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The room temperature was very suitable, but Yan Qing’s senses exploded on hearing his simple words, her face went red with heat, and her waist was sweating.

Dark Cloud wanted to eat cotton candy.

He meant eating her body…

Her reaction was very direct, she didn’t sit up properly, she just slipped softly from Huo Yunshen’s lap.

Huo Yunshen caught her in time, trapped her to his chest, and his warm body temperature shrouded her wantonly: “I’m not teasing you; I didn’t think about it this time, I have been thinking about it from a long time, and I dared to say it today because you are teasing me.”

Smoke was about to come out of Yan Qing’s head, and hot bubbles gurgled in her heart.

What a tiger’s word!

“…I didn’t!”

Her eyes widened, as she tried to cover up her crime with her innocent face, putting her hands on his shoulders and swearing to resist.

It was clearly written in the original contract that her relationship with him did not include going to bed.

When she let him hug and kiss, she could still use distress and comfort to numb herself, but once she broke through the last step and reached the reality of being husband and wife, what would she do, and where would her heart be…

The person Huo Yunshen wanted to get, was not her at all.

But the atmosphere was too ambiguous, his arms were too warm, and she was moved too much by him, so much that she was overwhelmed.

She longed for his closeness in her bones, but when he intensified his approach, she flinched in fear.

Yan Qing’s trembling eyelashes got a little damp, as she hurriedly said: “You… don’t make excuses for your shameful excessive demands, and falsely accuse me!”

Huo Yunshen leaned forward, while she tried to hide back.

He asked, “I want to have an intimate affair with my legally married wife, where can you hide.”

Yan Qing bit her lip.

His long and narrow eyes were dark and deep: “Tonight, you allowed me to hug and kiss you. When I pressed you down, your face was red, isn’t it provocative?”

Yan Qing was speechless, and there was a hint of red on the tip of her nose.

It seemed like this was the case, she had flirted, and silently drew the tick mark, but when he pressed, she said that he was a hooligan.

What a bitch she was!

Yan Qing held it back for a long time, but her eyes became more and more sour, so she pointed to the sky outside the window desperately: “…it’s almost dawn at five o’clock! I’m going to get up at seven o’clock to clean up, there is an interview at 8:30! You… you’re sure! Is this the right time to mess things up!”

Huo Yunshen deeply wrapped his arms around her back, she leaned back a little, he chased after her, and forced her with a hot breath: “Are you testing your husband’s capability?”

Yan Qing was startled.

It was useless to say anything, everything was a pit!

Her waist was stretched to the limit, there was nowhere to hide, she couldn’t make any sense of what was going on, she was filled with inexplicable sadness and grievances, the corners of her eyes were wet, and there were traces of water slipping out.

Huo Yunshen looked at her tears deeply, and immediately pulled her back into his arms, stroking her head with his palms: “Don’t cry, it’s my fault, I won’t scare you anymore.”

When he was gentle, Yan Qing couldn’t stand it anymore, all the fright and anxiety she had felt in that night came to her, she wrapped her arms around his neck at a loss, her tears soaking his clothes, as she whimpered, “Everyone else has bullied me, you can’t bully me anymore.”

Huo Yunshen’s heart was crumpled by her. No matter how much suffering he had to endure, he coaxed in a hoarse voice: “I won’t bully you, the dark clouds will just sleep with cotton candy.”

Yan Qing was weak and hit him.

He let her beat him and kissed her ear: “I’m just sleeping, I’ll postpone the interview until noon, and you can go there when you wake up. Don’t worry about the stalker’s matter, I’ll take care of it.”

When he said that, she obediently believed him.

Huo Yunshen pulled the shading curtains tightly, and hugged Yan Qing after lying down. She seized every opportunity to slip her body, away from his key points, for fear of sticking to him.

He caught her back, putting a thin metal ring around her slender wrist.

“Christmas present,” he said in a low voice, “I planned to arrange a lot in the room on the seventeenth floor, but unfortunately it couldn’t happen. I can only give this to you.” His lips rested on the base of her ring finger.

“I know it’s inconvenient for you to wear a wedding ring. A bracelet and a kiss are a double imprint,” Huo Yunshen rubbed against the delicate skin on her hand. “No matter where you are, it’s mine.”

Yan Qing seemed to fall into warm cotton. In the end, her heart felt as if it was full.

Huo Yunshen was unreasonable, saying that she was teasing him, it was obviously the other way around.

Yan Qing wanted to ask Huo Yunshen about his past, the injuries he had suffered, those rumors, and the reason why he would be in an extreme mental state, but it was too comfortable to be held by him, and she was so tired that she fell asleep in no time.

After she fell asleep, she was also not honest, and instinctively arched into Huo Yunshen’s deep arms, her legs were crossed on his waist, and she kicked him and muttered to him in a playful manner: “You are just greedy for my body. ——”

Huo Yunshen saw this meme on Weibo, and as soon as it came out of her mouth, he smiled soberly, pinched her face: “It’s wrong, I’m greedy for both your mind and body.”

