along with Ji Juechuan. But he actually came to inform her about the engagement banquet.

Before she could open her mouth, the second aunt answered in a high-pitched voice: “Yo, Xiao Yan is getting engaged so soon, whose child is it with?”

She had no connection with it, but she thought he must have made a marriage contract with someone from a small family. After all, based on Yan Yan’s previous reputation, no reputable family would be willing to have anything to do with him.

It just so happened that her son had recently made a good engagement, and she was about to show off when she heard Madam Yan say, “It’s a child from the Ji family, Ji Juechuan.”

She said it with a smile, one was because of the development of Yan Yan and Ji Juechuan’s relationship, and the other was because of the dumbfounded look on the second aunt’s face.

The second aunt’s voice seemed to be blocked in her throat, and she stared for a long time without speaking.

Her face contorted for a moment, and her bright red lips were pursed into a stiff smile, “Sister, how did Xiao Yan get to know the child of the Ji family? I haven’t heard of them knowing each other before.”

“Their marriage contract was only recently set by my husband. Yes, I haven’t mentioned it to anyone else.”

“Oh, so that’s the case, I thought it was the two children’s own wishes.” The second aunt’s face softened, “But I heard that the Ji family’s child is capable, but he is also notoriously fickle, and he left home when he was just an adult, and the number of times he has returned home in these years is very few.”

The fourth aunt next to her heard this, and showed a worried expression: “Sister, giving Xiao Yan to such a person, can you rest assured?”

Mrs. Yan paused and looked at Yan Yan.

She knew that since the two of them had set up the engagement banquet early, they must have gotten along well during this time, so she wanted Yan Yan to say a few words by himself.

As a result, Yan Yan didn’t notice the bloodbath on the table at all. Seeing that Mrs. Yan was chatting with the guests again, as if it had nothing to do with him, he buried his head in his meal seriously, his cheeks puffed up slightly, looking a bit childish.

The table was quiet for a while, except for the occasional sound of Yan Yan and Yan Yueluo’s chopsticks touching the bowl wall.    

After a long time, the second aunt patted Mrs. Yan’s hand: “Sister, the twisted melon is not sweet[1], the child’s happiness is the most important thing.”

After lunch.

After lunch, the two guests followed Mrs. Yan to the garden for a walk. Yan Yan didn’t have a chance to talk to Mrs. Yan alone, so he could only ask Yan Yueluo quietly.

“Brother, when are Second Aunt and Fourth Aunt leaving?”

“They’re staying at home tonight.” Yan Yueluo turned a page of the book in his hand, his voice flat.

Yan Yan curled his lips and went back to his room to stay.

He sent a message to Ji Juechuan.

[Husband, when are you coming over at night?]

The phone rang soon.

[What time do you want me to come over?]

Over there, Ji Juechuan was buying a gift in the store, planning to give it to Yan Yan’s parents. He looked down at his phone and waited for a while before Yan Yan’s message came again.

[Just come over during dinner]

[By the way, my second and fourth aunts are also here, do you mind?]

Ji Juechuan seemed to be able to see him raising his face and asking cautiously, imagining that, the corners of his lips curled up.


Yan Yan replied quickly this time.

[Yeah, see you at night!]

Then came another kiss emoticon.

The shopping guide standing aside only saw the stern-faced man glance at the phone, and the corners of his lips suddenly raised, like an iceberg melting. After putting away the phone, the smile disappeared quickly.

The man took out two more things from the display cabinet, and a deep and magnetic voice sounded, “Please wrap up these two too.”

The shopping guide was fascinated by the fleeting smile and took the things in a daze and turned to pack them.

In the evening, Yan Yan saw a car appearing outside the gate from the window of the room, and immediately rushed down.

As soon as Ji Juechuan stopped the car, he saw Yan Yan was already standing outside the car door.

He opened the car door, lifted a few exquisite bags from the passenger seat, held Yan Yan with the other hand, and frowned slightly.

“Wait until I park the car next time before coming close. It’s very dangerous.”

After Yan Yan nodded obediently, Ji Juechuan realized that he had taken the initiative to hold Yan Yan’s hand just now, and his face froze.

Fortunately, Yan Yan was used to holding his hand, so he didn’t pay attention to who took it first, and walked towards the door after pulling him, talking to him along the way.

“My mother is entertaining guests and has had no time to talk to me, so she doesn’t know you are coming.”

“My brother is also at home. By the way, I don’t know which of you is older. Just call him brother like me.”

“But we are not married yet, how do you call Second Aunt and Fourth Aunt, do you call the same as me?”

Ji Juechuan felt his heart slowly being filled when he heard him chattering non-stop.

“Well, it’s the same as you.”

While the two were talking, they walked into the living room.

Just in time for dinner, Mrs. Yan and two guests came down from upstairs, and when they saw Yan Yan and Ji Juechuan standing in the living room, the three of them were taken aback.

“Auntie,” Ji Juechuan greeted Mrs. Yan first, and then looked at the two people behind her, “Second Aunt, Fourth Aunt.”

Seeing them holding hands, Mrs. Yan had a smile on her face: “Juechuan, why did you come here suddenly today?”

“Mom, I asked him to come and have a meal with us.”

Mrs. Yan’s smile deepened, and she watched the two standing together intimately with relief.

Ji Juechuan stepped forward, handed the gift in his hand to Mrs. Yan, and then gave a gift each to the second and fourth aunts who hadn’t recovered yet.

The two of them were flattered and thanked him quickly, their hands trembling while receiving the gift.

After standing and talking for sometime, several people sat down at the dining table, Yan Yueluo came down from upstairs, and nodded to Ji Juechuan as a greeting.

Yan Yan secretly glanced at Ji Juechuan, wondering why he didn’t call Yan Yueluo brother like him, was he older than Yan Yueluo?

The meal was very harmonious, the second aunt did not dare to speak in front of Ji Juechuan, only Mrs. Yan occasionally spoke to Ji Juechuan, Yan Yan still concentrated on eating, and occasionally took a few mouthfuls of the food Ji Juechuan put in his bowl.

The fish in his bowl was carefully picked out by Ji Juechuan, and Yan Yan who was no longer picky about food, obediently ate all the food he picked up.

Judging by the way the two get along, no one could say “a twisted melon is not sweet” anymore.

After dinner, Mrs. Yan asked Ji Juechuan and Yan Yan to stay overnight.

Yan Yan glanced at the time, it would take another hour to drive back, but Ji Juechuan had probably been driving for a long time today, so he must be tired.

After he agreed, he thought of asking Ji Juechuan for his opinion. Surprisingly, Ji Juechuan agreed without much consideration.

The two guest rooms were already occupied, and the other guest rooms hadn’t been cleaned yet. Mrs. Yan thought for a while, then hesitated and asked, “Can Juechuan and Xiao Yan sleep together?”

Yan Yueluo looked up, “Mom, is it not good to sleep in one room when they are not yet married?”

After a pause, he said, “I’ll stay in a nearby hotel for one night and let Xiao Yan sleep in my room.”

Yan Yan blinked nervously.

But he already shared a room with Ji Juechuan at home.

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[1] Getting something by force does not make one happy, usually used in context of forced marriages.

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