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Couple travel package?

If there were more activities, would he need to pay extra?

Yan Yan wrinkled his nose slightly, not very interested in the couple’s package the person on the phone mentioned.

He and Ji Juechuan were not real partners, and there was no need to arrange a couple’s travel package. An ordinary two-person trip would be enough.

Just when he was about to say no to the other person on the phone, he noticed something was wrong in Ji Juechuan’s eyes.

Yan Yan was startled and looked at him for a few seconds.

Those black eyes looked calm, but there was something indescribable about them, and there were emotions surging deep in them that he couldn’t understand.

Yan Yan opened his mouth but said nothing.

Didn’t Ji Juechuan not want to go with him?

It suddenly occurred to him that he had never asked Ji Juechuan if he wanted to go to the island with him from the beginning. He had just acquiesced that Ji Juechuan would go with him.

Yan Yan covered the receiver of the phone, approached Ji Juechuan and asked in a low voice, “Will you come with me?”

Ji Juechuan’s face froze, and he obviously understood this sentence to have another meaning.

If Yan Yan didn’t go with him, who else would he go with?

His face darkened, and he stared at Yan Yan for a while before uttering one word: “Go.”

Yan Yan said “Oh” and put the phone back to his ear again. He was just about to tell the other person on the phone to arrange an ordinary tour for two, when he had another idea.

He had been busy with activities on the live broadcast platform recently, and Ji Juechuan often stayed in the company. The two of them don’t spend much time together, so the plans he made before had not been completed.

Wasn’t this island trip a good opportunity?

If it was a couple travel package, he would definitely have more opportunities to get along with Ji Juechuan, and it would be easier for him to complete the plan.

Counting the time, it had been a while since he came here. If Ji Juechuan didn’t drive him away, he would get too used to living here.

There was no response on the phone for a long time, so the person on the other side asked tentatively again.

Yan Yan secretly glanced at Ji Juechuan, and when he wasn’t paying attention, he quickly replied to the other person on the phone and said, “Please help me arrange a couple’s travel package.”

He had been leaning on Ji Juechuan, and at this time he could clearly feel Ji Juechuan’s body stiffening for a moment.

A few more questions were asked on the phone. After hanging up, Yan Yan carefully looked at Ji Juechuan’s expression.

Ji Juechuan was looking in the direction of the TV, with no expression or emotion on his face.

Yan Yan sat up straight and hugged his neck, “Hubby, I forgot to ask you just now, do you mind the couple’s package?”

“As long as you like it.”

Ji Juechuan’s lips moved slightly, still staring at the advertisement running on TV, but one of his hands was wrapped around Yan Yan’s waist.

Yan Yan rolled his eyes, sat back, took out his mobile phone and opened the shopping app, intending to buy things for their trip.

The commercials on the TV ended and the next episode of the TV series started to play, but no one paid attention to the TV.

Yan Yan’s whole body was almost pressed against Ji Juechuan’s body, and Ji Juechuan could see the screen of his phone clearly just by lowering his eyes.

He saw that Yan Yan first bought two bottles of sunscreen, then picked out two parasols, and then started looking at sun hats.

Halfway through, he turned around and asked his opinion: “Husband, do you think this is good?

Good? Ji Juechuan glanced at the picture on the screen, and then his eyes fell on Yan Yan’s face. He looked at it for a while before nodding, “It looks good.”

Yan Yan turned around, still a little hesitant.

Although the style of this hat was quite good-looking, he had heard from others that the pictures when shopping online were usually inconsistent with the real thing. What if it didn’t look good after wearing? His savings would be gone in vain. He could not afford to go to the luxury store in the mall to pick out what he liked, so he had to rely on online shopping.

After struggling for a while, Yan Yan decided to take a gamble and buy the hat.

After he paid the money, the shopping software showed several other styles of hats and recommended them to him. Yan Yan took a few glances and fell in love with another hat then he couldn’t help but click on it.

He had just bought one, so he set his sights on Ji Juechuan.

“Husband, do you like this?”

Ji Juechuan saw Yan Yan holding out the phone in front of him again, with bright eyes.

He nodded subconsciously and saw Yan Yan retracting his hand happily and buying the hat.

Then Yan Yan bought it again. After buying some other things, he also bought Ji Juechuan’s share.

In the next two days, Yan Yan kept collecting and unpacking the couriers. It wasn’t until the day before departure that he started to pack his luggage with Ji Juechuan. The two didn’t have many things, so Yan Yan’s things were also put in Ji Juechuan’s suitcase.

After putting away the things in the suitcase, Yan Yan took a small backpack and put some things in it that he would use on the road.

Halfway through, he suddenly said “Hey” softly.

Ji Juechuan looked over and said, “What’s wrong?”

“I can’t remember where I put the new Band-Aids I bought.”

Yan Yan looked around the room, then opened a few cabinets at hand and rummaged through them. Ji Juechuan came over to help him search and opened the drawer next to him to look inside.

Yan Yan turned his head and saw Ji Juechuan’s hand resting on a drawer. His pupils suddenly shrank and his heartbeat stopped for a moment.

That was the drawer where he keeps his love schedule.

Before he could stop Ji Juechuan, the drawer had been opened. He quickly ran over and took Ji Juechuan’s hand.

“No need to look, I, I found it.”

Ji Juechuan stopped and looked at him, “Where is it?”

“I have already put it in my backpack.” Yan Yan blinked lightly and calmly pushed the drawer in.

Halfway through the push, he saw Ji Juechuan lowering his eyes, his eyes flickering across the drawer, and his movements suddenly froze.

Fortunately, Ji Juechuan didn’t seem to have found anything, and just said, “It’s good if you found it.”

Yan Yan breathed a sigh of relief and closed the drawer, thinking that one day he would find time to throw away the schedule. Anyway, he had memorized the contents, so there was no need to keep this piece of paper.

The next day, the two took a flight arranged by the travel agency and arrived in City C.

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