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After Yan Yueluo finished speaking, he looked at Yan Yan, as if asking for his opinion.

Yan Yan bit his lips, quickly glanced at Ji Juechuan next to him, and nodded slowly.

There were other guests at home, if he and Ji Juechuan slept in the same room, they may be gossiped about, so let’s sleep separately.

Seeing that he agreed, Yan Yueluo nodded slightly and stood up: “I’ll go to the room to get things.”

When Yan Yueluo and Mrs. Yan went upstairs, Yan Yan took Ji Juechuan’s hand: “Honey, I’ll take you to my room.”

After he finished speaking, the person beside him didn’t move for a long time, and when he looked up, he saw Ji Juechuan had pursed his thin lips, seemingly unhappy.

Yan Yan cautiously called him again: “Husband?”

“Yes.” Ji Juechuan lowered his eyes and followed him upstairs.

The innermost room on the second floor was Yan Yan’s room.

His room, though unoccupied for weeks, was kept spotless, if empty.

Yan Yan led Ji Juechuan in, looked around, and after making sure there was nothing wrong, he let go of his hand.

“Then I’ll go to my brother’s room first.”

As soon as he turned around, he heard Ji Juechuan calling to stop him from behind.

“Yan Yan, is your brother going to stay in a hotel?”

Yan Yan blinked his long eyelashes, not understanding why Ji Juechuan asked, but he nodded, “Yes.”

Ji Juechuan pursed his lower lip, and said in a calm tone, “He has a special status, so it’s not appropriate to stay in a hotel.”

This time, Yan Yan understood, Yan Yueluo was a star, and the hotel was full of people, what if he was photographed by paparazzi or stalked by fans?

He frowned in distress, and thought for a while, but still didn’t want to cause trouble for Yan Yueluo.

“I’ll go talk to him.”

Seeing Yan Yan’s back disappear behind the door, Ji Juechuan pursed his thin lips into a straight line, as if he was struggling with his behavior just now.

When did he learn to use his mind like this?

Over there, Yan Yan walked quickly to the door of Yan Yueluo’s room. The door was open. He looked inside and found that Yan Yueluo had already put away the things he was going to take to the hotel.

Seeing Yan Yan appearing at the door, he nodded to him: “I put my things away, you can come in.”

Yan Yan stood at the door but didn’t go in, and his shallow eyes seemed a little worried: “Brother, I still don’t want to sleep in your room.”

Yan Yueluo paused, and looked up at him: “Why?”

“It’s so late, it’s troublesome to go out and find a hotel, isn’t it?” Yan Yan pinched the corner of his clothes, and his face was a little tangled.

“I have an exclusive suite in a nearby hotel, no trouble.”

Seeing that Yan Yueluo was about to leave the room after taking his things, Yan Yan hurriedly stopped at the door.

“But if you go there now, what if you are photographed by paparazzi?”

Yan Yueluo stopped, looking at Yan Yan with inquisitive eyes.

Although he didn’t know the reason, the current Yan Yan was very different from the previous Yan Yan. According to his observation today, apart from the change of personality, Yan Yan was much duller than before, or purer.

Therefore, it was impossible for Yan Yan to think that his status made it inconvenient for him to stay in a hotel.

He quickly thought of Ji Juechuan, and the corner of his mouth twitched slightly.

He didn’t expect that man, who seemed mature and serious, would use such a trick on Yan Yan.

Yan Yueluo was silent for a while, and asked, “Then what are you going to do?”

Yan Yan blinked, his ears were a little red, and his voice was much quieter, “I’ll just sleep with him.”

“Him” obviously referred to Ji Juechuan.

Yan Yueluo was silent for a while, then he turned and walked into the room, “Come in, I’ll get him two pieces of clothes.”

Hearing that he didn’t insist anymore, Yan Yan heaved a sigh of relief, and quickly followed.

He saw Yan Yueluo take out disposable clothes from the closet, then he took another set of brand-new pajamas, and put them in his hands.

Yan Yueluo often had to travel to various places, so he had a lot of spare disposable daily necessities, and he gave them to Yan Yan one by one.

Yan Yan looked at the things in his hand and felt relieved.

Just now he was worried about whether he would give Ji Juechuan his clothes, but fortunately, Yueluo was well-prepared and he avoided the later embarrassment.

When everything was ready, Yan Yan hugged a bunch of things, and bent his eyes towards Yan Yueluo: “Thank you brother.”

Just as he was about to go back, he heard Yan Yueluo’s voice, “Wait a minute.”

Turning around, he saw Yan Yueluo take out a folding mattress from the cabinet.

“The bed in your room is a bit small, you can let him sleep on the floor.” After a pause, “It so happens that I have a clean mattress here.”

Before Yan Yan could say anything, he piled the mattress on top of the pile of stuff in Yan Yan’s hands.

There were too many things in his hands, such that Yan Yan could only show a pair of eyes from behind the mattress, as he nodded: “Yeah.”

After confirming that Yan Yueluo had nothing more to give him, Yan Yan hugged a lot of things and went back, going back he almost hit the railing when he turned the corner.

Yan Yueluo stood at the door of the room, watching Yan Yan push his own door open and enter before closing the door.

He knew that the mattress would definitely not be used in the end, but for some reason, he just wanted to make Ji Juechuan feel uncomfortable.

Yan Yan may be too naive and be easily fooled by him, but the others were not blind.

Ji Juechuan over there saw Yan Yan go out for a trip, and when he came back, he carried a bunch of things, seeing this his face changed slightly.

