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Fu Yuanzhou remembered that after listening to what Xie Lin said, he almost threw his backpack at Xie Lin.

He always knew that Xie Lin didn’t like his relationship with Yu Fei, so during their relationship, he and Yu Fei were very low-key and never acted intimately in front of Xie Lin. Even if they occasionally showed affection in their circle of friends, Xie Lin was specially blocked, for fear that he would be unhappy if he saw it.

In fact, Fu Yuanzhou never understood the reason why Xie Lin objected to their relationship. If he said that Xie Lin looked down on him, it would definitely not be the case. It could not be because he was protecting his cousin. In short, he didn’t know why Xie Lin didn’t like it.

He had talked to Xie Lin and wanted to find out the reason, but he couldn’t get an answer from Xie Lin until they broke up.

Now that he broke up with Yu Fei, he had known that Xie Lin would be in favor, but he didn’t expect Xie Lin to be even more direct than he had expected.

Fu Yuanzhou’s heart was on fire, and he was about to question what Xie Lin meant, but he didn’t expect that Xie Lin would suddenly hug him and stroke his hair, without saying a word, as if trying to comfort him.

There were people coming and going in the airport, and others were watching them. Fu Yuanzhou felt angry and embarrassed, so he pushed Xie Lin away unceremoniously, but Xie Lin still didn’t let go, instead he hugged him tighter.

Suddenly, Fu Yuanzhou also fell silent, stretched out his hand and hugged Xie Lin back, his surging emotions turning into sadness and grievance.

He couldn’t help burying his face in Xie Lin’s shoulder, secretly wiping a little tear on the clean white shirt.

Xie Lin…

Repeating this name silently in his heart, Fu Yuanzhou’s heart trembled slightly.

In the more than 20 years of his life, this name had always represented his childhood, his best friend, his most important person other than his parents, and an irreplaceable existence for him.

He was accustomed to Xie Lin being by his side, the two of them getting along as good friends, but after the rebirth, Xie Lin suddenly told him that he liked him and asked him not to just regard him as a friend, but to see him as a suitor.

This was really difficult for Fu Yuanzhou. Indeed, as Xie Lin said, at first, he would often forget that Xie Lin liked him, just like he would forget that he had become an Omega.

He remembered it later, because Xie Lin always reminded him strongly that the relationship between the two of them was not as pure as in his previous life, and Xie Lin loved him.

He had felt Xie Lin’s gaze looking at him, the temperature of his fingers, his pheromones as fragrant as red wine, and even the touch of his kiss.

He knew that Xie Lin liked him, but what could he do? He refused him several times, but Xie Lin would not back down. He was worried that Xie Lin would ignore him, so he had to back down, lowering his bottom line again and again, and he even kissed Xie Lin last night.

There was anger, but there didn’t seem to be much resistance. He almost stayed up all night, only to find that he had lost his anger, because the person who kissed him was Xie Lin.

That’s why he couldn’t treat Xie Lin as an ordinary suitor.

Fu Yuanzhou thought.

If possible, he hoped that he could treat Xie Lin as equal to others, but it was because the two of them had such a good relationship and he relied so much on Xie Lin that he always could not be ruthless towards Xie Lin.

Fu Yuanzhou knew in his heart that he would probably compromise with Xie Lin again this time, but in the future, if he continued to maintain this status quo, how much would he compromise for Xie Lin?

At this moment, he really spurned himself, thinking whether he could make a difference and get rid of his psychological dependence on Xie Lin, but this thought only flashed in his mind for a moment, and he knew that it was basically impossible.


Facing Yu Fei’s expectant gaze, Fu Yuanzhou lifted the blanket and sat up, lowered his eyes to avoid looking at Yu Fei, and spoke in a low voice.

“I haven’t thought about falling in love, and I don’t want to talk about it before going to college.”

As for Yu Fei’s suggestion, he could only choose to pretend that he didn’t understand it. He was ashamed towards Yu Fei, and that’s why he couldn’t even make a promise to Yu Fei.

Xie Lin was right. He relied on him and cared about him. Without him, he would fall into a panic. How could he fall in love with Xiao Fei? In this life, Xiao Fei, like Xie Lin, was a male Alpha, and he would not be able to tolerate his excessive intimacy with Xie Lin.

Instead of feeling pain in the future, it was better to stop the loss in time to avoid hurting Xiaofei more deeply.

As for Xie Lin… Fu Yuanzhou thought, it should be impossible, even if he found out that he could be with a man, this person shouldn’t be Xie Lin.

Not to mention how much he felt guilty about Xiaofei, with what he knew about Xie Lin, Xie Lin would definitely be very devoted to his life partner, and would also consider their future and marriage, if he and Xie Lin get married, or even had a child… …

Fu Yuanzhou didn’t dare to think about it at all. The fear of an Omega being able to conceive made him even want to break the pot. As long as he didn’t cross the line, even if he occasionally kissed Xie Lin, he could bear it.

Hearing Fu Yuanzhou’s refusal, Yu Fei’s eyes dimmed slightly, but he quickly laughed: “You are right, we are still students, and we should focus on our studies.”

Seeing that he did not show any obvious sadness, Fu Yuanzhou quietly breathed a sigh of relief, then Yu Fei held his hand and asked with frowning eyes: “What about after college? Will you be in love?”

“After college…”

Fu Yuanzhou felt that he was going to be single for the rest of his life and said vaguely: “I’ll talk about it later, I’m not in a hurry.”

“Okay.” Yu Fei smiled, “Zhou, remember what you said, don’t fall in love before high school graduation, no matter if anyone pursues you, you can’t have a relationship.”

“That’s what I’ve planned.” Fu Yuanzhou said.

