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Yan Qing’s kiss came suddenly, her lips were cold, soft and sweet, and a little trembling, just a light touch were enough to blow up a man’s senses.

What’s more, she was still rampant, kissing very hard, with the fierceness of seeing death as home.

Huo Yunshen’s shrunk heart was swayed by her, and the coldness and gloom were replaced by a huge comfort. He couldn’t breathe, but he grabbed the back of her head, clasped her waist, rubbed her body, turned her against the car door, and pressed her deeply.

The driver had already taken shelter, and the school was on winter vacation, so no one was bothered. Outside the one-way viewable window, it was cold in winter, and snow was piled up.

The temperature was rising in the car, and the invisible fire had gone out of control.

They hadn’t seen each other for a few days. She said so many things that hurt him last time, and she took the MV secretly without telling him, and almost gave consent for a kiss scene.

Every act was torture to Huo Yunshen. He always endured it and didn’t want to force her, but now, when she wrote the same note as before, and took the initiative to kiss him, his desire for pressure finally broke out.

Grabbing her lips and tongue, listening to her soft panting, just hugging and kissing, couldn’t fill the ravine in his heart.

He wanted more.

He wanted to possess.

Yan Qing’s sanity was burned away by him, and her hands and feet were too sore to lift. She originally planned to coax him so that he would not be sad, and then she had though to go back to the shooting location to solve the problem.

But as soon as he pressed her over, she voluntarily disarmed and surrendered. Her ardent love and physical instincts were encouraging his presumptuousness.

Yan Qing blushed like a tomato, and couldn’t help wrapping her arms around his neck, falling into a passionate kiss.

She really fell in love with him…

She didn’t want others to get close to him, but when she came to him, even when she knew she shouldn’t, she still let him do whatever he wanted.

When Yan Qing came out, she wore a short jacket, and the uniform skirt inside was also split. Huo Yunshen’s hands were around her waist, and naturally went over the fabric.

She couldn’t help but let out a sound.

Huo Yunshen moved his lips slightly, and the kiss spread to her cheek, burning her ears.

Yan Qing grabbed his shoulders, and there were two rouge spots which appeared at the corners of her eyes.

He murmured: “Go home, don’t worry about it here, I’ll handle it.”

“No… It’s ok,” Yan Qing managed to stay awake, “I have to take care of the work I took… Besides, they know that I am chasing after you. You came here, if I don’t go back…what would they think…”

His offensive intensified, and he rubbed against her collar, listening to her weak voice, he repeatedly called her wife, and when he was inadvertent, he called out softly, “Qingqing”.

The two most familiar and mindful words cooled out Yan Qing’s hot blood in an instant.

She was stunned, being held by him in a daze, her eyes suddenly blurred.

She was deluding herself that she could escape the most real problem by not thinking about it.

It wasn’t her who Huo Yunshen was calling, not only today, in fact, she remembered that when he was desperately smashing the door in the hotel corridor that day, the name he called… was also “Qingqing”, but she deliberately ignored it.

Who he loved, who he kissed, who he wanted, no one knew better than her, she knew everything, but she couldn’t hold herself back, and wanted to fly into the flames and jump into this abyss of shattering bones.

Yan Qing cried silently.

Huo Yunshen was really cruel.

She wanted to play stupid for a while, but it was impossible to be loved by him, so he came to remind her personally what role she had.

A pre-contracted, clearly stated alternative.

Yan Qing wiped away the tears without a trace, and finally hugged him tightly.

She couldn’t blame Huo Yunshen, he was very good, there was nothing wrong with him, it was her who was wrong.

Yan Qing let go of her hand, insisted on stepping back, pulled up her collar, lowered her eyes and said softly, “This is the school, don’t mess around, don’t worry, I won’t shoot a kiss scene with anyone. I just tried it, and now I know you don’t allow it, then I’ll go and tell them to cancel.”

Huo Yunshen’s deep eyes were still dyed with burning desire, as he held her hand.

Yan Qing slowly pulled away, restrained her emotions, raised her head and smiled at him: “Don’t be sad, I… I’ll go and solve the work first, and I’ll rush back to the show team when it’s over, everyone is waiting for me, I’m recording recently and the arrangements are very tight, and I don’t think I would have time to come out to see you. Don’t come downstairs and wait, take good care of yourself, eat more and sleep more.”

Before her state collapsed, she quickly opened the car door, closed the front of her clothes, and said without looking back and ran away.

Immediately behind, there was the sound of the door opening and the sound of footsteps. She raised her hand and shook it to bid him farewell. She hurriedly accelerated, rushed into the rest room in one breath, locked the door, took off her coat and hat in front of the mirror, and saw her pale face and lips covered with mottled lipstick.

