RCFS Ch. 257

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D**n it, you let a beast humiliate her!

Zhan Hong was half-dead with anger, while Sun Chao and others were extremely excited. Looking at Hades again, his fierce look instantly became cute in their eyes.

This slap in the face felt so good!

But this bird was really smart and could actually understand what the president said!

Haha, awesome!

Ding! Awesomeness XP +10+10+…

Was there also Awesomeness XP?

Ye Yunxi raised her eyebrows.

Su’s host is big! As long as it is Awesomeness XP obtained by a pet that has surrendered to the host, it also belongs to the host!

Is it okay like this?

Ye Yunxi began to look at Hades again and considered whether to take him to the street to perform as a performer or something. He would definitely earn a lot of money!

Hades seemed to be aware of Ye Yunxi’s thoughts. He silently drew an arc in the air, bypassed Ye Yunxi and returned to his nest, trying his best to bury himself.

“Ha, this bird is so smart!”

The Awesomeness XP started ringing again, but Ye Yunxi knew very well that the system’s feed was much better than the food outside. Of course, the more it ate, the smarter it would be.

Hades was much smarter now than before.

“You, all of you, just wait for me!”

Zhan Hong said angrily, “I’m sure you will regret not wanting me! Just wait for me!”

With a pile of paper in her hands, Zhan Hong left angrily. The remaining people didn’t care at all and continued to do what they were supposed to do.

However, Sun Chao was extremely happy. Ye Yunxi had given him rights, but he had to take responsibility!

Work hard!!!

“Next, bring the application form!”


Looking at the excitement in front of Yehuang’s door, Ming Siye frowned hard.

Among the people who came to sign up, there were actually people who the Sky club were interested in!

“Hey, I didn’t expect this girl to be quite good. She made the club so popular after just one campus festival!”

Bai Jingchen walked over slowly and stood next to Ming Siye with a smile.

Ming Shao frowned in disgust: “You still want to joke, don’t you see, people from your Tyranny are here too!”

“Haha, not just from Tyranny, there are people from all three major clubs, right?”

Bai Jingchen said, putting on his glasses: “But these are all low-level members of the three major clubs. These people came here because they felt that they could not perform in our clubs. They are just a bunch of rubbish. Mr. Ming, why should you care?”

Those who came to join Yehuang were all at the bottom of their clubs. Yes, anything that was not reused was trash, so what could they do if they came to join Yehuang?

“If they recruit this group of trash, Yehuang will only be dragged down!”

Bai Jingchen smiled.

But Ming Siye still frowned, staring at the hustle and bustle in the club, until he saw Ye Yunxi’s gorgeous face disappearing in a flash.

He should feel disgusted, but he didn’t know why his heart suddenly jumped.

This weird feeling made Ming Siye frown slightly.

“Bai Jingchen, can you have some sense of crisis?”

President Bai chuckled: “Second Young Master Ming, the three major clubs have controlled Junyao for so long, it’s time to take action, but I don’t care, Tyranny will never be squeezed out of the divine position.”

After saying that, he confidently patted Ming Siye on the shoulder and turned to leave.

Yehuang was really popular!


Ming Siye’s face turned even uglier. Did this mean that they, Sky Club, would be pushed out of their position as gods?

What nonsense!

Now that the Ming family was at the height of its power, Sky Club was as popular as Tyranny. He would spare no effort to help his brother and would never be squeezed out of the position of god.

Ye Yunxi, three years of high school is a long time. Today’s glory does not mean that it will last for the next three years.

How can you, alone, crush the three major clubs who have years of accumulation?

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