Yu Fei smiled and found another movie. The two watched it together. Xie Lin came home in the afternoon. The two of them were doing their homework together, and the aunt was cooking in the kitchen.

As soon as Xie Lin came home, Fu Yuanzhou remembered what happened last night, and instantly became restless. He bounced from his seat, his ears burning, as he whispered, “You’re back.”

“Yeah. There was a school meeting today.” Seeing that he took the initiative to speak to him, Xie Lin’s eyes softened a little and he nodded in response.

Auntie had made dinner, and after the three of them had eaten, Fu Yuanzhou went back to his house. On the first day of the holiday, he had no intention of doing his homework, so he simply put the party plan on the agenda and started to contact his classmates to ask them when they could come play at his house.

There were quite a few people who had gone out to travel or had gone back to their hometown during the holiday, so there were not many people who could come. Fu Yuanzhou got in touch and called 12 or 13 people. Naturally, this included Yuan Ye. This was what they had decided before. Fortunately, there were no other people he had arranged to play with other than Yuan Ye.

When calling someone, Fu Yuanzhou also saw Ran Shutang’s name in the dialogue column. After hesitating for a while, he also sent a message to Ran Shutang and asked him if he wanted to come.

After overhearing Ran Shutang’s confession to him, Fu Yuanzhou suddenly didn’t know how to treat him. He originally planned to use his enthusiasm to compensate Ran Shutang, but if it was too much, Ran Shutang might mistakenly think that he was also interested in him, that would really be shooting himself in the foot.

But this time in him inviting Ran Shutang, he also had other purposes. Although Ran Shutang was very popular, it was mainly because of the bonus of having the aura of a scholar. In fact, he did not actively interact with people, and it was rare for him to know people from other classes, so Fu Yuanzhou decided to call a few more suitable people.

The same reason applied to Yuan Ye. Fu Yuanzhou also called Xie Lin and Yu Fei to join him. It would be nice if Xie Lin could get to know a few more people.

When it came to Yu Fei, Fu Yuanzhou’s feelings were a bit complicated. After all, Yu Fei was his girlfriend in his last life. If he saw him falling in love with someone else, he would more or less be uncomfortable.

He called Ran Shutang, and he was prepared to be rejected. As far as he knew, Ran Shutang liked quiet, and may not like this kind of occasion.

But unexpectedly, Ran Shutang agreed quickly, and even asked Fu Yuanzhou if he wanted tutoring, but was declined by Fu Yuanzhou, as he wanted to take this opportunity to relax.

The party was scheduled for the day after tomorrow. From morning itself, the classmates came one after another. Fu Yuanzhou personally greeted them at the gate of the community, because he was worried that they would get lost. The structure of the community was quite complicated.

When the classmates saw that Fu Yuanzhou’s home was actually in the villa area, they were all surprised. They all knew that Fu Yuanzhou’s family was very good, but they didn’t expect it to be better than they imagined. So, they started calling Fu Yuanzhou the eldest young master.

Fu Yuanzhou took them into the villa. The classmates went everywhere, and all of them found it very novel. A few boys saw the special game room, and immediately rushed in and hugged the cabinets full of game belts and VR equipment, eagerly seeming to want to ask Fu Yuanzhou if his father wanted to recognize a few more godsons, but if he didn’t, they could also be Fu Yuanzhou’s sons.

The rest of the people came to the living room to eat and drink, and some people brought wine. They danced wildly for a while. After a while, the doorbell rang again. Fu Yuanzhou went to open the door. It was Ran Shutang and Yuan Ye.


Fu Yuanzhou welcomed them in: “Didn’t you agree to call and tell me in advance, and I’ll pick you up? Why did you all come in by yourself?”

He had already called the doorman in advance just in case. After saying hello, he said that he had classmates coming today, he could let him come in directly, and that he would not be able to pick him up, so he had someone waiting at the door.

“The road is not difficult to recognize.” Ran Shutang said, and handed a gift to Fu Yuanzhou, “Thank you for inviting me.”

Yuan Ye said with a smile: “You were so tired at the sports meeting, I didn’t want you to run a few more times. How’s it going, are you feeling better?”

“Much better.” Fu Yuanzhou nodded, thanks to Xie Lin’s massage that day, although in the end… he didn’t want to mention it.

He led the two in. Not long after, Xie Lin and Yu Fei also came. Everyone was surprised when they saw Xie Lin, and shouted, “The chairman is here too? Why are you still with Yu Fei?”

Because Yu Fei always went to Class 7 to play with Fu Yuanzhou, so the people in Class 7 were not unfamiliar with him. They had also heard that Xie Lin was Fu Yuanzhou’s childhood friend, but they didn’t know that they were neighbors, let alone that Yu Fei and Xie Lin were cousins.

“I called them.”

Fu Yuanzhou originally wanted to hug Xie Lin and Yu Fei, and show off to the classmates, but fortunately, he held it back in time, but told everything to them with a tongue in cheek.

Damn, they were actually cousins, both were Yuanzhou’s neighbors, and they had such a good relationship with him!

The classmates continued to be shocked and looked back and forth at the three of them, always feeling that they might have some hidden relationship.

“Since the chairman and Yu Fei are also here, let’s play something.”

Du Man, the monitor of Class 7, was a petite girl, but she was actually an Alpha. She smiled and took out a deck of playing cards, Fu Yuanzhou glanced at it, and asked casually, “Do you want to play cards?”


Du Man bent down and picked up several dozen beers from the ground and placed them on the table with a bang. She drew the same number of cards from the deck as the number of people present, and said with a smile, “Of course we’re going to play Truth or Dare together.”

The author has something to say: Guess what will happen in Truth or Dare =v=

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