Especially when he saw the folded mattress clearly, the corner of his mouth twitched slightly.

He took the things from Yan Yan and put them on the ground beside him, “What are you doing with the mattress?”

Yan Yan squatted down and pulled the folding mattress, trying to spread the mattress on the ground.

He didn’t look up, “My brother gave it to me. He said the bed in my room was too small, and he happened to have a clean mattress.”

Ji Juechuan’s eyebrows twitched, and his face was not very good-looking.

He remembered that Yan Yan had told him today that his relationship with Yan Yueluo was not good, but judging by Yan Yueluo’s tendency to protect his cub, how could he see that the relationship was not very good?

He almost drove him back to his own house to sleep.

Yan Yan had already opened the mattress. He dragged the mattress to the side of the bed and opened the cabinet to get a quilt.

Ji Juechuan asked abruptly: “Which of us will sleep on the mattress?”

Yan Yan paused, although Yan Yueluo said that Ji Juechuan should sleep on the mattress, but Ji Juechuan was a guest now, and he couldn’t let the guest sleep on the floor.

“I’ll sleep.”

But Ji Juechuan seemed dissatisfied with his answer, so he frowned, “You have guests at home, if you let them know that I let you sleep on the floor, what will they think of me?”

Yan Yan didn’t expect this and was stunned for a moment: “Then you sleep?”

“I drove all day today.” Ji Juechuan’s tone was light, as if he was just stating a fact and had no other meaning.

Hearing what he said, Yan Yan didn’t go to get the quilt anymore, instead he closed the cabinet door, while his crystal eyes showed a little helplessness.

“Then what should we do? Shall we both sleep on the bed?”

His bed was much smaller than the one at Ji Juechuan’s house. Although it could fit two people, it would be a bit cramped.

“Yeah.” Ji Juechuan didn’t seem to care much, he took out a change of clothes from the pile of things Yan Yan brought back, and walked towards the bathroom, “I’m going to take a shower.”

Seeing that he didn’t care, Yan Yan certainly didn’t have any objections. He squatted on the ground and folded the mattress and put it in the corner.

After putting away the mattress, he suddenly remembered something, walked over and knocked on the bathroom door.

Unexpectedly, the bathroom door was not closed at all. After he knocked twice, the door slowly opened by itself.

Before he could react, he saw that Ji Juechuan had already taken off his upper body clothes, with his hands on his trousers.

The moment they looked at each other, Yan Yan almost evaporated in shame, and he looked away in a panic.    

“Honey, I forgot to tell you, the blue bottle is body wash, and the green one is shampoo.”

The shower gel was not brought over, and only a little was bottled and placed in the bathroom.

There were no labels on the aliquot bottles, so only he could tell what was in the bottle.

Originally, he just wanted to stand outside the door to remind Ji Juechuan, who would have thought that he didn’t close the door properly and let him open it as soon as he touched it.

“I see.”

Hearing this, Yan Yan quickly closed the bathroom door, and sat down beside the bed with a blushing face.

He started to explain to himself, Ji Juechuan accidentally saw him changing clothes at home last time, now that he had also looked, the two were considered even.

Although it was unreasonable, thinking like this really made him feel a lot better, and the blush on his face gradually faded away.

After both of them finished taking a shower, Yan Yan took out the laundry basket and was about to take it out.

A towel was draped around Ji Juechuan’s neck. Water droplets from his black hair dripped onto the towel, and a few drops slipped from his sharp jawline.

He looked at the dirty clothes basket in Yan Yan’s hand and frowned: “What are you going to do?”

“Taking your clothes to the laundry room, or you won’t have anything to wear tomorrow.” There was still some moisture on his eyelashes, and his lips were bright red.

Ji Juechuan walked over, took the dirty clothes basket from his hand, and nodded his chin, “Lead the way.”

Yan Yan opened the door obediently and walked in front to lead him.

The laundry room was on the first floor, only a few corridor lights were turned on outside on the second floor, and the first floor was completely dark.

As Ji Juechuan was walking, he felt that Yan Yan was almost attached to him.

He raised his eyebrows in the dark, remembering that Yan Yan had said before that he was afraid of the dark.

He was carrying the dirty clothes basket with his left hand, and his right hand was casually hanging by his side which was soon held tightly by Yan Yan.

Ji Juechuan pretended not to notice his movements and walked all the way to the laundry room.

The light was on in the laundry room, and after he entered, he found that Yan Yan had a thin layer of sweat on the tip of his nose, and his rosy lips had turned pale just now.

How could he be so afraid?

He pursed his lower lip, put the clothes into the washing machine, and then stretched out a hand to Yan Yan, “Do you want to hug my arm?”

Yan Yan hugged his arm without much hesitation.

On the way back, Yan Yan was still clinging to him, and almost tripped on the way.

When passing by the dining room, a black shadow suddenly flashed by. Ji Juechuan had good night vision and could see that it was a person.

But the tense string in Yan Yan’s heart broke suddenly, so he hugged Ji Juechuan’s hand tightly, and squeezed his body against Ji Juechuan’s body.

Ji Juechuan held the soft body squeezed into his arms with one hand, groped on the wall with the other, and finally touched the light switch.

The moment the light came on, he didn’t look at the shadow, but first looked down at Yan Yan in his arms.

Yan Yan had his arms wrapped around his waist, had buried his face in his arms, and was motionless like a quail, as he pushed him against the wall.

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