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Yan Qing’s white face flushed red, and she was half lying on Huo Yunshen’s body, her soft hand pressed against his hard body, but unable to resist the good feeling, so she rubbed it twice without a trace.

Thank goodness she was fast enough! It was not worth it to let other women touch her man!

She quickly complained in a small mosquito voice: “How dare you say it! You almost let someone touch you!”

Huo Yunshen tore off the song name tag, put it on her coat, and naturally said near her ear: “Impossible, I know my wife will come over to save me.”

The man’s superior body made any action very eye-catching, and now he actively bent over, accommodating Yan Qing’s height, which made a group of girls in the back scream in place.

“What’s the matter, I can see the CP feeling between the most popular S God and the ordinary working man! Sisters, wake me up!”

“No need to wake up, their appearance and aura are so matched, I can also feel it.”

“Hey, did you find out, he seems to be the person who saved Yanyan when she fell into the water at the playground last time.”

“…So, every time he appeared before, it was related to Yanyan.”

“Isn’t that deep affection—”

Someone sighed worriedly: “Although I also want them together, but she obviously has a troubled future ahead, with how popular she is, and her relationship with Mr. Huo being so confusing. First there was He Xiangjin, who was treating her specially, then came Su Li who is ambiguous towards her, and no matter how bad they are, there are tall, rich and handsome fans who are chasing her everywhere, how can it be a staff member’s turn.”

“What happened to the staff,” some people got angry, “Maybe the popular actress wants to return to her original nature, and just wants to find a poor one.”

Huo Yunshen stared at Yan Qing’s red ears through the mask, and said in a low voice, “If I didn’t come, were you planning to continue hiding from me?”

Yan Qing turned her head because of a guilty conscience.

So, he felt it…

Huo Yunshen smoothed the last corner of the song’s board, and the temperature of his fingers penetrated her clothes and almost reached her skin: “Find me when it’s over.”

He said in a firm tone, it even had the sound of a bit of a suppressed order.

When Yan Qing found out that she could not avoid it, she didn’t refuse to say anything, and she just nodded her head.

Seeing that they had failed in grabbing the lyrical song, the other captains immediately went to compete for the other five songs, not paying attention to the undercurrent between the two people, but when the allocation was over, they collectively angrily pointed at Yan Qing: “Yanyan didn’t you see the words ‘bewitched by beauty’! Can you have a little love, let us soak in the rain and dew as well!”

The camera swept over, and Yan Qing used her arms to gesture: “No! You can share everything, but beauty can’t be shared!”

That’s her beauty…

She didn’t want to give it to anyone else.

Yan Qing’s thoughts were heard by Huo Yunshen, and she didn’t dare to look at him, so she walked back with her head down.

She felt sore. Just now, she ran too hard to rush to the first place.

The follow-up group recording lasted for nearly two hours. Yan Qing was always restless, trying to hold on until the filming was over. She hurriedly found a small corner and took out her mobile phone. Seeing the message, she got to know Huo Yunshen was in the lounge on the first floor waiting for her.

Just as the recording came to an end, the environment on the first floor was the most complicated, everyone had to pass by, and there were noisy chattering and laughter everywhere.

Yan Qing lingered for a long time, finally found an opportunity not to be discovered and pushed open the lounge door, slid in sideways, and closed the door, just then the man’s arms caught her from behind.

She was pressed against the door, the two bodies hugged each other tightly, her original coldness was quickly replaced by the rising body temperature, and a dark fire was born under the slight friction.

Yan Qing’s breathing accelerated.

When she was hugged by him again, she realized how much she missed him…

She refused to reveal it, and whispered dutifully, “Huo Yunshen, you are getting more and more out of bounds, doesn’t what you said before count?”

His cool lips touched the tip of her ear: “You’ve gotten used to it.”

Yan Qing lowered her eyes, he was right…

The person who crossed the line was her.

Huo Yunshen put his arms around her waist: “Don’t stop on your own accord and continue to get used to it, okay?”

Yan Qing’s heart trembled when he said a few words, so she calmly changed the subject: “…you know that there are many people on the first floor, why did you choose this place, I don’t want to be seen.”

Huo Yunshen turned her around, pulled her to the small sofa to sit down, tapped on one knee at her feet, and held up her calf.

His ten fingers were long and powerful, and he kneaded her leg just right, as he raised his eyes to look at her: “Because you are tired from running, your legs will hurt if you walk too far.”