Yan Qing ordered herself not to think about it, quickly took care of her makeup, and then went to the shooting venue to prepare an apology.

But the director and Tian Wang did not need her to open her mouth at all, they directly cancelled the intimate scenes.

The director’s performance was natural: “I thought about it carefully, the kiss scene is a bit out of line with the main tone.”

Tian Wang was still warm and gentle: “It’s really not suitable, after all, Yan Qing is an idol who has just made her debut, and it is easy to be controversial when one is beautiful. I owe you one.”

Yan Qing did not receive any accusation or questioning, and they continued to shoot, but the director praised her sincerely: “Yan Qing is in good condition, the pain in her eyes is very real, she feels a little bit pitiful, and she is very involved in the drama, the acting is progressing rapidly and she has potential.”

She lowered her eyelashes.

She was really into the play…

She couldn’t escape.

The filming of the MV ended in the evening, An Lan picked her up at the door, Yan Qing glanced before getting in the car, but could not see where Huo Yunshen was parked, so she guessed that he should have left long ago.

They had to go through the main entrance, which was another route, and there was no chance to verify it.

Unexpectedly, the driver turned the car and drove in the direction where she had run back. Yan Qing was startled and asked: “Sister An Lan, how do you get this way?”

An Lan explained: “It is easy to get stuck in traffic when you go out from the main gate.”

Yan Qing’s heart beat faster and faster, she stood by the door, staring at the front, and after the car turned the small intersection, her chest suffocated, Huo Yunshen’s car was still there.

Knowing that she would not come, he was still waiting for the possibility.

Yan Qing pressed her fingernails against her palm as they passed by Huo Yunshen’s car.

Through the dark glass, she looked at the rear window of his car, which was lowered a little, he sat in it with his eyes closed, his profile looking sharp and lonely.

An Lan glanced at the rear-view mirror unintentionally, and turned her head in surprise: “Yanyan, are your eyes allergic? They are so red, do you need to go to the hospital?”

Yan Qing shook her head.

She didn’t want to go to the hospital, she just wanted to go home with him.

But she was afraid of seeing him again, and she couldn’t even hold on to her calm on the surface. In front of Huo Yunshen, she still wanted to keep the only bit of dignity she had.

Yan Qing sent him a WeChat message in her usual tone: “Shenshen, I’ve already returned to the show team and started to work. You eat and rest early, don’t stay up.”

I hope he… takes care of himself.

When Yan Qing arrived at the program group, she received excited questions from the girls along the way. She answered with a natural smile. Once in the dormitory, she immediately locked the door, removed her disguise, and went to the bed to hold Yun Qing’s photo.

It won’t work either…

She picked it up, wiped it clean, wrapped it in a soft cloth and put it in the box, and when she zipped the box, she felt stupid thinking that she just wanted to cover it up.

Yun Qing was always there and couldn’t be hidden, not to mention that if it wasn’t for her resemblance to Yun Qing, she might not even know Huo Yunshen.

She was not qualified to eat this vinegar.

Yan Qing sat on the ground, and the more she thought about it, the sadder she became. So, she lay on the box and cried.

What a life for her.

How many sins had she done in your previous life to be punished like this?

She was also considered to be naturally beautiful and youthful, but she was trapped in a cage with no exit, which was not good, and who was Huo Yunshen.

There were so many handsome and cute little fresh meat in the circle waiting for her to meet, but she just had to embarrass herself.

Yan Qing’s eyes were red, she angrily flipped through her mobile phone, and frantically followed the popular male stars with her trumpet.

What kind of weird looks were these, and they still had traffic. Did she think that Su Li was handsome before, was she blind? Now, when she looked at them, none of them could compare to Huo Yunshen.

Come on, she was dead.

At the end of the night’s unified training, the cameras were all removed, and the group of girls were so tired that they lay together on the floor of the practice room, gossiping freely.

Xiao Curly said excitedly: “The program group does not allow the use of mobile phones. I went to buy a simple-function reader last time we had free time. I hide it in the quilt and read novels at night. Do you have any recommended novels?”

Someone laughed: “In my book list, the domineering president falls in love with me, the car accident, the one-night stand with the ball and running as a substitute, you can choose any kind of trope.”

A bunch of people responded enthusiastically: “The substitute trope is the most sour and refreshing, and is very popular!”

The person providing the book list slapped the floor: “I like it too! Think about the kind who treat me well, pamper me and love me, but the result is that he’s looking at another person, but I can’t extricate myself from falling for him, tsk…tsk…tsk. There is also the classic line circulating, “‘Don’t laugh, you won’t look like her when you laugh’, my mother it’s so fun!”

Yan Qing lay on the ground.

Her heart had almost turned into a sieve.

The most terrifying thing was not the fall, but that after the fall, she didn’t want to be a substitute.