Yan Qing slept until ten o’clock, her state had basically recovered after a good night’s sleep, but it was rare to see Huo Yunshen still asleep, so she indulged in looking at him for a while, fondly touching the bracelet, and poking his drooping eyelashes again.

As soon as she touched it, Huo Yunshen grabbed her hand. He raised his eyes and asked quietly, “Wife, you kicked me while you were sleeping, do you want to repay me?”

Yan Qing was afraid that he would ask for compensation, so she quickly got up and went to work. After being surrounded by a group of people and dressing up, she turned back into a hydrated and charming little fairy.

Before the media group interview began, An Lan held Yan Qing aside and told her the feedback from the police.

The bastard who sneaked into her room was a habitual offender. He had followed and harassed many actresses. He specially picked out newcomers who had a short debut time and who were just getting popular. Then he waited for opportunities to approach them by relying on the importance that artists attached to fans during this period.

He had been eyeing Yan Qing since the first episode of the show and found the filming location of the show. He had been wandering around for a long time, but because there was no channel to infiltrate, he waited until they went out to participate in activities.

According to his confession, when the plane of the girl group was about to land, someone took the initiative to send him a WeChat, selling him Yan Qing’s mobile phone number. Then the other party came to sell him Yan Qing’s hotel check-in information and access time, he immediately bought it and lurked around.

He was experienced in petty theft, and at night, there were very few floor cleaners, and there was only one person on duty in the lounge. It was not difficult for him to steal the room key, and he was not very normal when it came to his activities.

Yan Qing entwined her hands and grasped the key point: “Who sent him the WeChat to sell information?”

An Lan frowned and shook her head: “I don’t know yet, the real user of the WeChat account used for contact has not been found for the time being. Mr. Huo is investigating; he will definitely not let it go.”

“Don’t think about it yet, and deal with the media well,” An Lan patted her, “The program team communicated with Mr. Huo about your almost attack. We simplified it a bit and disclosed it appropriately, on the one hand, it will increase your popularity, and on the other hand, it will also serve as a warning to the stalker group.”

Behind the billboard not far away, Su Li wore a mask and glasses that covered half of his face. His muscles tightened, and he looked down at his phone.

On the screen was the conversation between him and Yun Ling in the early morning.

“Was it you?”

Yun Ling: “Brother Li, if you reveal this, we both don’t have to think about staying in the entertainment industry anymore. I took explicit photos of you, don’t you know? If I expose it, you will see if your top-notch image, which is usually clean and self-conscious, will make a sensation on the Internet.”

“Why on earth!”

Yun Ling: “I look one or two points like Yun Qing, I wanted to be a substitute for Huo Yunshen, he kicked me away, I was your stand-in, and you didn’t care for me and got rid of me, I have lived in the shadow of Yun Qing since I was a child, I was happy at her death, but she appeared again!”

Yun Ling: “Even if she has no memory, her personality has changed, and her identity is unclear, Huo Yunshen still treats her as a treasure, and you turn your head and pounce on her! If you were me, you would understand why!” Blue veins bulged on her hands as she typed.

He stood in the shadows for a long time, and finally deleted the chat history. He glanced back at the group interview and saw a little bit of the skirt that Yan Qing showed.

He gritted his teeth, muttered sorry in silence, then walked to the bright place, greeted the fanatical screams of fans as usual, and then became the top traffic star with the most popularity and the best reputation.

To face the scolding from the whole network, it was not comparable to the public comparison of ordinary romances. He really couldn’t stand it…

That afternoon, the official blog of “Rise It! Girl” released a new Weibo, saying that after the awards ceremony last night, Yan Qing encountered a hidden person in her hotel room. The stalker was dealt with in a timely manner by the staff and sent to the police.

One stone stirred up a thousand waves. This kind of serious problem involved the safety of each artist. There was no need for fan membership. The whole network had a consistent attitude as they swore at the stalker. For a time, the homepage was full of variant swear words, and incidentally, they also felt distressed for the fairy-like Yan Qing.

Yan Qing once again went on the hot search with great vigor, and the speed of her fan growth was like a rocket. On the page corresponding to the program’s voting channel, her votes were also unrivaled, far exceeding the second place, and she was firmly in the first place.

On the return flight, Yan Qing boarded with everyone, but was placed at the front alone, a little far away from the others, and there were no seats nearby.

She caressed the bracelet silently, thinking that someone was ensuring her safety today, but he didn’t disturb the schedule, and he wouldn’t come if she didn’t call him… lest she would be at a loss.

Before, she had been deliberately ignoring the physical desires of men.

Now that Huo Yunshen said those words, she couldn’t be as stupid as before…

Not only would he pamper her without a bottom line, but he was also full of aggression.

She was not rejecting… She was just unable to overcome the obstacles in her heart, and that kind of dull pain…

Yan Qing lowered her head in a daze, and the tip of her nose was suddenly scratched by a rough finger.