Yan Qing’s eyelashes flickered, she felt both sweet and sour, so she pursed her lips to avoid his gaze.

She really wanted to pounce on him and hug him, like that night, and complain to him for comfort, but the more she thought about it, the more she couldn’t, and she warned herself with difficulty that there was an abyss in front of her, and she couldn’t jump.

It was agreed at the beginning that she would treat him and never fall for him, otherwise she would be doomed.

No matter how she called him “Yunshen”, and how she felt that her handwriting was like Yun Qing’s, and how she repeatedly tried to think of his youthful appearance…

It was like Dong Shi’s frown[1].

She was terrified since she had found that she had begun to secretly think about how wonderful it would be if she was really Yun Qing.

Too stupid.

Huo Yunshen’s voice knocked against her eardrum: “Why do you hide from me? It’s not just about me crossing the line, right? When someone is trying to fight with you for me, you run to me so desperately, does it mean that you also have an exclusive desire for me.”

His fingers massaged her leg, and he asked in a low voice, “Yan Qing, don’t you like me at all?”

Yan Qing’s heartbeat was chaotic, and her chest hurt.

If he didn’t mention it, she might not be able to face it, but when he asked it, it was like cutting open her heart.

She pulled her legs back, her eyes were a little wet and red, as she said stiffly: “How is it possible! I told you before, it’s all… acting! To restore your body and achieve our contractual goals as soon as possible, I will get close to you only to treat you well and deeply indulge you! To protect you is to repay your care for me, and to let you indulge at the hotel at night is just because I am grateful to you for saving me!” She said reasonably even though her feelings did not agree with her.

Huo Yunshen’s scarred hand slowly lowered.

Afraid that he would not believe it, Yan Qing added incoherently: “I ran in a hurry today because I want that song, it has nothing to do with you, don’t think too much, and what does your expression mean? You look down on me? My acting?”

He was silent, not saying a word.

Yan Qing was about to cry after speaking and left the lounge in a hurry. Before closing the door, she saw his gray silhouette in the narrowing gap.

He was still kneeling there, his hands slightly open, trying to hold something.

Yan Qing squeezed into the elevator and was surrounded by a group of girls who she had met by chance. Everyone was asking, “What’s wrong with Yanyan? Do you have a cold, your eyes and nose are so red, take medicine to prevent it”?

She shook her head.

With her illness, no medicine will help.

When she reached the floor of the dormitory, the elevator door opened, and An Lan happened to greet her: “Why did you just come up, I was looking for you everywhere.”

She mysteriously said the name of a heavenly king in the music world, which attracted exclamations, and then revealed: “His team just contacted the program team and wanted to invite Yan Qing to play the heroine in his new single MV.” The girls blew up and shook Yan Qing enviously.

More than halfway through the program, the popularity of high-profile players had stabilized. It was not uncommon to have a separate good resource come to the door. Many ordinary ones were rejected by the program team before, but this king was young, talented, and good-looking, and he had a big fan base. In the booming music world, he was one of the few people who had reached the top, and the opportunity to act as a heroine in his MV was rare.

Seeing that she was hesitant, An Lan hurriedly persuaded: “It’s good for you to play the first love goddess in a small and fresh style ballad. You don’t have to worry about anything else. Besides, you will get involved in film and television works in the future. It’s not bad to practice your acting skills first.”

Yan Qing hands were clenched tightly.


She just told Huo Yunshen that she was good at acting, otherwise… let’s prove it to him.

Yan Qing nodded: “Sister An Lan, you can arrange it.”

An Lan patted her excitedly, dragged her to a quiet place, and asked quietly, “Do you want to inform President Huo of your single resource?”

Yan Qing shook his head: “Sign it directly, don’t tell him.”

Knowing him, she still didn’t know what his reaction would be.

She thought awkwardly that going out to meet some strangers and being busy with work in different fields might dilute her overflowing emotions.

The matters related to the MV were settled within two days. Taking advantage of Yan Qing’s popularity, Tian Wang’s team directly announced her appearance on Weibo. The whole song told the story of a couple missing each other in college. Yan Qing’s role was clean. She played the beautiful school flower and the goddess of all male students, while Tian Wang played the boy who had a crush on her. It ended in tragedy. It was a high-quality tear-jerking love song.