When she didn’t love him, she accepted his contract smoothly, happily thinking that she had jumped out of the fire pit and had become a sober and safe fake.

But after loving him, everything turned into pain.

Yan Qing understood that even if she loved another man again, she would not be foolish to the end, and she would not be willing to be a lifelong substitute and suffer silently.

After she recognized her heart, the only thing she had to do was to stay away.

But she couldn’t do it overnight, she still had more than two years for the contract to be over, besides… She really couldn’t bear to make Huo Yunshen feel too uncomfortable, so she should coax him, by just using her phone and meet him less.

The girls’ night conversation continued, and someone whispered a sensitive question: “The show is coming to an end, have you settled your contract with any agency?”

Among the contestants participating in the show, except for a few amateurs, most of them were trainees from other companies, but there were also many, like Ouyang, whose contract with the original company was about to expire.

If the contract was renewed, the original company was likely to rely on the “grace of support” in the past to put forward more stringent requirements, and it was difficult to escape during the period of popularity, so it was better to take the opportunity to find a new owner now.

The girl who asked out said timidly, “Do you know that in the talent show of the other side, it was revealed that there were investors and entertainment companies with unspoken rules. Although it was gossip, it should have some basis, it’s scary…”

“I also heard that, fortunately, our side is led by the Huo family, and it’s clean. By the way, you didn’t have a company before, so you will definitely sign with the company under the Huo family this time, right?”

Yan Qing: “Well, it should be…”

Huo Yunshen wouldn’t let her go anywhere else.

And to be honest, she didn’t have the bottom line to go to someone else’s side.

After being in the circle for so long, she knew how much Huo Yunshen had shielded her from the wind and rain. If she would have been alone, she still didn’t know what the situation would be like today.

“I’m really envious, you are guaranteed to be signed to Huo Corporation’s,” the girl said feeling emotional, “Anyway, please pay attention, the following companies are not good, it is said that the inside is very bad.”

She said a few words, one of them that Yan Qing cared about was Ouyang’s original company.

Ouyang really changed her face and left the lounge ahead of time.

Yan Qing got up to catch up with her, and asked in the corridor, “Do you have a new owner?”

Ouyang brushed her short hair, looking indifferent: “Don’t worry, some companies are looking for me, and I’m picking through them, other teammates are eliminated. I’m the only one left, I’m a rare breed.”

Yan Qing felt dubious, but Ouyang didn’t say much, and she didn’t ask much.

Back in the dormitory late at night, her mobile phone was left alone in the corner of the bed, with a bunch of reminders on the notification bar.

Yan Qing took a deep breath, adjusted her tone to the most suitable tone just as she had just decided to play the little wife, and called back Huo Yunshen: “Shenshen, haven’t you slept yet?”

Huo Yunshen said in a low voice, “Was waiting to hear your voice.”

As soon as Yan Qing heard him speak, she fell back on the bed and burrowed into the quilt helplessly.

Since her heart was sure to love him, she seemed to have opened some secret floodgate and lost all immunity to him.

“You’ve heard it now,” Yan Qing’s eyes were red, but her face was smiling and her tone was relaxed, “Would you like me to sing a lullaby for you?”

Huo Yunshen was silent and asked slowly, “Wife, do you remember that you haven’t called back for a few days. Are you coming home?”

Yan Qing’s chest hurt.

His voice was hoarse: “I can’t feel your breath at home anymore.”

Yan Qing turned her head, wiped her tears on the sheets, and said sweetly, “I’m too busy, and it’s you who asked to speed up the show’s progress.”

“Speed up, so that you can finish your stay quickly and come back every day,” he said with a slight ruthlessness, “Don’t use the excuse of recording the show to keep me out of reach.”

He suppressed his emotions: “But it’s not to make you crazy outside.”

Yan Qing bit her lip.

Huo Yunshen’s voice trembled uncontrollably: “Don’t you want to come home? Don’t you want to see me? Don’t you want to be controlled by me? Then why kiss me.”

She explained with difficulty: “It is not that I don’t want to, it’s all your own guessing, I kissed you… because I knew you were not happy, as a qualified little wife, I want to coax you and make you feel at ease, I will give you that amount in advance. With more points, are you still complaining to me?”

“You complained to me—”

She deliberately made trouble unreasonably, “I’m going to hang up.” After it was really done, she curled up in discomfort again.

After a while, a message was received on the mobile phone: “Wife, I have a bad attitude, can you please stop being angry with me.”

Huo Yunshen sat alone in the car and waited with the loneliness suddenly returning to his eyes.

Was he staying at home alone now, apologizing to her for the mistakes he didn’t make, for fear that she would get angry and ignore him.

Yan Qing buried her face in the pillow, her eyes were sore and painful, and she wanted to get closer to him even more urgently.

