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Si Huang’s ‘clean and decent’ image obviously caught Guan Li’s eyes. The two of them got out of the elevator and walked all the way to the crew while still talking and laughing, but the distance between them was just right.

It was only after they walked into the crew that they found that the atmosphere in the crew was a bit strange. When they saw the old man sitting beside Director Liu, they understood the reason, the relaxed expression on Guan Li’s face immediately subsided, and her brows lightly wrinkled.

Si Huang raised his eyebrows calmly and walked over without showing any rudeness.

“Lao Tie, this young man is Si Huang.” Director Liu looked up and saw Si Huang approaching and said to the old man sitting beside him.

This old man was the biggest investor in “The Emperor’s Path” and a veteran of the entertainment industry. The power in his hands was unimaginable. He had silver hair and three layers of wrinkles on his forehead, but his skin was still shiny, and his energy looked quite good. He wore a loose dark blue Tang suit, with a cane in his hand, and after hearing Director Liu’s words, he turned to look at Si Huang and Guan Li.

The old man’s eyes were not sharp, but they had precipitated the wisdom and depth brought by the years, so that Si Huang was hit in the heart as soon as she met his eyes. She didn’t instantly stiffen like Guan Li, but looked at Lao Tie more openly, as she was fearless because of a clear conscience.

Walking all the way to Tie Lao and Liu Dao, Si Huang and Guan Li greeted the other with respect and humility.

Old Tie still didn’t let go, “How old are you?”

No one knew who he was asking, so both Si Huang and Guan Li could only answer.

Guan Li: “24.”

Si Huang: “16.”

Tie Lao: “They’re all children.”

A trace of embarrassment flashed in Guan Li’s eyes, although she was indeed a child compared to Tie Lao, but she was still an adult in the eyes of others. However, Si Huang was different.

Si Huang smiled and said, “I am just a child.”

Tie Lao heard this, his eyes suddenly pierced her like a knife, as he stared at Si Huang and said, “Aqiong is Shu Lan’s greatest effort, and I’m making this as a gift to her, so I won’t allow this gift to be flawed.”

This did not frighten Si Huang, but made her feel more at ease, which confirmed that everything she knew in her previous life was true. Shu Lan in Tie’s old words was his wife, and the relationship between the two was very deep. Yu Shulan was an author. The book “The Emperor’s Path” was the only book she wrote, and she poured her feelings into it. The characters in it were all drawn by Yu Shulan from real life, especially Young Master Qianji which was her greatest effort.

Originally, this book should not have appeared in the world, but Yu Shulan’s health had gradually deteriorated in recent years, and Tie Lao wanted to fulfill her wish and show her efforts in front of others’ eyes. Because of the importance of this drama, it involved a lot of work, and that is why Si Huang had to get it at the beginning, because after that she believed that Si Zhihan wouldn’t be able to stop her. Also, out of the heart of an actor, she also really loved the role of Master Qianji.

“Since they’re all here, you guys film this scene.” Saying this, Tie Lao threw the script over.

He didn’t ask Si Huang and Guan Li for their opinions, no matter because of his status or as an actor, they couldn’t refuse the boss’s words.

Director Liu immediately said: “Come on, go change your clothes, and others will set up the scene.”

Tie Lao’s decision seemed to others to be spontaneous, but Director Liu knew it, so he had already prepared the scene props for this scene. Well, there was no temporary confusion. He secretly cast a look at Si Huang and signalled her to pay attention.

Although he had seen Si Huang’s acting skills, he still thought that Si Huang was still an underage child, and it would be bad if he got nervous under the pressure of Tie Lao.

Si Huang and Guan Li were each taken to the dressing room. Guan Li had a special team of makeup artists, but Si Huang could only borrow people from the crew.

She was given makeup by a young woman who looked around twenty-five or twenty-six years old, holding a powder puff in her hand. She was just about to apply powder to Si Huang, but hesitated for a moment, and tsked, “Being young is good, you almost have the skin of a baby. Oh! What kind of skin care products do you usually use, your skin is absolutely supple and smooth, I can’t even put powder on it, or it will be too white.”

Si Huang smiled shyly at her.

The make-up artist stared at him, stunned for a second, then her eyes exploded, as if inspiration had struck her, the makeup in her hand changed, and she carefully applied makeup to Si Huang.

To say it was makeup was not right, it was better to say that it was a slight modification, not to make the person more beautiful, but to make the person look sicker. After all, Young Master Qianji’s body was not very good, and he could not get out of a wheelchair all year round. His spirit and energy should not be as good as Si Huang’s.

The make-up artist sighed in her heart after finishing the makeup: I have only heard that makeup makes people beautiful, but I have never heard of making people ugly! But morbid beauty is also quite attractive! I really want to hold him in my arms and lick, lick, lick!

Si Huang opened his eyes, “Okay?”

The make-up artist: “Ah? Okay! Go change your clothes and put on the wig!”

“Thank you.” Si Huang stood up and thanked the make-up artist before entering the dressing room.