Since Yan Qing learned about the official announcement, she had been afraid of Huo Yunshen’s questioning.

But he only asked calmly on the phone: “Did you go voluntarily?”

His reaction made Yan Qing more nervous than angry. She always felt like she was caught cheating, so she hesitated but then said yes.

After a long while, a rustling “OK” came from the receiver.

Yan Qing hung up the phone, her five internal organs were crumpled together, as she stared at the photo of Yun Qing placed beside her bed in a daze, and when she turned to look out of the window inadvertently, she caught a glimpse of a car in shock.

She hurriedly opened the window and leaned out, and it turned out to be Huo Yunshen’s car, parked in the old place behind the building, but she was not sure when it came.

Yan Qing’s throat was dry and she instinctively wanted to go out to find him, but An Lan knocked on the door at an untimely time: “Yanyan, Tian Wang’s team needs us to go over and get in touch, and the filming will officially start tomorrow.”

She asked: “…now? “

An Lan nodded in confusion, “Yes, a group of people are waiting, and the car is ready.”

Yan Qing closed her eyes: “Let’s go.”

The meeting place and filming location were both in Haicheng. After discussion between Yan Qing and the MV director about the script, it was confirmed that there were not many scenes, so she was slightly relieved. For the final effect, she had been learning acting with the teacher in the studio in order to reduce NGs during filming.

She had never been exposed to acting, and since she wanted to keep improving, it took a long time, therefore she almost stayed up all night.

Yan Qing realized after repeated attempts that what she told Huo Yunshen was all lies, she had no acting skills, and the way she treated him, everything was sincere.

She could lie to him, but not herself.

Yan Qing didn’t get off work until early in the morning, then she put on two masks in the shed, took a nap, then got up and started the official shooting.

She met Tian Wang yesterday, and the other party had a good personality and a respectful attitude, which made her feel less anxious.

The filming location was on a well-known university campus. When Yan Qing changed her clothes and adjusted her state, her whole body was always tense, as if someone was watching her from a distance, with heavy and gloomy eyes.

She was too familiar with this kind of sight, so she turned to look around, but couldn’t find Huo Yunshen’s figure.

It was probably…she was feeling guilty herself.

The first set of trial shooting was completed, and the director’s inspiration rushed out, so he excitedly asked Tian Wang and Yan Qing over to discuss: “You two have a lot of sparks, I want to add a kiss that the hero is imagining at the end, to increase the degree of sadness, just a light touch, it will look very beautiful, and with the dedication of you two, it should be no problem, right?”

Tian Wang, who had experienced hundreds of battles, nodded smoothly, and agreed.

But Yan Qing didn’t want to.

Tian Wang came to discuss with her with a good temper: “Are you worried about your image as an idol of the girl group? I will tell the director, it will be a light touch, or we can use positioning, this is a folk song, the MV must be very beautiful, to you, there’s no harm in developing, and if you want to act in the future, you can’t avoid it.”

Yan Qing asked, “Is it okay to use positioning?”

Tian Wang was looked at by her moist eyes, so he smiled: “Of course, the effect is similar.”

But the studio staff didn’t know these details, they were busy preparing for the kiss scene, and they also mentioned it in the mutual gossip.

Huo Yunshen stood in the shadow of the tree opposite the studio, listening to the people who passed by saying those two words more than once.

Kiss scene.

He stared at his hand, the knuckles of his hands were bulging and turning white, as if about to crack through flesh.

His heart was being dug out, and he could see muddy blood, but he still tried his best to restrain his dark and manic thoughts.

Huo Yunshen stepped away with his cold legs and walked to the studio. Some people noticed him along the way, and they all kept silent to avoid him. Even if they didn’t know his identity, no one dared to ask more questions.

Yan Qing stood at the window of the classroom, Tian Wang was one meter away from her, as he took a step forward, and leaned down.

The pores on her body exploded, and she retreated subconsciously, her face turning pale.

Tian Wang reassured her: “Don’t be nervous, it’s just an audition, find out the feeling and angle.”

Yan Qing pursed her lips, her chest pumped uncomfortably, the feeling of being kissed by Huo Yunshen returned to her body, and the plundering of his humidity and heat seemed to be engraved in her bones.

She kept telling herself that Huo Yunshen was not her real lover, and that being kissed by him was almost the same as being kissed by her work partner…

Not to mention that he was just using positioning.

Since she had decided to do this, she must be dedicated.

