TBVSR Ch. 18.1: I won’t do it anymore, Xiao Yu!!!

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The girl tightly closed her lips and her eyes, her fine eyelashes trembling slightly.

Qiu Li originally thought that kissing her would have a very different feeling.

However, in fact, such a kiss, he didn’t feel like it.

If it wasn’t for her willingness, he wouldn’t feel that he got anything.

Qiu Li felt indifferent and let go of her.

Jiang Yu opened her eyes, the force on her wrist had slackened, the young man turned around and showed her his back: “Go away.”

“Qiu Li…”

“You have nothing to like about you, so don’t show up in front of me in the future..”

Jiang Yu panicked, if she left this time, she might never be able to approach him again.

The road ahead was an abyss, and behind her was a cliff, she was desperate and could not fail.

Jiang Yu bit her lip and walked over and tugged at the corner of his shirt: “Qiu Li, but can we not break up?”

“Go away.” Qiu Li shook her off: “You don’t feel anything for me, why stay here?”

Jiang Yu lowered her head, her voice trembling: “Can you…give me another chance.”

She had no way out.

Hearing her words, Qiu Li felt that his mind had gone completely numb, and he desperately needed more feeling.

He silently picked up the fruit knife on the cabinet.

Only the bright red blood could make him feel real.

However, when the sharp blade was about to brush the skin of his arm, the girl screamed and grabbed the blade, “Are you crazy!”

The blade slid across the girl’s palm, and she immediately turned over her hand, where he could the blood flowing along the lines of her palm, dripping to the floor.


The blade fell to the ground, and Qiu Li’s blood flowed back to his heart.

His heart was about to explode.

In the past, blood could only give him visual stimulation, and even if he was injured, it could not give him any physical pain.

But at the moment when he hurt her, Qiu Li realized a new feeling that he had never felt before, it was like a thousand arrows piercing his heart.

Jiang Yu gritted her teeth and murmured weakly, “You lunatic…”

Qiu Li picked up her hand in a daze, and in the next second, turned around and rushed out of the kitchen to find the first aid box.

The staggering figure almost fell over.

Jiang Yu endured the pain and turned off the gas. The dumplings in the pot were already cooked and floating on the water.

Qiu Li ran back in holding the first aid box, knelt on the ground and frantically rummaged through it for the gauze, disinfectant and Yunnan Baiyao[1].

After finding it, he pulled her to squat down, grabbed her hand tremblingly, dipped a cotton ball in the disinfectant, and wiped around her wound.

Fortunately, the wound was not deep, but the skin was broken. He applied some Yunnan Baiyao, and then wrapped it with gauze.

Although Jiang Yu felt the pain, the thing that hit her the most… was this young man kneeling on the ground.

All the threats and the feeling of suppressed violence had vanished.

It was the first time she saw such deep concern and affection on his face.

She couldn’t bear it, and tried to comfort him: “It doesn’t hurt at all.”

“I didn’t ask if it hurts.” The boy’s face was lowered, his voice was hoarse, and he said with a weak reproach: “I’ll let you go.”

“I don’t want to leave.” Seeing that he finally calmed down, Jiang Yu breathed a sigh of relief, and smiled bitterly: “I haven’t eaten the dumplings yet.”

She scooped out the dumplings from the pot and brought them to the table: “Eat.”

Jiang Yu sat down, not in a hurry to eat, but carefully opened his sleeves.

There was a razor-sharp scratch on his arm, a new one, but there were many old ones… it should have been caused by himself.

“What’s the matter with you!” She put down the spoon and looked at the scars, frowning: “Can’t you be a good person!”

“I can’t be a person.” Qiu Li narrowed his eyes and said boringly.

“Children who are sick in their mind will do such naive and stupid things as self-mutilation.” Jiang Yu said reproachfully: “Doesn’t it hurt to cut yourself?”

Seeing these old and new scars, she felt pain for him.

Qiu Li stirred the dumplings on the plate with chopsticks, and said expressionlessly, “Have you ever seen a corpse?”

She could never understand his feelings.

Feeling trapped, Jiang Yu saw that he was not getting her concern, so she simply stopped persuading him and ate dumplings with her head down.    

The dumplings were filled with corn, her favourite flavour.

“Is it delicious?”

Qiu Li couldn’t taste the taste, and just swallowed mechanically: “Normal.”

“Then it seems to be better on my plate.”

Jiang Yu looked up at him, and then, according to the old rules, handed the remaining dumplings on his plate to him.

At the same time, he moved her plate in front of him, lowered his head and started to eat.

When Qiu Li saw that she didn’t dislike the dumplings he had eaten at all, his mood… calmed down inexplicably.

He ate in silence, and this time, the taste buds on the tip of his tongue finally became rich.

He could finally taste the crispness of the corn, and the fragrance of leeks in the beef stuffing.

Although only salt was used as a condiment, this plate of dumplings merged into the most delicious taste in the world on the tip of his tongue.

“Does your hand still hurts?” He asked blankly without raising his head.

Jiang Yu said dissatisfiedly, “It hurts to death.”

Qiu Li paused for a while, then slowly stretched out his hand and gently squeezed the back of her hand.

Although this action did not relieve the pain of the wound in the slightest, but at this moment, Jiang Yu could deeply feel the guilt in the boy’s heart.

Jiang Yu withdrew her hand and said angrily, “I still have a very important contest next month. If this wound doesn’t heal, I’ll look for you.”

Qiu Li looked at the fair skin of her arms and looked down again at the deep and shallow scars on his arm.

These scars didn’t make him feel pain at all, but the knife’s blade slashed on Jiang Yu’s hand… it was piercing to the bone.

“I’ll find a way.” Qiu Li said in a deep voice, “It won’t affect your contest.”

“Forget it, what else can be done.” Jiang Yu waved her hand and said generously, “Just promise me, don’t use the knife any more. Now, you can’t hurt others, and you can’t hurt yourself.”

Qiu Li rolled down his sleeves, covering the ugly scars on his arms, and stopped talking.

After the two of them had dinner, Jiang Yu got up and prepared to leave, “You wash the dishes yourself, I’m going home.”

However, when she packed up her schoolbag and was about to leave, Qiu Li suddenly reached out and grabbed the corner of her clothes.

Jiang Yu felt entangled and turned back in confusion.

But she saw the young man lowered his head slightly and said in a very low and depressed voice, “I won’t do it anymore, Xiao Yu.”

Walking out of Qiu Li’s community, the cool breeze at night caressed Jiang Yu’s face.

Before, she was a little afraid of Qiu Li and didn’t dare to get close to him. But after such a terrible thing happened just now, Jiang Yu was not so afraid of him anymore.

She sympathized with him from the bottom of her heart.

She didn’t know what happened to him, but it must have been a terrible, terrible thing.

This time, Jiang Yu really wanted to help him.

And…with that light rain, her heart was about to stop!

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[1] Yunnan Baiyao is a traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) formula used for wound healing, as a pain reliever, and to stop bleeding.

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