TBVSR Ch. 17: I seem to like you a Little!!!

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Regarding Xie Yuan and Jiang Yu, there were some groundless speculations in the school, “Xie Yuan is notoriously bad-tempered, no one will give face to him, how can he be so nice to Jiang Yu?”

“Jiang Yu is also strange. She has never argued with Tao Anxin about these things before, so why is she suddenly so active.”

“Why did she break up with Huo Cheng, maybe she is waiting to find a new home. WI didn’t think she would be such a person.”

“What, you mean that she treats Xie Yuan… God, Xie Yuan is in his forties, he could be her father!”

“Does the sugar daddy depend on age? It’s okay if you have money.”

The boy who was talking was speaking quietly, but he didn’t think that Qiu Li, who was passing by, would grab his neck with his backhand.

This sudden change scared the surrounding students.

Qiu Li grabbed the boy’s neck with one hand, lifted him up, until his feet were off the ground.

The boy tightly held the hand that was strangling his neck, struggling violently, showing an extremely frightened expression.

Because in Qiu Li’s dark eyes, he saw the abyss of death, like a shadow.

It seemed like in the next second, he would snap his neck.

A lot of students gathered around, watching this scene, whispering, “What’s wrong?”

“I don’t know, they suddenly started fighting.”

“Why does there need to be a reason, Qiu Li is a lunatic! He is mentally ill!”

Jiang Yu, who had just walked out of the school gate, was frightened by the scene in front of her.

Huo Cheng in the previous life died in Qiu Li’s hands.

At that time, he smiled at everyone, seemingly good and harmless, but he was a complete devil.

“Qiu Li, let go!” Jiang Yu hurried over and said to stop him: “Let him go!”

Qiu Li shook off the boy with one hand and threw him on the ground.

“Damn it!”

The boy let out a foul word and wanted to step forward, but he was still frightened when he saw Qiu Li’s black eyes that had no human feelings.

He scolded and called him “madman” a few times and left unwillingly.

As if nothing had happened, Qiu Li turned and left with a blank expression.

Jiang Yu trotted to catch up with him and asked, “Why did you fight with him?”

“Because I’m a lunatic.”

His voice was filled with infinite coldness.

“What’s up with your temper?” Jiang Yu muttered in a low voice: “If you don’t control yourself, you will be expelled from Yuxi Middle School sooner or later, don’t you still want to be admitted to a key university?”

“If I was expelled, and it has nothing to do with you.”

“How does it not matter?” Jiang Yu said reluctantly, “Am I not your girlfriend?”

The words “girlfriend” touched the softest part of Qiu Li’s heart.

Yes, she was his girlfriend.

She should be protected.

Qiu Li stopped and tried to talk to her calmly: “What did you and Xie Yuan talk about in the playground in the morning?”

“Ah, this… just something about the science and technology museum.”

“A lie.” Qiu Li showed no mercy. He quickly debunked Jiang Yu’s excuse: “When talking about technology, he would not be so excited to grab your hand.”

Jiang Yu was slightly dissatisfied with his questioning tone: “You care so much when it’s my business.”

She couldn’t explain it clearly to Xie Yuan, and naturally it was impossible to explain it to Qiu Li.

Qiu Li’s face became ugly.

He didn’t know why he was so angry, but when she was in contact with other men, he felt so upset as if he was about to explode.

The boy’s words just now deeply stimulated his nerves.

Jiang Yu was the only splash of colored ink in his black and white world, bright and beautiful.

He wanted to monopolize this beauty, and no one could take it away, also he would not allow anyone to slander his beauty.

Jiang Yu saw that Qiu Li was no longer arguing with her but kept his face down and wasn’t speaking.

She didn’t know what kind of madness he was building up to, but this guy’s personality was like this, and it was a common thing for him to be unhappy for no reason.

All in all, this commission was completed very smoothly, and she had successfully earned 120,000 yuan, and more importantly, Esmera’s tuition had been settled.

She was quite happy anyway.

“Qiu Li, we shouldn’t quarrel. I’ll invite you to dinner tonight.” Jiang Yu took the initiative to ask for peace: “You can eat whatever you want.”

“I want to eat dumplings.” Qiu Li clenched his fists under his sleeves, then let go again: “Let’s go to my house and you can cook dumplings for me.”

“You are so troublesome.”

“I don’t want to eat outside all the time.”


“A bag of my favourite beef and corn dumplings.

After buying everything, they walked out of the convenience store, then Qiu Li opened the candy he had just bought and put the lollipop into his mouth.

Jiang Yu looked at how cutely he was eating a lollipop and couldn’t help laughing: “When you eat candy, it’s pretty cute.”

“I just like it.”

Qiu Li tasted the tasteless stick on the tip of his tongue. It was like a glass bead in his mouth, he felt nothing.

At first Qiu Li felt that the satisfaction of the simple taste of food might be enough. But now he found that it was not enough, it was far from enough, what he wanted…more.