Yan Qing apologized, went back to her original position, and tried to close her eyes, but as soon as Tian Wang approached, she couldn’t bear it.

The mouth may lie, but the body would never.

Just as she was about to turn her face away, that shadow-like gaze suddenly stabbed her back fiercely.

Tian Wang also felt it and looked over sensitively.

Yan Qing’s heart was beating like thunder, it wasn’t an illusion, it wasn’t her guessing, he was really here…

She turned around in defeat.

Even so, Huo Yunshen still took care that he didn’t show his full face. He met her eyes, didn’t say a word, turned around and walked straight out.

The barriers all over Yan Qing’s body were shattering, she stared at the back that she hadn’t seen for a few days, and suddenly there was an overlap in front of her.

She had vaguely seen…

The young man who she had seen walk away like this.

Huo Yunshen gritted his teeth sorely.

He felt no cold or pain as the bitter winter wind brushed against his skin.

At the end of Qingqing’s sophomore year, Qingqing was strongly requested by many teachers to accept the role of the princess in the play. He was unwilling but forbore not to say it. After asking about the script, it was an ordinary conversation before he convinced her to accept it.

But on the first night of rehearsal, the teacher who wrote the script added a hand holding scene, saying something about adding emotional depth.

The emotional depth of shit.

He stood under the stage, staring at Qingqing wearing the princess dress while her white and delicate hands were held by the surprised boy on the opposite side.

He kicked over the table in front of him, destroying the theater tables and chairs in a mess. Everyone at the scene was in danger, fearing him and calling him a lunatic angrily.

Qingqing grabbed the hem of her skirt, just found his existence, and frowned at him.

His eyes were red, and he couldn’t stand her scrutiny that might be the same as others. He gritted his teeth and rushed out of the auditorium, walking forward mechanically, not knowing where he was going, and how he could be a normal person who wouldn’t be hated by her.

His eyes felt hot from the wind, but when he had nowhere to go, a girl’s hand grabbed him, panting, and stuffed his hands with a note.

It was written in a hurry and was a little skewed, but it had the habitual little tick on it: “I’m not doing drama anymore, I’ll just hold your hand.”

His hands trembled, and he clenched the note tightly.

Qingqing’s princess dress was lifted by the wind, and a faint fragrance floated in the air.

She ran in front of him, her eyes were very soft, she looked at him softly, and reached out her hand: “You come down.”

His lips were bloodied, and he leaned over obediently.

Qingqing touched the end of his hair, and her soft lips touched the corner of his bitten mouth: “Yunshen, my hand was not held by him, and I will not be taken away by anyone. Don’t be afraid.”

She knew that he was not crazy, he was just scared.

Huo Yunshen’s car was parked on the side of the hidden road, he sat in it, and his Adam’s apple slid hard.

It was not the past, he couldn’t get out of control like that.

He will wait for Qingqing to come out to find him…

He will wait for it!

If he couldn’t wait…

Huo Yunshen’s eyes turned dark, and the muscles in his arms were tense.

In the gap where the window of his car was not closed, a piece of paper suddenly stretched into it. It seemed to be temporarily pulled, uneven, and floated lightly on his lap.

The words on the paper were also written in a hurry, and the little hook was still there: “I won’t shoot a kissing scene, I won’t be intimate with others, don’t be afraid.”

The next moment, the car door on the other side was pulled open, then Yan Qing sat inside wrapped in the cold wind.

Two people were separated by a distance, one sitting at one end.

Yan Qing clasped her hands together.

She couldn’t hear the outside voice, how she wrote the note, why she wrote it, and how far she had traveled to catch him, all of which could not be remembered.

All she knew was that she could no longer control herself.

It was useless to cheat, no matter how many excuses she made, the number of time she hypnotized herself, and no matter how many people she met.

The surging moment when she saw him overcame everything.

What she desperately wanted to do at the moment was simply unbearable.

Yan Qing swallowed, suddenly raised her knees, and knelt on the seat, approached Huo Yunshen twice, grabbed his clothes, held up his cold cheek, raised her head and kissed him hard.

She was finished pretending.

Like he said, she liked him.


Like was not the appropriate word to describe her feelings.

She… loved him.

After such a long time, after seeing every aspect of his paranoia or madness with her own eyes.

She loved him.

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[1] It means to make a fool of oneself by copying another person. That is, “monkey see – monkey do”.

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