She hugged the quilt, whimpering and scolding herself: “Is it sick, just hug the quilt if you want, what man! Is that man yours!”

Damn, she was going to be tortured to death.

She wanted to be Yun Qing.

The 36-to-18 knockout match was recorded very quickly. Yan Qing chose the most suitable song and led the group with absolute stability. That night, the new episode of the show was launched on time. There was no suspense about the list, and the beautiful screenshots were all over the homepage of Rise it! Girls.

Her personal station opened three new sites overnight, and her followers on Weibo grew rapidly. Many original songs previously known as “Kapok” also made it to the top of the major charts for several weeks.

All Yan Qing heard was good news, but she couldn’t smile.

Only then did she realize that what she looked forward to the most every time she took the stage was the person who stood under the stage and held up the sign for her.

But this time he didn’t come!

He was pissed!

Yan Qing felt both fortunate and lost, splitting her personality.

There were only 18 players left, and the celebration and parting banquet was held as usual. Su Li seemed to be hiding something recently, so he had arranged the VCR to assign the players’ tasks due to the reason of his schedule being busy. He didn’t come, but it made Yan Qing feel more comfortable, thinking that she would not have to run away from him.

But it was time for the players to gather, and it was only halfway through that someone shouted a rare mobile phone number.

Yan Qing frowned and raised her eyes.

“The original company of Ouyang has a scandal involving unspoken rules, and several others have been involved. Big news—”

Yan Qing froze and hurriedly looked at Ouyang’s expression.

Ouyang’s cheeks turned pale, she quickly browsed the news and left the restaurant frowning.

Yan Qing was sure there was something wrong, so she hurried outside and asked Ouyang: “Don’t you have a new owner? The only thing you can sign with was this scandalous old company?”

“This type is a bit different. Big companies have been evaluating me all the time, and there is no accurate word. Besides, my popularity is not so high that people can sign without scruples. Don’t take it seriously.”

Although talent shows depended on popular voting, it also involved behind-the-scenes operations to some extent.

If there were no players favoured by the hosting company, it would be difficult for the show team to push. After all, the show was only responsible for the debut, and the brokerage company would take over the later matters.

And Ouyang was the one who knew about her relationship with Huo Yunshen the most.

Yan Qing made a decision: “Okay, just wait.”

She didn’t return to the restaurant, she made an excuse to leave, squatted in a small corner where no one was around, and feeling tangled, dialled Huo Yunshen’s phone number.

She wanted to go through the back door…

But she had been underperforming recently, so she didn’t dare to make a sound.

Yan Qing bit her lip, but still turned it over. Huo Yunshen didn’t say anything, quietly listening to her stumbling request, and only replied two words in a hoarse voice: “Come home.”

Sure enough…

Yan Qing hugged her legs for a long time. Breathing evenly, she agreed softly, went into the dormitory and simply packed up her small baggage, and sneaked downstairs.

Anyway, she would see him in the car, maybe she could solve it in the car…

But when the door was opened, the person who came to pick her up was Min Jing.

Yan Qing asked unexpectedly: “Mr. Huo…”

Min Jing’s face was bad, and he stopped talking for a while, but still didn’t say the reason: “He is waiting for you at home.”

It was late at night when she arrived at Huo’s house.

The second floor of the villa was dark, and only the living room was lit by a light.

Yan Qing mustered her courage to go in and closed the door. In the huge space, there was only the figure sitting in the shadow beside the lamp.

As soon as she saw him, she couldn’t look away.

Her heart was about to burst out of her chest, and every bit of suppressed emotion intensified at this moment and burned into a sea of fire.

Yan Qing threw away her armour and walked towards Huo Yunshen step by step, without sitting, she squatted in front of him obediently, looked up at his facial features, eased his thoughts a little, and quickly lowered her head, leaning on her knees gently.

Only in this way could she stay close to him without looking at him.

Huo Yunshen touched her face with his hand and asked, “For someone else, you came back?”

Yan Qing was speechless: “No… I just want to help her and let her sign up for Huo Corporation. She will definitely become popular, and it will not be a loss.”

Huo Yunshen’s hands were as gentle as possible, and his voice was like sand: “Wife, do you remember when you signed the contract, you said that you would not let me interfere with your affairs in the circle.”

Yan Qing pursed her lips, she hadn’t seen him for so long.

She was weak.

He continued to ask: “What did I answer back then? Do you have an impression?”

Yan Qing’s eyes widened suddenly, her heartbeat was chaotic, he said yes, but if she needed to find him, she had to…

Huo Yunshen stroked her cheek slowly, and clasped her chin, raised it little by little, forcing her to look at him.

In the dim light, he leaned down and pressed his lips close to her lips, his long and narrow eyes half-drooping and dark.

He said: “Please me.”

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