Without her, the world would have no meaning to him.

He wanted to perceive the world, to perceive love and joy, to be responded to, cherished, even feel sad, or jealous…

Qiu Li put the half-eaten lollipop near Jiang Yu’s mouth: “Eat.”

“I’m not like you.” Jiang Yu curled her lips in disgust: “Who wants to eat what you have eaten.”

“You dislike me for being unclean?”

Jiang Yu didn’t dislike him, but she knew that her relationship with him had not gone that far.

She was helping him, saving him… Of course, she was also saving herself.

If it was just a partnership, would she eat the lollipop that Party A had already eaten.

Obviously, not.

Seeing that she was obviously unwilling, Qiu Li didn’t force her, instead he walked away silently with the tasteless and odourless lollipop in his mouth.

She didn’t like him at all, not from the beginning.

Qiu Li saw this very clearly.

Originally, Qiu Li didn’t care that much.

But gradually, he found that he began to have desires, began to have sleepless nights, and began to want more.

And “she didn’t like him” was like a serpent, it seemed to be slowly killing his heart.

At his home, Jiang Yu brought the quick-frozen dumplings to the kitchen, ready to cook them.

The kitchen of Qiu Li’s house was very clean, there were no oil stains even in the cooking area, and the pots and bowls were all new.

It seemed that there was never a fire for cooking at home, so there was no seasoning.

Jiang Yu searched for a long time before finding a package of unopened iodized salt from the cupboard.

Okay, anyway, she didn’t need too many seasonings to cook dumplings, she could just make do with it.

She boiled the water and neatly put the frozen dumplings into the pot.

While waiting for the dumplings to boil, she took out her phone and looked at the deposit in her account that was getting closer and closer to the target tuition fee, bursting with joy.

She cherished the opportunity to start over, so she would learn dance well, and live her life well.

Jiang Yu pondered about her own affairs but did not notice at all that the boy behind her had walked into the kitchen and closed the door.

“Oh, there are so many deposits.” The deep voice sounded behind her, and Jiang Yu was shocked and quickly locked the phone screen.

She was so fascinated by her savings that she didn’t notice when Qiu Li came up to her.

“It’s all my hard work.” Jiang Yu picked up the spatula and stirred the dumplings in the pot: “It’s my tuition for the Esmera Art Center.”

“How do you make money, do you rely on meddling?”

Jiang Yu didn’t want to explain more, so she simply followed his words and said lazily: “Yes, it’s just meddling.”

“That elder sister was very powerful.”

Qiu Li stood behind her and leaned against the cupboard. They were so close that Jiang Yu could even feel his hot breath on the skin of her neck.

The distance…seemed too close.

Jiang Yu tried to move sideways.

However, Qiu Li lowered his hand and grabbed her slender wrist.

His palm was very hot, and there were rough calluses on it. He clasped her wrist with a slight force, and she couldn’t break free.


He gently sniffed her temples and said with a low-pitched temptation in his voice: “I seem to like you a little bit.”

Jiang Yu looked at him in shock, and he asked again: “Can you… like me for a moment?”

Jiang Yu’s voice trembled slightly: “I like you.”

“Lie.” Qiu Li squeezed her chin with the other hand, forcing her to look at him: “You have a purpose for coming close to me.”

“Qiu Li, don’t be like this, I’m a little scared.”

Jiang Yu looked at his bottomless eyes, felt really frightened, and said in a trembling voice, “What do you want?”

Qiu Li didn’t know, he just wanted to feel something, grab something.

In the past, he would use self-mutilation to perceive the world.

He kept provoking and finding fault with others, in order to get beaten violently. Although he didn’t feel any pain, the red blood reminded him that he still had life.

Jiang Yu was the only person who could bring him the truth.

He could not lose her.

Qiu Li pinched the girl’s chin and asked desperately, “Can you like me?”


It was then that Jiang Yu gradually realized that she was really playing with fire.

Her initial purpose was to make Qiu Li like her and listen to her words.

That way, she could guide him more easily and keep him from going astray.

But today, she discovered that a person’s liking was not so easy to endure.

Because he liked her, he couldn’t help but miss, long for, and even want to possess…

She suddenly thought of the advice [Qiu Li] from the future had given her, “If you haven’t made up your mind, don’t play such a joke to him.”

Now, she finally understood the meaning of this sentence.

The demon was already tempted, and he was stretching out a hand to her from the abyss.

Jiang Yu should hold him…

Should she save him?

The answer was yes, she had already realized it.

Jiang Yu raised her head and looked at the handsome face of the young man who was close to her: “I’m just… a little scared.”

“Now, is my sister ready?”

Qiu Li tried to get closer to her.

Jiang Yu didn’t avoid him, and let his cold lips gently brush past the corner of her mouth.

It seemed that he didn’t feel anything, so Qiu Li felt unfulfilled.

So, the next time time, he greedily sucked on her soft lips.

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