The make-up artist couldn’t hold back, “Si Huang! Can you take a picture with me after changing clothes?”

“Of course.” Si Huang laughed.

The make-up artist indulged in the gentleman’s gentle smile, and after seeing Si Huang’s person, she excitedly took out her mobile phone and swiped to her Weibo, “Ah, ah, ah! I saw my Si Huang today! My husband is good. I really want to hold him in my arms and torment him! [Excited] Huh!”

Of course, the strength of the make-up artist who was a staff member in “The Emperor’s Path” was not small, and she had a real name verified Weibo which had gathered a lot of fans, since her fans could always see the dynamics of some stars from her Weibo. Now they suddenly saw this dynamic blog full of strange aunty flavors, which immediately evoked countless fans’ strange feeling.

At the beginning, someone was asking: “Si Huang? Which one is this?” “I haven’t heard of him, is there another small fresh meat in the circle?” “The blogger is sure! Let go of that cute thing and let me come!”

It didn’t take long for someone to find out the video of Si Huang, as some people already knew about the existence of this character.

Grandma is not milk: “Ahhhhhh! My new male god! Why haven’t people seen it! Staying at Huaxing Art School didn’t hurt!”

Penguin Dandan ran quickly: “Blogger, is your crew short of assistants? Do you need somebody who has been to college? The kind that can speak English?”

A cabbage called me: “I want a photo! If there is no photo, I’m not happy! [Huh]”

Little princess OR little devil: “What about your integrity, blogger? Your majesty can only be worshipped. Damn! Dare to ravage! I will kill you!”

The make-up artist was also surprised while brushing her Weibo. She originally thought that Si Huang, a young boy who had not officially debuted, must not be known many people. As a result, more and more replies later revolved around Si Huang, and fans began to post video links.

“Your Majesty? Is this the fan’s nickname for Si Huang?” The make-up artist couldn’t help but click the link to follow Si Huang’s information.

“Wow!” The girl’s scream interrupted the fascinated makeup girl watching the video. As soon as she looked up, she saw the ancient young master who came out of the cubicle, and she stood stunned where she was.

Because the drama “The Emperor’s Path” had Tie Lao as the backer, the team was very strong, and the materials for props and costumes were also very good. As the top priority in the play, Qianji Gongzi had the same level of clothing as the male and female protagonists.

The teenager who walked out the door was wearing a snow-white straight robe. The clothes draped on his body very well and smoothly. His waist was tied with a thin dark green buckle belt. A piece of ink jade accessory and a jade bell were hung on the outside of the clothes. The tulle jacket added an elegant and chic look to the outfit. His jet-black hair was combed behind his head, tied with a silver headband, revealing a smooth and full forehead, his straight nose and handsome eyebrows matched perfectly, and his pale pink lips had a faint smile on them. A God descending from heaven was not as beautiful as a mortal, born noble.

At this time, he squinted his eyes, not looking deliberately arrogant, but it made people feel he was unattainable, and it was unacceptable to blaspheme him.

“Your Majesty ah ah ah~!” The make-up artist came back to her senses and shouted excitedly in a rippling tone.

Even Si Huang herself was taken aback and looked at her helplessly, “Huh?” She didn’t know where she heard this nickname.

The make-up artist pretended to be shy, “Your Majesty, can you take a photo with your concubine?” Blink! blink!

Si Huang laughed, wasn’t this promised long ago? He gentlemanly walked up to the make-up artist and asked, “How do you want to take a picture?”

The make-up artist was pretending to be shy initially but after she was gently questioned by a young boy taller than herself, her face became really red, and her tone was tender, “Your Majesty, you can just stand here.”

Si Huang agreed, but of course it was impossible to stand still like this, so he smiled lightly, and the mobile phone that the make-up artist raised froze the image with a “click”.

When taking the photo, the make-up artist couldn’t see Si Huang’s expression, and when Si Huang was called out by the staff, she and the little sisters around her looked at the results of the photo together. Seeing this, the little sisters clutched their heart and cried out, “Quick, quick, turn it here! I want to use it as a screensaver!”

The phone was taken back, and despite the distressed and angry scolding of the little sister, she happily went to Weibo again.

[Don’t ask me why the phone screen is broken! Lick lick lick! Long live Your Majesty, my concubine’s bed has been warmed!] Attached is a picture.

This time, the make-up artist was very satisfied to see that the fans below had gone crazy, and several familiar IDs had appeared first.

Grandma is not milk: “Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!! Is it a fruit photo! If there is no fruit photo, it is still not open! [Huh]”

Caramel pudding: “Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Your Majesty ah ah! Love cake blueberry juice \ Come and see Your Majesty ah ah!”

Love Cake: “Your Majesty, I’m stunned! I’m going to sleep, hum!”

Blueberry Juice: “What the hell is the blogger talking about being the concubine? Your Majesty only has Knights!”

Caramel pudding: “Damn it! It’s true! I was stunned by His Majesty’s face, and I didn’t see what the hell the concubine was! The blogger quickly explain, what did you do to His Majesty? Hey, take your hand away!!”

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