It was the feeling of disturbing a wound that hadn’t healed yet.

She raised her head in surprise, Huo Yunshen was wearing a hooded coat with a wide hat, covering his sharp eyebrows, his exposed nose was high, and his thin lips curved a little, as he sat down beside her, and said in a low voice: “You were touching the bracelet, were you thinking of me?”

Yan Qing was seen through, she looked back covertly, and shrank her body: “You are not afraid of being seen!”

Huo Yunshen half-smiled: “Of course I am not afraid.”

Yan Qing frowned, not daring to be too close to him, she was not only caring about others, but it was also because she was determined to restrain her own feelings.

Huo Yunshen took out the plastic-sealed cotton wool from his coat pocket and handed it to her: “Wife, if you don’t care about me, no one will change the dressing for me.”

Want to know how cruel it will be when he hurt.

Yan Qing was defeated by his request, so she hurriedly took it over and comforted him in a low voice: “I’ll take care of it and change it.”

After returning to the program group, without even having time to rest, all the contestants received an official notification that at the request of the gold master, Huo Yunshen, the process of recording the program would be accelerated, and security would be strictly strengthened. The locks of each dormitory had been changed, especially Yan Qing’s side. As the frightened victim, he even exaggeratedly replaced it with a fingerprint and password security door.

The content of the next round of 36-to-18 knockout was also announced.

It was title selection.

The 36 contestants would be divided into 6 groups, with ranks 1 to 6 as the group leaders.

The mentor group gave 6 songs of different styles, one for each team. After rehearsals, the team participated in the performance. If the captain wanted to choose the song that suited her, she had to run through a load to compete.

After the repertoire was determined, the selection of the players was carried out.

Among the 6 songs, only one was a lyrical song that focused on singing skills, which was most suitable for Yan Qing, but because of its excellent melody, it was also being stared at by other groups.

The scramble was recorded on the afternoon of the second day.

During the short period of time, when she came back, Yan Qing did not contact Huo Yunshen, for fear that he would want her to go home, and she would face a life-and-death decision, so she felt even more afraid… Ever since he broke through the window, she had been unstoppably dependent on and feeling close to him.

What it meant; she didn’t dare to think about it deeply.

Just relax with him.

If they don’t meet, there will be no problem.

She didn’t matter… She, really, didn’t matter!

However, Mr. Huo slapped her face full-time.

The competition was held in an outdoor open space. The program team carefully arranged the scene and arranged for six staff members to stand at the finish line with the name of the song on their chest.

The music instructor raised his megaphone and announced: “The six captains must strive for the fastest speed. Whoever finds the song name plate that they want will grab it!”

Afterwards, the atmosphere suddenly became high, and the girls screamed earth-shatteringly.

Just because the one who had the lyrical song on his chest, even wearing a mask, was so handsome that their eyes were dazzled.

He was tall and slender, with long legs which went against the sky, a tight and narrow waist, and straight and broad shoulders.

He still looked a little familiar.

“Has he been in the show before?”

“I don’t remember it! He’s so handsome, how could I forget!”

“I’ve asked a lot of people, they don’t even know who he is! What does his face look like!”

Yan Qing was already staring blankly.

He stood on the opposite side ordinarily, and her heart rose to her throat.

Chaos again!

Did he want her to touch his chest in public?

But soon, Yan Qing found out that there was another problem. The ballad song was very popular at first, but now Huo Yunshen was standing there with his enticing body, it was like walking hormones, and the other captains had fallen into a state of extreme irrationality, screaming, and setting the target. When it came to him, all of them wanted to win.

Damn, her husband’s chest, a group of people wanted to pounce on it!

Yan Qing was so angry that she hated and glared at Huo Yunshen, who came out casually to attract bees and butterflies.

She also thought that if she couldn’t grab it, it would be okay to try dance music, but at this moment, she was grinding her little white teeth, her goal was clear, and no one else could be intimate with her man!

Gunshots sounded.

Yan Qing, like everyone else, carried a large schoolbag and rushed desperately in the direction of Huo Yunshen.

The captains next to her were not to be outdone. Some of them had longer legs and were faster than her, and they stretched out their hands in advance.

The sourness in Yan Qing’s chest overflowed, and she unleashed her life and death potential at this time. She exerted the greatest strength since she participated in the show and ran wildly in front of Huo Yunshen with all the strength in her thin legs.

When the captain next door was about to arrive, she took a desperate step, landed unsteadily, and rushed forward.

Avoid anything.

Keeping him was the most important thing!

Yan Qing stretched out her frozen red hand and slapped Huo Yunshen’s steady beating chest, and she couldn’t help but fall forward.

Huo Yunshen grabbed her in a hug and took two steps back because of the momentum. His lips curled into a smile behind his mask, and he lowered his body to approach her, and said softly, “Be good, don’t worry, the song is yours, and the person is yours.”

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